A Call for the Resignation of U.S. Attorney General William Barr

Below is an excerpt from our March 24, 2020 Open Letter calling for Attorney General Barr’s resignation:

We are attorneys from across the United States united in calling for the resignation of Attorney General William Barr. We have taken our oaths to support the Constitution of the United States and to faithfully discharge our duties as officers of the courts. We write in support of the 2000+ U.S. Department of Justice alumni and our colleagues of the Boston Bar Association and the New York City Bar Association concerned about the efforts of Attorney General Barr and President Donald Trump to interfere with the prosecutors’ sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone. Barr’s behavior, by rewarding the President’s friend and ally, undermines both the appearance of impartial justice and impartial justice itself, central to our system of government.  

More broadly, Barr’s concept of an imperial executive is antithetical to fundamental principles of American constitutional democracy. His empowering the President with these radical, anti-democratic ideas makes him unfit to be the Attorney General of the United States. 

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