Our democracy is facing threats like never before. As lawyers, we have the power and the principles to fight back against the almost daily assaults on the Rule of Law, our Constitution and core democratic principles.

The Trump Administration’s pattern of lawlessness, lies and deception reaches new and alarming levels everyday. Our work takes direct aim at these assaults and at the participants and enablers of the President’s destructive and self-serving agenda. Equally guilty, are the majority of our profession’s leaders who have chosen to remain silent in the face of the greatest threats to our democracy we have seen in a lifetime.

Our Work


We believe that as members of the legal community, we have a unique responsibility to defend the Constitution and values on which our democracy depends.

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We have authored multiple letters, briefs and statements concerning threats to our democracy and urging the legal community in particular to react.

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Thoughtful, fact-based coverage and content from respected outlets and authors, including many of LDAD’s esteemed Steering Committee members.

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