Condemnation and Call for Investigation of Attorneys’ General and Congressional Representatives’ Unethical Conduct

Photo Credit: Kevin Lamarque/File Photo/Reuters

As lawyers committed to the rule of law, we condemn the action taken by 18 state Attorneys General, and joined by 126 Republican members of Congress, asking the Supreme Court to overturn election results in four battleground states in which President-elect Biden prevailed. The historically unprecedented attack on our democracy needs to be met by historically unprecedented state bar investigations.

We call on state licensing authorities to promptly investigate the breach of ethical rules by these public officials and all lawyers participating in the filing of this Supreme Court petition (“the Petition”).

They must not shrink from applying established ethical rules to discipline those officials. 

Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, rightly called the Petition filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton a “seditious abuse of process.” It had no legal or factual basis. The action sought to negate the votes of millions of fellow Americans, delegitimize a duly elected incoming President, and undermine the foundation of the Republic: citizen’s trust in the validity of our elections.

The state Attorneys General who joined Paxton’s abusive lawsuit, and the lawyer members of Congress who endorsed it, are guilty of serious ethical misconduct. ABA Model Rule of Professional Conduct 3.1, adopted in one form or another by states throughout the country, provides: “A lawyer shall not bring or defend a proceeding unless there is a basis in law and fact for doing so that is not frivolous . . . .”

The Supreme Court swiftly agreed that the Petitioners failed to satisfy the threshold issue of standing. As Pennsylvania responded, “Texas has not suffered harm simply because it dislikes the result of the election.” 

In addition, the Petitioners provided no evidence of widespread fraud, rehashing the same allegations uniformly rejected by more than 40 state and federal judges. The legal claim was incoherent.

As the Republican Attorney General of Ohio wrote, The relief that Texas seeks would undermine a foundational premise of our federalist system: the idea that the States are sovereigns, free to govern themselves.

There is reason to question the motivations of the litigants in filing these frivolous actions. The Republican Party and President Trump have raised over $200 million via this fraud on their supporters. Attorney General Paxton, who is under state indictment and federal criminal investigation, may well have his own motive for this filing – seeking the favor of a President who can pardon him. The other public officials who joined or signed onto the Petition placed their loyalty to President Trump or their own political self-interests above the oaths they have taken as lawyers and public servants. 

Those oaths oblige them to uphold the Constitution. The Attorneys General and Congressional representatives did just the opposite. The Petition represented an attack on the vote itself, the central pillar of our Republic. 

State Attorneys General are not exempt from lawyers’ ethical duties. State and local Bar associations and the leaders of the Bar need to publicly condemn this behavior. Licensing authorities should hold these elected officials accountable. 

As fellow lawyers, we repudiate this misconduct. It brings shame on the nation, our profession and the public officials who participated in this unethical and anti-democratic action. 

We commend the Republican state attorney generals and members of Congress who opposed or declined to join the Paxton suit. We also honor the state and federal court judges across the country who properly dismissed unfounded election claims expeditiously. We are grateful to our judiciary for upholding the rule of law with speed and clarity.

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Signed (as of 12.15.20 at 11PM)

Stephen Abraham – (Washington, DC)
William Abrashkin – Judge, Massachusetts Trial Court (ret.) (Northampton, MA)
John Achatz – (Boston, Massachuetts)
John Ackerman – Attorney
David Addlestone – Past Co-founder of the Nationnal Veterans Legal Services Proigram (Washington, DC)
MUKESH ADVANI – Attorney (San Ramon, CA)
Dennis Aftergut – Of Counsel at Renne Public Law Group; former federal prosecutor and San Francisco Chief Assistant City Attorney
Juan Aguiar – Attorney and professor of law (Quito, Ecuador)
Jerome Akman – Retired (Washington, DC)
Juan Pablo Alban – General Counsel (Los Angeles, CA)
Bryant Aldridge – Attorney (High Point, NC)
Nancy Alisberg – Former Legal Director (West Hartford, CT)
Wayne Allen – Attorney (retired) (Douglasville (formerly Atlanta), GA)
Michael Altman – Former Law Professor and equity partner in two Boston law firms (Cambridge, MA)
Sonal Ambegaokar – Public interest attorney (Oakland, CA)
Michael Ambroziak – Shareholder, Ambroziak Law PC (Golden, CO)
Chintan Amin – In-House Counsel (Pittsburgh, PA)
Einar Andersen – retired attorney (Savannah, GA)
Chad Anderson – Current (PHOENIX, AZ)
Katie Anderson – Attorney at Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada (Henderson, NV)
R. Peter Anderson – Former Judge of Massachusetts Trial Court (Portland, OR)
Steven R. Andrews – Former Special Assistant to the Director of the FBI (Scottsdale, AZ)
Daphne Anneet – Partner, Burke, Williams & Sorensen LLP (Los Angeles, CA)
Constance Arabatzis – Former Counsel (Sequim, WA)
Ivor C. Armistead III – Ropes & Gray LLP (Retired Partner) (Boston, MA)
Allesan Armstrong – (Cleveland, OH)
Laura Arndt – Lawyer
Paul Arsenault – Lawyer
Jay Ashman – Former Assistant Attorney General, State of Vermont (Burlington, VT)
Mary atkins – Former General Counsel (Tallahassee, Florida)
Gary Baddeley – Attorney, New York NY (New York, NY)
Lewis Baer – (Boston, MA)
Ann Bagala – (Gray, ME)
Morvarid Bagheri Bagheri – (Boston, MA)
David Bain – (Lawrence, MA)
Jeffrey Baker – Retired attorney, New York (Victor, NY)
Bryan Bakis – Lawyer
Peter Balch – Retired Counsel, Lockheed Martin (Fairfax, VA)
Stanley Balis – (Potomac, MD)
Natasha Bannan – Senior Counsel, LatinoJustice (New York, NY)
robert baranowski – Partner (marlton, NJ)
Peter Bargmann – Texas Bar #01736400, Dallas Bar Association #8450 (Dallas, TX)
Lisa Baron – (Dallas, TX)
Anita Barondes – Retired partner, Seyfarth Shaw (Alexandria, VA)
Fred Barstein – (Jupiter, Florida)
Elizabeth Bartholet – prof of law , harvard law school (cambridge, MA)
Terence Bass – Terence Bass Owner Fiona\’s Carriage (Chicago, IL)
Jonathan Bauman – Senior Real Estate Counsel (Torrance, CA)
Millie Baumbusch – (Atlanta, GA)
DONALD L. BECKER, ESQ. – Attorney at Law (BELMONT, MA)
Ralph Behr – (Boca Raton, Florida)
Lawrence Belasco – Former Senior Attorney – Nevada Legal Services (Reno, NV)
Jeena Belil – Attorney, State of New York (Mount Sinai, NY)
Louis Michael Bell – Retired Illinois attorney (Evanston, IL)
Mark Belnick – Former Sr. Partner Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison (Greenwich, CT)
Dave Benforado – President, Village of Shorewood Hills WI (Madison, WI)
Robert Benjamin – Mediation & Conflict Mngmnt Srvcs/ Adjnct Prof Law (Richmon, CA)
Gail Bent – (River Forest, IL)
Amy Bergner – (McLean, VA)
Paul Berman – Retired Partner, Covington & Burling (Silver Spring, MD)
Peter Bernhardt – Former AUSA and Civil Chief, Northern District of Oklahoma (Sedona, AZ)
Marilyn Bernhardt – Corporate, General Attorney (Sedona, AZ)
Paul Berning – Law Offices of Paul W. Berning (Alameda, CA)
Gail Berritt – Owner, Law Office of Gail Berritt (Westport, CT)
Suzanne Bessette-Smith – Attorney/Partner (Wheaton, IL)
Susan Bickert – (Milwaukee, WI)
Jeff Bishop – General Counsel (Winston-Salem, NC)
Thomas Black – (Houston, TX)
Gerald Black Jr – Attorney (Huntsville, TX)
Bruce Blaisdell – Former Managing Attorney, City of Boston Law Department (Jamaica Plain, MA)
Mark Blandford – Lawyer
Dennis Blewitt – Attorney (Denver, CO)
Kathryn Block – Lawyer
Christopher Blood – Licensed attorney (VANCOUVER, WA)
Jamie Blucher – Attorney (Orlando, Florida)
Larry Bodine – Attorney at Law (Tucson, AZ)
Joshua Bogin – Springfield College (formerly US Dep\’t of Justice Civil Rights Division) (Springfield, MA)
Bill Boies – Law firm senior counsel (Chicago, IL)
Sheryll Bonilla – Former Minority Attorney / Director, Minority Research Office, Hawaii State Senate (Mililani, Hawaii)
Vicki Bonnington – Former Senior Counsel, General Electric Company, Former Partner Bingham Dana, Former Law Clerk, NDNY (West Stockbridge, MA)
Bruce Bookman – Retired (Anchorage, Alaska)
James Bordonaro – Criminal Defense Attorney (Emporia, KS)
Amelia Boss – Trustee Professor of Law, Thomas R. Kline School of Law, Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA)
charles both – Law Offices of Charles R. Both (washington, DC)
margot botsford – Retired associate justice, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (jamaica plain, MA)
Roy Bourque – Chief of Police (Retired) (Naples, Florida)
G Daniel Bowling – Former Public Defender for Charleston County and former ADR Staff Attorney for USDC for N.CA. (Mount Pleasant, SC)
Russell Brabham – Attorney (Shreveport, LA)
Mickie Bragalone – (Dallas, TX)
Kerry Braxton – Lawyer
Adele Breen-Franklin – Attorney (Philadelphia, PA)
Kevin Brehm – Retired career public defender (Alexandria, VA)
Rosemary Brewer – Nonprofit attorney and former prosecutor (Portland, Oregon)
elizabeth brickfield – member, private law firm (Henderson, NV)
Israela Brill-Cass – Ombud, Wesleyan and Clark Universities; Faculty, Emerson College; Founder and CFO, Fixerrr, LLC (Boston, MA)
Michelle Brockway – Lawyer
David Broderick – Partner, McCarter & English LLP (Newark, NJ)
Howard Brown – Attorney (Brookline, MA)
Thomas Brown – (Portland, OR)
Ellen Brown – Former Counsel PIDC (Philadelphia, PA)
Frederick Bryant – Lawyer
Joshua Brysk – Managing (Pleasanton, CA)
Erica Bunin – Retired attorney (New York, NY)
Paul Burkhalter – Lawyer
Andrea Cabral – Fmr. MA Secretary of Public Safety, Suffolk County Sheriff, Asst. District. Atty and Asst. Atty. General (Boston, MA)
Charles Campbell – Lawyer (Norristown, PA)
Jesse Campbell – Attorney (Johnson City, TN)
Arthur Carlson – Former attorney (Santa Barbara, CA)
Scott Carlson – Senior Director of Programs and Strategic Initiatives, ABA Rule of Law Initiative (Washington, DC)
William Carroll – Former senior US Department of Defense Attorney, former Of Counsel, Dykema. (Washington, DC)
Ricardo F. Casellas – Trial Lawyer (Guaynabo, PR)
Richard Casson – Retired Lawyer (Golden, CO)
Cathleen Cavell – Former Assistant Bar Counsel, MA Board of Bar Overseers (Brookline, MA)
Elizabeth Cazden – Cazden Law Office, Manchester, NH (solo practitioner), 1982-2004 (Providence, RI)
John Cerullo – Professor Emeritus, UNH-Manchester (Durham, NH)
Michael Chanin – Retired (Bethesda, MD)
David Chapin – Managing Partner Emeritus, Ropes & Gray LLP (Wenham, MA)
Randall Chapman – Former Chair, Supreme Court Grievance Oversight Committee (Austin, TX)
Andrea Chasen – retired attorney (Longmeadow, MA)
Shazia Chaudhri deWit – Attorney (Randolph, NJ)
Misbah Chaudhry – Attorney (Houston, TX)
John Chaussee – Senior Director (Dallas, TX)
Vlad Chirica – Attorney at Law (Chicago, IL)
Maren Christensen – (San Diego, CA)
Christine H. Chung – Former partner, Selendy & Gay PLLC and Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP; Former Senior Trial Lawyer, International Criminal Court
Brian Citro – Independent Researcher & Legal Consultant (CHICAGO, IL)
James Clark – Sidley Austin LLP (retired partner) (Chicago, IL)
David Clark – Retired Partner (Jackson, MS)
Carolyn Clark – Retired Partner Milbank, Tweed (New York, New York)
Kim Clark – (Seattle, WA)
Brian Clarke – Attorney and former law professor (Charlotte, NC)
David Clarke – Retired Partner, DLA Piper LLP (US) (Ellicott City, US)
Shawn Clauther – (Jamaica, NY)
Dennis Clayton – Private practice (Spokane, WA)
Clayton Clement – Clement, Fitzpatrick & Kenworthy (Santa Rosa, CA)
Kimberly Clement – Former AUSA ND Calif (Santa Rosa, CA)
Brian Clemow – Of Counsel, Shipman & Goodwin LLP (Hartford, CT)
James Coalwell – Work Comp (Ventura, CA)
James Coben – Professor, Mitchell Hamline School of Law (SAINT PAUL, MN)
Edward Cogen – Former Regional Deputy Director and Regional Counsel, US Office of Economic Opportunity; Retired Practicing Attorney (Washington, DC)
James Colburn – Trial lawyer (retired); Asst. Prosecutor Cabell County West Virginia (Nellysford, VA)
Jonathan Cole – Former Associate Director, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Criminal Enforcement, Forensics and Training (Arlington, VA)
John Coleman – Attorney (Henderson, NV)
Caitlin Collier – Attorney at Law (Vermillion, SD)
Lindsey Collins – Managing Attorney (Kansas City, MO)
Rosemary Colliver – Head of Legal & Business Affairs, ShadowMachine (Portland, Oregon)
Randy Commeret – Retired teacher (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
Liam Connelly – Attorney at Law (Shapleigh, Maine)
Shelly Cooley – (Las Vegas, NV)
Christopher Coon – (Rochester, MN)
Doug coppernoll – Inactive/Retired – current (Victoria, TX)
Frank Corrado – Partner (Wildwood, NJ)
Lee Troutman Cory – Former In House Counsel, Capital Holding Corporation (Louisville, KY)
Jim Cotter – Private attorney (Quincy, MA)
Randy Cox – (Missoula, MT)
Sharon Cozort – Former county prosecutor and managing legal editor (Houston, TX)
Anita Crabtree – Lawyer
Elinor Cromwell – King County Department of Public Defense (Seattle, WA)
ROBERT CROOG – Former Chairman, Ethics Committee, Monroe County Bar Ass\’n; retired member of Eastman Kodak Legal Dep\’t (Chevy Chase, MD)
Ashley Crutchfield – Lawyer
Richard Cuellar – Former Special Asst. US Atty., AZ, former Trial Atty, OUST, DOJ (Peoria, AZ)
John Culver – Law Offices of John A. Culver, Ltd. (Chicago, IL)
William Cummings – (Wichita, KS)
RICHARD CUMMINS – Owner Cummins & Krulewitch (ASPEN, CO)
Maurice Cunningham – Former assistant attorney general (Cambridge, MA)
Stanley Cygelman – Casner & Edwards, LLP (WINCHESTER, MA)
Edward Damon – Formerly, Director, Legal Divison, NHPUC (Concord, NH)
Claudia Damon – Shareholder of law firm (Concord, NH)
Ellen Dauber – Retired judge, 20th Judicial Circuit, Illinois (Belleville, IL)
Patricia Davidson – Attorney (Worcester, MA)
Michael Davis – Attorney at law, former Assistant District Attorney (Mobile, AL)
Doug Davis – Attorney (Oro Valley, AZ)
Matthew Davis – Partner, Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger (San Francisco, CA)
Moe Davis – Former Chief Prosecutor for the Military Commissions at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (Asheville, NC)
Frank Dawkins – Solo practitioner (retired), former Assistant U. S. Attorney (Lafayette, LA)
Mary De Petrillo – Retired attorney (Orlando, Florida)
Gill Deford – Retired public interest lawyer (Cambridge, MA)
Bernard Delia – Former Associate Deputy Attorney General and White House Liaison, USDOJ (Washington, DC)
Peter Deliso – Attorney (Oak Hill, VA)
ruth dell – retired (tiburon, CA)
Richard Dellinger – Past President, Orange County Bar Association and Past Circuit Vice President, Federal Bar Association (Orlando, Florida)
Rosemarie DelMonte – Partner (Aurora, CO)
VIVIAN DEMAS – practicing attorney, state of New Jersey–solo practitioner (CRANFORD, NJ)
Michele Desoer – EVP – Head of Legal Affairs (Calabasas, CA)
Dianna DeVore – General Counsel, Inscripta, Inc. (Boulder, CO)
Scott Dewey – Faculty Research Librarian; Former Judicial Attorney, California Court of Appeal (Minneapolis, MN)
Steven DiCairano – Adjunct Professor (Hingham, MA)
J. Christine Dietrick – City Attorney (Los Osos, CA)
Jack Dike – Attorney at law (Lincoln, Nebraska)
Colin Diver – Professor Emeritus (Boston, MA)
Jennifer Dixon – Attorney (Orlando, Florida)
Steven Dodge – Deputy Public Advocate (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Gary Doner – VP Tax (Perrysburg, OH)
Roger Donley – Criminal Defense Attorney, Houston (Houston, TX)
Liz Donley – Lawyer
Cathleen Donohoe – Attorney (Mountain View, CA)
Robert Doucette – (Syracuse, NY)
Charles Doyle – (ALAMEDA, CA)
Shirley Doyle – Past President of the Worcester County Bar Association (Paxton, MA)
Cooper Drady – UVA Sr Contract Negotiator (Winchester, VA)
Paul Draper – Retired Sole Practitioner (Mission Viejo, CA)
Cathy Dreyfuss – Immigrant Defenders Law Center (Los Angeles, CA)
Martha Driscoll – Attorney (Scarborough, ME)
Stan Dubin – (Olney, MD)
Fernande (Nan) R.V. Duffly– Former Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court
Gregory DuMont – Attorney, Of Counsel (Alexandria, VA)
Arthur Duncan Jr. – Attorney (Portland, Oregon)
Peggy Durham – Retired attorney (Glendale, CA)
Lisa Dworkin Kerr – Former senior attorney, felonies, Associated Counsel for the Accused (Cannon Beach, Oregon)
John Eaton – (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Robert Ebersole – Lawyer
John Economou – Partner, Mandelbaum Silfin Economou LLP (White Plains, NY)
Daniel Edelman – Katz Marshall & Banks, senior counsel (Washington, DC)
Stewart Edelstein – Former adjunct at Yale Law School (Stockbridge, MA)
Adam Eisenstein – Attorney (Washington, DC)
Jennifer Elias – Farmers Insurance Trial Attoeney (Phoenix, AZ)
Heather Elliott – Alumni, Class of \’36 Professor of Law, University of Alabama School of Law (Tuscaloosa, AL)
Ryan Ellis – Attorney (Minneapolis, MN)
William Elsom – Elsom law firm (Houston, TX)
Patrick English – Principal, Dines and English LLC (Clifton, NJ)
Peter Evans – Palm Beach County Court Judge (Retired); Distinguished Faculty, National Judicial College, Reno NV (Wellington, Florida)
Jonathan Ezor – In-House Counsel (West Hempstead, NY)
Evan Falchuk – Former independent gubernatorial candidate for Massachusetts and founder of the United Independent Party
Lynn Faris – Former partner, Leonard Carder LLP (Alameda, CA)
Gary Farmer Sr. – Judge Gary M. Farmer (Lighthouse Point, Florida)
Michael Fassio – Attorney, Former Assistant AG, Washington State (Kent, WA)
lawrence faulkner – (New Paltz, NY)
Audrey Feffer – Associate Counsel (Chevy Chase, MD)
Michael Feldman – Former Partner at Berman, Sobin, Gross, Feldman & Darby (Selbyville, Delaware)
Ciara Fernandez Faber – Public Interest Attorney (Denver, CO)
Garry Ferraris – Attorney (Knoxville, TN)
Eugene R. Fidell– Senior Research Scholar, Yale Law School, and counsel, Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP
Leslie Fielden – Lawyer
Lowell Finley – Former Chief Counsel to California Secretary of State (Berkeley, CA)
Daniel Finn – Retired attorney (Jamaica Plain, MA)
John E. Finn – Professor of Government Emeritus, Wesleyan University (Corea, Maine)
Michael Fischer – Senior Attorney, Administrative Office of the California Courts (El Cerrito, CA)
Judith Fischer (Burkey) – (Louisville, KY)
Steven Fisher-Stawinski – (Buffalo Grove, IL)
Jean FitzSimon – US Bankruptcy Court for the EDPA (ret.) (Philadelphia, PA)
Heather Florence – Self-Employed (Providence, RI)
Paul Fogel – Attorney and former judge, Alameda County Superior Court (Berkeley, CA)
Matthew Fogelson – Former Trial Attorney, U.S. Dept. of Justice (Oakland, CA)
John Foley – retired attorney (Cotuit, MA)
Julie Ford – Partner, Doll, Jansen & Ford (Dayton, OH)
Ronald Forman – Ronald C Forman Law Office (Centennial, CO)
Janice Forsyth – Member (Saint Louis, MO)
Richard Fortmann – Attorney (Philadelphia, PA)
jeffry fowley – adjunct professor, boston college law school (marblehead, MA)
Mary Anne Fox – Former attorney in FTC Bureau of Competition (Evansville, IN)
Carmen F. Francella – Boston, MA
Joseph Frankus – Attorney at Law (Valparaiso, IN)
elizabeth frantz – Attorney (Newton, MA)
Harvey Freedenberg – Former Member and Firm Counsel of McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC (Harrisburg, PA)
norm friedland – Business Law Professor, State University of New York, Nassau Community College (Naples, Florida)
Mark Friedman – Retired from the practice of law (Westport, CT)
J. Stephen Funk – Attorney at Law (Bellevue, WA)
Stephen Gajewski – Retired Attorney (Richland, WA)
Tamara Galanter – Partner, Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger LLP (Sebastopol, CA)
Lenore Garon – Attorney at Law (Falls Church, VA)
Diane Garrity – (Santa Fe, NM)
Andrew Garza – Current (Farmington, CT)
Sharon Geanuracos – Agency Legal Director (Farmington, CT)
Timothy Geller – (NY, NY)
K Doyle George – Attorney (Charlotte, NC)
Nick Geraci – (Winter Garden, Florida)
Andrea Geraghty – Partner, Meyer Unkovic Scott, LLP (Pittsburgh, PA)
Donald Gerstein – Retired (Frisco, CO)
Robert Gibson – Retired (Las Vegas, NV)
Martha Gifford – Law Office of Martha E. Gifford; Past President, Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York (Brooklyn, NY)
Marianne Gil-Lian – Chief of Staff (Monte Sereno, CA)
Michael Gilberg – Attorney (Granite Springs, New York)
Jeffrey Gilbert – Former president Chicago Council of Lawyers (Chicago, IL)
Timothy Giordano – Attorney at Law (Montclair, NJ)
Leonard Glantz – Professor, Boston University (Brookline, MA)
Richard Glickstein – Former Special Advisor New York City Human Resources Administration (OSSINING, New York)
Sharon Goddard White – White White & Van Etten PC (Cambridge, MA)
Michael Goldberg – Attorney (Boston, MA)
Doretta Goldberg – Attorney – Retired (Port Washington, NY)
Amanda Goldman – Attorney at law (New Orleans, LA)
Frank Goldsmith – Present mediator and arbitrator (Fairview, NC)
James Goldston – Attorney (Brooklyn, New York)
Michele Gonsalves – (Alexandria, VA)
Helen Goodman – (Tarrytown, NY)
Sheri Gordon – Retired (Westport, CT)
George I. Gordon – Former AUSA and Chief Appellate Attorney SDNY (New York, New York)
Corey Gordon – Lawyer
Geoffrey Gordon-Creed – Partner, Gordon-Creed, Kelley, Holl & Sugerman (San Francisco, CA)
Lee Gorlin – Attorney (Las Vegas, NV)
Barry Gottfried – Partner (Chevy Chase, MD)
Christopher Gottfried – Attorney (Winston-Salem, NC)
Anne Goulart – Associate Attorney (Frederick, MD)
John Grace – Former General Counsel to the Secretary of the Commonwealth, Massachusetts (Lexington, MA)
Rex Gradeless – Administrative Law Judge (Springfield, IL)
Andrew Grainger – Associate Justice Massachusetts Appeals Court (ret) (Boston, MA)
Cynthia Granata – Retired attorney (Brookline, MA)
Larraine Granger – (Chicago, IL)
Robert Grauman – Former law partner (New York, New York)
Gary Gray – U.S. Department of Justice, Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corp. (Arlington, VA)
Justin Gray – (Olympia, Washington)
Ronald Grenda – Attorney at Law (Scottsdale, AZ)
Tim Gresback – Former Idaho State Bar President (Moscow, Idaho)
Andrew Griesinger – Partner, Griesinger, Tighe & Maffei (retired) (Meredith, NH)
Randall Grometstein – Professor, Criminal Justice (Stoneham, MA)
Kathleen Grover – Former litigator and appellate attorney with Fitzhugh Law. (South Hill, Washington)
Adele Grunberg – Administrative Law Judge (Oakland, CA)
Daniel V. Gsovski – Partner (retired), Herzfeld & Rubin, P.C. (NY) (Brooklyn, NY)
Victoria Gunther – Attorney (Los Angeles, CA)
Ernest M. Haddad – General Counsel Emeritus, Mass General Brigham; Retired Associate Dean, Boston University School of Law (Boston, MA)
Maureen Haley – Attorney (Belmont, MA)
Robert Hall – Former Assistant General Counsel, Aerojet Rocketdyne (Sacramento, CA)
George Halsey – Lawyer
Wm Hammerly – US Navy retired (68 Moselle Ct, MO)
Julie Hancock – Attorney (Green Bay, WI)
Lynn Handler – Lead Counsel NA (Las Vegas, NV)
Sultana Haque – (Orlando, Florida)
James Harrigan – Legal Counsel to the Sheriff of San Francisco (retired) (Sausalito, CA)
Michael Harris – Of Counsel, Bazelon Less & Feldman, P.C. (st. davids, PA)
Scott Harshbarger, Chairman & Co-Founder, LDAD – Former National President of Common Cause and two-term Attorney General of Massachusetts
Wallace Hart – Michigan Assistant Attorney General (retired) (Williamston, Michigan)
James Harvey – Associate Judge, 4th Circuit, Illinois, (retired) (Effingham, IL)
Amber Haskett – Member, California Bar Association (Pleasanton, CA)
M. Raymond Hatcher – Partner – Sloan Hatcher Perry Runge Robertson Jones & Smith (Longview, TX)
Judith Anne Hayes – (Orlando, Florida)
Brian Heffernan – Former Attorney, U.S. Dept. of Justice, Civil Rights Division (Arlington,, VA)
Peter Hender – Retired Associate Counsel GMAC Mortgage (Barnegat, NJ)
Thelton Henderson – Judge, U.S. District Court (ret.) (Berkeley, CA)
Monty Henson – Lawyer
Mark Herbst – Member (Anapolis, MD)
Howard Herman – Mediator, JAMS (Oakland, CA)
Ross Herman – Retired New (North Salem, New York)
Carlos Hernandez – Law Offices of Carlos E. Hernandez, Jr., P.C. / Of Counsel Law Offices of Jose G. Gonzalez (McAllen, TX)
Hildy Herzfeld – Formerly member of law department, Kings Sup (Douglaston, NY)
Jason Hess – Attorney (Lancaster, PA)
William Hicks – Attorney (Phoenix, AZ)
Marcelle Hill – Private Legal Writing Teacher (Houston, TX)
Bryan Hoben – (Peekskill, NY)
Daniel Hochheiser – Attorney At Law, Law Offices of Daniel A. Hochheiser (Scarsdale, NY)
Brent Hockaday – Lawyer
Richard Hodson – District Magistrate Judge (Lakin, KS)
WILLIAM HOERGER – [RETIRED – SOLELY FOR PURPOSES OF IDENTIFICATION – FORMERLY, Director of Litigation, Advocacy & Training – California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc.] (Oakland, CA)
Martin Hogan – Partner (Arlington, VA)
Jon Holcombe – Attorney at Law (Wellesley Island, NY)
Cheryl Hollis – Attorney (West Linn, OR)
Anthony Hom – Attorney (New York, New York)
Edward Hopkins – Member (Garden City, NEW YORK (NY))
John Silas Hopkins, III – Ropes & Gray; Baker & Hostetler (retired) (Edgewater, Florida)
Chris Hopper – Esquire (Dallas, TX)
Susan Horn – (Syracuse, NY)
Jeffrey Hoster – Jeffrey M. Hoster Ltd. (Lemont, IL)
Samantha Howell – Attorney (Gainesville, Florida)
KENT HULL – retired civil federal litigator, retired adjunct professor, Notre Dame Law School (SOUTH BEND, IN)
William Humenuk – Sr. VP & General Counsel, Buzzi Unicem USA (retired) and former Partner, Dechert LLP. (Naples, Florida)
Robert Hunter – (Eagle Point, Oregon)
Deena Hurwitz – Esq. (Earlysville, VA)
Greg Hyatt – Lawyer
Louise Hytken – Lawyer
Patricia igoe – Former Partner (Warwick, RI)
Robert Imler – Lawyer
Geneva Jacks – (Minnetonka, MN)
M H Sam Jacobson – retired law professor (Otis, OR)
Judith Jaeger – (Oakland, CA)
Jared Jamesson – Current (442 West 57th Street 9A, New York)
George Jarecke, Retired Associate General Counsel, AIG
Bruce Jenett – (Woodside, CA)
Elaine Jenkins – Attorney at Law (Johns Island, SC)
Cary Jennings – Attorney at Law (Fort Worth, TX)
Bryan Jensen – (Fulshear, TX)
Dennis Johnson – Attorney, Bureau of Competition, Federal Trade Commission (Retired) (Ocean View, DE)
William Johnson – Former President Kentucky Bar Association (Frankfort, KY)
Judith Johnson – Lawyer
Henry W Jones III – Lawyer
Kim Jordahl – Owner, KSJLaw, present (Signal Mountain, TN)
David Jorling – Former Senior Deputy City Attorney (Lake Oswego, OR)
Wayne Jortner – Attorney (Freeport, Maine)
Ann Juergens – Mitchell Hamline School of Law (Saint Paul, MN)
Diane Juliar – Clinical Professor of Law Emerita (Newton, MA)
William Just – Attorney, Retired (NEW ORLEANS, LA)
John Kakinuki – (San Rafael, CA)
Richard Kamp – former Counsel, Section Chief FDIC (Plano, TX)
Ricki Kanter – Retired (Washington, DC)
Molly Karlin – Assistant Federal Public Defender (Phoenix, AZ)
Jason Karp – Retired Court Attorney & Matrimonial Referee (Rochester, NY)
Marc Kartman – Former Vice President – Law, Rockwell Automation (Oro Valley, AZ)
Gilbert Katen – Workers\’ Compensation Judge, retired, California; Arbitrator/Mediator (Culver City, CA)
Kenneth Katz – Past Chairman, Connecticut Trial Lawyers\’ Association Workers\’ Compensation Committee (West Hartford, CT)
Barbara Katz – Former General Counsel, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary (Brookline, MA)
Debra Katz – Partner, Katz, Marshall & Banks, LLP (Takoma Park, MD)
S Kaufman – Admin law Judge, NYS (NYC, NY)
Joel Kaye – Attorney (Greenwich, CT)
Sandra Keegan – (New Orleans, LA)
John Keker – Founding Partner, Keker, Van Nest & Peters LLP (San Francisco, CA)
Emily Kellndorfer – Lawyer
Randall Kender – Former Senior VP Fox Entertainment Group (Dallas, TX)
Denise Kennedy – Lawyer
Kristina Kern Wheeler – Attorney (Carmel, IN)
Charles Kernats – Attorney (Madison, WI)
Jane Kestenbaum – Attorney (Durham, NC)
JOHN O\’HYUN KIM – present attorney and former professor of philosophy (STRATFORD, CT)
Tanya King – Former Assistant Attorney General, Florida (Tampa, Florida)
Paul Kirk – Former United States Senator (MA) (Marstons Mills, MA)
mscqsjipzw kkmngpfnww – Lawyer
John Koeppel – Attorney (San Francisco, CA)
Merry Kogut – Attorney (Lakebay, WA)
Richard koloda – Attorney (Wayland, OH)
Jonathan Kooker – Principal Pico & Kooker (Christiana, PA)
Claire Korioth – Lawyer
Catia Kossovsky – Attorney (Pittsburgh, PA)
Susan Kovach – (Ret.) SVP, General Counsel & Secretary of Libbey Inc.; former law firm partner (Port Charlotte, Florida)
Bruce Kramer – (Memphis, TN)
Denis Krill – Lawyer
Joan M Kripke – Staff Attorney ( Retired) State’s Attorneys Appellate Prosecutor (Chicago, IL)
John Kristjansson – Attorney (Owasso, OK)
Supria Kuppuswamy – (Atlanta, GA)
Homer c La Rue – Professor of Law (COLUMBIA, MD)
David LaBrec – Lawyer
Alyson Laderman – Partner, Bloodworth Law (Orlando, Florida)
Karla LaFitte – Attorney at Law (The Woodlands, TX)
Ellen Lake – Member, California Bar (Oakland, CA)
Annette Lamoreaux – (Huntsville, TX)
David LaMothe – General Counsel (Kansas City, MO)
Elizabeth Lang – Inspector General, NYC Housing Authority (apppointed and “let go” by Rudolph Giuliani) (New York, NY)
Wendy Larson – Retired Assistant State’s Attorney Winnebago County, Illinois (Rockford, IL)
Toomini Lawyeurrs – Attorney (Branson, MO)
Randy Lee – Lawyer
Deborah Lee-Goldsmith – Attorney at Law (New York, NY)
Richard Leff – Attorney (Getzville, New York)
Rod Leffler – Trial Lawyer (Waynesville, NC)
Debra Lefkowitz – Lawyer
Elaine Leitner – Retired Mediator and Adjunct Prof. -UC Hastings (OAKLAND, CA)
John Leklem – (Orlando, Florida)
Clyde Leland – Legal Ethics Professor, Univ. of San Francisco SOL (Berkeley, CA)
Steven Lember – Steven C. Lember, Attorney at Law (Flemington, NJ)
Spencer Lempert – Former General Counsel, Copelco Financial Services Group, Inc. (Elkins Park, PA)
Arthur Leonard – Robert F. Wagner Professor Labor and Employment Law, New York Law School (New York, NY)
Arthur Lerner – Retired Attorney, US Securities and Exchange Commission (Burke, VA)
Liz Letak – (SALT LAKE CITY, UT)
Michael H. Levin – Managing Director & General Counsel, Carbon Finance Strategies LLC; former appellate lawyer & executive, multiple federal agencies; former Legislative Aide, Senate Judiciary Committee; former Deputy Director, Cabinet-level OSHA Reform Task Force (WASHINGTON, DC)
Martin E. Levin – Sole Practitioner; former Massachusetts Asst. AG (Framingham, MA)
BARBARA LEVINE – retired “of counsel” to Hahn Loeser & Parks, Cleveland, Ohio (Philadelphia, PA)
Marc Lewinstein – (New York, NY)
Gary Lewis – Attorney (Cincinnati, OH)
Stephen Limon – Justice, Massachusetts Trial Court, retired (Marblehead, MA)
Jenny Lin – (Walnut Creek, CA)
Abigail Lipow – Attorney (Philadelphia, PA)
Alan Lippel – Attorney (Montclair, NJ)
Julie Locascio – attorney at law (Washington, DC)
Mimi Long – Lawyer
Carolyn Longstreth – Senior Assistant State\’s Attorney, Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice (Inverness, CA)
Scott Lopez – Private practice (Sharon, MA)
Russell Love – Counsel (retired) (Seattle, WA)
Fred M. Lowenfels– General Counsel Emeritus at Trammo, Inc.
roger lowenstein – Federal Public Defender of New Jersey (beverly hills, CA)
Marian Lubinsky – Retired staff attorney Massachusetts Appeals Court (New York, NY)
Thomas Luebben – Law Offices of Thomas E. Luebben PC (Santa Fe, NM)
Ronald Lueddeke Jr – (Neptune City, NJ)
Paul Lukas – Nichols Kaster, PLLP (Partner) (Minneapolis, MN)
janice lunde – Attorney (Phoenix, AZ)
Edward Luria – Member-Manager, Alvord and Alvord PLLC (Washington, DC)
Joseph M – Of Counsel, Pacific Employment Law (San Francisco, CA)
Ken MacIver – Board Chair, Children\’s Law Center of Massachusetts (Lynn, MA)
Merrilee MacLean – Retired, formerly Senior Counsel, Hanson Baker Ludlow Drumheller, Bellevue Washington (Lacey, Washington)
Victoria Macpherson – Retired Attorney (Albany, Oregon)
Kendall MacVey – Current Member, California State Bar (Riverside, CA)
Howard Magaliff – (Ridgefield, CT)
Jessica Mahon Scoles – legal writing professor (Arlington, MA)
Steven R Maizes – Mortgage (Los Angeles, CA)
Danielle Malaty – Partner/ Shareholder (Chicago, IL)
Denise L Manley – Attorney (Houston, TX)
Kristin Manwarren – Chief Legal Officer (Denver, CO)
Deborah Maranville – Professor Emerita (Seattle, WA)
Stanley J. Marcuss – Former Counsel to the U.S. Senate’s International Finance Subcommittee; former Senior Deputy Assistant Secretary in the U.S. Commerce Department; former partner, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy; former Senior Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School; retired partner, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner
Anne Margolis – Former attorney, Yale PhD (Northampton, MA)
William Markstein – Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (New York, NY)
John Markwick – Retired Corporate Real Estate Executive. (Delavan, WI)
Denise Martin – Attorney (Eureka, CA)
James Martin – Attorney (St. Petersburg, Florida)
Lowell Martin – Former partner Morgan, Lewis and Bockius (Solomons, MD)
Edward Martin Jr – Lawyer
George J Martin, Jr. – (Sarasota, Florida)
Miriam Marton – University of Tulsa College of Law, Associate Dean of Experiential Learning (Tulsa, OK)
Paula Massenaro – Attorney (Waldwick, NJ)
Lorelie Masters – Partner; founder Women Lawyers for Biden Harris (Washington, DC)
Robert Matthews – (San Clemente, CA)
Kenneth May – (Arlington, MA)
Victoria May – Former prosecutor US Attorney’s Office S.D. Mississippi (Nashville, TN)
Wendy Mayer – (Livonia, Michigan)
Gwenn Mayers – retired lawyer (East Chatham, NY)
Adrianne Mazura – Retired Partner, Quarles & Brady LLP (Tucson, AZ)
Barbara McAdoo Gahlon – Law professor emeritus (St Paul, MN)
Michael McBride – (Cincinnati, OH)
James McCambridge – Retired AAG Wis. DOJ (Ipswich, MA)
Marianne McCarthy – Attorney (Kings Park, NY)
Martha McCluskey – Professor of Law Emerita, State University of New York at Buffalo (Buffalo, NY)
Peter McCormack – Attorney (Houston, TX)
Kevin F. McCoy – U. S. Magistrate Judge (Ret.) (Anchorage, Alaska)
L Stephen McCready – Founder, Puritan Faust, P.C. (Clinton, MA)
Robert E. McDaniel – Former Assistant U.S. Attorney (DC); former Head of Legal Affairs OSCE Kosovo; Adjunct Faculty University of New Hampshire Law School (International Criminal Law & Justice Program; Private Practice (Meredith, NH)
Susan Mcdonald – McDonald Law Legal Research & Writing (Nashville, Trnnessee)
Thomas McFarland – Retired Assistant U.S. Attorney EDNY (Glendale, NY)
Scott McGee – Lawyer
Philip McGovern – (Woburn, MA)
owen mcgowan – Partner (cohasset, MA)
Beth McGregor – Retired (Wolcott, CO)
Thomas McGuire – (Coolville, OH)
James F. McHugh – Former Associate Justice, Massachusetts Appeals Court
Mike Mcintyre – Former first assistant district attorney, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania (Allentown, PA)
Kevin McKenney – Superior Court Judge (retired), Santa Clara County (San José, CA)
Richard McKittrick – Retired partner, McKittrick & Warren, P.A. (Lincolnville, Maine)
Jeanne McKnight – former municipal attorney (Needham, MA)
R Bruce McLean – Former Chairman, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer and Feld (Vero Beach, Florida)
Gerald McMahon – Single Practitioner (New York, New York)
Rebecca McMinn – Lawyer
Thomas Mela – Retired Managing Attorney of the Massachusetts Advocates for Children
Suzette Melendez – Teaching Professor (Syracuse, New York)
Lynn Meltzer Brewer – Retired Deputy Public Defender (Venice, CA)
Lisa Menda – Attorney at Law (Brooklyn, NY)
Joanna Mendoza – Former Trustee, State Bar of California (2013-2019) (Rocklin, CA)
Molly Mccloskey Merrigan – Honorable Molly Merrigan (ret) (Kansas City, MO)
latkjacdgd mihnswflaa – Lawyer
John Miller – (Tuscaloosa, AL)
Michael Harvey Miller – Former city attorney for Arcadia and Gardena California. Retired. (Los Angeles, CA)
Dawn Millner – (Clermont, Florida)
Lance Minor – (Chicago, IL)
Tom Misteli – Attorney at Law (Dallas, TX)
Sonya Mittelman – Law office of Sonya Miittelman (Bronx, NY)
Beatrice Mladenka-Fowler – Retired lawyer on inactive status (Houston, TX)
Anna Moger – Lawyer
David Monahan – Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (Boston, MA)
Holly Monk – Attorney (Garland, TX)
David Montgomery – (Bradenton, Florida)
John T. Montgomery – Ropes & Gray, former managing partner (retired)
Sandra Moody – (Boston, MA)
Robert Morales – Attorney (Pearland, TX)
Jennifer Morando – (Orlando, Florida)
Allen Moreland – AXS Law Group (Miami, Florida)
Richard Moriarty – Retired. Former Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General (Santa Fe, NM)
Jackson Morris – Attorney at Law – California (San Mateo, CA)
Carolyn Morris – Attorney at Law, Retired (Williamsburg, VA)
Debora Morrison – Attorney, State of California (El Cerrito, CA)
Sara Morrissey – Retired (Philomath, Oregon)
Robert Morrow – Partner; former Visiting Associate Professor of Law, Fowler School of Law (Chapman University) (Newport Beach, CA)
Natalie Mosesso – (LITTLETON, CO)
Kimberly Mossel – Attorney (Livonia, Michigan)
Ann Mottet – Lawyer
A.William mottolese – Former Connecticut Superior Court Judge, now Ct. Judge Trial Referee (Stamford, CT)
Samantha Mucha – Attorney (Brook Park, OH)
Peter Munkenbeck – J.D. (CAMBRIDGE, MA)
Jean Munroe – Attorney (Knoxville, TN)
John Murdock – Attorney at Law (Santa Monica, CA)
Robert Murdock – Managing Partner/Murdock & Associates Chtd. (Las Vegas, NV)
Claire Murphy – (Rockville, MD)
Kathleen Murray – Retired employee benefits attorney (San Francisco, CA)
Florence Murray – Partner at Murray & Murray, Ohio (Sandusky, OH)
Alex Mustain – Lawyer
Blain Myhre – Solo practitioner (Centennial, CO)
jim nagel – Lawyer
Roger Napoleon – Attorney (Ret) (Ridge, NY)
Jill Naylor – (Dallas, TX)
Jody Neal-Post, Esq. – Criminal Defense Attorney/ State House Judiciary Attorney (Albuquerque, NM)
sharon nelson – Former chair of Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (seattle, WA)
Nancy Lee Nelson, Esq. MPH – Attorney Partner (Minneapolis, MN)
Jacqueline Nichol – Attorney (Alexandria, VA)
Alexander Nicholas – Former legal adviser, UN Peacekeeping (Charlotte, NC)
Kathleen NIGGEMYER – Retired attorney (GREENACRES, Washington)
Cheryl Niro – Past President, Illinois State Bar Association. Former Partner, Quinlan & Carroll, Ltd.
Miriam Nisbet – former Director, Office of Government Information Services, National Archives & Records Administration (Washington, DC)
William A. Nitze – Chairman, Oceana Energy Company (Washington, D.C., DC)
Lorraine Nordlund – Virginia State Bar (Centreville, VA)
Michael O’Donnell – Law Office of Michael K. O’Donnell (White Plains, New York)
Michael O\’Connor – Professor of Law / Attorney at Law (Tempe, AZ)
Pierce O\’Donnell – Lawyer
Kevin O\’Neil – The Kroger Co., Senior Counsel (M&A, SEC and Corporate Finance)(Retired) (Cincinnati, OH)
Matthew OConnell – Operating Partner, DCVC (Huntington, NY)
Margaret ONeill – Attorney at Law (Clearwater, Florida)
Rebecca Orf – Former Circuit Court Judge, Oregon (Ashland, OR)
Gladys Nathalia Osorio – (New York, NY)
Crystal Ostrum – Attorney (Washington, DC)
Peter Ottmer – Major, JAGC, US Army (Osprey, Florida)
Colleen Ottoson – (Seattle, Washington)
Glen Oxton – Mr (Mamaroneck, NY)
Terrence Pancoast – Retired Partner, Stoel Rives LLP (Lake Oswego, Oregon)
Frank Papa – National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, member (Tampa, Florida)
Daniel Paradis – Lecturer on Law: New England Law Boston (Cambridge, MA)
Gregory Parham – (Denver, CO)
Reena Parikh – Assistant Clinical Professor, Boston College Law School (Boston, MA)
Jennifer Parrott – Attorney (Atlanta, GA)
Corrine Parver – Former law firm partner and law professor (Potomac, MD)
Scott Paseltiner – (Bethesda, MD)
Saswati Paul – Attorney (San Mateo, CA)
Amy Paul – (New York, New York)
Sean Paulich – Attorney (Current) (Seattle, WA)
Pamela Pearl – Former Assistant States Attorney (Glenview, IL)
Jonathan Peck – Former supervisor attorney, EEOC (Mill valley, CA)
Kalpana Peddibhotla – Partner (Newark, CA)
Thomas Peisch – Retired founding partner- former Vice-Chair Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers (Boston, MA)
Kathryn Penrose Loan – Attorney at Law (Chicago, IL)
Gunilla Perez-Faringer – Solo practicing attorney (Scarsdale, New York)
Rudy Perrino – Attorney (Thousand Oaks, CA)
kristan peters-hamlin – former Assistant US Attorney (Westport, CT)
Sean Petrie – Professor, University of Texas Law School; attorney (AUSTIN, TX)
Jeffrey Petrucelly – Pro Bono retired attorney (Boston, MA)
Benjamin Phillips – Attorney at Law (inactive) (Bend, Oregon)
Gregory Piche\’ – (Denver, CO)
Joanne Pinckney – Founding Partner of corporate litigation law firm. (Kennett Square, PA)
Stuart Pink – Former (Bellingham, MA)
Brad Plebani – Former Deputy Director Center for Medicare Advocacy, Inc (Boston, MA)
Ronnie Podolefsky – Attorney, Podolefsky Law Office (Lyons, CO)
John Pollreisz – Criminal Defense Attorney (San Antonio, TX)
Nancy Pontius – Former Attorney/Partner and Law Clerk USDC (Syracuse, NY)
Michael Porter – Owner, L/ Michael Porter. Former Honorary Chairman of President’s Small Business Association (Oak Park, CA)
Louis Posner – Founder of (New York, NY)
Eileen Powers – Partner:current (Annapolis, MD)
Jocelyn Pozan – Lawyer
Sam Prevatt – Counsel (Brooklyn, NY)
Jeffrey Price – Manager/Partner (Gainesville, Florida)
Kristen Proschold – Attorney (San Ramon, CA)
Michael Provenzale – (Orlando, Florida)
Jennifer Puckett – Lawyer
Thomas Quigley – General Counsel Metropolitan Transportation Authority (New York, NY)
Steven Rabinowitz – Partner – Pryor Cashman LLP (New York, NY)
Edward Radlo – Founding Partner, Radlo & Su (Los Altos Hills, CA)
Charles Raeburn – Assistant GC Pfizer Inc. (retired) (Cold Spring, NY)
Richard Ragsdale – Attorney at Law (Riviera Beach, Florida)
Drucilla Raney – Dean Emerita, Golden Gate Univ. School of Lae (San Francisco, CA)
Dana Rasmussen – (Portland, Oregon)
Tina Rasnow – Retired attorney; Past President Ventura County Bar Association; Past President Women Lawyers of Ventura County (Newbury Park, CA)
Gary Ratner – Founder & Exec. Dir., Citizens for Effective Schools; former Assoc. General Counsel for Litigation, U.S. Department of HUD (Bethesda, MD)
Gershon M. (Gary) Ratner, Co-Founder, LDAD – Founder & Executive Director, Citizens for Effective Schools; former Associate General Counsel for Litigation, U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development; former Associate Director for Litigation, Greater Boston Legal Services
james Reed – Retired California lawyer (CARSON CITY, NV)
Kathleen Reed – Lawyer
Sam Reeves – Lawyer
Charles Reiĺly – Former Trial Attorney, U.S. Dept. Of Justice, Anritrust Division (Ridgewood, NJ)
Jeff Rein – N.M. State Public Defenders (Albuquerque, NM)
Barbara Reinhold – Former Assistant District Attorney (Pewaukee, WI)
Lewis Remele – Past President Hennepin County and Minnesota State Bar Associations (Minneapolis, MN)
Cynthia Replogle – General Counsel (San Luis Obispo, CA)
Gordon Rhea – former Assistant united States Attorney, Washington D.C. (Mount Pleasant, SC)
Ramon Rhymes – (Centennial, CO)
Steve Rich – Chief Legal Officer, LoveBook Online (Rochester, Michigan)
Erin Richards-Wilhelm – Managing Partner (Glenwood Springs, CO)
Jeffrey I. Richman – Staff attorney, Criminal Appeals Bureau, The Legal Aid Society (NYC) (Retired) (Huntington, New York)
Lauren Stiller Rikleen – President, Rikleen Institute for Strategic Leadership
Lenore Riegel – Former Associate, Bloom Law Firm (New York, New York)
Lenore Riegel – Former Associate, Bloom Law Firm (New York, NY)
William Ring – Coconino County Attorney (Flagstaff, AZ)
Javier Rivera Carbone – Attorney at Law (San Clemente, CA)
Robert Rivkin – ACLU (San Francisco, CA)
Thomas B Roberts – Former Assistant Corporation Counsel of the City of New York and former Assistant united states Attorney in the Eastern District of New York (Brooklyn, NY)
Donald B. Robertson – Former Majority Leader, Maryland House of Delegates (Bethesda, MD)
Sara Robinson – US Environmental Protection Agency, retired (Bethesda, MD)
Scott Roderick – Lt. Col. (Retired), US Army JAG Corps (Springfield, OH)
David Rodman – Managing Partner (Denver, CO)
Mark Rodriguez – Lawyer
MaRia Rogers – Attorney (Neptune Beach, Florida)
Charles Rogers – Former attorney National Labor Relations Board (New Orleans, LA)
Edward Rogin – Current (San Francisco, CA)
Mario Roitman – General Counsel (Miami, Florida)
I. Nelson Rose – Professor Emeritus Whittier College (Westlake Village, CA)
Robert Rose – Lawyer
Lilah Rosenblum – Partner, Lichtman & Rosenblum, PLLC (Silver Spring, MD)
Judith Rosenstein – Ms. (Los Lunas, NM)
Robert Rosoff – (San Francisco, CA)
Catherine Ross – Fred C. Stevenson Research Professor of Law, George Washington Law School (Larchmont, New York)
Heather Joy Ross – Member, Law Society of Ontario (Goderich, ON)
Katalin Roth – Professor, George Washington University (Bethesda, MD)
Benjamin Rothstein – Partner at Keker, Van Nest & Peters LLP (San Francisco, CA)
Larry Rothstein – Attorney (Westlake Village, CA)
Jessica Rotole – (Pleasant Hill, Iowa)
Andrew Rotstein – Counsel, Scarola Zubatov Schaffzin PLLC (New York, NY)
Jack Rovner – Attorney (Chicago, IL)
Denise Roy – Professor of Law, Mitchell Hamline School of Law (Minneapolis, MN)
Adam Rubinson – Client Relationship Executive (Washington, DC)
Michael Rumbaugh – Former Assistant Attorney General (Lincoln, Nebraska)
Jen Runne – Attorney (Astoria, New York)
P. Scott Russell IV – Sole Practitioner (Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida)
Elisabeth Ryan – Attorney (Boston, MA)
David Ryan – Attorney at Law (Missoula, MT)
Karl Rysted – (Las Cruces, NM)
Niccole Sacco – Lawyer
David Sacks – Retired Mass. Probate and Family Court Judge (Holyoke, MA)
Art Sadin – (Friendswood, TX)
Payal Salsburg – (Boston, MA)
randy saluck – (westport, CT)
Jill Saluck – Partner (Westport, CT)
Grey Sample – Former Assistant Public Defender, Colorado Springs, CO (Skandia, Michigan)
Adel Sander – Assistant General Counsel, Ascend Performance Materials (Houston, TX)
Debbie Sandler – (Philadelphia, PA)
Paul SanGiovanni – Attorney (Orlando, Florida)
Merton Sarnoff – (stamford, CT)
James Sassano – Shareholder (Fairview Park, OH)
Dirk Schenkkan – Retired former civil litigator and partner at Arnold & Porter (San Francisco, CA)
Elizabeth Schiff – (Cincinnati, OH)
Robin Schlaff – Lawyer
Brian Schmidt – Attorney (Pawling, New York)
Rodney Schofield – Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for the City of Stow (FAIRLAWN, OH)
David Schreiber – David E. Schreiber, PC (Bethesda, MD)
Cynthia Schrock Seeley – Attorney (Queensbury, NY)
Eleanore Schroeder – (Detroit, Michigan)
Andrew Schwartz – Partner, Shute Mihaly & Weinberger LLP and Lecturer at Stanford Law School (San Francisco, CA)
ROBERT SCHWARTZ – Attorney-at-Law (Retired) (New York, New York)
John Schwegel – (Turnersville, NJ)
William M. Scott IV – Former Partner, Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton, LLP (La Canada, CA)
Douglas Seaver – trial lawyer in Boston law firms (Fort Myers, Florida)
Earl Nicholas Selby – Attorney (retired) (Burlingame, CA)
Thomas Semple – Attorney at Law (Akron, OH)
Lisa Serebin – Attorney (San Francisco, CA)
Rowena Seto – Founding Attorney, Medina Seto Law Group (San Francisco, CA)
Saurabh Shah – Lawyer
Hooman Shahlavi – Chief Legal Officer (San Jose, CA)
Philip Shapiro – (St. Petersburg, Florida)
Jonathan Shapiro – Partner, Shapiro & Teitelbaum LLP (Boston, MA)
Jonathan Shapiro – Professor of Practice, Washington and Lee University Law School (Glasgow, VA)
Marilyn Shaw – Former Associate General Counsel, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.; Associate Judicial Adminsitrator, Office of the President, Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)
Jeff Sherbakoff – (Santa Barbara, CA)
Bruce Sherman – Partner (Oakland, OR)
Steven Shevick – Brewed Foods, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA)
Sharon Shutler – Trial Attorney, US Department of Justice (Arlington, VA)
Jennifer Shy – Of Counsel (San Francisco, CA)
Ron Sickmen – Attirney (Centereach, New York)
Robin Siefkin – (Moraga, CA)
M Christopher Sigler – (Centreville, VA)
David Silbert – Keker, Van Nest & Peters LLP (San Francisco, CA)
Ellen Silver – Associate Counsel, Seafarers International Union (Camp Springs, MD)
Jane Silver – General practice (Scarborough, ME)
Stanley Silverstone – Attorney (New City, New York)
Christina Simmons – General Counsel (NYC, NY)
Kenneth Simons – Professor of Law, University of California, Irvine School of Law (Irvine, CA)
David Singer – Vice Chair of NSU Law Board of Governors (Hollywood, Florida)
Sim J. Singh – Attorney at Law (Washington, DC)
Donald Slavik – Attorney (Steamboat Springs, CO)
Daniel Sleasman – private practice Albany New York (Loudonville, New York)
Jennifer Slifka – Former Assistant General Counsel, Global Companies, LLC (Needham, MA)
Craig Small – (Erie, CO)
Jay Small – (Orlando, Florida)
Peter Smith – Law Office of Peter H. Smith (El Cerrito, CA)
Don Smith – Professor of the Practice of Law, University of Denver Sturm College of Law (Denver, CO)
Morgan Smith – Attorney (Telluride, CO)
Lawrence Smith – Former Congressman, U.S. (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
Johanna Smith – Retired Attorney (BELMONT, MA)
Douglas Smith – Private practice; National Lawyers Guild (Kensington, MD)
Melvin Smith – Attorney (Houston, TX)
Alix Smullin – (Swampscott, MA)
Karen Snell – Attorney at Law (SAN FRANCISCO, CA)
Cathy Snodgrass – Lawyer
Daniel Sokol – Attorney (St. Louis, MO)
Sarah Solomon – Associate Director, careers, Suffolk Law (Needham, MA)
Nathaniel Spiller – retired federal government attorney (Chevy Chase, MD)
Hugh Spitzer – Law professor, University of Washington (Seattle, Washington)
Colby Springer – Partner (San Francisco, CA)
Laura Stafford – (Boston, MA)
Peter Stapp – Magistrate (DENVER, CO)
Patrick Starke – (Blue Springs, MO)
Katherine Staton – former AUSA, SDNY (New York, NY)
Kendall Steele – Lawyer
David Steelman – Former Vice President, Natl. Ctr. For State Courts (Manchester, NH)
Mark Stein – Partner, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP (Boston, MA)
Marshall Stein – Former Assistant U.S. Attorney, MA; Former Chief Staff Attorney, U.S. Court of Appeals, First Circuit (Newton, MA)
Cynthia Steiner – Former Assistant City Attorney (Dallas, TX)
Larry Stempler – Attorney stemplerlaw llc (Livingston, NJ)
Alan Sternstein – Former Law Clerk to Justices Brennan and Douglas (North Bethesda, MD)
David W Steuber – Jones Day retired partner (Laguna Beach, CA)
Mary Stewart – Past President of the Central Florida Association for Women Lawyers (Longwood, Florida)
Marc Stickgold – Professor of Law Emeritus, former Assistant U.S. Attorney (Berkeley, CA)
Beth Stickney – Exec. Director, Maine Business Immigration Coalition (Portland, Maine)
Richard Stoll – Retired (Milwaukee, WI)
James Strnal – Law Office of James A. Strnal (Chicago, IL)
Lindsay Stueve – Attorney (Cincinnati, OH)
Peter Sturges – Former Executive Director, Massachusetts State Ethics Commission (Cambridge, MA)
David Sullivan – Former General Counsel, MA State Ethics Commission (Cambridge, MA)
Keith Sweeney – Attorney/ Law Professor (Rindge, NH)
John Swomley – Partner (Boston, MA)
Jan Matthew Tamanini – JMT Law, LLC (Harrisburg, PA)
M D Taracido – Attorney, Retired (Carolina, PR)
Leslie Tarantola – General counsel (Rockville, MD)
Daniel Taylor – former partner, DLA Piper (Boston, MA)
Kenneth Taylor – (Wayne, PA)
Dudley Taylor – Attorney (Knoxville, TN)
Thomas Taylor – (Dallas, TX)
Susan Taylor – attorney (Houston, TX)
T.A. Taylor-Hunt – Founder, Law Office of T. A. Taylor-Hunt, LLC; United States Air Force, Major (Retired) (Aurora, CO)
Scott J. Tepper – Lawyer (Los Angeles, CA)
David Terner – Attorney (Aurora, CO)
Jane E. Tewksbury – Former Assistant District Attorney and Assistant Attorney General, Massachusetts (Arlington, MA)
John Thiel – Attorney (Boise, Idaho)
Cameron Thompson – (New York, New York)
Marilyn Dyda Thomson – Lawyer
J Thorne – Lawyer
Bruce Throne – Attorney (Santa Fe, NM)
Jennifer Tice – General Counsel (Mission Viejo, CA)
Beatrice Tice – Professor of the Practice of Law (Irvine, CA)
Warren Tolman – (Watertown, MA)
Shirley Tomasello – Attorney (Bay Village, OH)
Grace Tonner – Professor of the Practice (Irvine, CA)
Pedro Torres-Díaz – Current (Miami, Florida)
Yolanda Torrez – Attorney, former assistant public prosecutor (Waukegan, IL)
Thuan Tran – Attorney-at-Law (Cedar Hills, UT)
Susan Travis – General Counsel (State College, PA)
Mary Pat Treuthart – Professor of Law, Gonzaga University School of Law (Spokane, WA)
Leah Trowbridge – Solo Practitioner and Former Republican Elected Official (Charlotte, NC)
Robert Tuchmann – Former partner WilmerHale LLP (West Newton, MA)
Marna Tucker – Former President of District of Columbia Bar; Former President of National Conference of Bar Presidents (Washington, DC)
Andrew Tulloch – Counsel, Joint Economic Committee of Congress (Former) (Florham Park, NJ)
William Turner – University of California, Berkeley (former) (Berkeley, CA)
William Uhr – Associate in private practice (Arlington, VA)
Lynne Urman – Former Staff Counsel, CA Administrative Office of the Courts (ret.) (SACRAMENTO, CA)
Andrew Urueta – Attorney Advisory (Washington, DC)
Emi Uyehara – Attorney (San Francisco, CA)
Sarah van Leer – Retired Attorney at Law, New York and California (Guilderland, NY)
Aleeta Van Runkle – Attorney (San Francisco, CA)
Matthew Vandall – Senior Counsel (Oakland, CA)
Bob Vargas – (Gotha, Florida)
Gayle Vickers – Former Executive Director and General Counsel of the Board of Disciplinary Appeals appointed by the Supreme Court of Texas (AUSTIN, TX)
Ricardo Vielledent – Member of Vielledent & Associates, PLLC (El Paso, TX)
Alma Villarreal – Attorney, Texas (Edinburg, TX)
Tamara Vincelette – Attorney, Private Practice (Denver, CO)
Marc Von Arx – Lawyer
Mary-Carol Wagner – Associate Public Defender, Tucson, AZ (Tucson, AZ)
Donald Wagner – (Denver, CO)
Felice Wagner – General Counsel (Pompano Beach, Florida)
Ira Waldman – Partner, Cox, Castle & Nicholson LLP, Los Angeles, CA (Playa Del Rey, CA)
John Waldo – Private practice focused on disability rights (Houston, TX)
Walter Walkenhorst – (Cincinnati, OH)
Judith Wall – Internal Revenue Service, Office of Chief Counsel (ARLINGTON, VA)
Les Wallerstein – Counselor at Law (Lexington, MA)
Carolyn Walsh – Assistant Attorney General (Winchester, MA)
John Walsh – Retired (Maple Valley, Washington)
Fran Walterhouse – Retired US Army Attorney (Stafford, VA)
Dr. Janet Smith Warfield – Rutgers School of Law, J.D., cum laude. Practiced law in Atlantic City for 22 years (Sarasota, Florida)
Ronald Wargo – Partner (Santa Rosa, CA)
David Warren – Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public fo Ontario (Barrie, Ontario)
Rebecca Webb – Former Assistant Attorney General (Belmont, MA)
STEPHEN WEBBER – California Licensed Attorney at Law (GLENDALE, CA 91202, CA)
D.K. Rudy Wehner – Former Chief Public Defender Montgomery County Ohio (Rocky River, OH)
Robert Weiler – (Thousand Oaks, CA)
robin weinberg – Attorney (westport, CT)
Harvey Weiner – Senior Counsel, Peabody &Arnold LLP (Boston, MA)
Howard Weintraub – Managing Partner Law Offices of Weintraub& Alper, P.C. (Atlanta, GA)
Jessica Weiss – Attorney (Sharon, MA)
Deborah Jackson Weiss – Ropes & Gray (Retired Partner) (Newton, MA)
Joseph Weiss Jr – (Coral Gables, Florida)
Lisa Weissler – Assistant Attorney General, State of Alaska, Retired (Juneau, Alaska)
Deborah Weissman – Professor of Law (Chapel Hill, NC)
James West – Lawyer
Tracy Westen – Former Professor UCLA Law School & Annenberg School for Communication; CEO Center for Governmental Studies, Los Angeles (Dallas, TX)
James Wexler – Justice of the Massachusetts District Court (retired) (N/A, N/A)
Kenneth Wheelock – Proprietor, Law Office of Kenneth S. Wheelock (Pittsfield, MA)
Daniel Whitehurst – (St. Helena, CA)
Dakota Whitney – Estate Planning Attorney, Former Associate Bingham McCutchen (Inverness, CA)
James Whitney – partner, Cooper, Whitney & Francois, New Haven, Connecticut (New Haven, CT)
Carin Wieters – (San Antonio, TX)
Geoffry Wildridge – Former Asst. Public Defender, Former Asst. Attorney General, Former Attorney in Private Practice, Past President Alaska Bar Association (now retired) (Fairbanks, Alaska)
Stephanie Willbanks – Professor of Law (South Royalton, VT)
Patricia Williams – (Cherry Hill, 31)
Anthony Williams – Assistant Director (Collinsville, CT)
Richard Willstatter – Atorney (Former President, New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers) (White Plains, NY)
Jenna Wims Hashway – Professor of Legal Practice, RWU School of Law (Little Compton, RI)
Karl Winkler – Of Counsel (Rockford, IL)
Kit Winter – Lawyer (Los Angeles, CA)
Mark Wintering – Attorney (Bay Village, OH)
timothyAAG wise – AAG (Walnut Creek, CA)
Ronald Witmer – Of Counsel, Witmer, Karp, Warner and Ryan LLP (Newton, MA)
Deborah Wolfe – Attorney at law (San Diego, CA)
Kristina Woods – Retired (Durango, AZ)
Lauryne Wright – former DoD lawyer (North Las Vegas, NV)
John Wright – Senior Counsel, Ballard Spahr LLP (Philadelphia, PA)
Lucien Wulsin – Founder and retired Executive Director, Insure the Uninsured Project
Stephanie Wyman – Lawyer
John Yacoub – Manager & VP for Claims (Chicago, IL)
James Yoakum – Associate, Dechert, LLP (Palmyra, NJ)
Lucinda Young – Estate and trust attorney (Albany, CA)
Raymond Young – Former President Boston Bar Association (Lexington, MA)
Marvin Zalman – Professor, Criminal Justice Dept., Wayne State University (Huntington Woods, Michigan)
David Zeff – Sole Practitioner (Larkspur, CA)
Brett Zekowski – Partner of Parker Waichman LLP (Port Washington, NY)
David Zicherman – Attorney (Newtown, PA)
Luke Zimmerman – Luke Zimmerman Esq. LL.M. (San Francisco, CA)
Dan Zolkowski – Lawyer