A Call to America’s Lawyers

Our system of government is crumbling. As citizens and as lawyers, we have a choice: hunker down and hope to ride out the storm, or take action and fight for our democracy. We choose to fight.

For three years, President Trump has demonstrated a complete disregard for the Constitution and rule of law. The majority faction of the U.S. Senate has abandoned its oversight role and abdicated its authority to the President. The President and his appointees are using government agencies to benefit the President personally, politically and financially. The Department of Justice, which must be an independent enforcer of the law, is being corrupted by the President and his Attorney General. In the rush to fill federal judgeships, judicial nominees who are demonstrably unqualified are being rammed through Senate confirmation. And the media are under constant attack from the President and others in power.

That leaves us, we the people. As lawyers, we have a particular obligation to protect and defend the Constitution, the rule of law, and our governmental institutions. We must step up according to our own abilities and inclinations – any action, large or small, contributes to the greater cause. What is most important is to do something.

Stand Up and Be Counted

Though we may take actions separately, there is power in numbers. You can help us show the nation and the world that America’s lawyers are taking a stand for democracy by signing the statement below. And please share this Call to Action with your colleagues.

I stand for America’s democracy and will take what actions I can to protect and defend the Constitution, the rule of law, and our system of government.

For actions you can take, follow this link.
Wherever you live and work – be it in cities, towns, rural areas, or the suburbs – American democracy needs to hear your voice.