Open Letter, Statement

Call for Bar Condemnation and Investigation of President Trump’s Campaign Lawyers for Subverting American Democracy

Photo Credit: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

More than 35 losses in election-related cases have made one thing painfully clear: President Trump’s barrage of litigation is a pretext for a campaign to undermine public confidence in the outcome of the 2020 election, which inevitably will subvert constitutional democracy. Sadly, the President’s primary agents and enablers in this effort are lawyers, obligated by their oath and ethical rules to uphold the rule of law.

Bar Associations need to condemn this abuse and bar disciplinary authorities need to investigate it.

The President put Rudolph Giuliani in charge of the Trump legal team. Notwithstanding their monumental string of losses, Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Joseph DiGenova, Victoria Toensing and, until November 23, Sidney Powell, have persisted with press statements, purported “hearings,” and continuing litigation. Behind the fog created by this waste and distraction of the country’s attention is a President’s and his lawyers’ historic abuse of the judicial process. 

The strategy involves three prongs:

To quote from Mr. Giuliani’s November 19 press conference:

  • “There was a massive attack on the integrity of the voting system . . . The people who did this have committed one of the worst crimes that I’ve ever seen. . . . They have trashed . . . dishonored . . . destroyed the right to vote in their greed for power and money. And there’s no doubt about it. This is not an individual idea of 10 or 12 Democrat bosses. This is a plan.”
  • “[Democrats] picked the places where . . . judges would just dismiss [our fraud claims]. Because judges are appointed politically. And too many of them are hacks.”

Federal judges appointed by presidents of both parties, including by President Trump himself, have rejected the Trump legal teams’ factual assertions and legal claims, more than one in scathing terms. called the public statements by the lawyers a “gusher of false and unfounded allegations.” Even Attorney General William Barr has stated that there is no evidence of widespread election fraud.

Still, Mr. Giuliani’s aim is obvious: to fuel Mr. Trump’s campaign to delegitimize the outcome of the election. Attorneys take an oath to support the Constitution. Lawyers who lie to advance the partisan interest of a politician or any client dishonor the constitutional system they’ve sworn to uphold, the legal profession and themselves.

That dishonor is especially clear in the case of Trump lawyer Joseph DiGenova’s outrageous November 30 statement on Newsmax that former director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Christopher Krebs, should be “taken out at dawn and shot.”

A license to practice law is not a license to lie to the public on behalf of a client, whether doing so endangers one individual or the entire body politic. Indeed, American Bar Association Model Rules of Professional Conduct 4.1(a) and 8.4(c) put lawyers at risk of sanctions for engaging in dishonesty, deceit and misrepresentation — in or out of court. Under Rule 3.1, lawyers filing frivolous claims are also subject to sanctions.

The conduct of Mr. Giuliani and his colleagues is a disgrace. As 25 former DC Bar presidents stated on December 1, it is indefensible for lawyers to falsely proclaim widespread voting fraud, submit a pattern of frivolous court claims and actively seek to undermine citizens’ faith in our election’s integrity. 

We condemn this conduct without reservation. It demeans the legal profession and the multitudes of lawyers of all political persuasions who daily serve their clients and the public honorably. Our profession needs to affirm that this behavior grossly deviates from the bar’s deep commitment to democratic institutions and the fact-based processes that maintain our democracy’s vitality.  

We urge all lawyers and bar associations to publicly condemn this conduct and bar disciplinary authorities to investigate it. Silence and inaction are not options.

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Signatories (closed December 13, 2020 at 10PM)

Mark Aaronson — Professor of Law Emeritus, Univ. of Calif. Hastings College of the Law (Oakland, CA)
Richard Abel — Connell Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus and Distinguished Research Professor, UCLA (Santa Monica, CA)
Laura Abel — Senior Policy Counsel, Lawyers Alliance (Brooklyn, NY)
Mark Abell — Attorney (Redlands, CA)
Daniel Abelson — Attorney (Mount Laurel, NJ)
Michael Abelson — Attorney (Washington, MA)
William Abernathy — (Nashville, TN)
Richard Aborn — Attorney (West Orange, NJ)
Beth Aboulafia — Attorney (Berkeley, AZ)
Susan Abraham — Professor of Law, New York Law School (New York, NY)
Nancy Abramowitx — Professor of Practice, American Univ.Washington college of Law (Washington, DC)
Floyd Abrams — Visiting Lecturer Yale Law School (New York, NY)
Jeffrey Abramson — Professor of Law and Government, Univ. of Texas School of Law (Austin, TX)
William H. Abrashkin — Former Judge, Massachusetts Trial Court (Northampton, MA)
James Abrenio — Owner, Abrenio Law (Fairfax, VA)
John Achatz — (Boston, MA)
Lawrence Acker — Lawrence J. Acker PC , President; Fellow American College of Trial Lawyers (Troy, TX)
Robyn Adams — R.K. Adams Law, LLC (Dahlonega, GA)
Joshua Adams — Attorney Advisor (Owings Mills, CO)
Richard Adamson — Attorney Emeritus, Pro Bono (Lacey, WA)
Nadia Adawi — General Counsel (Philadelphia, PA)
Jeffrey Adelman — Attorney (CORAL SPRINGS, FL)
Mitchell Adkins — VP, Business Development, Blue Medora Software (Los Angeles, CA)
Charles Adler — Chair (former) of Criminal Law Committee of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York (New York, NY)
Jody Adler — Project director, Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights (retired) (Highland Park, IL)
Jan Adler — United States Magistrate Judge (Ret.) (San Diego, CA)
Jody Adler — Project director, Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights (retired) (Highland Park, IL)
MUKESH ADVANI — Attorney (San Ramon, CA)
Dennis Aftergut — Of Counsel at Renne Public Law Group; former federal prosecutor and San Francisco Chief Assistant City Attorney (, )
James Agate — University Counsel (Albany, CA)
Romina Aghai — (Culver city, CA)
Bhavna Agnihotri — Senior Legal Counsel (Forest Hills, NY)
Joanne Agruso — Law Office of Joanne S. Agruso (Hauppauge, NY)
Juan Aguiar — Attorney and Professor of law (Quito, Ecuador)
Arjun Ahluwalia — (New York, NY)
Richard Aidekman — Private Practice (New York, NY)
Ata Akiner — (Washington, DC)
Jerome Akman — Retired Attorney (Washington, DC)
Susan Akram — Clinical Professor, Boston University School of Law (Boston, MA)
Amy Alarian — (Glendale, CA)
Amanda Alasauskas — Attorney (Munster, MD)
Juan Pablo Alban — General Counsel (Los Angeles, CA)
Shelly Albaum — (Sebastopol, CA)
John Alber — Retired Partner/Bryan Cave LLP (Apalachicla, FL)
Barry Alberts — Retired Litigation Partner; Former Co-Chair, Ethics and Professionalism Committee, Litigation Section, American Bar Association; Lecturer, University of Chicago Law School (Chicago, IL)
Lisa Albinger — Attorney (Retired) (Montclair, MA)
Alan Albright — Retiree (Fishers, NC)
Deborah Albright — Partner (Fishers, IN)
Jason Alderman — Partner The Alderman Law Firm (Miami Shores, FL)
Myles Alderman — Past Chair, Professional Discipline Section, Connecticut Bar Association – Member, Alderman & Alderman, LLC. (Hartford, CT)
myles alderman — Past Chair, Professional Discipline Section, Connecticut Bar Association – Member, Alderman & Alderman, LLC (Hartford, CT)
Bryant Aldridge — Attorney (High Point, NC)
Gavin Ales — (Long Beach, CA)
Brian Alexander — Senior Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs – Polygram Entertainment (West Hollywood, CA)
Jonathan Alexander — (Merrimack, NH)
Heather Alexander — (Montreal, MO)
Mario Alfaro — Attorney (Riverside, CA)
James Alfini — Dean and Professor Emeritus (Houston, TX)
Roxanne Alhejaj — Attorney At Law (Omaha, NE)
Ira Alkalay — Attorney (Boston, MA)
Marianne Allegro — Attorney (New York, IL)
Tammy Allen — (Melbourne, FL)
Wayne Allen — Retired Attorney (Douglasville, GA)
Richard Allen — Former Chief and Assistant Attorney General and partner at Casner & Edwards. Newton, MA (Newton, MA)
Rosemary Allen — Former partner at Mintz (Newton, MA)
Stuart Allen — Lawyer (Seattle, WA)
Kevin Allen — Co-founding shareholder of 16 lawyer firm (Denver, CO)
Nicholas Allis — former President, Beverly Hills Bar Assn. (Los Angeles, CA)
Stephen Alloy — (Bellevue, NE)
Deborah Alroth — current (Chicago, IL)
Michael Altman — Former Law Professor, former equity partner in 2 Boston law firms (Cambridge, MA)
Arlene Amarante — Assistant Professor of Law (Knoxville, TN)
Sonal Ambegaokar — (Oakland, CA)
Mary Ameln — (Colorado Springs, CO)
Steven Amen — (Omaha, NE)
Chintan Amin — Sr. Assistant General Counsel Major Manufacturer (Pittsburgh, PA)
Robert Amsel — (Miami, FL)
Elliott Andalman — Andalman & Flynn (Takoma Park, MD)
Einar Andersen — retired attorney (Savannah, GA)
R. Peter Anderson — Retired Judge, Massachusetts Trial Court (Portland, OR)
Chad Anderson — (Phoenix, AZ)
Michael Anderson — (Takoma Park, MD)
Terry Anderson — Attorney (Lake Oswego, OR)
David Anderson — Attorney (Chicago, IL)
Katie Anderson — Shareholder (Fort Worth, TX)
Rachel Anderson — (Chesapeake, VA)
Kurt Anderson — Attorney at Law (Minneapolis, WI)
David Anderson — Attorney (Bellingham, WA)
William A. Anderson, II — Partner, Williams Mullen (retired) (Sherwood, MD)
Jackson M Andrews — Attorney at Law (Louisville, KY)
Lynn Andrews — Attorney at Law (Durham, NC)
David Angueira — Trial Lawyer (Boston, MA)
Fran Ansley — Distinguished Professor of Law Emerita (Knoxville, TN)
Kathleen Anson — Retired Attorney (Portland, OR)
Gregory Antollino — Principal, Antollino PLLC (New York, NY)
Naveen Anumalla — (Austin, TX)
Mark Apker — Attorney (Provo, UT)
Ama Appiah — Current Attorney (St. Petersburg, FL)
Deborah Applebaum — Former Attorney (Philadelphia, PA)
Scott Applebaum — Attorney (Philadelphia, PA)
Constance Arabatzis — Counsel (Sequim, WA)
Constance Arabatzis — Former Counsel (Sequim, WA)
Gordon Arakaki — Gordon M. Arakaki, Attorney at Law, LLLC (Waipahu, HI)
Michael Arana — Corporate Attorney (New York, NY)
Leslie Archambeault — (Washington, DC)
Eloy Arcia — Attorney (Garden City, NY)
Joe Ardito — Patriot; defender of the Constitution; lover of democracy and the rule of law. (Baltimore, MD)
Jeffrey Aresty — Partner, Aresty International Law Offices, PC (Houston, TX)
Neil Aresty — Aresty Associates (Boston, MA)
Helen Arizor — Attorney (Dallas, TX)
Gina Armbruster — (New Orleans, LA)
Ivor C. Armistead III — Of Counsel, Ropes & Gray LLP (Boston, MA)
Emily Armstrong — Senior Associate General Counsel (Milton, MA)
Dean Armstrong — (Frankfort, IL)
Patricia Armstrong — Former Attorney (New York, NY)
Melissa Arnold — Staff Attorney (Bluffton, SC)
Steven Aroesty — (St Louis, MO)
Sara Arthur — Attorney (Annapolis, MD)
Stephen Asbel — Partner (Philadelphia, MA)
Thomas Ascher — Former Assistant Director Minnesota Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility (Woodbury, MN)
Linda Ash — Senior Assistant County Counsel (Ventura, CA)
Robert Asher — Partner at Sunstein LLP (Boston, IN)
Ayinde Ashford — (FarRockaway, NY)
Benjamin J. Ashmore, Sr. — United Nations International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals (Ramsey, NJ)
Laila Atallah — (Towson, MD)
Paula Atkinson — (Denver, CO)
Mark Aurand — (Bethlehem, PA)
James Austen — Attorney (Logansport, IN)
Thaddeus Austin — Attorney at Law (Saint Paul, MN)
Jeffrey Austin — (New York City, NY)
Michelle Avery Weston — Former Program Manager, U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs (MILTON, GA)
Alexander Avis — (San Diego, CA)
Abed Awad — Law partner & Adjunct law professor (Wayne, NJ)
Michelle Azar — Solo practitioner (Jupiter, FL)
Anthony Azemika — Partner (Bakersfield, CA)
Donald Babbitt — Partner (River Edge, NJ)
Erik Babcock — Attorney (Oakland, CA)
Ted Babich — Past-President Marion County (Ohio) Bar Association (Marion, IN)
Robert Bacon — Attorney; former Assistant Attorney General of Alaska (Oakland, CA)
Adrian Bacon — Partner (Orange, CA)
Carter Bacon — Attorney (Boston, MA)
David Badain — (New York, NY)
Kristina Badalian — Partner (Rockville, MD)
Gary Baddeley — Former attorney, Phillips Nizer LLP (New York, NY)
Steven Baden — (Cleveland, OH)
Cristiana Baez — Practicing attorney (New York, NY)
Raymond frank Baez — Current in pro per / pro Hac vice (Palmdale / Chicago, Ca / IL)
Ann Bagala — (Gray, ME)
Shannon Baglole — (Natick, MA)
Sam Baharvar — Attorney (Rockville Centre, NY)
Bryan Baier — (Tampa, FL)
Lisa Bail — ABA Member (Kailua, HI)
Julia Bailey — Chief Compliance Officer (Los Angeles, CA)
Marc Bailin — Partner, Rubin & Bailin, LLP (Killington, VT)
David Bain — (Lawrence, MA)
Jack Bainum — (Houston, TX)
Mariah Baird — Attorney (San Francisco, IL)
Andrew Bakaj — Managing Partner, Compass Rose Legal Group, PLLC (Washington, DC)
Sylvia Baker — Former Attorney (Owasso, OK)
Debbie London Baker — (Tampa, FL)
Jeffrey Baker — Retired Attorney – NYS (Victor, NY)
Deborah Baker — Retired attorney (Los Angeles, CA)
Margaret Baker — (Meeteetse, Wyoming)
Christopher Balch — (Atlanta, GA)
Peter Balch — Retired counsel, Lockheed Martin Corporation (Fairfax, VA)
William Balin — Attorney at Law (Pleasant Hill, CA)
Stanley Balis — (Potomac, MD)
Carol S. Ball — Justice of the Superior Court (Ret.), Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Boston, MA)
Owen Ball — Former Senior Corporate Counsel, Aventis Pharmaceuticals (Sandia Park, NM)
Fielding Ballard — Attorney (Shelbyville, KY)
Gary Ballesteros — VP, Law (Milwaukee, WI)
Steven Ballinger — Law offices of Steven R. Ballinger (Weston, FL)
Phillip Baltz — (Brooklyn, NY)
Jessica Russo Bancroft — (Baltimore, OH)
Michael E. Band — Partner at Davison, Copple, Copple & Copple, LLP (Boise, ID)
Natasha Bannan — Senior Counsel, LatinoJustice (New York, NY)
Robert Baranowski — Partner (Marlton, NJ)
Bryan Barash — General Counsel (Newton, WA)
Bryan Barber — Barber Law Group (Portola Valley, CA)
Michael Barclay — Retired Attorney (Menlo Park, CA)
Byron K. Barclay — Attorney at Law (Houston, TX)
Robert Bard — Keller Rohrback, LLP Discovery Associate (Goodyear, IL)
Peter Bargmann — Texas Bar #01736400, Dallas Bar Association #8450 (Dallas, TX)
Thomas Barker — Patent agent and passed the bar pending admission (Washington, DC)
Todd Barnes — (Indianapolis, IN)
James K Barnett — Attorney, frmer Deputy Commissioner, former Anchorage Assembly member and historian (Anchorage, AK)
Tracy Baron — (Dobbs Ferry, NY)
Frederick Baron — Former Associate Deputy Attorney General and Director, Executive Office for National Security (Atherton, CA)
Alan Baron — Former AUSA (Md.) (Washington, DC)
Dianne Baron — (Westport Point, MA)
Charles Baron — Emeritus Professor of Law, Boston College Law School (Westport, MA)
Amy Baron-Evans — Sentencing Resource Counsel, Federal Public and Community Defenders (Cambridge, MA)
Anita Barondes — Former law firm partner (Alexandria, VA)
Hector Barrera — Attorney (Mission, TX)
David M Barry — Attorney Retired (Bartlett, IL)
Jeffrey Bartell — Former mgn. ptr, Quarles & Brady (retired) (Madison, WI)
Elizabeth Bartholet — Morris Wasserstein Prof. of Law, Harvard Law School (Cambridge, MA)
Scott Bass — (Encinitas, CA)
Rebecca Bass — Former Attorney (Los Angeles, CA)
Brian R. Bassett — Retired Partner (Boston, MA)
Grace Bateman — Attorney, Seyfarth Shaw – Retired (Washington, DC)
John Batka — Attorney at Law / Retired (FLORISSANT, MO)
Lisa Battista — Attorney (Modesto, CA)
Claire Battle — Corporate Counsel (Oak Park, IL)
Henry Bauer — Attorney at Law (Portland, OR)
Jonathan Bauer — Sole Practitioner (Miami, MA)
Heidi Baugus — (Plano, TX)
Jonathan Bauman — Senior Real Estate Counsel (Torrance, CA)
Millie Baumbusch — (Atlanta, GA)
R. Allen Baylis — Criminal Defense Attorney, R. A. Baylis & Assoc. (Huntington Beach, CA)
mergim bazhdari — attorney (lake success, NY)
Robert Beach — Florida State Circuit Judge (retired) (St. Petersburg, FL)
Virginia Beams — (Marion, MA)
Jeff Bean — Former Asst Attorney General, Washington State, private practice attorney and mediator (Nirmandy Park, WA)
Tony Beasley — Attorney at Microsoft (Sammamish, WA)
Megan Becher — Attorney (Denver, CO)
Susan Beck — Retired Attorney (Chesterland, OH)
Craig Becker — Solo Practicer (Mount Laruel, NJ)
Donald L. Becker — Attorney (Waltham, MA)
Katherine L. Becker — Attorney, U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services (retired) (Gaithersburg, MD)
Kathryn Becker — Assistant General Counsel in State Government (Santa Fe, NM)
Ray Beckerman — Law Office of Ray Beckerman PC (Forest Hills, NY)
David Beckett — Senior Counsel, Bonner Law Firm (Cody, WY)
Eduardo Beckett — Attorney (El Paso, MA)
Lina Beckford — (Riviera Beach, OH)
Daniel Beckhard — Assistant Inspector General for Oversight and Review, DOJ Office of the Inspector General (Heathsville, MO)
David Becsey — Partner, Zeigler Cohen & Koch (Indianapolis, MA)
Kenneth Beeby — VP – General Counsel (Retired) OceanSpray (Duxbury, DC)
Robert Behal — Managing Partner Behal Law Group LLC (Columbus, OH)
Ralph Behr — (Boca Raton, FL)
Robert Bein — Attorney (Littlestown, PA)
Steven Beitelspacher — (Moorhead, DC)
Nancy Bekavac — Scripps College President Emerita (Washington, NC)
Aarthi Belani — Partner, Jones Day (Palo Alto, CA)
Lawrence Belasco — (Reno, NV)
Bill Belding — Professor (Washington, DC)
Thomas Belknap — Retired Partner, Ropes & Gray LLP (Falmouth, ME)
L. Graeme Bell — Retired partner Crowell & Moring (Vero Beach, FL)
Dave Bell — Principal at Dave Bell Law, former Senior Environmental Counsel for BP America Inc (Cleveland Hts., OH)
Harry Bell — Attorney at Law (Charleston, WV)
Marcia Bell — Director, San Francisco Law Library (Mill Valley, CA)
Louis Michael Bell — Retired president of Louis Michael Bell, P.C. (Evanston, IL)
Nicole Bellefeuille — J.D. (Sausalito, MN)
Laurel Bellows — Managing Principal of Bellows Law GroupFormer President of the American Bar Assocuation (Chicago, IL)
Ronald Belman — (Baltimore, MD)
Mark Belnick — Retired partner of Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison (Greenwich, CT)
Lee Bendekgey — Chief Policy Officer (San Francisco, CA)
Sandra Bendfeldt — Retired (Greenwich, CT)
Sonia Bendiks — Attorney/Administrative Law Judge (Las Vegas, NV)
Edward Benes — Attorney (Spring, TX)
Seth Benezra — Partner (Boulder, MA)
David Benforado — President, Village of Shorewood Hills, WI (Madison, WI)
Robert Benjamin — (Richmond, CA)
Nancy Bennett — (Marblehead, MA)
John Bennett — Assistant District Attorney (Bixby, OK)
Ellen Bennett — (Chicago, Illinois)
Wilfred Benoit — Retired Partner – Goodwin Procter, LLP (Sudbury, MA)
Janis Benson — Legal Advocate, retired (Sierra Vista, AZ)
Lynne Bentley — (San Jose, CA)
Steve Benton — Attorney (Sacramento, CA)
George Berbsry — George Berbary Esq (Buffalo, NY)
Maurine Berens — Attorney, former professor (Chicago, IL)
Barbara Berenson — Lecturer, Harvard Law School (Newton, MA)
James Bergenn — Partner, Shipman & Goodwin LLP; UConn Law School Adjunct Professor (Hartford, CT)
Leslie Berger — Member of Florida Bar 50+ years (Boynton Beach, FL)
Jonathan Berger — Sole practitioner (Sebastopol, CA)
Justin C. Berger — Attorney (Atlanta, GA)
Harold Berk — Sole practitioner of Harold R Berk, Esquire (Radnor, PA)
Jennifer Berke — Attorney (Berkeley, CA)
Michael Berke — Attorney (Lincolnwood, MD)
Eric Berkman — (Framingham, MN)
Carol Berkow — (Pleasantville, NY)
Paul Berkowitz — Greenberg Traurig and Adjunct Professor at University of Miami School of Law (Miami, FL)
Gerald Berkowitz — Attorney (Malvern, PA)
Robert Berlow — (Clarksville, MD)
Paul Berman — Former Attorney (Silver Spring, MD)
W. Bradford Bernadt — Managing Attorney (Bainbridge Island, WA)
Clement Berne — Clement H. Berne, Attorney At Law (South Salem, NY)
Marilyn Bernhardt — Corporate general attorney (Sedona, AZ)
Peter Bernhardt — Assistant United States Attorney, Civil Chief, Northern District of Oklahoma (Sedona, AZ)
H. Bruce Bernstein — Retired Partner (Deerfield, IL)
Faryl Bernstein — (Bryn mawr, PA)
Karen Bernstein — Bernstein IP (New York, NY)
Roger Bernstein — Sole practitioner in NYC (New York, NY)
Gail Berritt — Law Office of Gail Berritt LLC (Westport, CT)
Gregory Berry — Current Chief Counsel to Member of Congress (Gaithersburg, MD)
R. Scott Berryman — (Atlanta, GA)
Dennis Bertron — (Verona, NJ)
Suzanne Bessette-Smith — Partner/Attorney (Wheaton, IL)
Kristine Best — Retired (Nashville, CO)
Margot Bester-Markowitz — Retired Federal Government Attorney (Washington, DC)
Alison Besunder — Lawyer, Partner private practice (New York, MN)
Anne Bevington — Attorney (Alameda, IL)
Pat Bhatt — (Cupertino, DC)
Amardeep Bhatti — Vice President of Strategy, Operations, and Legal Counsel (Las Vegas, NV)
Brandon Biagioli — (Naperville, IL)
William Bibb — President. Law Offices of William C. Bibb (San Diego, CA)
Kenneth Bickley — (Ottawa, ON)
Eric Biddulph — (Denver, CO)
Paul Biderman — Retired attorney: University of New Mexico School of Law (Santa Fe, NM)
Mary Margaret S. Bielby — (Tallahassee, FL)
Kristina Bielenberg — Attorney (Calais, VT)
Mark Bierman — Attorney (NEW YORK CITY, OH)
Marsden Bigby — Attorney (Falls Church, VA)
Debra Billard — Current Assistant Public Defender (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL)
Laurie Binder — Retired Attorney (Brooklyn, NY)
Robert “Bob” Binder — Attorney (Austin, TX)
Trudi Bird — Adjunct Professor of English, University of Connectciut, Deputy Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, CT Commissioner of NCCUSL (Storrs, CT)
Dale Birdoff — Associate Counsel, Department of the Navy (Bethesda, MD)
John Birke — (Beverly Hills, CA)
Walter Birkel — Law Offices of Walter G.Birkel, P.C. (Washingto, DC)
Debra Birtwistle — Independent until this year now Democrat (Leonardtown, MD)
Mark Bisard — (Brooklyn, NY)
Anna Bischoff — Attorney (St. Louis, MO)
Jeff Bishop — General Counsel (Winston-Salem, NC)
William Black — Deput Public Advocate, Maine Office of Public Advocate (Portland, ME)
Erica Black — Counsel (Greenfield, TX)
Thomas Black — (Houston, WA)
William R Black — (Yarmouth, MA)
Maureen Blackburn Jennings — Maureen Blackburn Jennings, Attorney at Law (Houston, TX)
Henry Blair — Robins Kaplan Distinguished Professor of Law (Minneapolis, MN)
Andrew Blair — Retired Attorney (Stevensville, MT)
Bruce Blaisdell — Former Managing Attorney, City of Boston Law Department (Boston, MA)
Laura Blank — (New York, NY)
Michael Blank — Former Attorney (Atascadero, CA)
Jeremy Blank — Attorney (San Francisco, CA)
John Blattner — Attorney (Ret.) (Ann Arbor, MI)
Matt Blecher — Partner, Wagner Blecher LLP (San Jose, CA)
David Bleistein — attorney (La Habra, CA)
dennis blewitt — (boulder, CO)
John Bliss — Former Minority Chief Counsel, Subcomm. on The Constitution, US Senate Judiciary Committee (Boulder, CO)
Christopher Blood — Attorney (Vancouver, WA)
Ira Bloom — Distinguished Professor of Law, Albany Law School(Albany, NY) (Albany, NY)
Robert Bloom — Boston College Law School (Newton, MA)
Peter Bloom — The Bloom Group, LLC (Washington, DC)
David Bloss — Retired attorney, Bloss Betz (Grand Rapids, MI)
Stacy Blumberg Garon — (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
eric blumenson — Research Professor of Law, Suffolk University (cambridge, MA)
Marc Blumenthal — Law Office of Marc N. Blumenthal/Owner (Evanston, PA)
Ted Blumoff — Professor of Law, Mercer University Law School (Roswell, GA)
Valerie Bluth — (New York, TX)
Lisa Boardman Burnette — Of Counsel (Atlanta, CO)
Alan Bochner — Attorney (Roskyn Heights, NY)
Erin Bock — Attorney (Pittsburgh, VA)
Marie Y Bockwinkel — Afministrative law judge (Davis, CA)
Larry Bodine — Attorney Advisory Board Member (Tucson, AZ)
Kathleen Bogas — Attorney (Bingham Farms, MI)
John Charles Boger — Emeritus Professor of Law & Former Dean (Chapel Hill, NC)
Joshua Bogin — Former US Department of Justice Attorney, Civil Rights Division (Springfield, MA)
Robert Boland — Professor/Attorney (New York, NY)
R. Lance Boldrey — Attorney, former MI Chair Lawyers for Rudy 2008 (Okemos, DC)
James Bolin Jr — Self-employed (Charlotte, NC)
Anthony Bonadies — Staff Attorney (Los Angeles, CA)
Montserrat Bond — Career law clerk (Miami, FL)
CHRISTOPHER BOND — Attorney at Law (Cape Elizabeth, ME)
Carolyn Bone — Attorney (Charleston, SC)
Sheryll Bonilla — Attorney (Mililani, Hawaii)
Adrienne Bonilla — Attorney (Brooklyn, MA)
Cynthia Bonner — In-house counsel (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA)
Stephen Douglas Bonney — Attorney (Kansas City, GA)
Vicki Bonnington — Senior Litigation Counsel (West Stockbridge, MA)
David Bookbinder — Chief Counsel (Washington, DC)
Kelly Boone-Davidson — Attorney (Ann Arbor, PA)
Elena Boop — (Cleveland, OH)
Joyce Booth — Immigration attorney (Stockbridge, GA)
Richard Boothman — Owner, the Boothman Consulting Group, LLC (Ann Arbor, DC)
Judy Bordeau — Attorney (Overland Park, GA)
Brett Border — Attorney (Commerce Township, MI)
Marcia Borowski — Former partner, Thompson Rollins Schwatrz Borowski (Decatur, PA)
Stephanie Borsanyi — Attorney at Law (Columbia, SC)
Amelia Boss — Trustee Professor of Law, Thomas R. Kline School of Law, Drexel University (Philadelphia, MA)
Richard Boswell — (San Francisco, CA)
Angela Botelho — (Berkeley, CA)
Charles Both — Law Offices of Charles R. Both (Washington, DC)
Margot Botsford — Retired associate justice, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (jamaica plain, MA)
Margaret Boulware — Attorney (Houston, TX)
David Boundy — Cambridge Technology Law LLC (Cambridge, MA)
Jodie Bourdet — Partner, Cooley LLP (San Francisco, CA)
Robert Bourque — (New York, NY)
Roy Bourque — Chief of Police (Retired) (Naples, FL)
Gina Bowden — Attorney (Sacramento, TX)
John Bowen — Attorney (Boston, MA)
Mark Bower — Proprietor (Breckenridge, CO)
William Bowers — Attorney (Roswell, GA)
G Daniel Bowling — Former Public Defender of Charleston County (Charleston, SC)
Judith Bowman — Partner, Bowman, Moos &Elder (Cambridge, MA)
Richard Boyce — Administrative Law Judge, NLRB, 1973-93 (San Francisco, CA)
Nelson Boyle — (Denver, CO)
Brian Boyle — Attorney at Law (Red Bank, NJ)
Virginia Boynton — Retired Attorney (Mechanicsburg, PA)
Russell Brabham — Attorney (Shreveport, MA)
Robert Bracknell — Attorney and Lieutenant Colonel, US Marine Corps (Ret) (Norfolk, VA)
Daniel Brady — Attorney at Law (Phoenix, AZ)
Mickie Bragalone — (Dallas, TX)
Robert Bragaw — Senior Counsel (Huntington Beach, VA)
Keith Braman — Innovation manager (Kansas city, KS)
Barry Brandon — Attorney (Beggs, OK)
Robert Brandon — Attorney at Law (Moberly, MO)
Laurel H. Brandt — (Springfield, MA)
Ian Bratlie — (North Mankato, MN)
Jude Bratman Esq. — Attorney (Lawrenceville, NJ)
Lynda Braun — Adjunct Professor of Clinical Law, Brooklyn Law School; formerly Counsel, Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP (Brooklyn, NY)
Geoffrey Braun — Attorney at Law (Campbell, CA)
Kathleen Breckenridge — Senior Associate (Chicago, Illinois)
Kyle Bredell — Private practice attorney and former prosecutor (Ypsilanti, MI)
Alexandra Breed — Director at McLane Middleton, PA (Gilford, NH)
Adele Breen-Franklin — Attorney (Philadelphia, PA)
Lucy Brehm — (Portland, OR)
Kevin Brehm — Retired career Asst Federal Public Defender (Alexandria, VA)
Thomas Brehme — (San diego, CA)
John Breig — Attorney (Cleveland, OH)
James Brennan — Brennan and Heideman (Petersburg, AK)
Lori Brennan — Attorney (Roswell, TX)
Stephen Bres — (Austin, TX)
Ray Brescia — Professor of Law (Hastings on Hudson, NY)
Elizabeth Bresnehan — Retired Attorney (New London, MA)
Jonathan Bressman — (Fairfield, NJ)
Jillian Brevorka — (Greensboro, NC)
Rosemary Brewer — (Portland, OR)
Helene Brezinsky — Retired attorney (previously, New York, NY) (South Hero, VT)
Howard Brick — Former Assistant Attorney General, Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office (Lexington, MA)
elizabeth brickfield — member (Henderson, NV)
John Brickman — Law firm partner (Garden City, NY)
N. Kay Bridger-Riley — (Norman, OK)
Brian Bridson — Professor (Laingsburg, MI)
Terri Bright — (Fabius, DC)
Israela Brill-Cass — Ombuds at Wesleyan and Clark Universities, Senior Faculty at Emerson College and CFO and Founder of Fixerrr, LLC (Mansfield, MA)
Jefferson Brim — Senior Shareholder, Brim, Robinett, Cantu & Brim, P.C. (Austin, TX)
Peggy Bristol — Attorney, Law Office of Peggy J. Bristol (Oakland, CA)
John C. Brittain — Olie W. Rauh Law Professor, University of the District of Columbia (Washington, DC)
Marilyn Britwar — (Scottsdale, AZ)
Michael Broad — Attorney (Newtonville, MA)
Keli Broadstock — (St. Louis, MO)
Ann Broadwell — Retired, Founding Partner of Adams, Broadwell, Joseph & Cardozo (Burlingame, CA)
Charles Brocato — Law Offices of Chares J. Brocato (Gig Harbor, WA)
Katherine Broderick — Dean Emerita and Joseph L. Chair of Social Justice (Washington, DC)
David Broderick — Partner McCarter & English LLP (Newark, NJ)
MARK BRODIN — Boston College Law School (Newton, MA)
Felice Brodsky — (Lockport, NY)
Cynthia Brody — Senior Counsel (Beverly Hills, MI)
Joycelyn Brogley — Attorney (Cleveland, OH)
Jordan Brogley Webb — (Cleveland, OH)
Jay Bronstein — Sole practitioner (Sharon, MA)
Tim Brooks — (Tacoma, WA)
Susan Brooks — Former Attorney (East Hampton, NY)
David Brooks — Attorney (Houston, TX)
Paula Brooks — Attorney at law (Washington, MD)
Adam Broome — Retired Vice President-Legal, General Counsel & Secretary of Cree, Inc. (Chapel Hill, NC)
Fiona Brophy — Partner, Perkins Coie (Oakland, CA)
Donna Brorby — (San Francisco, CA)
Jim Brosnahan — Senior of counsel (San Francisco, CA)
Caroline Broun — Attorney (Williamsburg, VA)
Kenneth Broun — Professor and Dean Emeritus, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, NC)
Ellen Brown — Counsel PIDC (Philadelphia, PA)
James Brown — Partner of Ropes & Gray (New York, NY)
Jennifer K. Brown — Former Assistant U.S. Attorney, S.D.N.Y.; practicing lawyer, New York, NY (Brooklyn, NY)
Howard Brown — Attorney (Brookline, MA)
J Melissa Brown — Retired Attorney (Ashland, OR)
Suzanne Brown — (St. Louis, MO)
Jill Brown — (Fayetteville, GA)
Andrew Brown — Privacy Associate (San Francisco, CA)
Joseph Brown — Attorney (Buffalo, NY)
Scott Brown — Owner, Scott C. Brown Law Office (Wheeling, WV)
Marni Brown — J.D. (Grayson, GA)
Ray Brown — Of Counsel Dillon&Findley PC (Anchorage, AK)
Daniel P. Brown, Jr. — Probate judge, Connecticut (retired); Probate Magistrate, Connecticut (retired) (West Granby, CT)
Jordan Browning — Vice President, Business & Legal Affairs (Los Angeles, CA)
Joyce Bruce — (Columbus, OH)
Mary Frances Bruce — (Hyattsville, MA)
Joshua Brysk — Managing Attorney (Pleasanton, CA)
Toby Buchanan — (New Rochelle, NY)
Barbara Bucholtz — Professor of Law (Tulsa, OK)
Peter Buchsbaum — Retired Judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey (Stockton, NJ)
minna Buck — Former Family Court Judge (Denver, CO)
Kernahan Buck — Attorney-at-Law (Worcester, MA)
Virginia Buckhold — (Springfield, OH)
Ellen Buckley — (Westminster, CO)
Brian Buckley — (Gilroy, CA)
Ruth Budd — Retired Attorney (Lexington, MA)
Kristen Buerstetta — (Stamford, CT)
Gregory Buhler — (GARRISON, NY)
Erica Bunin — Retired attorney with financial services firm (New York, NY)
Brendan Bunn — Attorney (Fairfax, VA)
Pamela Burbott — Former Director of Litigation Counsel, Penske Automotive Group (Beverly Hills, MI)
Jeffrey Burg — Attorney (Beverly Hills, MI)
Julia Burke — Senior Staff Attorney (Brooklyn, NY)
Daniel Burke — Attorney and Counselor at Law (Carlsbad, CA)
Elizabeth Burkhart — Staff Hearing Officer Ohio Industrial Commission (Cleveland, OH)
William Burleson — Attorney, Adjunct Law Professor (Swartz Creek, MI)
John Burnett — Attorney (Little Rock, AR)
Suzanne Burnette — Attorney Advisor, US DEPT OF LABOR (Annapolis, IL)
John Burns — Attorney at Law (Raleigh, NC)
Yancey Burns — (Washington, DC)
Carol Burns — General Counsel (Chevy Chase, MD)
Daphne Burns — Attorney (Edmond, OK)
Sara Burns — Attorney (Boston, DE)
Paul Burns — Partner, Allen & Overy (Sheffield, PA)
Donald burris — Senior Partner in Burris & Schoenberg (los angeles, CA)
Debra Bursinger — (Oconomowoc, KS)
Ernest Burstein — (Brooklyn, NY)
Gregory Busko — Retired (Atlanta, GA)
walter bussart — (Lewisburg, TN)
Molly Butler — (Lakewood, CO)
Katherine Butler — Partner, Butler and Harris (Houston, TX)
Frank Butler — Retired (Glenview, VA)
Judith Butler — Retired (Hope, IN)
Edward Butt — Retired (Frankfort, MI)
William Byrne — Attorney and Administrative Law Judge (Hilton Head Island, SC)
Peter Byrne — Professor, Georgetown University Law Center (Washington, DC)
Joshua Byrne — Attorney (Salt Lake City, CT)
Richard Byrne III — (Dundalk, MD)
Brandon Bytnar — (Naples, FL)
Andrea Cabral — Fmr. Asst. District Atty., Fmr. Asst. Atty. General (Boston, MA)
Travey Cahn — Founding partner (Midland Park, NJ)
Joseph Cain — Retired Judge (Sacramento, CA)
Michael Cain — Attorney- Retired (Madison, WI)
Christopher Caine — Attorney – Sole Practitioner (Odenton, MD)
Brent Caldwell — Attorney (Houston, TX)
John Calkins — (Wilmette, IL)
Nikki Callaghan — Attorney/Legislative Director (Richmond, VA)
Morgan Callahan — Associate Director, BioMarin (San Rafael, CA)
Katherine Callahan — Staff Attorney (Barneveld, NY)
Morgan Callahan — Associate Director, Compliance Council, BioMarin (San Rafael, CA)
Margaret Cammer — Retired NYS Acting Supreme Court Justice (Brooklyn, NY)
Roy Campbell — Bradley partner (Jackson, MS)
Bradley Campbell — President, Conservation Law Foundation (Charlestown, MA)
Jesse Campbell — Attorney (Johnson City, TN)
Uyen Campbell — (St Paul, MN)
Andrea Campbell — Boston City Councilor District 4, Candidate for Mayor of Boston (Boston, MA)
Cheratta Campbell — (Houston, TX)
Amy Campbell-Pittz — Associate Counsel (Smyrna, DC)
Camasita Campo — (Brooklyn, NY)
Teresa Cannady — International Legal Consultant (Vero Beach, FL)
Ernest Canning — (Thousand Oaks, CA)
David Cannon — Attorney (Detroit, MI)
Douglas Canter — Retired (Bethesda, MD)
Patrick Cantilo — Managing Partner, Cantilo & Bennett, LLP (Austin, TX)
Patrcia Cantor — Attorney, retired (Cambridge, MA)
Jerome Capone — (Rehoboth Beach, DE)
James Caporrino — Attorney at Law (Leonia, NJ)
Elena Cappella — Retired Dep Dir, ALI & Exec Dir, Wis Judicial Comm’n, (Philadelphia, OH)
Eduardo Capulong — CUNY School of Law, Professor of Law (Long Island City, NY)
Valerie Carbone — Counsel (Boston, MA)
Lazaro Cardenas — Partner, Patel, Soltis, Cardenas & Bost (Freehold, NJ)
Thomas Carey — Partner, Sunstein LLP (Boston, MA)
Peter Carey — Colonel, USAF, JAG Corps (Retired) and former Deputy Legal Counsel to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Portsmouth, NH)
Ann Cargile — Current Partner, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP (Nashville, TN)
Ken Cariffe — General Counsel (Carlsbad, CA)
Jay Carlson — Retired DC law partner (Madison, WI)
Scott Carlson — Sr. Director of Programs, ABA Rule of Law Initiative (Washington, DC)
John Carlson — Retired (Oceanside, CA)
Richard Carmody — Of Counsel (Birmingham, AL)
Sarah Carmody — Managing Attorney (Overland Park, MA)
Kent Carnell — Partner Lawton &. Cates (Madison, WI)
Robert Carolla — Adjunct Instructor; American University (Arlington, VA)
Walter Carpeneti — Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Alaska (Retired) (Juneau, AK)
David Carpenter — Associate General Counsel (Richmond, VA)
Kathia Carpenter — (Orem, UT)
Adela Carrasco — (Antelope, MI)
Lynne Carreiro — Attorney (Kingston, MA)
Christian Carrillo — (Los Angeles, CA)
Megan Carroll — (St Petersburg, FL)
William Carroll — Retired US Department of Defense Lawyer and former Of Counsel, Dykema (Washington, DC)
Terrence Carroll — (San Jose, CA)
Thomas Carroll — VP, General Counsel and Secretary (Retired) (Mountainair, NM)
Megan Carroll — (St Petersburg, MA)
Winifred Carson-Smith — WY Carson Company (WASHINGTON, DC)
Deb Carstens — (Seattle, WA)
Adam Carter — Lawyer (Washington, TX)
John Carter — Tribal Attorney (Missoula, MT)
Susan Cartier — Litigation Director (Voorheesville, NY)
Andrea Carty — (Quicy, IL)
Wynne Carvill — Retired Judge of California Superior Court (Belmont, CA)
Thaddius Carvis — Law Offices of Thaddius J. Carvis (LEESBURG, VA)
Kevin Case — Principal, Case Arts Law LLC (Chicago, IL)
Ricardo F. Casellas Sánchez — Trial Lawyer (Guaynabo, PR)
Cindy Casselman — General Counsel (La Jolla, CA)
Maggie Castillo — Attorney (Long Beach, WA)
Penny Castleman — Retired (San Francisco, CA)
Jeffrey Catalano — (West Roxbury, MA)
Philip Cave — Attorney (Alexandria, VA)
John Cerullo — Professor Emeritus, University of New Hampshire at Manchester (Durham, NH)
Michael Cesarano — Attorney-at-law (Miami, FL)
Joseph Chabot — Retired lawyer (Redwood City, IN)
Kenneth Chadwick — President (Alexandria, CT)
J. Scott Chafin — U.S. Government Attorney (Retired) (Rockbridge Baths, VA)
Carol Chandler — (Boston, MA)
Roxanne Chang — Attorney (South Lyon, WI)
Michael Chanin — Retired (Bethesda, MD)
Grace Chanin — Attorney (Minneapolis, MN)
David Chapin — Ropes & Gray LLP (Wenham, MA)
Tyler Chapman — Attorney (Sherborn, MA)
Donald Chapman — Retired attorney (Elgin, TX)
Perry Chappano — Chappano Wood PLL (Columbus, OH)
Andrew Char — (Honolulu, HI)
Carla Charlton — Attorney at Law (Portland, OR)
M. Alexander Charns — Attorney (Durham, NC)
Bruce Chase — (MACON, GA)
Andrew Chase — Attorney-Advisor (McAllen, GA)
Andrea Chasen — Retired (Longmeadow, MA)
Barry Chasen — Shareholder (Greenbelt, MD)
Shazia Chaudhri deWit — Attorney (Randolph, NJ)
Misbah Chaudhry — Attorney (Houston, TX)
John Chaussee — Senior Director (Dallas, TX)
Kathleen Chavez — Partner, Foote, Mielke, Chavez & O’Neil LLC (Saint Charles, IL)
David Chawes — Retired Attorney (Seattle, WA)
Ram Cheerath — Attorney-at-Law (Elizabethtown, PA)
Sally Chenault — Attorney/owner Chenault Law (Sonora, CA)
Dana Chenevert — (Midlothian, VA)
Patty Cheng — Attorney (Mountain View, CA)
Douglas Chermaak — Current (Philadelphia, PA)
Colburn Cherney — Retired partner (Washington, DC)
Nina Chernoff — Professor of Law, CUNY School of Law (Brooklyn, PA)
Donna Chesteen — Attorney (Orlando, FL)
Laura Chilcutt — Attorney (Orlando, FL)
Christine Chinni — Attorney, Chinni & Meuser LLC (North Granby, CT)
Vlad Chirica — Attorney at Law (Chicago, IL)
Celina Cho — Partner Attorney (Fort Lee, NJ)
Kelly Choate — Illinois government attorney (Springfield, Illinois)
Carol Chodroff — Attorney (CARDIFF BY THE SEA, CA)
Christopher Chow — Attorney and former counsel, Ballard Spahr LLP (Wilmington, DE)
david christensen — Charfoos and Christensen PC (bloomfield hills, mi)
Robert Christian — Associate Attorney (Shreveport, Louisiana)
Madison Christian — Attorney-at-Law (Westlake Village, CA)
Peter Christianson — Retired Lawyer — still active license (Fitchburg, WI)
Morten Christoffersen — (Tarpon Springs, FL)
Christine H. Chung — Former partner, Selendy & Gay PLLC and Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP; Former Senior Trial Lawyer, International Criminal Court (, )
Barbara Chupp — Associate general counsel (Guilford, Cr)
Richard Chused — Professor of Law, New York Law School (New York, NY)
Lauren Cichowski — Attorney (Chicago, IL)
Robert Ciesielski — Attorney (Cheektowaga, NY)
Brian Citro — Legal Consultant (Chicago, IL)
Daniel Claggett — (St. Louis, KY)
James Clark — Sidley Austin LLP, Retired Partner (Chicago, IL)
David Clark — Retired Partner (Jackson, MS)
Jonathan Clark — Senior Staff Counsel (State Government) (El Dorado Hills, CA)
Christopher Clark — Senior Counsel, Office of General Counsel; Director, Office for Interactions with Industry, Mass General Brigham (Wayland, MA)
Miriam Clark — Attorney (Brooklyn, NY)
Edward Clark — Attorney (Austin, TX)
Jana Clark — (San Francisco, TX)
Larry Clark — attorney (Carlinville, Macoupin County, VA)
David Clarke — Retired Partner, DLA Piper LLP (US) (Ellicott City, MD)
Brian Clarke — (Charlotte, DC)
Robert Clary — Member – Robert Clary, PLLC (Murphy, TX)
Shawn Clauther — (New York, NY)
Scott Clearman — Owner, Clearman Law Firm (Houston, TX)
Joseph Cleemann — Attorney (New York, NY)
Clay Clement — Clement, Fitzpatrick & Kenworthy (Santa Rosa, CA)
Clay Clement — Partner, Clement, Fitzpatrick 7 Kenworthy (Santa Rosa, CA)
Kimberly Reiley Clement — (SANTA ROSA, CA)
Ben Clements — Former Assistant US Attorney and Chief Legal Counsel to the Governor (Boston, MA)
Jeff Clements — Former Assistant Attorney General & Chief, Public Protection Bureau, Mass. Attorney General’s Office (Concord, MA)
Brian Clemow — Of Counsel, Shipman&Goodwin (Hartford, CT)
Nancy Cleveland — Retired (Wilmot, NH)
Jennifer Clonmell — Attorney (Westbury, NY)
Joan Clover — Law Office/Mediation Services of Joan Clover (Anchorage, AK)
James Coalwell — Sole Practitioner (Oceano, CA)
Harry E Coff Jr — Retired/Inactive Member of Colorado Bar (Grand Junction, PA)
Walter Coffin — Former Attorney (Nedrow, NY)
Edward Cogen — DC, NY, US Sup. Ct. Bars, retired (Washington, DC)
Joel Cohen — Joel S Cohen PC (New York, NY)
Carol Connor Cohen — Retired partner, Arent Fox (Washington, DC)
Steven Cohen — (Pride’s Crossing, MA)
Marsha Cohen — Professor (San Francisco, CA)
Judith Cohen — Attorney, retired (New York, NY)
Mitchell Cohen — Executive Vice President & General Counsel (Emeryville, CA)
Alan Cohen — retired from federal service in 2015. Previously, senior attorney, Penalties Branch, Regulations and Rulings, U.S. Customs & Border Protection (Baltimore, MD)
Beth Cohen — Professor of Law Western New England University (Belchertown, MA)
Barbara Cohen — Attorney (Forest Hills, NY)
Michael Cohen — Retired-Partner-CohenSchneider NYC (Boynton Beach, IL)
Jeremy Cohn — Massachusetts (Boston, TX)
Donna Coker — Professor, University of Miami School of Law (Miami, FL)
Bruce Colbath — Former Partner; Weil Gotshal & Manges, New York (New York, NY)
Mackenzie Cole — Benefits & Compliance Manager, licensed attorney (Jackson, WY)
Jonathan Cole — Former Associate Director, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Criminal Enforcement, Forensics and Training (Arlington, VA)
George Cole — President, Palo Alto Bar Association 2000-2001 (Menlo Park, MA)
Virginia Coleman — Retired partner, Ropes & Gray (Cambridge, MA)
John Coleman — Attorney (Henderson, NV)
Caitlin Collier — Attorney at Law (Vermillion, MN)
Robert Collins — Attorney-at-Law (Olathe, KS)
Lindsey Collins — Attorney (Kansas City, KS)
Christopher Collins — Attorney at Law (Windsor, GA)
Heather Collins — Partner – Collins & Hunter (Brentwood, TN)
Sarah Collins — Attorney (Lakewood, MI)
Alana Collins Bullis — Attorney at Law (DuPont, WA)
George Colman — Retired attorney (Agoura Hills, CA)
David Comstock — Bar Counsel, Mahoning County BA (Youngstown, OH)
David Condra — Attorney Dentons US LLP (Los Angeles, CA)
George Conk — Stein Center for Law and Ethics, Fordham Law School (New York, NY)
Lauren Conn — (Bentonville, MA)
Dana Connell — Partner (Winnetka, IL)
Liam Connelly — (Shapleigh, ME)
Shane Connelly — (Lynnfield, IL)
Bryan Connor — Attorney (Brooklyn, NY)
Bryan Connor — Private Practice (Brooklyn, NY)
Jennifer Connor-Holmes — (Columbia, SC)
Brian Connors — Law office of Brian F. Connors (San Francisco, CA)
Margaret Connors — Former First Assistant and Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (Ann Arbor, MI)
Bradford Conover — Attorney (New York City, MA)
Miriam Conrad — (Brookline, MA)
GERALD CONROY — Attorney (New York, NY)
Charles R. Conway — Magisterial District Judge (Murrysville, PA)
James Cook — (Tucson, AZ)
Glen Cook — Former Judge, Navy-Marine Court of Criminal Appeals (Murray, PA)
Bradford Cooke — Attorney at Law (Corona, NY)
Christopher Coon — (Rochester, AR)
Patricia Cooney — Attorney at Law (retired) (Aptos, CA)
Peter Cooper — Member, Lawrence Kamin, LLC (Chicago, IL)
Lanetta Cooper — Retired attorney (Austin, TX)
Amy Cooper — Lawyer (Los Angeles, PA)
paul coppe — (New York, NY)
Doug coppernoll — Retired Attorney (Victoria, TX)
Sara Coppin — Attorney at Law (Grass Valley, CA)
Krista Corabi — Associate (Pittsburgh, PA)
Richard Corbett — Attorney/Mediator/Arbitrator (Needham, Massachusetts)
Beth Corets — Attorney (Los Angeles, CA)
Kerry Cork — Senior Staff Attorney (Minneapolis, MN)
Jane Corley — Attorney (USA, TX)
Cheri Cornell — WA Women for Climate Action Now; Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest (Seattle, WA)
Frank Corrado — Partner (Wildwood, NJ)
Anthont Cortez — Attorney (Folsom, CA)
Margaret Costley — Attorney (Chapel Hill, MA)
Theresa Costonis — Senior attorney (Nashville, TN)
José R. Cot — Attorney at Law (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Jim Cotter — Private attorney, former legal services attorney and assistant attorney general (Quincy, MA)
James Cotter — Attorney (Pacifica, CA)
John Covell — Office of Counsel, US Postal Inspection Service (retired) (Augusta, ME)
Bonnie Covey — Former member:Goldstick Weinberger (New York, NY)
Jeffrey Cowan — Lawyer (Beverly Hills, CA)
Benjamin Cowgill — Chief Bar Counsel, Kentucky Bar Association, 1998-2003 (Lynchburg, VA)
Randal Cowles — (Philadelphia, PA)
Danny Cowser — (Flagstaff, AZ)
Iris Cox — Lawyer (Portland, OR)
Meghan Cox — (Memphis, TN)
Randy Cox — Partner (Missoula, MT)
Sarah Cox — (Seattle, WA)
Ronald Cox — Retired Assistant Public Defender (North Bend, WA)
Charlotte Craik — (Georgetown, TX)
Miggie Cramblit — Retired General Counsel Midwest Reliability Organization (Saint Paul, MN)
Irene Cramer — Retired Attorney (Morristown, NJ)
Amelia Cramer — former President, State Bar of Arizona (Tucson, AZ)
Glenn Cravez — (Anchorage, AK)
Gail Crawford — Crawford Law Firm (Enumclaw, WA)
Sarah Crawford — Attorney (inactive) (Rohnert Park, CA)
William Creary, II — Associate Attorney (Rochester, NY)
William Cremins — Attorney (Knoxville, TN)
Marjorie Crist — Attorney At Law (PITTSBURGH, PA)
Ben Crittenden — Owner of Law Office of Ben Crittenden P.C (Eagle River, TX)
Elinor Cromwell — Criminal defense attorney (Seattle, WA)
Robert Croog — Former Chair, Monroe Co. Bar Ass’n Ethics Com. (Chevy Chase, MD)
Tyler Crosby — (Boston, MA)
John Crose — Partner (Torrance, CA)
Karen Halverson Cross — University of Illinois at Chicago (Evanston, IL)
Janice Crow — Vice President and Trust Officer (retired) (Houston, TX)
Dean Crowell — Partner (San Rafael, CA)
Justin Crum — Current Senior Staff Counsel (Windermere, FL)
Charles Crumpton — Mediator/Arbitrator (Honolulu, HI)
Magda Cruz — Partner, Belkin Burden Goldman, LLP (New York, NY)
Richard Cuellar — Trial Attorney; Special Asst. US Atty, USDOJ (Peoria, AZ)
Daniel Culhane — Daniel J. Culhane LLC (Denver, CO)
John Culver — Owner, Law Offices of John A. Culver, Ltd. (Chicago, IL)
Cassandra Cummings — Attorney (Las Vegas, TX)
Maurice Cunningham — former assistant attorney general (Boston, MA)
James Curry — (Toms River, NJ)
Kristen Curry — Attorney (Phoenix, AZ)
Robert Curtis — Former City Attorney for Hannibal Missouri (Heber City, UT)
Kevin Curtis — Assistant Deputy Chief Counsel US Department of Veterans Affairs (Retired) (Houston, TX)
Dana Curtis — (Sausalito, CA)
Robert Cusumano — Legal Horizons Foundation (New York, NC)
Sarah Cutting-Mills — (Old Greenwich, WV)
Stanley Cygelman — Partner, Casner & Edwards, LLP (Boston, MA)
Michael D’Ambrise — (Jersey City, NJ)
Andrew D’Amico — (Pacific Palisades, CA)
Mark Dachs — Attorney (Coral Gables, FL)
Neeta Daga — (Chicago, IL)
Gene Dahmen — Fodrmer President, Boston Bar Association (Boston, MA)
Michele Daitz — Of Counsel (West Windsor, NJ)
Brett Dakin — (New York, NY)
Hetal Dalal — Assistant Professor (St. Paul, MN)
Bruce Dalcher — (Norfolk, VA)
Donna Dambrot — Retired attorney (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Claudia Cords Damon — Retired attorney (Concord, NH)
Jonathan Dana — Partner (Washington dc, DC)
Hoa Dang — (New York City, MI)
Linda Markus Daniels — (Durham, NC)
Walter Daniels — Attorney, Daniels & Daniels. P.A. (Durham, NC)
Hilary Daninhirsch — Attorney (Pittsburgh, PA)
Marc Dann — Former Attorney General of Ohio (Cleveland, OH)
Jack C. Darakjy — Attorney at Law (River Edge, GA)
Karen Darby — Attorney at Law (retired); Former Executive with institutes for continuing legal education in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. (Georgetown, TX)
Sonia Das — Attorney at Law (Long Beach, MA)
David Davidson — Attorney (Ann Arbor, MI)
Elizabeth Conry Davidson — Owner, Elizabeth Conry Davidson, Attorney at Law (San Antonio, TX)
Patricia Davidson — Attorney (Worcester, MA)
Douglas Davis — Attorney (Anchorage, AK)
Julie Davis — Former Partner, D.C. law firm (Washington, DC)
Mark Davis — (Chandler, AZ)
Martha Davis — Professor of Law (Boston, MA)
T.J. Davis — (Gilbert, AZ)
Benjamin Davis — Professor of Law, University of Toledo College of Law (Toledo, OH)
David Davis — Of Counsel, Davis & Wright, PC (Austin, TX)
Virginia E Davis — Past President Maine Bar Association and New England Bar Association (South China, ME)
Susan Davis — (Seattle, WA)
Peter Davis — Member of United States Supreme Court Bar (Ann Arbor, MI)
Brian Davis — (Southampton, NY)
Michael Davis — Attorney at Law (Mobile, AL)
Elliott Davis — Attorney (St Thomas, MA)
Nancy Davis-Loomis — Administrative Judge (retired), Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County; Administrative Judge (retired), 5th Circuit, State of Maryland (Annapolis, MD)
Thomas Dawson — Fmr. Assistant Attorney General of Wisconsin & fmr adjunct faculty University of Wisconsin Law School (Madison, WI)
Darlene Dawson — (Boston, MA)
Christopher Day — Magistrate (Cleveland Heights, OH)
Linda Day — Attorney (Paradise Valley, DE)
Jacqueline de Gramont — Anti-corruption consultant (Chevy Chase, MD)
Helen de Haven — Retired Associate Professor of Law, Atlanta’s John MArshall Law School (Knoxvile, TN)
Elizabeth de la Vega — Former Chief San Jose Branch, United States Attorney’s Office (Falmouth, MA)
Suzanne de Seife — Suzanne A. de Seife, Esq. — local practitioner (Ridley Park, PA)
George Dean — Assistant Attorney General – Massachusetts (Newton, MA)
Annette G deBellefeuille — (Corvallis, OR)
Michelle DeCicco — Michelle A. DeCicco, P.A. (Prairie Village, MO)
Anne Dederer — Attorney (Seattle, WA)
Rachel Deery — Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler (Mattapoisett, MA)
Gill Deford — Retired public interest lawyer (Cambridge, MA)
Ronald Degen — O’Rourke & Degen, PLLC/Member (New York, NY)
Joseph L Delafield — Retired Partner, Drummond Woodsum & MacMahon (Scarborough, ME)
Thea Delage — (ATLANTA, GA)
Jorge Delamora — (Portland, OR)
Brian DeLaurentis — (New York, NY)
Perry DeLay — Attorney (Saint Louis, MO)
Charles Delbridge — Attorney (Minneapolis, MN)
Brent DelGaizo — Esq. (Plantation, FL)
Louis DelGiacco — Attorney (Albany, NY)
John Delikanakis — Partner, Snell & Wilmer LLP (Las Vegas, NV)
Peter Deliso — Practicing Attorney (Oak Hill, VA)
Anthony Dell — (Hingham, MA)
Richard Dellinger — Past President, Orange County Bar Association ; Past Eleventh Circuit Vice President Federal Bar Association (Orlando, FL)
Tony DeMarco — (Lynn, MA)
Vivian Demas — Solo practitioner (Cranford, NJ)
Teresa Demchak — Retired (Houston, TX)
James Demotses — Retired Attorney (North Andover, MA)
Mary DeNevi — (MISSOULA, MT)
Ariana Denley — Attorney (Eugene, OR)
Jacqueline Denning — Retired Partner Arnold & Porter (Washington, DC)
CONNER DENNISON — Retired (Phoenix, AZ)
Louis DePaepe DePaepe — Attorney (Taylorville, IL)
Robert Depper — Attorney (Fayetteville, AR)
Eric Derleth — (SOLDOTNA, AK)
Ralph DeRosa — General Counsel/Committee of Interns and Residents (New York, NY)
Susan DeSanti — Former Director of Policy Planning, Federal Trade Commission (Alamo, CA)
Diane DeShazo — (Atlanta, GA)
Michele Desoer — EVP – Head of Legal Affairs (Calabasas, CA)
Michael Dettmer — Former United States Attorney, WDMi (Traverse City, MI)
Shelley Detwiller DiGiacomo — DDP Legal, Partner (Phoenix, AZ)
Jill Deutsch — Former Illinois Assistant Attorney General (Wilmette, IL)
Rory Deutsch — Partner, Wollmuth Maher & Deutsch LLP (New York, IL)
Sarah Devine — Law Firm Partner (Arlington, VA)
Brennan DeVore — Former Attorney (Rockwood, PA)
Scott Dewey — Faculty Research Librarian, University of Minnesota Law School (Minneapolis, MN)
Nicolette DeWitt — Chief Counsel (former) (Pittsboro, NC)
Alan Di Sciullo — Retired Director of Global REal Estate, Shearman & Sterling, LLP; Adjunct Professor, New York University. (Lawrencetownship, NJ)
June Diamant — Attorney (cedarhurst, NY)
Benjamin Diamond — (Washington, DC)
Cindy Diamond — Attorney (Baltimore, MD)
Elizabeth Diamond — (Berkeley, CA)
Scott Diamond — (Woodland Hills, CA)
Jose Diaz — Lawyer (Boca Raton, FL)
Steven DiCairano — Adjunct Professor (Hingham, MA)
Lettie Dickerson — (Schenectady, NY)
Denise Dickey — Litigation Attorney and Certified Mediator (Thousand Oaks, CA)
John Dickey — Attorney (Jackson, MI)
Lynne Dickison — Attorney (Portland, PA)
Beth Dickstein — Licensed attorney (Chicago, IL)
Carl Diehl — Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy (Fairfax, CA)
Elizabeth Layne Diehl — Managing Member, Diehl Law PLLC (Martinsburg, IN)
Timothy Diemer — Partner, Jacobs and Diemer, P.C. (Bloomfield Hills, NC)
Joseph Dieso — Attorney (Ivoryton, OK)
David Dietrich — Past Chair, Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law ABA (Billings, MT)
Tanya DiFilippo King — Former Florida Assistant Attorney General (Tampa, FL)
Thomas Dignan — Ropes & Gray (Estero, FL)
Jack Dike — Attorney at law (Lincoln, NE)
Brecken Diller — Family Office Director (Seattle, IL)
Shannon Dilley — Senior Attorney (Sacramento, PA)
Domenic DiNoto — Claims/Risk Manager, CMG (Garden Grove, CA)
Linda DiSantis — The DiSantis Law Firm (ATLANTA, GA)
Pamela DiStefano — (Brookline, MA)
Jennifer Dixon — Attorney at Law (Arcata, CA)
Susan Dixon — Attorney (East Canaan, CT)
Anne Doebler — Private practice attorney (Buffalo, NC)
Michael Dolinger — JAMS ADR; retired US Magistrate Judge (New York, NY)
Allan Dollison — Attorney-at-Law and former California Prosecutor (Fontana, CA)
Daniel Doman — Partner (Mineola, MA)
DARLENE DOMANIK — Butzel Long, Former Shareholder, Retired (BRIGHTON, MI)
Alexander Domb — (Wellington, FL)
Jacqueline Dombrowski — Attorney (San Diego, CA)
María D. Domínguez — Co-President, East Bay La Raza Lawyers Association (Alameda, CA)
William Donahoo — Attorney (Laguna Niguel, CA)
Susan Donahue — current Attorney and Owner and Sole Proprietor of Law Office of Susan Donahue (Twisp, WA)
Maria Donaldson — (Poughkeepsie, NY)
Gary Doner — V/P Tax (Perrysburg, OH)
Torian Donohoe — Former attorney (Missoula, MT)
John Donovan — Retired Partner, Ropes & Gray; Past President, Boston Bar Foundation (Boston, MA)
Richard J. Donovan — R.J. Donovan Co., LPA (Worthington, OH)
Lisa Dorfman — Law360 (Brooklyn, NY)
Emily Doskow — Attorney and Mediator (Oakland, CA)
David Doubleday — (Fountain Hills, AZ)
Raymond Dougan — First Justice, Boston Municipal Court, Central Division (Ret.) (Lexington, MA)
Kenneth Dow — Century Therapeutics LLC (Bryn Mawr, PA)
Nancy Dowd — UF Distinguished Professor and David Levin Chair in Family Law (Gainesville, FL)
Jessica Dowling — Retired status (New York, NY)
Denis Downey — Solo practitioner (Brownsville, TX)
Stuart Dowty — Retired Attorney (Ypsilanti, MI)
Oliver Doxtater — Attorney (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Charles Doyle — (Alameda, CA)
Nick Drader — Attorney (Seattle, PA)
Cooper Drady — UVA (Winchester, VA)
Julia Dragojevic — (Woodland Hills, CA)
Paul Draper — Fmr. Law Office of Paul D Draper (Mission Viejo, OH)
David Drelich — Former Senior Attorney, U.S. EPA (Washington, DC)
Andrew Dressel — (Sandy, UT)
Jessica Drew — Legal Aid Attorney (Cambridge, MA)
James Drew — Attorney (Washington, DC)
James Dreyfus — Retired Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright (Greenwich, CT)
David Driesen — University Professor, Syracuse University (Fayetteville, NY)
Robert Drinan — Executive Agency Counsel (Brooklyn, NY)
Martha Driscoll — Attorney (Scarborough, ME)
Michael Drumke — Attorney (Chicago, IL)
Stan Dubin — (Camp Springs, MD)
Matthew Dubois — Attorney (Portland, ME)
Claude Ducloux — Attorney at Law, Director of Ethics and Education (Austin, TX)
Michaela Dudley — (Hoboken, IN)
Fernande (Nan) R.V. Duffly — Former Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (, )
Drew Duffy — former Assistant Attorney General (Columbus, OH)
Mark Dugan — Attorney (Overland Park, NM)
Cynthia Duggins — Retired Attorney (Austin, DC)
Gregory DuMont — Attorney, Of Counsel (Washington, DC)
Juris Dumpis — Attorney (San Mateo, CA)
Heather Duncan — Attorney (Akron, OH)
Tony Duncan — Attorney (Nashville, TN)
Tim Duncan — Attorney (Belmont, MA)
Miranda Duncan — (Woodland, CA)
Matthew Duncan — Attorney (Alameds, CA)
Arthur Duncan Jr — Attorney (Portland, OR)
Katy Dunn — (Denver, CO)
Chelsea Dunn — (GAINESVILLE, MI)
Laureen Dunne — Attorney at Law (La Grange, IL)
Angela Dunning — Partner, Cooley LLP (Palo Alto, CA)
Catherine Duquesnoy — Attorney (Plattsburgh, PA)
Peggy Durham — (Glendale, CA)
James Durkee — Attorney (Channahon, IL)
Ilene Durst — Professor Emeritus (San Diego, CA)
Raymond Dusch — Senior Corporate Counsel (Cary, IN)
Christopher Dutton — Retired CEO Vermont Electric power Company (Shelburne, VT)
Taylor Duty — (Portland, OR)
Katharine DuVivier — University of Denver (Denver, CO)
Lisa Dworkin Kerr — An active member of the Oregon State Bar (Cannon Beach, OR)
Matthew Dyer — Attorney (Presque Isle, ME)
Lillian Dykes — Attorney at Law, Retired (Memphis, TN)
Daniel J Dzenkowski — (State College, PA)
Kellie Early — (Columbia, MO)
Maja Eaton — Partner, Sidley Austin LLP (Chicago, IL)
Richard Ebeling — Partner (Putnam Valley, NY)
Bettina Eckerle — Managing Partner (New York, NY)
Kelly Eckert — Deputy Public Defender (Mount Vernon, TX)
John Economou — Partner, Mandelbaum Silfin Economou LLP (New Rochelle, NY)
Daniel Edelman — Katz Marshall & Banks LLP (Washington, DC)
Paul Edelstein — (Annandale, VA)
Brett Edkins — (New York, NY)
Elizabeth Edson — (Larkspur, CA)
Kenneth Edwards — (Chicago, IL)
JoAnn Een — (Seattle, WA)
Steve Effertz — Attorney (Lee’s Summit, MO)
Andrew Ehrinpreis — Partner, Ehrinpreis & Levine, PLLC (Brooklyn, NY)
Richard Ehrlich — Former (Coral Springs, FL)
Gail Ehrlich — Retired (Mount Vernon, NY)
Alan Ehrlich — Attorney-at-Law (Plantation, FL)
Maxine Eichner — Graham Kenan Distinguished Professor of Law, UNC School of Law (Chapel Hill, NC)
Jeffrey Eichner — (Hallandale B FL, FL)
Michael Eidman — (Englewood, NJ)
brian einhorn — President-State Bar of Michigan (Southfield, MI)
Debora Eisen — Retired (Stamford, DC)
Karen Eisenhauer — Partner (Ballwin, MO)
Heidi Eisenhut — Partner (Upland, CA)
harold Eisenman — Attorney (Houston, TX)
Adam Eisenstein — Attorney (Washington, DC)
David Eldred — General Counsel (Seattle, MA)
John eldridge — Attorney (Knoxville, TN)
Michael Elefante — Partner Hemenway & Barnres (Boston, MA)
Vanessa Elias — Attorney (Charlotte, NC)
Pamela Elkow — Partner/Carmody Torrance Sandak & Hennessey,LLP (Stamford, CT)
Alera Jill Elliott — Jill Elliott, LLC (Macon, GA)
Heather Elliott — Alumni, Class of ’36 Professor of Law, University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL)
Charles Elliott — Partner, Elliott & Elliott (Easton, PA)
Matthew Elliott — (Columbus, OH)
Thomas Elliott — Partner, Elliott & Elliott (Easton, PA)
Marc Elliott — Managing Partner (New York, NY)
Diane Elliott — Greater Good LLC – Of Counsel (Bethlehem, PA)
A. Richard Ellis — Attorney at law (Mill Valley, CA)
Jane Ellis — Retired Attorney and Professor of Law (Berkeley, CA)
Jennifer Ellis — Jennifer Ellis, JD, LLC (King of Prussia, PA)
Ira Ellman — Arizona State University School of Law (Berkeley, CA)
Bruce Elmore — The Elmore Law Firm, P.A. (Asheville, NC)
Jennifer Embry — Jennifer J Embry, J.D., Ph.D. (Highland Park, IL)
fred emerson — Counselor (Auburn, CA)
Jerrold Engelman — Attorney, Engelman Law, P.A. (Miami Beach, FL)
Michelle Engert — Senior Scholar in Residence, School of Public Affairs, American Univeristy (Washington, DC)
Jonathan Englander — International Business Advisor (Bangkok, Thailand)
Patrick English — Principal, Dines and English L.L.C. (Clifton,, NJ)
Sarah English — In house counsel (Croton on Hudson, NY)
Wendy Ennis-Volcy — Wendy Ennis-Volcy, P.A. (Fort Lauderdale & Pembroke Pines, FL)
Elizabeth Epstein — (Chicago, IL)
Louis Epstein — (New York, NY)
Tim Ernst — (Chicago, IL)
Ivan Espinoza-Madrigal — Executive Director, Lawyers for Civil Rights (, IL)
Ann Essko — (Wenatchee, WA)
Wade Estey — Associate General Counsel (San Francisco, CA)
Deirdre Evans — Attorney at Law, Retired (BEACON FALLS, CT)
Michael Evans — (Birmingham, AL)
Peter Evans — Palm Beach County Court Judge (Retired); Distinguished Faculty, National Judicial College, Reno NV (Wellington, IL)
Roy Evans — Attorney at Law (Emeritus.) (Milwaukee, WI)
Charles Ewing — SUNY Distinguished Service Professor and Professor of Law Emeritus (Buffalo, NY)
Nicholas Exarhakis — Attorney (Annapolis, MD)
Jonathan Ezor — (West Hempstead, MD)
Michael Faden — Senior Legislative Attorney (retired), Montgomery County (MD) County Council (Bethesda, MD)
Ira Fader — Massachusetts Teachers Association (retired) (Newton, MD)
Joseph Fahey — Acting New York Supreme Court Justice (Retired) (Syracuse, MA)
Becki Fahle — Attorney (Dallas, TX)
Marie Failinger — Professor of Law, Mitchell Hamline School of Law (St. Paul, MN)
Karen Fairbank — (Los Angeles, MN)
Elizabeth Fairbanks-Fletcher — Attorney (Saratoga Springs, NY)
Evan Falchuk — Former independent gubernatorial candidate for Massachusetts and founder of the United Independent Party (, )
Gary Fallon — HCMP/Partner (Seattle, WA)
Arthur Fama — Former Counsel, SASM&F (New York, OH)
Peter Fanchi — Retired attorney (Charleston, SC)
Ken Fang — Retired (Los Angeles, MA)
Stephen Fannon — Shareholder/Partner (Evesham Township, NJ)
Tara Fappiano — Owner (Tuckahoe, NY)
Leily Faridzadeh — Of Counsel (New York, NY)
Lynn Faris — Former Partner (Alameda, CA)
John Farmer — Former NJ Attorney General, Former AUSA (Flemington, NJ)
Gary Farmer Sr. — Judge Gary M. Farmer (Lighthouse Point, FL)
Henry Raymond Fasano — Partner (New York, NY)
Mike Fassio — Attorney (Kent, WA)
Barbara Faulkner — Retired (Alexandria, VA)
Freeman Faust — (Hobbs, NM)
Deborah Fawcett — Deborah P. Fawcett, Attorney at Law (Cambridge, VA)
Gina Fazio — Attorney current (Fresno, MA)
William Featherston — Practicing Attorney (Houston, TX)
Francis Fecteau — Former Associate Justice of Massachusetts Appeals Court (Dennis, TX)
Benjamin Feder — (Katonah, MA)
Michael Feiler — Associate General Counsel, Columbia University (new York, NY)
Cary Feldman — Former AUSA and Deputy Independent Counsel (North Bethesda, MD)
Michael Feldman — Partner (Selbyville, PA)
Aaron Xavier Fellmeth — Dennis S. Karjala Professor of Law, Science & Technology, Arizona State University (Pheonix, MD)
Nicholas Fels — Retired partner, Covington & Burling LLP (, )
Michael Felsen — Former Regional Solicitor, U.S. Department of Labor (Jamaica Plain, MA)
Joan Fencik — (Six Mile, MA)
Melinda Fenhagen — Criminal Justice Resource Department Director (Chapel Hill, NC)
Allan Fenley — Veterans Disability Attorney (Bradenton, NC)
Jackson Fenner — Attorney (Knoxville, TN)
Mark Fenske — Current practicing lawyer (San Francisco, CA)
Josh Fensterbush — Associate Attorney (Seattle, WA)
Joseph G. Ferguson — Attorney (Dunmore, PA)
Francis Fernandez — Pro Bono immigration lawyer (San Francisco, PA)
Norman Fernandez — Attorney at Law (Huntington Beach, CA)
Adrianne Fernstrom — Attorney (Rockland, MO)
Jeffrey Ferriell — Geraldine W.Howell Professor of Law, Capital University Law School (Columbus, MN)
Robert Feyer — Senior Counsel (San Francisco, CA)
Deborah Fialkowski — Retired (inactive) attorney (Nipomo, MA)
Gary Fidel — Retired Executive Assistant District Attorney, Queens County District Attorney’s Office (New York, NY)
Mark Fidel — Attorney (Albuquerque, NM)
Eugene R. Fidell — Senior Research Scholar, Yale Law School, and counsel, Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP (, NM)
Jay Fidell — President, Bendet Fidell Sugimura (Honolulu, HI)
Laurie Fierro — (Kinnelon, NJ)
Ryan Files — Associate Attorney (Syracuse, NY)
Deborah Filler — Greater Boston Legal Services (Brookline, MA)
Frederick Finch — Retired partner, Bassford Remele, P.A. (St Paul, MA)
audrey fingerhood — Retired Social Security Disability Attorney (Havertown, MN)
Robert Finkelstein — Attorney with U.S. DOJ and U.S. DHS (Retired) (Bethesda, PA)
Leslie Finlow — (Washington, MD)
John Finn — Professor of Government Emeritus, Wesleyan University (Corea, DC)
Joseph Finnin — (Budd Lake, NJ)
James Fiorentino — Attorney (Bethlehem, MD)
Michael Fischer — Senior Attorney (Retired), California Judicial Council (El Cerrito, CA)
Sheila Fischer — Supervisory Equal Opportunity Specialist, HHS/OCR (Boise, ID)
Andrew Fischer — (Brookline, MA)
Robert Fischler — Ropes & Gray, retired partner and former litigation department chair; current senior counsel, Ropes & Gray (Short Hills, ID)
Clinton Fisher — Former Partner (New York, NY)
Stanley Fisher — Professor of Law (Needham, MA)
Kristina Fisher — (Santa Fe, MA)
Stephen Fisher — (Belmont, NM)
Robert Fisher — President Emeritus and Professor of Law, John F. Kennedy University (Orinda, MA)
Linda Fisher — Professor of Law (MONTCLAIR, NJ)
Steven Fisher-Stawinski — (Buffalo Grove, IL)
Aryeh Fishman — Associate General Counsel (Washington, IL)
John Fisk — Attorney (Rockford, DC)
Ruth Ellen Fitch — Retired partner, Palmer & Dodge; retired President/CEO The Dimock Health Center (Boston, IL)
Barbara Hayden Fitts — Counsellor at Law (Brookline, MA)
Warren Fitzgerald — Former President Massachusetts Bar Association , Former President Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys (Boston, MA)
Jennifef Fitzpatrick — Title Attorney (Washington, MN)
Jean Fitzsimon — US Bankruptcy Court for the EDPA (Philadelphia, MA)
Michael Flake — Attorney (Larchmont, PA)
Marc Fleischaker — Chair Emeritus, Arent Fox, LLP (Washington, DC)
Marshall Fleisher — Law Office of Marshall A. Fleisher (Wyncote, IL)
Timothy Fleming — Associate (New York, DC)
Theodore Griswold Fletcher — Trial Attorney (Southwest Harbor, ME)
Brian Flick — Partner, DannLaw (Amelia, OH)
Andrea Flink — Senior Fellow, Fordham Law School Center on Law and Information Policy (New York, OH)
Heather Florence — Self-employed (Providence, RI)
Louise Florence — (Dallas, TX)
Carmen Flores — Administrative Law Judge ( Ret) (San Francisco, TX)
Alyson Flournoy — Professor of Law Emeritus (Gainesville, FL)
Jacob Flowers — Attorney (COLUMBIA, SC)
Steven Flowers — Attorney (Tulsa, OK)
Brian Flynn — Senior Trial Attorney (Mineola, OK)
Michael Flynn — Retired prosecutor (East Longmeadow, MA)
Brian Flynn — Trial Attorney (Mineola, MA)
Kevin Flynn — Attorney & Patent Attorney FLYNN IP LAW (Chapel Hill, NC)
Brian Fodera — (Sherman Oaks, NC)
Richard Fogal — Attorney (New York, NY)
Paul Fogel — (Berkeley, CA)
Matthew Fogelson — Former Trial Attorney, U.S. Department of Justice (Oakland, CA)
John Foley — Retired attorney (Cotuit, MA)
Kathleen Foley — Attorney (Acton, MA)
Scott Forchheimer — (Bethesda, MA)
Benjamin Ford — Assistant University Counsel, University of Illinois (Urbana, MD)
John Ford — (Orange, IL)
Cynthia Ford — Professor of Law (Missoula, MT)
Julie Ford — Law firm partner, Dayton, OH (Dayton, OH)
Timothy Ford — Lawyer (Seattle, OH)
Francis Ford — Past President, Worcester County (MA) Bar Association (Paxton, MA)
Ammon Ford — Attorney (Seattle, MA)
Ronald Forman — Ronald C Forman, Attorney at Law (Centennial, CO)
Michael Forrest — Managing Partner – Forrest, LaMothe, P.C. (Concord, IN)
Melody Forrester — (Philadelphia, PA)
Leah Fors — (Silver spring, PA)
Mary Forst — Mediator (Portland, MD)
Janice Forsyth — Member Elika Law LLC (Saint Louis, MO)
Erin Fortney — (Spokane, MO)
robert fortunato — (COLTS NECK, NJ)
Robert Foster — Calif Dept of Justice, Office of Attorney General (Carlsbad, CA)
Trudi Foushee — Commissioner (Ballwin, MO)
Mavis Fowler-Williams — (New York, GA)
Jeffry Fowley — Adjunct professor, Boston College Law School (Marblehead, MO)
Michael Fox — Retired Judge, King County Superior Court, Tulalip Tribal Court (Seattle, MA)
Melissa Fox — Attorney (Los Angeles, CA)
Mary Anne Fox — (Evansville, IN)
Yolanda Fox — Attorney – Owner at Fox Family Law Center, P.A. (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Mary Anne Fox — (Evansville, MN)
Angela Fox — Counsel (Silver Spring, MO)
Celia Foy — (CORAOPOLIS, MA)
Anne Fragasso — Appellate Attorney (Encinitas, IN)
David Franceschelli — Assistant District Attorney for Gaston County N.C. (Denver, NC)
William Frankel — Shareholder (Chicago, NC)
Marc Frankenstein — Retired corporate attorney (Napa, IL)
Joel Franklin — Professor, Monterey College of Law (Monterey, CA)
David Franklin — Attorney at Law (Carrboro, North Carolina)
James Franks — Retired Attorney (Hot Springs, AR)
Joe Frankus — Attorney at Law (Valparaiso, AR)
Elizabeth Frantz — Attorney (Waban, IN)
Ellen Fred — Conservation Partners LLP/Partner (Cedar, MA)
Anna Fredenberg — Attorney at Law (Silverdale, VA)
Michael Freeborn — Partner Emeritus, Freeborn & Peters LLP (Chicago, IL)
Harvey Freedenberg — Former Member and Firm Counsel McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC (Retired) (Harrisburg, IL)
Laurie Freeman — Freeman Law Offices (Hingham, PA)
Craig Freger — (Pembroke Pines, MA)
Ellen Freidin — Lawyer (Miami, FL)
Gregory French — Past President of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (Cincinnati, OH)
Tamara French — Attorney At Law (Detroit, OH)
Thomas Frenkel — Retired Attorney (Daly City, CA)
Alan Friedberg — Partner, Berg Hill Greenleaf & Ruscitti LLP (Boulder, CO)
norman friedland — Professor , Business Law State University of New York/Nassau Community College (Naples, FL)
Nancy Friedman — Retired Attorney (Evergreen, CO, CO)
Shaw Friedman — Principal, Friedman & Associates P.C. (LaPorte, IN)
neal friedman — Retired Attorney (seattle, IN)
Andrea Friedman — President & Managing Attorney (Chicago, IL)
Penny Friedrich — (Hermosa Beach, CA)
James Friend — Of Counsel, Osborn Law, PC (New York, IL)
Belinda Friis — General Counsel (retired) (West Bloomfield, MI)
Michael Frisch — Ethics Counsel Georgetown Law (Clarksville, MD)
Harry Frischer — Attorney (New York, MD)
Gavin Fritton — Attorney at Law (Lenexa, KS)
Carol Frohlinger — President, Negotiating Women, Inc. (Athens, GA)
Jack Frost — (Fort Lauderdale, GA)
Edmund B Frost — Director, Leonard Frost, PC; Partner, Davis Graham& Stubbs; Partner, Kirkland & Ellis; Assistant Director for General Litigation, Bureau of Competition, Federal Trade Commission (Fort Worth, TX)
Paul Fryd — Attorney (New York, TX)
Diana Fu — (Redwood City, CA)
Ilyssa Fuchs — Senior Associate (New York, NY)
Dennis Fuire — Attorney (Calabasas, CO)
Jim Fuller — Partner (Charlotte, NC)
Pamela Fulmer — Tactical Law Group LLP/Managing Partner (Alamo, CA)
Shane Fulton — Attorney (Denver, CO)
J. Stephen Funk — Attorney at Law (Bellevue, WA)
Amy Funk — Retired, former Director Counsel, Retail Strategies @ Target Corp (Minneapolis, CT)
Edward Gaffney — Former Dean, Valparaiso Law School (Los Angeles, CA)
Deborah Gaffney — (Farmington, CT)
Martha Gaines — University of Wisconsin Law School (Madison, WI)
Stephen Gajewski — Attorney, Retired (Coeur d’Alene, WI)
Karen Galla — Special Counsel (Clifton, ID)
Frederick Gallagher — (Doylestown, VA)
Susan Galli — Retired partner Ropes & Gray LLP (Boston, PA)
Toby Galloway — Shareholder (Fort Worth, MA)
Ian Galton — (Dallas, TX)
Carol Gamble — Retired General Counsel (San Francisco, TX)
Richard J Gangwish II — Attorney (Erlanger, FL)
Raymond Garant — Assistant Corporation Counsel (Royal Oak, MI)
Jon Garbarino — (Amherst, NH)
Pauline Garcia — Attorney (Columbus, OH)
M Garcia — Attorney (Mcallen, Texas)
Luis García — Attorney (Santa Clara, OH)
Steven Gard — Former Florida Senior Asst Attorney General (Jacksonville, FL)
John Gardner — Retired partner of Gardner and Gardner, Attorneys at Law, PLLC; AV rated firm for 50 years. (Mt Airy, NC)
Kevin Gardner — (Columbus, NC)
Ronald Gardner — Attorney at Law – Gardner Trabolsi & Associates PLLC (Seattle, OH)
Merritt Gardner — Gardner Law Firm (Tampa, FL)
Sandy Garfinkel — Attorney (Pittsburgh, PA)
Catherine Garfinkel — Senior Vice President – Chief Ethics, Compliance & Privacy Officer (Pittsburgh, PA)
Richard Garofalo — Partner (East Hanover, PA)
Lenore Garon — Attorney at Law (Falls Church, VA)
Jon Garon — Professor of Law, Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law (Davie, VA)
Robert Garon — Retired Attorney (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Joseph Garrison — Partner – Garrison, Levin-Epstein, Fitzgerald & Pirrotti (New Haven, CT)
Diane Garrity — (Santa Fe, NM)
Jack Garvey — Professor of law (Palm Springs, NM)
Robert Garvey — President Thomas Garvey Garvey (Grosse pointe, MI)
paul garvey — Attorney (st. clair shores, MI)
Robert Gary — Parner Gary , Naegele and Theado LLC (retired) (, OH)
Andrew Garza — (Farmington, OH)
Barbara Gately — Current Of Counsel (Ross, CA)
DEBORAH GATES — Deborah Gates, JD, LLM Attorney-at-Law (Olympia, WA)
Matthew Gayle — (Westville, NJ)
Shelley Gaylord — Retired trial judge – circuit court. (Madison, WI)
Kathleen A. Gaylord — County Commissioner (South St. Paul, WI)
Sharon Geanuracos — (Farmington, MN)
Michelle Gearhart — Partner AMMCG (San Luis Obispo, CA)
Gerald Geary — Attorney (Flower Mound, TX)
Jay Geck — Former Deputy Solicitor General, Washington Office of the Attorney General (Olympia, TX)
Richard Gee — Current (Lakewood, CO)
Edward Geffner — Retired CEO, Project Renewal (New York, NY)
Tina Gehres — Attorney at Law (San Diego, VA)
Bradford Geiger — Attorney (Highlands Ranch, CO)
Roger Gelb — Gelb & Gelb, P.C. (Washington, DC)
Doris Gelbman — GelbmanLaw PLLC (Charlottesville, DC)
Jennifer Gellner — Attorney (Kent, WA)
Sondra Gemmill — Lawyer (San Diego, VA)
Leslie A. Gentile — Attorney in private practice (Rocky River, OH)
Marsha Gentner — Senior Counsel (Washington, OH)
Nicholas Geohegan — Current Bar Member (Houston, DC)
Laura George — Executive Director (Independence, TX)
K Doyle George — Attorney (Charlotte, VA)
Andrea Geraghty — (Pittsburgh, NC)
Debra Gerardi — Private practice; former faculty at UC Hastings School of Law; adjunct Pepperdine School of Law (Santa Barbara, PA)
Wynn Gerhard — Senior Attorney, Greater Boston Legal Services (Plymouth, MA)
Gary Gerlach — Former Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge (Milwaukee, PA)
Jason Gerlach — Business Executive (Encinitas, TX)
Martin Gerra III — Retired Deputy State Public Defender (Boulder, CO)
Donald Gerstein — (Frisco, MA)
Robert Gibson — Retired Attorney (Las Vegas, NV)
Eunice Gibson — Former City Attorney, Madison, Wisconsin (Madison, NV)
Martha Gifford — Law Office of Martha E. Gifford; past President, Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York (Brooklyn, WI)
Laurie Gilbert — Retired Attorney (Burbank, CA)
Jeffrey d. Gilbert — (rye, NH)
Jeffrey Gilbert — Former president, Chicago Council of Lawyers (I do not speak for the CCL today) (Chicago, IL)
Michael Gilbert — Attorney (Denver, IL)
Andrew Gilbert — Attorney (Springfield, MA)
Edward Gildea — (Buckeye, AZ)
Barbara Gillers — Adjunct Professor of Law, New York University School of Law (New York City, NY)
David Gillespie — Managing Partner (Columbus, OH)
Hal Gillespie — Partner, Gillespie Sanford LLP (Dallas, OH)
Cyd Gilman — Attorney (WICHITA, TX)
Cindy Gilman — Attorney (San Grancisco, CA)
Laura Ginger — Associate Professor Emerita, Indiana University (Bloomington, IN)
Marcia Ginley — Senior Attorney/Advisor, Air Enforcement Division, OECA, U.S. EPA (retired) (Boulder, IN)
Timothy Giordano — Attorney at Law (Montclair, NJ)
Lawrence Francis Giordano — Member, Lewis Thomason, P.C. and Adjunct Professor of Law University of Tennessee College of Law (Knoxville, TN)
Greg Gisvold — (Alexandria, VA)
John Given — Attorney, Law Office of John P Given (Los Angeles, VA)
Emily Gladden — Partner (Raleigh, NC)
Leonard Glantz — Boston University (Brookline, NC)
Amy Glass — (Kalamazoo, MA)
Frederick Glasser — Attorney (Orange, CA)
Wendi Glassman — Vice Chairman for Legal Affairs bank Leumi usa (Asbury Park, NJ)
Robert Glazer — Attorney (Upper Black Eddy, PA)
Eileen Gleason — Retired Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney, Eastern District of LA (New Orleans, PA)
David Glenn — Attorney/Syndicated Radio Host (Raleigh, NC)
Richard Glickstein — Retired Special Advisor, New York City Human Resources Administration (OSSINING, NC)
M Todd Glover — Attorney (Phoenix, AZ)
Sharon Goddard White — White White & Van Etten PC (Boston, MA)
Abby Godfrey — Former attorney (Havertown, MA)
Mike Godwin — Yale University (Washington, PA)
Jeffry Goebel — Attorney (Houston, DC)
Andrew Goertzel — Partner (Denver, TX)
Michael Goetz — Managing Partner London Office Ropes & Gray (Boston, MA)
Mark Goidell — Sole proprietor (Garden City, MA)
Michael Gold — Partner, Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr Llp (Washington dc, DC)
Ronald Gold — CT Public Defender (retired) (Avon, DC)
Genevie Gold — (Merced, CA)
Robert S. Gold — General Counsel, Healthcare (Woodcliff Lake, NJ)
Avraham Goldberg — (West Hempstead, NY)
Doretta Goldberg — Former Attorney (Port Washington, NY)
Nicole Goldberg — Retired attorney (Belmont, CA)
Michael Goldberg — Attorney (Boston, MA)
Alexandra Golden — (Needham, MA)
James Golden — James Golden, MD JD (Novi, MA)
David Golden — Managing Partner (San Francisco, CA)
Shawn Goldfaden — (Baltimore, MD)
Emily Goldfine — (Stamford, MD)
Marc Goldman — U.S. Magistrate Judge (Ret.), Former AUSA (Sebastopol, CA)
Amanda Goldman — Current (New Orleans, LA)
steven goldman — Attorney (bronx, NY)
Julie Goldscheid — CUNY Law School (NYC, NY)
Frank Goldsmith — Mediator and arbitrator (Asheville, NC)
Michele Goldstein — (Scarsdale, NC)
Daniel Goldstein — Retired attorney (Spofford, NH)
Michael Goldstein — Attorney (New York, NY)
Ronald Goldstock — Independent Private Sector Inspector General (Larchmont, NY)
Toby Golick — (New York, NY)
Jenny Goltz — (Chicago, IL)
Michele Gonsalves — (Alexandria, IL)
Cher Gonzalez — partner (SACRAMENTO, VA)
Alberto E. Gonzalez — (Retired) U.S. Immigration Judge and Administrative Law Judge (Petaluma, CA)
Oscar Gonzalez — (Dallas, TX)
Jeffrey Good — (Alexandria, TX)
Jennifer Goodenough — Attorney (Washington, VA)
Tamara Goodlette — Director of Litigation, RAICES (San Antonio, DC)
Jill Goodman — Attorney (Boston, TX)
Larry Goodman — (Arlington, MA)
Jordana Goodman — Attorney (Cambridge, VA)
Michael Goodman — (Centennial, MA)
George Googasian — Past President State Bar of Michigan (Bloomfield Hills, MI)
Sriram Gopal — (Washington, DC)
Jeffrey Gorder — Chief Public Defender, Shasta County, CA (retired) (Redding, DC)
Keith Gordon — Former New York State Assistant Attorney General (Ossining, NY)
George I. Gordon — DOJ SDNY Chief Appellate Attorney (New York, NY)
Mark Gordon — Professor of Law (Little Canada, MN)
Lee Gordon — Attorney (retired) from the City of New York (New York, MN)
Dean Gordon — Attorney (Fresno, CA)
Stephen Gordon — Attorney (Fort Worth, TX)
Robert T Gordon Jr — (Jackson, TX)
Geoffrey Gordon-Creed — Partner (San Francisco, CA)
Julie Goren — (Sherman Oaks, TX)
Lee Gorlin — Attorney (Las Vegas, NV)
Mary Ellyn Gormley — (Walnut Creek, PA)
Lucy Goss — Attorney (Boston, NV)
James Gotcher — Senior Partner (Thousand Oaks, MA)
Patricia Gotschalk — Retired Attorney – DC and MI (WAILUKU, HI)
Barry Gottfried — Partner (Chevy Chase, MD)
Christopher Gottfried — Attorney (Winston-Salem, MD)
Robert C. Gottlieb — Robert C. Gottlieb & Associates PLLC (New York, NC)
Stephen Gottlieb — Attorney (Indianapolis, MN)
James Gottstein — Law Project for Psychiatric Rights (Anchorage, AK)
Steven Gotzler — NLG/National Vice President – retired (Philadelphia, PA)
Michelle Gouin — Senior Attorney (West Palm Beach, FL)
Anne Goulart — Associate (Frederick, MD)
David Grace — Retired Lawyer (Santa Barbara, MD)
Nicholas A Grace — Retired Partner Ropes & Gray (Scarborough, ME)
John Grace — Retired Lawyer (Lexington, MA)
Valerie Grace — Retired Lawyer (Santa Barbara, MA)
Rex Gradeless — Adminstrative Law Judge (Springfield, IL)
Gil Gradisar — Attorney (Columbus, OH)
Randall Grady — (Saint Louis, NC)
Stuart Graff — Retired Vice President and General Counsel (Phoenix, OH)
John Graham — Attorney (Seattle, WA)
R. Tye Graham — Acting Chief Prosecutor-City of Olympia (Olympia, WA)
Stewart Graham — Attorney (Hampden, MA)
George W Graham, jr. — Retired Attorney (Philadelphia, PA)
Andrew Grainger — Assoc. Justice Massachusetts Appeals Court (Boston, PA)
Cynthia Granata — Retired Attorney (Brookline, MA)
Steven Granberg — Attorney (Albuquerque, NM)
Troy Grandel — (Newark, MA)
Henry Granison — Former Attorney (Ithaca, NY)
Marshal Granor — Immediate Past Chair, Pennsylvania Bar Assn’s Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section (Elkins Park, WA)
Paul Grant — Former board member ACLU national board. (Juneau, AK)
John Grant — President, NE State Bar Association (2004) (Omaha, NE)
Chris Grasso — Self-employed. Former: Morrison & Foerster (associate); U.S Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit (staff attorney) (Washington DC, NE)
Kathleen Gratz — Superior Court Judge Pro Tem, Special Master, retired Attorney, retired Tribal Chief and Appellate Judge (Florence, DC)
Robert Grauman — (New York, NY)
Lisa Graves — True North Research/Executive Director (Madison, WI)
Jeffrey Gray — Attorney (Davidson, WI)
Lee Anne Graybeal — Graybeal Law, LLC (Kennebunk, NC)
Perrin Grayson — Retired Attorney (Boston, MA)
Michael S. Greco — Former President, American Bar Association and Massachusetts Bar Association (Wellesley, MA)
Lisa A Green — Sole Proprietor (Shepherdstown, MA)
Christine Green — (Brooklyn, NY)
Eric Green — Attorney (New Haven, CT)
Stephen Green — Retired General Counsel (New York, NY)
Wendy Green — Attorney (Roseville, CA)
Stephanie Green — Associate Attorney (Austin, TX)
Marc Greenbaum — Professor of Law Emeritus Suffolk University Law School, Boston, MA (Auburndale, MA)
Eileen Greenbaum — (Durham, MA)
Lorraine Greenberg — (Chicago, NC)
Stephen Greenberg — (Nevada City, IL)
Susan Greene — (New York, NY)
Stephen Greene — Former Vice President & General Counsel G&W Laboratories Inc. (South Orange, NJ)
Elizabeth Greene — Worcester/Westborough/Boston Law Firm Partner (Worcester, MA)
Marguerite Greenfield — Trial Specialist (ret) (Short Hills, OK)
Steven Greenspan — retired (MONTGOMERY VILLAGE, MA)
Robert Greenstein — Partner, Law Firm (New York, NY)
Susan Greenwald — Former partner, Wolf Block (Denver, CO)
Mark Greenwold — Attorney-at-law (Washington, DC)
Frederick Gregg — (Kailua Kona, DC)
Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq. — Attorney at Law (Huntington Beach, CA)
Ronald Grenda — Attorney at Law (Scottsdale, AZ)
Tim Gresback — Attorney (Moscow, ID)
John Gresham — Partner Tin Fulton Walker & Owen Past President Mecklenburg Bar Foundationr (Charlotte, ID)
Pardeep Grewal — Attorney (Castro Valley, NC)
Steve Griesemer — (Los Angeles, CA)
Andrew Griesinger — Retired partner Griesinger, Tighe & Maffei, and former partner Choate, Hall & Stewart, Boston, MA (Meredith, NH)
Alfred Griffin — Attorney (Winston-Salem, NC)
Christopher Griffin — (Tampa, NC)
Benjamin Griffith — Griffith Law Firm (Oxford, MS)
James Griffith — Attorney (St. Louis, MO)
Jason Grimes — Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Cleveland State University (Shaker Heights, MO)
Thomas Grimm — Attorney (Pitman, OH)
Martin Gringer — Shareholder, Franklin, Gringer & Cohen, PC (Brooklyn, NY)
Joseph Grodin — Former Cal Sup Ct justice. Distinguished Emeritus Professor University of California Hastings College of the Law (Berkeley, CA)
Randall Grometstein — Professor, Criminal Justice, Fitchburg State University (Stoneham, MA)
Peter J Groom — Attorney (Oxnard, MA)
Dick Grosboll — Neyhart Anderson Flynn & Grosboll (San Francisco, CA)
Byron Gross — Retired Attorney (Santa Fe, NM)
John Gross — Retired (New York, NM)
Richard Gross — (Philadelphia, PA)
John Grossman — Former Deputy Chief of the Criminal Bureau, Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General (CHESTNUT HILL, PA)
Maura Grossman — Maura Grossman Law (Buffalo, MA)
Kathleen Grover — Retired litigator and appellate attorney. (South Hill, WA)
Susan Grover — Professor Emerita, William & Mary Law School (Williamsburg, VA)
William Reed Groves — Attorney (Springfield, VA)
Adele Grunberg — Administrative Law Judge (Oakland, CA)
John Grunert — Partner (retired) at Campbell Campbell Edwards & Conroy (Brooline, OH)
Jessica Grynberg — Attorney at Law (San Diego, MA)
Daniel Gsovski — Partner, Herzfeld & Rubin, PC (Brooklyn, NY)
Nicole Gueron — Founding Partner, Law Firm (New York, NY)
Samidh Guha — Founding Partner, Perry Guha LLP (New York, NY)
Susan Guller — (Plantation, FL)
Alex Gund — Attorney (Portland, OR)
Ruth Gundle — Retired Attorney (Portland, OR)
Gunnar Gunnarsson — Attorney (Highland Park, IL)
Helen Gunnarsson — (Highland Park, IL)
Jane Gunnison — Retired Partner, Ropes & Gray (New York, IL)
Immo Gunzerodt — Attorney at Law (Stinson Beach, CA)
Ilene Guralnick — Partner (Brooklyn, GA)
Mary Ellen Gurewitz — Of counsel (Detroit, MI)
David Gurney — Assistant Professor of Law & Society, Ramapo College of New Jersey (Nyack, NY)
Steven Gursten — Attorney, Owner of Law Firm (Farmington Hills, MA)
Lourdes N Gutierrez — Attorney (Miami, FL)
Lori Gutkowski — Managing Partner (Oklahoma City, OK)
Richard Gutman — Attorney (Montclair, OK)
Jeremy Gutman — Attorney (New York, NY)
Laura Guy — (West Palm Beach, IN)
David Haas — Former federal prosecutor now owner of Haas Law (Orlando, FL)
Amy Habinski — (Cleveland, OH)
Ernest Haddad — General Counsel Emeritus, Mass General Brigham; Associate Dean (Retired), Boston University School of Law (Boston, OH)
Yvonne Haddad — Associate General Counsel (Philadelphia, IN)
Jonathan Hafetz — Professor of Law (Brooklyn, MA)
John Hafner — Lawyer (San Diego, CA)
Benjamin Haftel — Of Counsel (New Brunswick, NJ)
Jeanette Hagen — Attorney (Cape Elizabeth, ME)
Douglas Hagerman — Retired General Counsel, Rockwell Automation (Milwaukee, WI)
Anthony Halas — Administrative Law Judge (Ret) (Tempe, WI)
Shirley Halas — Attorney At Law (Naples, FL)
Todd Halbert — Attorney (Southfield, MI)
Bryon Hale — Attorney (Saint Charles, MO)
Rochelle Hall — Former Hearing Officer, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (Alexandria, MO)
Nancy Hall — Retired Attorney (Briarcliff Manor, VA)
Bonnie Hall — Principle of my own company (Cambria, CA)
Mark Hall — Professor, Wake Forest University (Winston Salem, NC)
Kathryn Hall — Attorney (Hillsboro, NC)
Jonathan Hall — Ethics Attorney (Dallas, PA)
Lorraine Halloway — Retired partner, Crowell & Moring LLP (Naples, FL)
Jill Halper — (Weston, CT)
Karen Halverson — Law Office of Karen Halverson (Everett, WA)
Kevin Halverson — Lawyer (Seattle, WA)
Matthew Hamel — (Natick, MA)
Terrance Hamilton — Partner (Boston, MA)
Lauren Hamilton — Attorney (Cleveland, MA)
Marilyn Hamilton — Attorney, Marilyn P Hamilton Law Firm (Brookhaven, OH)
Robert Hamilton — Attorney (Port Ludlow, GA)
William Hamilton — University of Florida Levin College of Law (Gainesville, FL)
Amy Hamilton — (Indianapolis, IN)
Bruce Hamilton — Senior Staff Attorney/ACLU of Louisiana (New Orleans, IN)
Diana Hamlet-Cox — Director (Goodyear, AZ)
Hartley Hampton — Attorney (Houston, TX)
Dana Hanaman — Public interest attny/advocate (Coloma and Madison, TX)
Julie Hancock — Founding Attorney, Your Virtual Advocate (Green Bay, WI)
Jennifer Handa — (Chicago, WI)
Lynn Handler — Lead Counsel NA (Las Vegas, IL)
Lloyd Handler — Senior Trial Attorney, Los Angeles County Public Defender (Los Angeles, NV)
John Hanger — (Shrewsbury, MA)
Hurst Hannum — Professor of International Law Emeritus, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University (Cambridge, MA)
Beth Hansen — (Provo, MA)
Bjoern Hansen — Secondee (Richmond, WA)
LESLIE NORTON HARBOLD — Attorney at Law (Fisherville, KY)
Don L Hardeman — Circuit Judge, 32nd Judicial Circuit, Retired (Cullman, KY)
Jonathan Hardy — Attorney (Louisville, KY)
Jeffrey Hardy — Attorney at Law, Barrister at Law (New York, KY)
Rebecca Hare — Attorney Fellow (St. Paul, MN)
Ruth Hargrove — Professor Emerita, California Western School of Law (San Diego, MN)
Lance Harke — Attorney (MIami Shores, FL)
Patricia Harleston — Retired Superior Court Judge for State of CT (Blythewood, SC)
Erika Harms — (Houston, TX)
Steven Harper — Former partner, Kirkland & Ellis LLP (Wilmette, TX)
James Harrigan — Arbitrator, former Legal Counsel to the Sheriff of San Francisco (Sausalito, IL)
Hub Harrington — Circuit Judge for Shelby County, AL (Retired) (Indian Springs, MA)
Hadar Harris — Human rights lawyer (Washington, DC)
Michael Harris — Of Counsel, Bazelon Less & Feldman P.C. (Philadelphia, DC)
Patricia Harris — Compliance Counsel (Buffalo, PA)
Michael Harris — (Syracuse, NY)
Leslie Harris — Adjunct Faculty Georgetown University (Washington, DC)
Carol Harris — Retired Attorney (San Francisco, DC)
Richard Harris — Attorney (San Francisco, CA)
Daniel Harris — (Highland Park, IL)
Ronald Harris — (Nashville, IL)
Bob Harris — Esq. (Grand Junction, CO)
Richard Harris — Adjunct Professor, University of Nevada, Reno (Reno, NV)
Margaret A Harris — Partner, Butler & Harris (Houston, NV)
Stephen Harris — Partner (Williamsburg, TX)
Ryan Harrison — Attorney (West Sacramento, VA)
Scott Harshbarger — Former National President of Common Cause and two-term Attorney General of Massachusetts (, )
Kathy Hart — Partner (Waldwick, NJ)
Donald Hart — Retired Attorney (Johnson City, TN)
Holly Hart — Attorney (Santa Fe, NM)
Christopher E. Hart — Partner, Foley Hoag LLP (Boston, NM)
Thomas Hart — Retired (Ormond Beach, MA)
Wallace Hart — Michigan Assistant Attorney General – retired (Williamston, MI)
ERICH HART — Former General Counsel to the Inspector General (SES), Dept of State (Norfolk, VA)
John Harter — Deputy public defender (El Centro, CA)
William Hartgering — JAMS (Evanston, IL)
Edward Hartman — Current (Arlington Heights, IL)
Karen Hartman-Tellez — Attorney (Phoenix, IL)
Lance Hartwich — Law Office of Lance R. Hartwich, PLLC, Managing Member (Loudonville, NY)
Steven Hartz — Solo Practitioner (Bowmanstown, PA)
Patrick Harvill — Retired Deputy DA (Riverside, PA)
Jonathan Harwood — Attorney (Somers, NY)
John Harwood — Senior Counsel (Atlanta, Georgia)
Mary Haskell — Attorney (Lexington, MA)
Amber Haskett — Attorney (Walnut Creek, MO)
Maximilian T. Hass, Esq. — Attorney (Denver, MA)
LeeAnn Hastings — Policy and Compliance Officer (Portland, OR)
M. Raymond Hatcher — Partner – Sloan Hatcher Perry Runge Robertson Smith & Jones (Longview, TX)
Douglas Hauer — Adjunct Faculty, Prof. Resp., Boston University (Boston, IL)
James Haug — Attorney (Sandy Springs, TX)
Bob Haurin — Attorney (Ivyland, GA)
Kathleen Havener — Attorney (Washington, PA)
Amy Hawk — Law School Academic Director (Houston, DC)
Rebecca Hawkins — Attorney (retired) – Boston, MA (Lexington, TX)
Sara Hawkins — Attorney (Oklahoma City, MA)
Robert Hayes — Retired partner, Ropes & Gray (Duxbury, MA)
KURT HAYES — Attorney (Westport, MA)
Darlyn Hayes — Senior Attorney (Woodinville, MA)
Daniel Hayes — (Saint Petersburg, FL)
Dina Haynes — Professor of law (Boston, MA)
Jacquelyn Haynes — Attorney (Chicago) (CHICAGO, MA)
Jered Headrick — General Counsel (West Des Moines, IL)
Toni Healy — Former Public Defender, California (Ocean Park, WA)
William Heaphy — (Detroit, MI)
Bruce Hearey — Former President of the Cleveland metropolitan bar association (Cleveland, OH)
Joseph Hebert — Attorney (New Orleans, OH)
Henry L. Hecht — UC Berkeley, School of Law, Herma Hill Kay Lecturer in Residence (Berkeley, CA)
Howard Scott Hecker — Attorney (Ft Lauderdale, FL)
Chris Heckman — (Lihue, HI)
Brian Heffernan — Former Attorney, U.S. Dept. of Justice, Civil Rights Division (Arlington, VA)
Brenda Hefti — Attorney (San Francisco, WA)
Brigid Heid — Past President and Member, The Columbus Bar Association (Columbus, VA)
marilyn Heiken — Attorney (Eugene, OH)
Melissa Heilig-Sidor — (Westhampton Beach, NY)
Melissa Heilig-Sidor — Attorney (Westhampton Beach, NY)
Diane Heim — DOL Counsel for Legal Advice (Arlington, VA)
Edna Heimowitz — Retired Assistant Deputy Public Defender (Bloomfield, DC)
Eleanor Heine — Barrister and retired attorney (London, England, VA)
Kaitlin Heinen — Staff Attorney (Seattle, VA)
Mark Hellenkamp — J.D. (San Diego, CA)
Stanley Heller — Attorney (Chicago, IL)
Robert Henak — Henak Law Office, S.C. (Milwaukee, IL)
Peter Hender — Retired Associate Counsel GMAC Mortgage (Barnegat, WI)
Thelton Henderson — Judge, U.S. District Court (ret.) (Berkeley, CA)
Dennis Hendrickson — Retired attorney (Des Moines, IA)
Thomas D Hendrickson — Attorney at Law / Adjunct Professor of Law (University Place, WA)
Jo Allison Henn — Administrative Law Judge, NY Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board (East Greenbush, NY)
Eileen Henry — Sole practitioner (Croton on Hudson, NY)
Laurie Hepler — Law Firm Partner (Foster City, CA)
Mark Herbst — Member (Annapolis, MD)
David Herdman — (Winchester, MD)
Ross Herman — Retired New York State Assistant Attorney General (North Salem, VA)
Howard Herman — Attorney (skokie, IL)
David Herman — (San Diego, IL)
Carol Herndon — Private Practice of Law (Bethesda, TX)
Daniel Herrera — Lawyer (Babylon, NY)
Dorothy Herrera Settlage — Senior Attorney, Retired (Los Angeles, CA)
Sara Herrin — Former Attorney (law firm; in-house counsel) (Kirkwood, MO)
Richard Herzog — Senior Counsel, Harkins Cunningham LLP; former Deputy Administrator for Policy, Economic Regulatlory Administration, Department of Energy; former Assistant Director for National Advertising, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission (Washington, MO)
Norma Hescheles — Inactive member of CA State Bar (Buford, DC)
jason Hess — Hess Legal Group LLC (BLUE BELL, GA)
Lorella Thomas Hess — Attorney (Ventura, MN)
Robert Heverly — Associate Professor of Law (Albany, PA)
Jerry Hiatt — Law Offices of Jerry M Hiatt (Honokaa, HI)
Tim Hicks — Owner/principal Connexus Conflict Management (Eugene, OR)
David Hicks — Superior Court Judge pro tem (ret.) (DUNSMUIR, CA)
William Hicks — Senior Counsel (Phoenix, AZ)
Chloe Hickson — Hickson Law PLLC – Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan – Michigan State Bar (Bloomfield Hills, MI)
Frederick Hiefer — General Counsel (York, PA)
Stephen Higdon — Attorney (Dallas, PA)
Penny Higginbottom — Attorney (Yuma, IN)
John J Higgins — Deputy Attorney General (Ret) (Branchburg, TX)
Douglas Hill — Partner (Gilford, NH)
Pamela Hill — EEO Investigator at U. S. Bank (Minneapolis, MN)
Marcelle Hill — Private Legal Writing Teacher (Houston, MN)
Thomas Hill — Kegler, Brown, Hill & Ritter – name partner (Columbus, TX)
Glenwood Hill — (Dallas, OH)
JoAnne Hillegeist — Attorney (Houston, OH)
Richard Hiller — (New York, TX)
Jeffrey Hiller — Managing Director, Compliance (Princeton, NJ)
Robert Hilliard — Owner HMG lawfirm (corpus christi, TX)
Alexander Hilliard — Current Attorney at Hilliard Martinez Gonzales LLP (Corpus Christi, TX)
Samuel Himmelstein — Partner (New York, TX)
Geraldine Hines — Associate Justice (Ret.) Supreme Judicial Court (Boston, MA)
Gregory Hing — Attorney (Scottsdale, MA)
John Hinman — Partner, Hinman & Carmichael LLP (San Francisco, VA)
Liza Hirsch — Senior Attorney (Roslindale, MA)
Steven Hirsch — Adjunct Lecturer, Stanford Law School; Of Counsel, Keker, Van Nest & Peters LLP (San Francisco, MA)
Robert Hirshon — Former President of American Bar and Maine State Bar Associations State Bar Association (Ann Arbor, MI)
Sylvia Ho — Law Offices of Sylvia Ho (Farmington, CT)
Theresa Hoban — Attorney – Retired (Sarasota, FL)
James Hobbs — Attorney (Rochester, NY)
Gordon Hobson — Assistant Federal Public Defender, retired (Columbus, OH)
Deborah Hochhauser — Attorney (Framingham, OH)
Daniel Hochheiser — Sole Proprietor, Law Offices of Daniel A. Hochheiser (SCARSDALE, MA)
Richard Hodson — District Magistrate Judge (Lakin, KS)
Darcy Hoellwarth — Attorney at Law (Eagle, ID)
Nathan Hoerschelmann — Current (Seattle, ID)
Julie Hoffman — Senior Manager (Vienna, VA)
Joe Hoffman — Weinberg-Hoffman (Fountain Valley, VA)
William Hoffman — Retired Federal and Private Firm Attorney (Wsashington, DC)
David Hoffman — Head of Intellectual Property, Bit Bio Limited (Palo Alto, DC)
Edward Hoffman — Law Offices of Edward A. Hoffman (Los Angeles, CA)
Christiane Hoffman — Former First Deputy Bureau Chief Kings County District Attorney’s Office (New York, NY)
Jeffrey Hoffman — (New York, NY)
David R. Hoffman — Law Professor, Former Civil Rights Attorney (Notre Dame, IN)
corey hoffman — Attorney (Coral Gables, FL)
bob hoffman — (wash dc, OK)
Stephen Hoffner — Retired (Dallas, IN)
Martin Hogan — Partner (Arlington, TX)
Jon Holcombe — Attorney (Wellesley Island, TX)
Danielle Holder — MSBA (Ramsey, MN)
Jason Holder — (Oakland, MN)
Jeffrey Holl — Administrative Law Judge (San Francisco, CA)
Toby Hollander — Retired Guardian ad Litem (Portland, ME)
Cheryl Hollis — Attorney (Portland, OR)
Robert Holloway, Jr. — Senior Counsel, MacLean Holloway Doherty & Sheehan, P.C. (Topsfield, MA)
Sarah Holmes — (Norfolk, MA)
James Holmes — Steinberg Law Firm, LLP (Charleston, MA)
David Holmes — Attorney at Law (Prospect, KY)
Peter Holmes — Seattle City Attorney (Seattle, KY)
Berry Holt — Partner (Nashville, TN)
Gerald Holtz — Attorney (Millsboro, NC)
Jonathan Holtzman — Founding Partner, Renne Public Law Group LLP (San Francisco, CA)
Anthony Hom — Asian American Bar Association of NY (NEW YORK, NY)
Dalila Hoover — Attorney (Chicago, IL)
Joseph S. Hoover, Jr. — Retired, former US Counsel, Miller Thompson LLP (Pensacola, IL)
James Hopkins — U.S. Magistrate Judge (retired) (West Palm Beach, FL)
Edward Hopkins — partner (Garden City, NEW YORK (NY))
Ed Hopkins — Member (Garden City, NY)
James Hopkins — (Marion, IL)
John Silas Hopkins, III — Baker & Hostetler; Ropes & Gray (Edgewater, IL)
Jillian Hopman — Attorney (Wilmington, NC)
Chris Hopper — Esquire (Dallas, TX)
Larry Horn — CPA (Grenada, TX)
Susan Horn — (Syracuse, NY)
Donald Hornstein — Attorney at Law (Raleigh, NC)
William W. Horton — Lawyer (Birmingham, NC)
Peter Hosharian — (Burbnak, CA)
Jeffrey Hoster — (Lemont, IL)
James Hough — Senior Counsel (Callicoon, IL)
Roya Hough — Attorney at Law, Owner Hough Law Firm, LLC (Kansas City, MO)
David Houston — Shareholder (Lansing, MO)
Robert Hover — Associate (York, ME)
Sandy Hovey — Executive Director (Quincy, MA)
Susanne C. Howard — Esq. (Boston, MA)
Katy Howard — Administrative Law Judge, retired (Eagle River, MA)
Charles Howard — (Huntingdon Valley, PA)
Melony Howard — Attorney, retired (Lakewood Ranch, PA)
Alan Howarter — Attorney licensed in Illinois (Lafayette, IN)
Fred Howe — (DALLAS, IN)
Samantha Howell — Attorney (Gainesville, MD)
Albert Huang — Senior Attorney, NRDC (New York, PA)
Shanti Hubbard — Attorney (New York, NY)
Darcy Hubbard Cunningham — Former ADA, current child welfare advocate (Leesburg, VA)
Ann Huber — Former NJ Deputy Attorney General (Madison, NC)
Kelly Huddleston — Huddleston Law LLC (Santa fe, VA)
Melissa Huelsman — Attorney (Seattle, NM)
Dennis Huffer — Executive Director, Tennessee Municipal Attorneys Association (Nashville, TN)
Max Huffman — Professor of Law, Indiana Univ. McKinney School of Law (Indianapolis, MA)
Jack Hug — Former U. S. Government Attorney (Pacifica, CA)
Scott Huggins — Law Office of Scott Chandler Huggins, P.C. (Cumming, GA)
Tara Hughes — (Winchester, GA)
Michael Hughes — Accenture, Deputy General Counsel (retired) (Scottsdale, MA)
KENT HULL — retired federal civil litigator in poverty, and civil rights cases, retired adjunct professor, Notre Dame Law School, retired adjunct professor, Notre Dame Law School (SOUTH BEND, IN)
Janis Hulse — Attorney (Folsom, IN)
C. Mark Humbert — Attorney (San Francisco, CA)
William Humenuk — Sr. VP & General Counsel, Buzzi Unicem USA (Retired); former Partner, Dechert LLP (Naples, FL)
Claudia Humphrey — (Miami Lakes, DC)
Steven Humphreys — Attorney at Law (Randolph, NJ)
Jill Humphreys Steele — Battle Creek City Attorney (Delton, MI)
Robin Humphries — Attorney (Los Angeles, CA)
Bruce Hunter — Private Practice (Highland Park, PA)
Robert Hurley — Former Capital Defender for North Carolina (Raleigh, NC)
EJ Hurst II — Current federal attorney (Lexington/Durham, NC)
Yasmeen Hussaini — Administrator (Cleveland, Ohio)
ISMAIL HUSSEIN — Law Office of Ismail Hussein (Columbia Heights, MN)
Robert Hutchings — Attorney (Eugene, MN)
Susie Hwang — (Palo Alto, CA)
Douglas Hyde — Retired Attorney, Former CEO (Grand Isle, VT)
Sharon Hyde — (State collrge, PA)
Jeffrey Hyde — Senior State Tax Counsel, General Electric Company (State College, PA)
William Hyland — Attorney (Annapolis, PA)
Joseph Iacopino — Private Practice (Santa Monica, MD)
Michael Iglesias — Professor of Law, University of San Francisco School of Law (Oakland, CA)
Patricia Igoe — Of Counsel (WARWICK, RI)
Pauline Ike — Attorney (Houston, TX)
Cathy Iles — Attorney and Counselor at Law (Long Beach, TX)
Blake Ilstrup — Partner (Redmond, WA)
Jinho Justin Im — (Atlanta, MA)
Leon Andrew Immerman — Attorney (Atlanta, MD)
Sangye Ince-Johannsen — Staff Attorney, Western Environmental Law Center (Eugene, OR)
Chris Indelicato — (Lafayette Hill, PA)
Sholeh Iravantchi — Attorney (Orange, PA)
Peter Irons — Professor of Political Science Emeritus, University of California, San Diego (San Diego, CA)
Cheryl Irvin — Former municipal judge (Houston, TX)
Cheryl Irvin — Former municipal judge (Houston, IN)
Elissa Isaacs — Shareholder (Chicago, TX)
Elissa Isaacs — Shareholder, McCullough PC (Chicago, IL)
Susan Isaacs — Attorney; Former Executive Director of the Commission on Judicial Fitness (Beaverton, IL)
Darla Jaben — Attorney at Law (Sandy Springs, GA)
Melvyn Jacknowitz — (New York, GA)
Dan Jackson — Keker, Van Nest & Peters LLP (San Francisco, CA)
Roger Jackson — Attorney at Law (Santa Rosa, CA)
Cecily Jackson — Attorney (Los Angeles, CA)
Kimberly Jackson — Current (Durango, CO)
Richard Jackson — (Washington, DC)
Cecily Jackson — Attorney (Los Angeles, IL)
Camille Jackson — (Washington, VA)
Kianna Jackson — Mrs. Kianna Ferguson Jackson (Aurora, OR)
David Michael Jacobi — Retired Shareholder, Of Counsel (Bainbridge Island, CO)
John P. Jacobs — Jacobs and Diemer, P.C. (Detroit, VA)
Sam Jacobson — Law professor (retired) (Otis, DC)
Stephen Jacoby — Retired Assistant Attorney General of New York State (Croton-on-Hudson, NY)
Paul Jacokes — Family Court Referee, Macomb County, Michigan retired (Farmington Hills, MI)
Edward Jaffe — Retired attorney (Boynton Beach, FL)
Kelly Jafine — Deputy public defender (El Centro, CA)
Andre R Jaglom — (New York, NY)
George Jakobsche — Attorney (Concord, MA)
M Tracy James — (Denver, MA)
Catherine James — Attorney (Mountain Green, UT)
Amanda James — Attorney/Shareholder (Des Moines, IA)
William James — Former Assistant Attorney General of Colorado and of Alaska (Salisbury, NC)
Yasmin James — Attorney at Law (Oakland, IN)
Tom James — Career Law Clerk, U.S. District Court (Marsna, TX)
William James — Formerly Assistant Attorney General of Colorado; and, formerly Assistant Attorney General of Alaska (Salisbury, TX)
Jared Jamesson — Attorney (New York, NY)
Gregory Janian — Owner, Law Office of Gregory V. Janian, LLC (North Andover, MA)
Joseph Jansen — Former Associate Professor Seton Hall Law Legal Clinic (New York, NY)
Eric Janus — Professor of Law; Former President and Dean, Mitchell Hamline School of Law (formerly William Mitchell College of Law) (Minneapolis, MN)
Bert Japikse — Admitted in Ohio; retired as a Senior Attorney at the US GAO in 2015. (Pawleys Island, MN)
Ilene Jaroslaw — Partner, Phillips Nizer LLP; former Assistant U.S. Attorney 1991-2013 (New York, NY)
Charles Jeanfreau — (Millburn, NJ)
John Jeffrey — (Los Angeles, CA)
Frank Jelinek — Practicing attorney (Arlington, TX)
James Jenal — Former Adjunct Professor, Loyola Law School (Pasadena, TX)
Elaine Jenkins — Attorney at Law (Johns Island, SC)
Jesse Jenner — Partner, Ropes & Gray, retired (Longmont, CO)
Madeleine Jennings — Attorney (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Cary Jennings — Attorney at Law (Fort Worth, TX)
Bryan Jensen — (Fulshear, TX)
Lisa Jensen — Law Office of Lisa M. Jensen (Redding, PA)
Barbara Jerich — Attorney (Merritt island, TX)
Ronni Jillions — (Fairfax Station, VA)
Jeffrey Jinkens — Of Counsel, Luper Neidenthal & Logan (Columbus, VA)
Ira Joffe — Ira D. Joffe, Attorney at Law (Bellaire, OH)
Belinda Johns — former Senior Assistant Attorney General, California Attorney General’s Office (San Francisco, TX)
Alexis Johns — Attorney-Advisor (SILVER SPRING, MD)
Lisa Johnson — (Quincy, MD)
Chelsea Johnson — (Revere, MA)
Stephen Johnson — Attorney (Lincoln, MA)
Darrell Johnson — Former large law firm partner; former law professor (Fountain Hills, MA)
Douglas Johnson — Attorney in private practice; former federal prosecutor (Cherry Hill, NJ)
Jamal Johnson — (Memphis, TN)
Christopher Johnson — (Irvine, CA)
Carolyn Johnson — (baldwin, MD)
Jon Johnson — Retired Administrative Law Judge (Hurricane, MD)
E. Perry Johnson — Retired Partner, Bryan Cave LLP; Former Director, Bureau of Competition, Federal Trade Commission (Santa Fe, NM)
Mark Johnson — (Madison, NM)
Gloria Johnson — (Brooklyh, PA)
Dennis Johnson — Attorney, Bureau of Competition, Federal Trade Commission (Retired) (Ocean View, UT)
Karen Johnson-McKewan — Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe (San Francisco, CA)
Susan Johnston — Retired Partner (Boston, MA)
Susan Johnston — Retired (Milwaukee, MA)
Scot Johnston — Partner, Johnston George LLP (Seattle, WI)
Carole Johnston — Retired (Blaine, TN)
Michael Jolic — Attorney (San Diego, CA)
Marcus Jones — (Chicago, IL)
Judith Jones — Attorney (Beaumont, IL)
Hugh Jones — Counsel, Ashford& Wriston LLO (Honolulu, OH)
Peter Jones — Chief Public Defender (Shelton, WA)
Todd Jones — Attorney (Little Rock, AR)
Kim Jordahl — Attorney (Signal Mountain, AR)
James Jordan — Attorney (Westerville, OH)
Dirk Jordan — Owner, Jordan Law Firm (Austin, OH)
David Jorling — Former Senior Deputy City Attorney, Portland, OR (Lake Oswego, TX)
thomas jorling — retired attorney (williamstown, MA)
Wayne Jortner — Government (Freeport, MA)
Wayne Josel — (Mamaroneck, NY)
Debra Josephson — Partner in law firm for Plaintiff Antitrust cases (Reading, MA)
Judith Joshel — Retired Attorney (Richmond, CA)
Henry Judy — Retired Partner KL Gates Washington DC (Asheville, MA)
Mary Juen — Retired attorney (Fairview Heights, NC)
William Just — Attorney, Retired (New Orleans, IL)
Tuesday Kaasch — (Seattle, WA)
Gerald Kahn — Attorney, retired (Madison, CT)
Lawrence Kahn — Former Chief Litigating Asst, NYC Law Dept (now ret. (NY, NY)
Paula Kaldis Dickinson — Professor of Law (Weston, Mass)
Edward Kallgren — Past Pres. Bar Association of San Francisco (San Mateo, CA)
Rahel Kaltiso — (Atlanta, GA)
Barclay Kamb — Senior Counsel (Los Altos Hills, GA)
Lisbeth Kamborian — Law Office of Lisbeth N Kamborian (South Yarmouth, MA)
Bernard Kamine — attorney (Los Angeles, MA)
Rachael Kamlet — (Denver, CO)
Ronald Kammann — Presiding Administrative Law Judge (retired) (San Francisco, CA)
Richard Kamp — Retired Counsel, Section Chief, FDIC (Plano, TX)
Cassandra Kamuchey — Former Attorney & Contract Negotiator for Intel and Hewlett-Packard (San Jose, TX)
Ian Kanig — Attorney, Keker, Van Nest & Peters LLP (Berkeley, CA)
Ronald Scott Kaniuk — Owner – Kaniuk Law Office (Delray Beach, FL)
Kelly Kann Davidson — (Whitefish, MT)
Ricki Kanter — Retired (Washington, DC)
Henry Kantor — Oregon Senior Judge: Current. Oregon Senior Assistant Attorney General: Former. (Portland, DC)
Adam Kantor — Vice President (New York, NY)
Barry Kaplan — Attorney (Chappaqua, NY)
Jacob Kaplan — Current (Atlanta, GA)
Donald Kaplan — Former Section Chief and Special Litigation Counsel, Antitrust Division, U.S. Dept. of Justice (Bethesda, GA)
Philip Kaplan — (Towson, MD)
Gary Kaplan — Attorney (Pittsburgh, MD)
Robert Kapp — Retired Partner, Hogan Lovells (Washington, PA)
Robert Kapp — Retired partner HoganLovells (Washington, DC)
Kathryn Karcher — Partner, Karcher Harmes PS: Current (Bainbridge Island, DC)
Ann Marie Karl — Attorney at Law (Katonah, NY)
Jeannie Karl — (Redwood City, CA)
Molly Karlin — Assistant Federal Public Defender (Phoenix, AZ)
Jason Karp — Former Court Attorney & Matrimonial Referee, Monroe County (NY) Family & Supreme Courts (Rochester, NY)
Andrew T. Karron — Founding Partner, Reisman Karron Greene LLP (Washington, DC)
Anastasia Karson — Owner (Spokane, DC)
Marc Kartman — Vice President, Law (Oro Valley, AZ)
Teresa Kasel — Attorney (Southfield, MO)
Jeffrey Kasky — Attorney/Mediator (Deerfield Beach, FL)
Madeline Kass — Thomas Jefferson School of Law (Seattle, WA)
Phillip Kassel — Executive Director Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee (Milton, MA)
James Kaster — Partner, Nichols kaster (Minneapolis, MA)
Gilbert Katen — Workers’ Compensation Admin. Law Judge (ret.) (Culver City, MN)
Debra Katz — Katz, Marshall & Banks, LLP (Washington, DC)
Jerome Katz — Senior Counsel, Ropes & Gray LLP (New York, DC)
Talia Katz — Retired Attorney (Phoenix, AZ)
Jamie Katz — General Counsel, BILH (Lexington, MA)
Jarred Katz — (Los Angeles, MA)
Kenneth Katz — Attorney at law (Simsbury, MD)
Marion and Richard Katzive — (Irvington, NY)
David Katzman — Practicing Attorney (Rochester, MI)
Ryan Kauffman — Shareholder, Fraser Trebilcock Davis & Dunlap, P.C. (Lansing, OH)
Ryan Kaufman — Lawyer (Ellicott City, MD)
Howard Kaufman — Attorney (Cary, MD)
Steve Kaufman — Retired Partner, Ropes & Gray (Cumberland, PA)
Judith Kaufman — Retired ALJ NYSDEC (Poughkeepsie, WV)
Elliot Kaye — (Bethesda, NC)
Anne Kaylor — Judge (Indialantic, MD)
Steven Kazan — managing, senior and founding partner (Piedmont, CA)
Charles Kazarian — Founder, Kazarian Law (Boston, MA)
Marsha Kazarosian — Past President Massachusetts Bar Association, Past President Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys, Past President Essex County (MA) Bar Association (Haverhill, MA)
Omar H. Kazmi — Litigation Attorney (New York, MA)
David Kazzie — Attorney (Henrico, MA)
Barret Kean — Retired (Rotonda West, VA)
Terrance Keating — Attorney (Hbg, PA)
Kathleen Keating — (Palm Beach Gardens, PA)
Michael Keeley — Attorney (Venice, CA)
Cody Keetch — Associate Attorney (New York, NY)
Matthew Kehoe — Attorney (Hillsboro, OR)
Kevin Keller — Director and Associate General Counsel (Sunnyvale, CA)
Susan Keller — Professor of Law, Western State College of Law (Irvine, CA)
peter kellett — Chairman & CEO, Dykema PLLC (Detroit, MI)
Nicholas Kelley — Retired partner, Kotin, Crabtree & Strong, LLP (Brookline, MA)
Barbara Kellman — Attorney and Mediator (Chestnut Hill, MA)
William Kelly — Retired Partner, Latham & Watkins (Washington, MA)
Michael Kelly — Former Dean, University of Maryland School of Law (Baltimore, DC)
H. David Kelly — Partner, Beins, Axelrod, PC (Washington, MD)
John Paul Kelly — Attorney (Dallas, DC)
J Michael Kelly — Former Counselor and Chief of Staff to the Attorney General of the United States (Park City, TX)
Dennis Kelly — Attorney (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Steve Kelly — Attorney (Boulder, MD)
Jane Kelly — Attorney/Advisor government agency (Arlington, VA)
Ben Kelly — (Seattle, MD)
Vivianne Kelly — (Fullerton, OH)
H. David Kelly, Jr. — Beins, Axelrod, PC (Washington, VA)
Lisa Kempner — (Wyndmoor, DC)
Kristen Kennedy — In-house counsel, current (Littleton, PA)
Sean Kennedy — Esq. (Littleton, MA)
James M. Kennedy — U.S. Administrative law Judge (ret.), NLRB (Walnut Creek, MA)
Laura Kennedy — SVP, Chief Ethics, Compliance & Risk Officer (Chevy Chase, MD)
Walter Kennedy — Attorney (Pell City, MD)
Wesley Kennedy — Allison, Slutsky & Kennedy, P.C. (Chicago, IL)
Dianne Kennedy — Former staff attorney (Pensacola, IL)
Terance Kennedy — (Philadelphia, PA)
Katherine Kennedy — Staff Attorney, Confidential (Pittsburgh, OH)
Katherine Kennelly Olds — Attorney (Mill Valley, PA)
Todd Kenner — (Former) Chief Legal Counsel, Simon Brand Ventures (Basking Ridge, MD)
Patricia J. Kenney — Assistant U.S. Attorney (DC 1979-1986) (San Francisco, CA)
Jay Kenney — Assistant Disciplinary Counsel (GOLDEN, CO)
Robert Kent — Attorney at Law (Chicago, IL)
Nancy Keppelman — Counsel (Ann Arbor, IL)
Lorena Kern — Owner – Kern Consulting LLC (New York City, NY)
Kristina Kern Wheeler — Attorney (Carmel, WA)
Charles Kernats — Attorney (Madison, WI)
Matthew Kerner — Partner (Brooklyn, WI)
Cynthia Kernick — Retired lawyer (as of 2020) (Allison Park, PA)
Alexander Kerr — Attorney (LaGrange, IL)
Caroline Kert — Attorney, Feldmann Nagel Cantafio Song (Boulder, PA)
Andreq Kesaler — Attorney (Croton on Hudson, DC)
Phil Kessel — Retired Attorney (Arlington, VA)
Jane Kestenbaum — Attorney, Kestenbaum Law Firm (Durham, NC)
Kathleen Kettles — Partner-Wingate Russotti Shapiro and Halperin, LLP (NYC, NC)
Raffi Kevorkian — Kevorkian & Madenlian – Partner (Costa Mesa, CA)
Sohani Khan — Attorney at NYC Department of Buildings (New York, PA)
Christopher Kilian — Vice President for Strategic Litigation, Conservation Law Foundation (Montpelier, VT)
John O’Hyun Kim — Attorney & former professor of philosophy (Stratford, CT)
Jennifer Kim — Senior Associate General Counsel (New York, NY)
Leigh Kim — Attorney (Seattle, WA)
James Kim — (Temecula, CA)
Alisa Kim — Counselor at Law (San Francisco, MA)
Brett Kimmel — Lawyer (New York, NY)
Patricia Kindregan — (Oak Bluffs, MA)
Todd King — Current lawyer (Charlotte, MA)
John King — Chair (ret.), Board of Review, Massachusetts Department of Labor and Workforce Development (Wakefield, NC)
Ellen Kingsley — Attorney (Bath, IL)
Timothy Kinney — Attorney at Law (Tucson, MA)
patrick kinney — kinney & levinson (reno, NV)
Paul Kirk — Former U.S. Senator (MA) (Marstons Mills, NV)
Crawford Kirkpatrick — (Swansea, MA)
Tom Kisor — (Gahanna, MA)
Scott Kissinger — Former in-house counsel (Singapore, OH)
Thomas Kite — Solo Practitioner (Denver, CO)
Tal Kitron — Attorney (Louisville, CO)
Robert Klaeger — Attorney (Marble Falls, CO)
William Klawonn — Former Regional Director of ABA Rule of Law Initiative (ROLI) for Russia and Azerbaijan (Arlington, VA)
Mary Kleiman — Lawyer/Consultant, MKleiman Corporate Consulting (Indianapolis, IN)
Rhonda Klein — Principal (atlanta, VA)
Christopher Klem — former partner, Ropes & Gray (Boston, MA)
Timothy Klimpl — Counsel, Carmody Torrance Sandak & Hennessey LLP (Stamford, CT)
Stephen Klitzman — Former Deputy Chief, FCC Office of Intergovt. Affairs (Chevy Chase, MA)
Mark Klugheit — Partner (retired), Dechert LLP; former General Counsel, US Sen. Arlen Specter (Tucson, MD)
Jeremy Knapp — (New York, NY)
Kelli Knerr — Attorney (Lancaster, PA)
Sherrian Knight — Retired Senior Counsel, National Labor Relations Board (Washington, D,C,)
Virginia Knight — (Seeley lake, IL)
Molly Knobler — (Alexandria, VA)
Julia Knox — Attorney (Los Angeles, VA)
Janeen Koch — KPMLAW, partner (Richmond, VA)
Elizabeth Koeckeritz — Attorney (Boise, Idaho)
Nancy Koenig — Former AUSA NDTX; Retired US Magistrate Judge NDTX (Berkeley, VA)
Nanct Koenigsberg — Senior Attorney, Disability Rights New Mexico (Albuquerque, NM)
John Koeppel — Attorney (San Francisco, NM)
Merry Kogut — Attorney at Law (Lakebay, WA)
Christopher Kolenda — Tax Counsel (Houston, IN)
Marjorie Kolin — Kolin & Associates, PLC (Farmington Hills, MI)
Raymond Kolls — Managing Director (Davidson, NC)
Mark Kolman — Former Partner, Dickstein Shapiro LLP (Scottsdale, NC)
Richard koloda — current attorney (Wayland, OH)
Richard Koman — Attorney at Law (Petaluma, OH)
Randall Komisarek — (Tucson, AZ)
Alan Konig — (San Francisco, CA)
Jonathan Kooker — Principal (Christiana, PA)
Gina Koons — (Indianapoilis, PA)
karl koons — Retired law firm senior partner litigation atty (indianapolis, VA)
David Kopstein — Past President, Maryland Association for Justice (Seabrook, TX)
Philip Korb — Ballard Spahr, LLP (Philadelphia, IN)
Julie Koren — (Pittsburgh, PA)
Allison Kort — Esq. (Westwood, PA)
Cynthia Kosiak — Attorney (Two Harbors, FL)
Catia Kossovsky — Attorney (Pittsburgh, PA)
Dane Kostin — retired Attorney (West Hartford, PA)
Chris Kotarba — (San Jose, CA)
David Kotwicki — Employment Law Trial Attorney (Troy, MI)
Maria Kouchis — Legal Counsel (Minneapolis, MN)
Maria Kouchis — Legal Counsel (Minneapolis, IL)
Susan Kovach — (Ret.) SVP, General Counsel and Secretary, Libbey Inc. (Port Charlotte, MN)
Alan Kovacs — Former Asst. DA Manhattan, Former Assistant Atty Generaly Massachusetts (Newton, MA)
Melinda Kovacs — Attorney Owner (Phoenix, AZ)
Anne Koza — Attorney at Law (Fallon, MA)
Raymond Kozlowski — Retired Attorney (Pittsburgh, NV)
Michael Kraemer — Retired Partner, White and Williams LLP (Providence, PA)
Rudolph Kraft — Self employed (San Luis Obispo, CA)
Wayne Kramer — (Knoxville, TN)
Anessa Kramer — Attorney (Bloomfield Hills, MI)
andrea kramer — Attorney (Chicago, IL)
Samuel Krantz — retired attorney with CCEB, Oakland,CA (Castro Valley, IL)
Emmanuel Krasner — Krasner Law Office/Coolidge Law Firm (Farmington, NH)
Mitchell Kraus — General Counsel, Transportation Communications Union(Retired) (Miami Beach, FL)
Steven Kraus — (Teaneck, NJ)
Lynn Krauss — Retired Assistant General Counsel Dow Corning Corporation (Harrison, MI)
Patricia Krebs — Retired (Southport, ME)
Morris Kremen — Deputy General Counsel, VMWare, Inc (former) (Bellevue, WA)
Laurence Kress — Navajo County Public Defender (Lakeside, Arrizona)
Stefan Krieger — Hofstra School of Law (Hempstead, NY)
Terrence Krieger — President and partner (Long Beach, CA)
Jason Kropp — (Wellesley, MA)
Lita Krowech — Administrative Law Judge (Ret) (Oakland, MA)
James Krueger — State Bar, Hawaii,; Admitted US Supreme Court (Wailuku Maui, HI)
Kyle Kruidenier — attorney (West Des Moines, IA)
Gavrielle Kube — Practicing Attorney (Queens, NY)
Donald Kudler — Member/Attorney (Las Vegas, NV)
Eric Kueffner — Retired Attorney (Juneau, NV)
Natalie Kuehler — Partner, Ryan & Kuehler PLLC; former Assistant U.S. Attorney, Southern District of New York (Winthrop, WA)
Robert Kuenzel — (Bellingham, WA)
Jason Kueser — Principal Attorney (Lees Summit, MO)
Roger Kuhle — Retired Iowa Attorney, Member of Bar 1972-2019 (Indianola, VA)
Bruce Kuhlik — Former Assistant to the Solicitor General (Washington, MO)
Richard Kuhns — Professor of Law Emeritus, Washington University (Portland, DC)
Ken Kuniyuki — Attorney (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Roberta Kuriloff — Attorney (Orland, AR)
Paul Kurtz — Associate Dean and J. Alton Hosch Professor Emeritus, University of Georgia School of Law (Athens, GA)
Andrew Kushner — Attorney (Gibbsboro, OH)
Edward Labaton — NY (Washington, GA)
Karl Labertew — Partner (Orlando, DC)
Karl Labertew — Partner/Attorney at Law (Orlando, FL)
John Lach — Retired attorney (Ghent, IL)
James Lack — Judge (New York, NY)
Peter Lacouture — Attorney – Providence, RI (Exeter, WY)
Philip Allen Lacovara — Former Deputy Solicitor General of the United States (Sanibel, FL)
Vicki Laden — Former Supervising Deputy City Attorney, Oakland, CA (Berkeley, CA)
Brian Lafferty — Attorney, Former Administrative Law Judge City of New York (Lyndonville, VT)
Judith Lafleur-Lovegrove — Attorney Advisor, Board of Immigration Appeals, EOIR, USDOJ (Purcellville, VA)
Judith Lafleur-Lovegrove — Attorney Advisor, BIA, EOIR, USDOJ (Retired) (Purcellville, VA)
Amelia Lafont — Attorney at Law (Little Rock, VA)
Christopher Lage — Attorney (Silver Spring, AR)
Dennis LaGory — (Evanston, MD)
Ellen Lake — Current Member of California Bar (Oakland, IL)
Paul Lakkis — Associate (Boston, MA)
Michelle Lamar — Solo Practice (Trenton, MA)
Crystal Lamb — Deputy Public Defender (San Francisco, CA)
crystal lamb — Attorney at Law (san francisco, CA)
David LaMothe — General Counsel (Kansas City, AR)
Nicole Lancia — (Forest Hills, NY)
Mark Landa — Attorney/Shareholder (Urbandale, IA)
Robert Landau — Roberts, Carroll, Feldstein & Peirce, Inc. (Providence, RI)
Elizabeth Landgraf — Deputy public defender (Los angeles, CA)
Natasha Landrum — Shareholder – Lee Landrum & Carlson (Las Vegas, NE)
Staci Lane — (Hagerstown, MO)
Michael Lang — Professor of Conflict Resolution (retired) (Sarasota, FL)
Jane Lang — (Washington, DC)
Elizabeth Lang — Inspector General, NYC Housing Authority (apppointed and “let go” by Rudolph Giuliani) (New York, DC)
Gail Langendorf — (Burlington, KY)
TC Langford — Attorney (Bryan, KY)
Georgia Langsam — Member, California State Bar (Alamo, TX)
Sarah Langston — LA County Deputy Public Defender III (Torrance, IL)
Timothy Lankau — General Counsel Ethos Behavioral Health Group (Houston, TX)
David Lantzer — Senior Staff Counsel (San Bernardino, GA)
Marc Lanzkowsky — (Montclair, TX)
Keith Lapuyade — Overton Lapuyade, Partner (Denver, CO)
Tiffany LaRouech — (Coal City, IL)
Mark Larsen — Former AUSA and Criminal Defense Counsel (Cambria, IL)
Peter Larsen — Attorney At Law (Des Moines, IA)
David Larson — Professor (Saint Paul, MN)
Lillian Laserson — President, Lilian Laserson PC (New York, DC)
Jenifer Lasher — Associate General Counsel (Westlake Village, MN)
Timothy Lassiter — Democrat (Greensboro, NC)
Martin Latinsky — Law Offices of Martin Latinsky (Haworth, NC)
Patricia Latzman — Single Practitioner (New York, NY)
David Laucks — Principal, Laucks & Laucks, PC (Red Lion, MA)
Pamela Laughlin — Attorney (currently inactive) (Lancaster, TX)
Phillip Laurin — Attorney-at-Law (Chicago, TX)
Andrew Lauterback — Attorney (Sherborn, IL)
John Lavallo — Principal, Takeout Marketing (Falmouth, MA)
Linda Lavelle — (Fairhope, AL)
Sylvia Law — Professor, NYU Law School (New York, NY)
Joseph Lawrence — Former Assistant and Interim City Attorney, City of Santa Monica California (Los Angeles, CA)
Edward Lawrence — Ropes & Gray retired partner (Boston, MA)
Michael Lawrence — Professor of Law, Michigan State University College of Law (East Lansing, MA)
Frank Lawrence — Owner, Law Office of Frank Lawrence (Nevada City, CO)
Jeffrey Lawrence — Partner/Owner (San Francisco, MA)
Frank Lawrence, Sr. — Attorney at Law (MICHIGAN)
Toomini Lawyeurrs — Attorney (Branson, GA)
Jonathan Lax — Of Counsel (Concorf, NH)
Susan J Lax — Attorney at Law (Akron, OH)
Bernard Layne, III — Mani Ellis & Layne, PLLC (Member) (Charleston, OH)
Carolyn Lazaris — (Somerset, MA)
Hieu Le — Attorney; JD, PhD (St. Petersburg, MA)
Ronald Le Fevre — Chief Counsel, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (retired) (Novato, GA)
Malcolm Leader-Picone — Partner of Leader-Picone & Young, LLP (Oakland, CA)
Lars Lederer — Attorney (Lafayette Hill, PA)
Karen Lederer — Former (New Rochelle, PA)
Calvin Lee — Attorney at Law (Denver, CO)
Brant Lee — Professor of Law, University of Akron (Akron, OH)
Nancy Lee — (Vienna, OH)
Amber Lee — Managing Partner (Johnson City, VA)
Larry Lee — Attorney (Boulder, IL)
Deborah Lee-Goldsmith — (New York, NY)
Andrew Leedom — (Washington, DC)
Mindy Leeds — Assoc. Gen. Counsel – Citigroup Inc. (New York, DC)
John Lefcourte — Legal Aid, Deputy Public Defender (Reno, NV)
Richard Leff — Attorney (Buffalo, NV)
Andrea Lefkowitz — Former Attorney (West Hills, CA)
Jeri Legeay — Attorney (Fairview, NC)
andrew legolvan — Attorney (San Diego, NC)
Ann Lehman — CA Center in Long Term Care (Portland, OR)
Jason Lehman — Attorney (Dubuque, IA)
Lawrence Lehmann — Attorney (New Orleans, AR)
Michael Lehr — Former Attorneu (Wichita, KS)
Randi Lehrman — Partner (Southport, CT)
Bruce Leicher — Former General Counsel (Harvard, MA)
Robert Leidigh — Attorney at Maron Marvel Bradley Anderson & Tardy LLC (Pittsburgh, MA)
Shawn Leigh — Attorney (Fort Lee, PA)
Sally Leisure — (Portland, OR)
Elaine Leitner — Retired Mediator & Adjunct Prof at UC Hastings College of the Law (Oakland, CA)
CLYDE LELAND — Adjunct Professor, Legal Ethics, University of San Francisco School of Law (Berkeley, CA)
Steven Lember — Steven C. Lember, Attorney at Law (Flemington, NJ)
Martha Lemert — (Fort Wayne, IN)
Mark Lemley — Professor, Stanford Law School (Los Altos, IN)
Richard Lenter — Attorney (Bloomfield hills, OR)
Jerald Lentini — Attorney, Ruane Attorneys At Law (Manchester, CT)
Dean Lenzotti — President, Crazytown Industries (Brecksville, OH)
Joseph Leonard-Lopez — Attorney (Spring Branch, OH)
Adrianne Leone — (Meriden, TX)
Arthur Lerner — Retired Attorney- U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (Burke, VA)
Louis Lesesne — (Charlotte, VA)
Ron Leshnower — Attorney at Law (Dix Hills, NC)
Helen Leslie — Former practicing attorney (St. Paul, MN)
Katharine Lessaris — Attorney (Chicago, MN)
Nancy Lesser — (Washington, IL)
Richard J. Lettieri — Ropes & Gray LLP- Retired Partner/Of Counsel (Osprey, DC)
Michael Z. Letwin — Former President, Association of Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW 2325 (BROOKLYN, MA)
Freda Levenson — Legal Director, ACLU of Ohio (Cleveland, OH)
Clifford Levenson — Attorney (Phoenix, OH)
Clifford Levenswon — Attorney at Law (Phoenix, AZ)
Martin E. Levin — Sole Practitioner; former Massachusetts Asst. AG (Framingham, MA)
Michael H. Levin — M.D. & G.C., Solar Shield LLC; former federal appellate attorney & senior executive (NLRB; DoL; U.S. EPA; The White House); former L.A., Senate Judiciary Committee (Edward M. Kennedy, Chair) (Washington, MA)
Howard Levin — retired attorney and retired judge (San Jose, DC)
Barbara Levine — Formerly Of Counsel at Hahn Loeser & Parks (Philadelphia, PA)
Jane Levine — Retired, previously VP/General Counsel, Public Health Solutions, NYC (New York, PA)
Gary Levine — (Libertyville, IL)
Mark L. Levine — Co-editor, “The Trial of the Chicago 7: The Official Transcript” (Yorktown Heights, IL)
Arthur Levine — Retired (Bethesda, MD)
Leonard Levine — Leonard J Levine, Esquire (Palm Harbor, MD)
Fred Levine — Law & Public Consulting (WOODLAND PARK, NJ)
Teresa Levine — Attorney (Lubbock, TX)
Michael Levinsohn — Attorney (Napa, TX)
Steven H. Levinson — Associate Justice (Retired), Hawaii Supreme Court (Honolulu, HI)
Doug Levinson — Former adjunct faculty at USC and UC Berkeley Law Schools (Los Angeles, CA)
Lawrence Levit — (New York, NY)
Ralph Levy — Former Managing Partner, King & Spalding LLP (retired) (Atlanta, GA)
Judy Levy — Retired attorney (West Windsor, GA)
Sean Levy — Attorney (Bend, OR)
Leonard J. Levy — Attorney at Law (Gaithersburg, MD)
Anthony Lew — Former Counsel, Assembly Judiciary Committee (Sacramento, MD)
Marc Lewinstein — Attorney (New York, NY)
Eleanor Roberts Lewis — Former Chief Counsel for International Commerce, U.S. Department of Commerce (Washington, DC)
Richard Lewis — Captain, USMC (Long Beach, DC)
Sarah Lewis — Assistant District Attorney (Boston, MA)
Scott Lewis — Anderson & Kreiger LLP (Boston, MA)
Mark Lewis — Former Attorney (Denver, MA)
Gary Lewis — Attorney (Cincinnati, OH)
Willa Lewis — Ppartner, Brandt, Steinberg, Lewis & Blond, LLP (New York, OH)
M.Calien Lewis — Former Executive Director, Maine Justice Foundation (Cape Elizabeth, ME)
Jerry Lewis — Attorney (Tallahassee, FL)
Shari Lewis — Partner (Uniondale, NY)
Winifred Li — Retired Attorney (Boston, MA)
Jie Lian — Associate (Beaverton, MA)
Kristopher Librera — (Boston, MA)
Herrick Lidstone — Law firm shareholder and adjunct professor at University of Denver Sturm College of Law (Greenwood Village, SC)
Paul Lieberman — Retired Public Defender Supervisor (Brooklyn, MA)
Michael Lieberman — Attorney (San Francisco, CA)
Alan E. Liebowitz — (Newtown, PA)
Laura Liff — Attorney (Fairfax, PA)
Erik Liggins — Attorney (Hayward, VA)
Sharon Like — (Arlington, VA)
Stephen Limon — Justice, Massachusetts Trial Court, retired (Boston, VA)
David Lin — Attorney (New York, MA)
Malinda Lindgren — Attorney (Huntington Beach, CA)
Frank Lindh — Attorney at Law (Solo Practice) (San Rafael, CA)
Stephen Lindsay — Retired Partner, Ropes & Gray LLP (Brooksville, ME)
Heather Lindsay — (Milton, FL)
Kristen Lines — Staff Attorney (Austin, TX)
Marie Lingle-Munos — Former Attorney (Indianapolis, TX)
Karen Linitz — (Waltham, PA)
Ronald Link — Retired Professor of Law and Attorney (Chapel Hill, IN)
Daniel Lipman — Attorney (Denver, NC)
Richard Lipow — (Malvern, PA)
Abigail Lipow — Attorney (Philadelphia, PA)
Joshua Lippes — Partner (Buffalo, NY)
Jeffrey Lipshaw — Professor of Law, Suffolk University Law School (Boston, PA)
Ross Lipson — Former Attorney (East Hampton, MA)
David Lipson — Law Offices of David R. Lipson (Sausalito, CA)
Robyn Lipton — (Washington, DC)
Marques Lipton — Attorney (Framingham, DC)
Carol Lipton — Member, National Lawyers Guild (Brooklyn, MA)
Tracy Lischer — Attorney, retired (Durham, NC)
Justine Lisser — Retired Senior Attorney, U.S. EEOC (Chevy Chase, NC)
William G. Litchfield — Attorney (North Chatham, MD)
Anne-Marie Litchfield — Attorney at law (North Chatham, MA)
Rory Little — Joseph W. Cotchett Jr. Professor of LAw (San Rafael, MA)
Rory Little — Professor of Law, UC Hastings College of the Law (San Rafael, CA)
Robin Littlefield — Attorney at Law (Nashville, TN)
Clayton Littlefield — Associate Attorney (Corpus Christi, TX)
Lawrence Liu — Attorney at law (Irvine, TX)
Julia Livingston — Director at Goulston & Storrs PC (Cambridge, MA)
Leroy Llewellyn — Retired private attorney (Nederland, MA)
James Lobb — Partner, Lobb & Hurst, PLLC (Louisville, KY)
Julie Locascio — Attorney at Law (Washington, KY)
Joanne Locke — Retired, former Vice President, Liberty Mutual Insurance (Wellesley, DC)
Sheila Lodwick — Sole practitioner (Chesterland, MA)
Shari Loe — Assistant Vice President – Senior Counsel, AT&T (Whitehouse Station, OH)
Stephen Loeb — Attorney (Brooklyn, NY)
John Logan — Member/Former Chair CBA Professional Ethics Committee – Private practitioner (Torrington, CT)
Janet Logan — Attorney (Pompano Beach, FL)
Peter Lohnes — Former general counsel (Seattle, WA)
Noah Lombardo — (Dallas, TX)
lilia londar — Esq (Philadelphia, ID)
Jack London — (Austin, TX)
Victor Long — Attorney in private practice (Washington, GA)
Abigail Long — Assistant District Attorney (Savannah, MO)
Lynn Long — Assistant Counsel (FPO, AP)
Carolyn Longstreth — Former Senior Assistant State’s Attorney, State of Connecticut (Inverness, TX)
Scott Lopez — Partner, Lawson & Weitzen, LLP (Boston, MA)
Denise Loring — Retired Partner, Ropes & Gray, LLP (New York, MA)
Russell Love — Formerly Of Counsel, Betts Patterson & Mines (now retired) (Seattle, WA)
Ian Love — (Seattle, WA)
Kary Love — Attorney at Law (West Olive, MI)
Kenneth Love — Attorney (Matthews, IL)
May Low — former Legal Services Manager (Portland, OR)
Fred Lowenfels — General Counsel Emeritus, Trammo, Inc., NYC (New York, NY)
John Lowry — Current partner Boehm, Kurtz and Lowry (Cincinnati, OH)
Kirk Lowry — Legal Director (Middletown, OH)
James Loy — Attorney (Porltand, OR)
Jennifer Loynd — Asst. Attorney General (Seattle, WA)
John Lozada — Equity & Inclusion Director (Beverly, MA)
Barbara Lubin — (Brevard, MA)
Amanda Luby — General Counsel (Longwood, NC)
Tracy Lucas — Associate Attorney (Hackettstown, NJ)
Whitney Lucas — Attorney (Lexington, KY)
Thomas Luebben — Partner, Luebben Johnson & Barnhouse (Santa Fe, KY)
Ronald Lueddeke Jr — (Neptune City, NM)
Robert Luedeman — Attorney in private practice (Windsor Heights, IA)
Paul Lukas — Nichols Kaster, PLLP (Partner) (Minneapolis, MN)
Sue Lunbeck — UC Hastings (ret’d) (Orinda, CA)
Carol Lunde — Lawyer (Beverly, MN)
Janice Lunde — Retired Attorney (Phoenix, MA)
Sandy Luo — Law Student (Millbrae, MA)
Betty Lupo — (Lansdale, PA)
Edward Luria — Member-Manager (Washington, DC)
Wendy Lurie — Managing Member (Montclair, TX)
Jay Luther — Law Offices of Jay W Luther (San Anselmo, DC)
Melanie Lux — (Kansas City, MO)
david lynam — Principal & Founder (chicago, MO)
Christopher Lynt — REGISTERED PATENT ATTORNEY (Alexandria, IL)
Melanie Lyon — (Fulton, VA)
Mary Lyons — (Houston, MD)
Edmund Daniel Lyons — Former federal prosecutor, former criminal defense lawyer (Naples, TX)
Sandra Lyons — Former Federal Prosecutor (Phoenix, AZ)
Charles Lyons — Attorney (Salt Lake City, UT)
MA MA — Attorney (Worcester, IN)
Kathi Machle — RJ Donovan Co., LPA (Worthington, OH)
Lisa Mack — Associate (Bay Village, NC)
Paula Mackin — Director, Juvenile Law Reform Project GBLS/DOJ (Newton, OH)
Charles MacLean — Attorney, J.D., Ph.D.-current (Eden Prairie, MA)
Merrilee MacLean — Attorney (retired) former senior counsel at Hanson Baker Ludlow Drumheller (Lacey, MN)
John Macleod — Crowell & Moring – past Chairman (Washington, DC)
Ann MacNaughton — Former ABA Council Member, Law Practice Management Section; Past Chair, State Bar of age as Coroiratw Council Section; Past President, American Petroleum Labor Lawyers Assn, 2002 ABA Presidentially appointed delegate to World Summit on Sustainable Development; Senior Editor, Environmental Dispute Resolution (ABA 2002). (Houston, TX)
Deirdre MacNeil — Esquire (Alexandria, TX)
Victoria Macpherson — Retired attorney (Albany, VA)
Barbara Macri-Ortiz — Attorney at Law – Sole practitioner (OXNARD, CA)
Kendall MacVey — Member California State Bar (Riverside, CA)
Peter Macy — Attorney (Andover, MA)
Brian Madden — (Washington, FL)
Jamy Madeja — Owner (Boston, MA)
Patricia Madrid — Fmr. Attorney General of New Mexico (Las Cruces, MA)
Patricia Madsen — Retired Attorney, former Judge (Denver, NM)
Patricia Maduke — Attorney (Hawthorne, CA)
Thomas F. Maffei — Past President, Massachusetts Bar Assn; Former Member, Mass Boatd of Bar Overseers (Boston, MA)
Howard Magaliff — (Ridgefield, MA)
Lauren Maggert — Attorney (Destin, FL)
Lisa Magnacca — Current (Portland, ME)
Ronald Magnuson — Retired–Senior Trial attorney, State Bar of California (Tiucson, AZ)
Carolyn Magnuson — Retired Admin. Law Judge (Tucson, AZ)
Daniel Magraw — Professorial Lecturer, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) (Potomac, MD)
William Maguire — Attorney at law (Santa Monica, MD)
Harrison Magy — Attorney (Washington, DC)
Krishna Mahadevan — (Cincinnati, DC)
Mary Mahon — (San Bruno, OH)
Jessica Mahon Scoles — instructor of legal writing (Arlington, MD)
Patrick Mahoney — Retired Judge (San Francisco, CA)
sheila mahony — (Hilton Head Island, SC)
Gary Mailman — (Princeton, NJ)
Andrea Maislen — Senior Associate (Somerville, MA)
Steven R Maizes — (Los Angeles, MA)
Melissa Majkut — Attorney (Parma Heights, OH)
Cecily Mak — Attorney (Mill Valley, CA)
Danielle Malaty — Partner/ Shareholder (Chicago, IL)
Diana Maldonado — Retired Associate Justice MA Appeals Court (Milton, IL)
James Malick — (Collegeville, MA)
Bashar Malkawi — Global Professor of Practice in Law (Tucson, PA)
Melissa Malmgren — Attorney (Brooklyn, NY)
Patrick Malone — President, Patrick Malone & Associates PC (Washington, DC)
Mary MaloneyHuss — Corporate Counsel (Wilmington, DE)
R. Bradford Malt — Retired partner, Ropes & Gray (Boston, MA)
James Manahan — (Miami, MA)
Peter Manda — Attorney, Peter Manda, Esq. (Hoboken, NJ)
ELLEN MANDELL — Attorney, and former president of the Cuyahoga County Bar Association (BEACHWOOD, OH)
Myrna Mandlawitz — President, MRM Associates, LLC (Washington, OH)
Liliana Mangiafico — Professor (Boston, DC)
Denise L. Manley — Attorney (Houston, DC)
Josh Mann — (South Orange, TX)
Sandra Mann — In-house counsel (Nashville, TN)
Christopher Mann — Retired AAG (Bath, ME)
Sandra Mann — In house Counsel (Nashville, TN)
Michael Mannheimer — Professor of Law, Salmon P. Chase College of Law, Northern Kentucky University (WYOMING, OR)
Tina Manning — J.D. (Portland, MD)
Michael Mannisto — Reverend (Sullivan, WI)
Lisa Manolius — (San Francisco, WI)
Deborah Mantell — Attorney (Huntington Station, NY)
Roger Manus — (Raleigh, NC)
Kristin Manwarren — Chief Legal Officer (Idaho Springs, NC)
Tony Manzanetti — City Attorney (Former) (Elk Grove, CA)
Deborah Maranville — Professor (Seattle, WA)
Paul Marchand — Attorney, former City Councilmember, City of Cathedral City (Cathedral City, CA)
Marcia Marcia — (Albuquerque, NM)
Susan Marcus — Attorney (Golden, NM)
Adam Marcus — (Midvale, UT)
Jim Marcus — Clinical Professor (Austin, TX)
Stanley J. Marcuss — Former Counsel to the U.S. Senate’s International Finance Subcommittee; former Senior Deputy Assistant Secretary in the U.S. Commerce Department; former partner, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy; former Senior Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School; retired partner, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner (, )
Anne Margolis — attorney (retired) & Yale PhD (Northampton, MA)
Margaret C Marinari — (Macedon, MA)
Wendy Mariner — Edward R Utley Professor of Health Law, Boston University (Boston, MA)
Marie Marino — Attorney (Aberdeen, MA)
Christopher Marino — Attorney (Aberdeen, NJ)
Charles Marion — CEO, ANIZPR (Boston, MA)
Denis Mark — Attorney (Centennial, MA)
Richard Markert — (White Plains, NY)
James Marketos — Partner (Washington, DC)
Emily Markos — Attorney (Philadelphia, PA)
Susan Markowitz — Partner, Markowitz & Markowitz (Doylestown, DC)
Ira MARKOWITZ — Attorney (Coral Springs, PA)
Rhonda Marks — Attorney (North Huntingdon, PA)
Brett Marks — Shareholder at Akerman LLP (Fort Lauderdale, PA)
William Markstein — Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President (New York, NY)
William Markstein — Chief Financial Office and Senior Vice President (New York, NY)
John Markwick — Retired Corporate Real Estate Executive. (Delavan, WI)
Donna Marron — Formerly of counsel at Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing and Bronster Fujichaku & Robbins (both in Honolulu). Former partner at Plews Shadley Racher & Braun (in Indianapolis) (Portland, WI)
Lisa Marroni — General Counsel (New York, NY)
Elliott Marsden — Attorney (Silver Spring, MD)
Kimberley Marsh — (Chicago, MD)
Penelope Marshall — Former Defender Washington DC.,Former Chief Defender,District of Delaware (Newark, IL)
Jonathan Marshall — Former Ohio Common Pleas Court judge (Columbus, OH)
Peter Marshall — Associate Attorney (Los Angeles, OH)
Alice Martin — Professor (Kent, WA)
Elizabeth Martin — Retired Judge (Green Valley, AZ)
Robert Martin — Retired attorney (Albuquerque, NM)
Meredith Martin — Member of the Virginia Bar (Milwaukee, NM)
Ellen Martin — Retired Partner (New York, WI)
Michael M Martin — Distinguished Professor of Law, Emeritus, Fordham University School of Law (New York, NY)
Lowell Martin — Former Acting General Counsel, United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (Solomons, MD)
Denise Martin — Denise Martin, Attorney At Law (Eureka, MD)
Lowell Martin — Former Acting General Counsel, U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (Solomons, MD)
Matthew Martin — Senior Associate Attorney (New York, MD)
Corinne Martin — Lawyer (Morrisville, NC)
George J Martin, Jr — (Sarasota, FL)
Esteban Martinez — (Mead, CO)
Beverly Martinez — Attorney (Solana Beach, CA)
Sanjuanita Martinez — (Mason city, IA)
Carlos Martinez — Managing Partner; Legal Solutions of New Mexico (Albuquerque, NM)
George Martini — Attorney (Verona, NM)
Miriam Marton — University of Tulsa College of Law Assoc Dean of Experiential Learning (Tulsa, OK)
Gregory Martucci — Attorney (Roselle, OK)
Jenny Anne Martz — (Philadelphia, IL)
Toni Maschler — (Alexandria, VA)
Joseph Mascovich — Of Counsel (San Francisco, PA)
Mark Masica — Attorney at Law (Minneapolis, MN)
Michael Masinter — Professor of Law Emeritus, Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law (Miami, MN)
Nicole Mason — (Bryans Road, MD)
Cheryl Mason — (Nashville, MD)
Eldonie Mason — (SAYREVILLE, NJ)
Matthew Mason — (Salt Lake City, UT)
Paula Massenaro — Attorney (Waldwick, NJ)
Aaron Masser — (Kailua Kona, HI)
Christopher Mast — Attorney at Law (Naples, FL)
Lisa Masteralexis — Professor/Attorney (Amherst, OH)
James Masteralexis — Professor (Amherst, MA)
Lorelie Masters — Women Lawyers On Guard Action Network (WASHINGTON, DC)
michael masuda — Attorney-partner (Carmel Valley, DC)
Stanford Masui — Law Offices of Stanford H. Masui (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Lia Matera — (Santa Cruz, CA)
Vanessa Mathisen — Attorney (Spokane, WA)
Peter Mattei — Attorney (Canton, MI)
Kim Matthews — Retired Attorney (Boulder, CO)
Marc Matthews — Attorney (Houston, TX)
Robert Matthews — (San Clemente, MA)
Michael Mattia — Counsel (Greenwich, TX)
David Matz — UMass/Boston (Boston, MA)
Howard Matz — Former federal judge (Los Angeles, MA)
Gary Maveal — Professor Emeritus, University of Detroit Mercy School of Law (Detroit, MI)
Marcia Mavrides — Principal attorney at Mavrides Law (Boston, MA)
Victoria May — Ass’t US Attorney, Criminal Div., So. Dist. Mississippi (Nashville, MA)
Berton May — Law firm Partner (Grand Rapids, MI)
Steven Mayer — (Berkeley, CA)
Kim Maynard — Former Assistant Attorney General of Washington (Seattle, WA)
Peter D. Maynard — Attorney (Reading, PA)
Mary Anne Mayo — Managing Member, The Nelson Law Firm llc (White Plains, PA)
Thomas Mayo — Professor, SMU/Dedman School of Law (Dallas, PA)
Stanley Mazaroff — Former partner at Venable and adjunct professor at Maryland Law School (Baltimore, MD)
Philip Mc Dougall — Director – Assistant General Counsel (Munich, MD)
Carolyn McAllaster — Colin W. Brown Clinical Professor Emerita of Law (Durham, NC)
Shannon McAuliffe — CPCS (Boston, NC)
Eve McCabe — Attorney (Hermosa Beach, VA)
Mary McCafferty — COO & General Counsel (York, MA)
Carma McCallie — Director/Attorney (Newnan, GA)
James McCambridge — Assistant Attorney General Wisconsin Department of Justice, retired. (Ipswich, GA)
Thomas E. McCarthy — Former Senior Advisor, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (La Rippe, MA)
Joanne McCarthy — Lawyer (Walnut Creek, VA)
Kel McClanahan — Executive Director, National Security Counselors (Rockville, MD)
Catherine McClure — Chair, State of Michigan Board of Ethics (Chelsea, MD)
Martha McCluskey — Professor of Law (Buffalo, NY)
Mark McConnell — (Honolulu, HI)
Annalee McConnell — Former Alaska OMB Director (Port Townsend, WA)
Brian McConville — Attorney (Reston, VA)
Mike McCorkle — Capitol Hill Law PLLC / Founding Attorney (Denver, VA)
Peter McCormack — Attorney (Houston, TX)
Sylvia McCormack — Attorney (Houston, TX)
Saul McCormick — (Glen Burnie, TX)
Terri-Lynn McCormick — Retired attorney (Boston, PA)
Rebecca McCoy — Former associate attorney (Jackson, MD)
Kevin F. McCoy — U.S. Magistrate Judge (Ret.) (Anchorage, MO)
L Stephen McCready — Founder (Clinton, MA)
Robert E. McDaniel — Former AUSA, District of Columbia; Head of Legal OSCE in Kosovo; Adjunct Faculty University of New Hampshire School of Law, International Criminal Law and Justice Program; Private Practice (Meredith, MA)
James McDaniel — CEO (Miramar Beach, FL)
Charles McDarris — Of Counsel (Raleigh, NC)
Christopher McDavid — Current (Louisville, NC)
Paul McDermott — (Duxbury, KY)
Scott McDermott — (Medfield, MA)
Thomas McFarland — Retired Assistant US Attorney (Glendale, MA)
David McFarlane — (Madison, WI)
Anita McGann — Attorney (Denver, WI)
Robert McGarrah — Pro Bono Attorney/Maryland Legal Aid (Rockville, MD)
Molly McGill — (Denver, CO)
Ryan McGinley-Stempel — Attorney, Renne Public Law Group (San Francisco, MD)
Lisa McGovern — Former Assistant District Attorney And Former First Assistant Clerk Magistrate (Prides Crossing, MA)
Philip McGovern — (Woburn, MA)
Owen P. McGowan — Partner (Cohasset, MA)
Joseph McGrath — Attorney at Law, in practice (Richmond, MA)
Beth McGregor — Attorney (Wolcott, VA)
Stephen McHale — Retired; former partner, Squire Patton Boggs; former Deputy General Counsel, US Treasury Department; former Assistant Director, US Justice Department (Brugges, Belgium)
John McHenry — (South Webster, OH)
James F. McHugh — Former Associate Justice, Massachusetts Appeals Court (, OH)
Mike McIntyre — Former first assistant district attorney Lehigh County (Allentown, PA)
Edward W. McIntyre — Former President, Massachusetts Bar Association (Clinton, PA)
Sean McKean — Attorney (Portland, MA)
Ralph McKee — Retired Attorney (Ann Arbor, MI)
Alexis McKenna — (Oakland, CA)
Kevin McKenney — Judge, Santa Clara County Superior Court, retired (San José, CA)
Laura McKinney — Of Counsel (Santa Cruz, CA)
Richard McKittrick — Retired partner, McKittrick & Warren, P.A. (Lincolnville, IL)
Ginger McKnight-Chavers — (Bronxville, NY)
Daniel McLaughlin — (Navarre, FL)
Lisa McLaughlin — Managing Member of MGD Law, LLC (St. Louis, MO)
Danielle McLaughlin — Attorney (New York, MO)
Martricia McLaughlin — McLaughlin &Glazer (Easton, PA)
William McLees — District Court Judge (retired) (Highlands Ranch, PA)
Maria Mclendon — Attorney at law: current (Asheville, NC)
Gerald McMahon — Law Office of Gerald J. McMahon (New York, NC)
Jay McManus — Director, Children’s Law Center of Massachusetts (Arlington, MA)
Patrick McMenamin — Managing Partner (Telford, MA)
Joseph McMullin — Lawyer (Draper, PA)
Steven McMurdo — Attorney (Poulsbo, Washington)
Justin McMurray — attorney (St. Petersburg, NC)
Marilyn McNabb — Former member (Lincoln, NE)
Emily McNally — City of Pittsburgh Department of Law (Pittsburgh, NE)
Joan McNichol — Past President- Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York (Lowville, NV)
Donald McPhail — Attorney (Washington, PA)
Laurie McPherson — Principal of The McPherson Firm PC (New York, NE)
Martie McQuain — Attorney (EUGENE, OR)
Patricia Kathleen McQueeney — Attorney at law (Denver, CO)
Elizabeth Mcswain — (Fernandina Beach, FL)
Thomas Meacham — Attorney at Law (solo private practice) (Anchorage, AK)
Jonathan Meacham — Assistant State Attorney (Chicago, IL)
Christopher Mead — Partner (Walnut Creek, IL)
Kathryn Meadows — Attorney (San Diego, CA)
Samuel Mecum — Staff attorney (Lancaster, PA)
Kiera Meehan — Partner, Sokoloff Stern LLP (Lynbrook, NY)
Pete Meeker — (Austin, TX)
Jennifer Meeker — Former General Counsel, Puget Energy, J.Crew and REI (Seattle, TX)
Denise Meenan — Attorney at Law (Palm Springs, CA)
Alan Meisel — Professor of Law Emeritus (Pittsburgh, PA)
Thomas Mela — Retired Managing Attorney of the Massachusetts Advocates for Children (, PA)
Suzette Melendez — Teaching Professor (Syracuse, NY)
Suzette Melendez — Teaching Professor (Syracuse, MO)
James Mella — Attorney (Hopewell, NJ)
Jason Melo — (Boston, MA)
Emily Melton — Legal Counsel (Boston, TX)
Joanna Mendoza — Former Board Member, California State Bar Board of Trustees (2013-2019) (Rocklin, MA)
Constance Menefee — Retired Deputy City Attorney (San Francisco, CA)
Marco Menezes — Probate & Family Court Judge (Ret.) (Hersey, MI)
Deirdre Menoyo — Attorney at law (Canbridge, MA)
Dawn Merkle — Former Attorney (Norfolk, MA)
Dwight Merriam — (Simsbury, VA)
William G. Meserve — Retired partner, Ropes & Gray (Falmouth, ME)
Lynne Messina — Retired Attorney (Coppell, TX)
Joel Messing — Retired (Avon, TX)
Bruce Methven — Attorney (Berkeley, CA)
Rosemary Metrailer — Retired Attorney (Nevada City, CA)
Philip Metzger — Attorney (former) (Silver Spring, MD)
Paul Meyer — Latham & Watkins LLP (San Diego, MD)
Loren C. Meyers — Deputy Attorney General, Delaware Department of Justice (retired) (St. Petersburg, Florida)
Norman Marshall Meyers — N. Marshall Meyers PLLC (Washington, DC)
Alexander Michael — Corporate Counsel (Sacramento, CA)
Jessica Michael — Assistant Solicitor (Pittsburgh, PA)
Clare Michaud — (Oakland, PA)
Randy Michelson — Michelson Law Group (San Francisco, CA)
Marc Mihaly — Former Dean, Vermont Law School (East Calais, VT)
Lisa Mikalonis — Associate General Counsel (Southfield, MI)
Saulius Mikalonis — Plunkett Cooney, P.C/Senior Attorney (Huntington Woods, MI)
Larry Mike — Attorney (Arlington, TX)
Joe Miklas — Attorney (Islamorada, TX)
David Miles — Counsel, FDIC (Bethesda, MD)
Steve Millendorf — (San Diego, MD)
Kathleen Miller — (Tampa, FL)
Joel Miller — Partner, Director, Goulston Storrs, PC (New York, NY)
Pamela Miller — Senior Vice President, Discovery Communications (Sherman Oaks, CA)
Susan Miller — Deputy County Attorney (Plainview, NY)
Rosalind Miller — Justice (Ret.) Massachusetts Superior Court (Boston, MA)
Sylvia Miller — Attorney (Vashon, MA)
Binny Miller — Professor of Law and Co-Director, Criminal Justice Clinic (Washington, DC)
Kathleen Miller — Attorney (Tampa, DC)
Sam Miller — Retired; former DOJ (Antitrust Division) (Oakland, CA)
Barry Miller — Past president, Chicago Council of Lawyers (Chicago, IL)
Joseph Miller — (San Mateo, IL)
Jonathan Miller — Senior counsel (New York, NY)
Benjamin Miller — Attorney (Salt Lake City, UT)
Lee Miller — Attorney-retired from Venable law firm (Columbia, MD)
Steve Miller — Attorney (Denver, OK)
Rebecca Miller — Lawyer (Topeka, TX)
Patricia Millerioux — Attorney at Law (Rockville, MD)
David Mills — Justice, Massachusetts Appeals Court (ret.) (Danvers, MD)
David Mills — Associate Justice (ret.) Mass Appeals Court (Danvers, WA)
John Minge — Attorney at Law (Perham, MA)
Mary Minow — Legal consultant (Chicago, IL)
Laurie Mintz — (San Carlos, IL)
John Mirick — Past Chair, Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers (Worcester, CT)
Tom Misteli — Senior Litigation Attorney (Dallas, TX)
Jason Mitchell — Special Counsel (Washington, TX)
Searle Mitnick — (Baltimore, DC)
Kenneth Mitteldorf — Attorney (Setúbal, MD)
Amy Mittelman — (New York, NY)
Sonya Mittelman — Law Office of Sonya Miittelman (Bronx, MN)
Beatrice Mladenka-Fowler — Retired Lawyer (Houston, TX)
Curtis Mo — Partner, DLA Piper LLP (Menlo Park, TX)
Gary Modafferi — Criminal Defense Attorney (Las Vegas, NV)
Bruce Mohl — Retired Associate Justice, New Hampshire Superior Court (Meredith, NV)
Joanne Molinaro — (Chicago, IL)
James Moliterno — Professor, Washington and Lee University Law School (Lexington, IL)
allan molotsky — (philadelphia, VA)
David Monahan — Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (Boston, Massachusetts)
Susan Money — (Ann Arbor, IL)
Robert Mongue — University of Mississippi Associate Professor (Springvale, PA)
John Montgomery — Ropes & Gray, former managing partner (retired) (, )
Scott Montgomery — (Seattle, WA)
Joseph Montgomery — Associate Corporate Counsel (Kansas City, MO)
David Montgomery — (Bradenton, MO)
Laura Montgomery Malone — Assistant District Attorney (Boston, MA)
Daniel T. Montoya — (Velarde, MA)
Sandra Moody — (Boston, NM)
Carol Moody — (Seattle, MA)
James Moon — Partner (Miami, FL)
Cedric Moon — Assistant State’s Attorney (Silver Spring, MD)
Henry Moore — Attorney (Austin, MD)
Frank Moore — Law Offices of Frank S. Moore, APC (San Francisco, TX)
Stephen Moore — Retired (Chicago, KS)
Robert Moore — Sole Proprietor (Beverly Hilla, ID)
Yonelle Moore Lee,.Esq. — Attorney (Waldorf, PA)
Stephen Moorhead — Managing Director, Wellington Management Company (Dedham, MA)
Jane Mopper — former Oregon Lawyer (Portland, MA)
Robert Morales — Attorney (Houston, TX)
Michael Morehead — Appellate Defense Counsel (Norman, TX)
Allen Moreland — Partner, AXS Law Group (Miami, OK)
Sandra Moreno — Retired Attorney (New Hope, PA)
Robert Morgan — Retired partner, Ropes & Gray (Vancouver, PA)
Norris Morgan — (West Vancouver, British Columbia)
Justin Morgan — Attorney (Detroit, MI)
Richard Morgan — Dean Emeritus (Boise, ID)
robert morgan — Member State Bar of Michigan for 47 years (Wyandotte, FL)
Richard Moriarty — Retired, formerly a Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General (Santa Fe, ID)
Jackson Morris — Attorney & Counselor at Law (Belmont, NM)
Roberta Morris — Attorney (Menlo Park, CA)
Charles Morris — Eastman Chemical (Johnson City, TN)
Robert Morris — (Raleigh, NC)
Katrina Morris — General Counsel (Menlo Park, NC)
Anthony Morrison — Managing Partner (Palm Beach, FL)
Virginia Morrison — Solo Practice (Leeds, MA)
Sharon Morrison — Attorney, Past President Montana Trial Lawyers Association, Past President Western Trial Lawyers Association (Whitefish, MA)
Joyce Morrison — (Pittsburgh, IN)
Sara Morrissey — Retired attorney (Philomath, OR)
Robert Morrow — Lawyer, former Visiting Associate Professor of Law, Fowler School of Law (Newport Beach, CA)
Wendy Morse — Attorney (Omaha, NE)
John Morse — Senior Partner, Morse Busby ANdrews and Terry, LLP (Vancouver, NE)
David Morse — Retired criminal defense lawyer (SAN FRANCISCO, DC)
Jennifer Morton — Attorney at Law (Knoxville, TN)
I Bryce Moses — (New York, NE)
Bradley P. Moss — Partner – Mark S. Zaid, P.C. (Washington, DC)
Allison Moss ( Moss-Fritch) — Former Attorney (Elma, DC)
Kimberly Mossel — (Livonia, MI)
A.William Mottolese — fomer Superior Court Judge, Ct., Now Judge Trial Referee (Stamford, ME)
Jonathan Moulton — Retired Partner & General Counsel (Boston, MA)
Steven Moyer — Law Professor (Palm Desert, MA)
Kristen Moyer — Attorney (Charlotte, WA)
Samantha Mucha — Attorney (Brook Park, OH)
Michael Mueller — (Silverthorne, OH)
Carroll Muffett — President, Center for International Environmental Law (Rockville, MD)
Bonnie Muir — Regional Attorney (retired) SSA/ODAR (Long Branch, MD)
Joseph Muldoon — Attorney (Washington, MD)
Linda Mullen — Former Federal Prosecutor (D.C. and Central District of Illinois) (Coralville, DC)
Pansy Mullings — (West Palm Beach, FL)
Charles Mullins — Senior Attorney, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (Olney, MD)
Kellyann Mulroony Johnson — Partner Johnson&Mulroony, P.C. (Chattanooga, MD)
Mary Mulvenon — Attorney (Burke, VA)
David Munn — General Counsel (Minneapolis, DE)
Jean Munroe — Attorney (Knoxville, VA)
Kathleen Munroe — Attorney (Collinsville, CT, ID)
Judith Murakami — Sole Practitioner (Riverside, CA)
Janis Murcic — Attorney (White River Junction, VT)
John Murdock — (Santa Monica, CA)
Robert Murdock — Managing Partner/ Murdock &Associates (Las Vegas, DC)
Michael Murphy — Attorney (Longview, TX)
Kathryn Murphy — partner (Arlington, TX)
Arthur Murphy — Partner, Murphy, Hesse (MHTL) (Quincy, MA)
Ann Murphy — Professor (Spokane, MA)
Jacqueline Murphy — Former junior partner (Englewood Colorado, CO)
Brian Murphy — Former Assistant District Attorney (Babylon, NY)
Brian Murphy — Former Assistant District Attorney (Islandia, NY)
Jeffrey Murphy — MEA Staff Attorney (Vermontville, KS)
Florence Murray — Partner (Sandusky, OH)
Rebecca Murray — Associate General Counsel (Fort Mill, OH)
Kathleen Murray — Retired employee benefits attorney (San Francisco, CA)
Christopher Murtagh — Attorney at Law (Los Angeles, CA)
Christopher Muse — Justice, Massachusetts. Superior Court (Ret.) (East Dennis, MA)
Antonio Musillami — Attorney at Law (Chicago, MA)
Jeffrey Musman — Seyfarth Shaw LLP (Boston, IL)
Jon Muth — Former President of the State Bar of Michigan; retired partner and General Counsel at Miller Johnson in Grand Rapids, Michigan (Belmont, MA)
Steve Muth — Judge, Montana, Ret. (Red Lodge, PA)
Elizabeth Mutia — (Laurel, MD)
Jannine Mutterer — Attorney/Owner, Mutterer Law Firm LLC (5 Able Street, MD)
Makau Mutua — SUNY Distinguished Professor, University at Buffalo School of Law (Buffalo, NY)
Rodger Mutzel — Former President (Cape May Court House, NJ)
Vaulo Mwinzila Vyu — Hon. (Nrb, KE)
Teresa Myers — Attorney (Port Jefferson Station, KY)
Blain Myhre — Sole Practitioner (Centennial, CO)
Irena Mykyta — (New York, NY)
Andrew Mylitz — Chief, compliance and oversight group, financial operations at FCC (Washington, DC)
Matthew Myren — General Counsel (Barrington, IL)
Christopher Nace — Trial Lawyer (Washington, MA)
Charles Nadler — Nadler and Weston Attorneys (Highlands Ranch, DC)
Ayako Nagano — Midori Law Group, PC / Managing Attorney (Berkeley, TX)
Raji Nagarkar — (Fremont, CA)
Stephen G. Nagle — (Austin, TX)
Jane Nahra — (Dallas, TX)
Karen Nally — Managing Attorney (Phoenix, PA)
Catherine Naltsas — Partner (Los Angeles, MA)
Roger Napoleon — attorney (ret) (Ridge, TX)
Kevin Napper — (Tampa, FL)
Richard Narva — Attorney (Jamaica Plain, MA)
Sheryl Natelson — Attorney at Law (Hallandale, MA)
Irvin Nathan — Former D.C. Attorney General (Washington, DC)
Richard Nathan — Vice Pesident, Legal Affairs (Burbank, DC)
Wade Neal — Current Bar Member (Tacoma, WA)
David Neal — Senior Attorney, Southern Environmental Law Center (Hillsborough, NC)
Jody Neal-Post — Attorney at Law (Albuquerque, NC)
Ian Neale — Of Counsel (Phoenix, NM)
Bruce Neas — (Olympia, NE)
Lisa Neeley — Partner at private law firm (Worcester, Massachusetts)
kenneth Nellis — (Oakland, CA)
Nancy Lee Nelson — Law Partner – Weber & Nelson Law Office, PLLC (Minneapolis, MN)
James Nelson — Justice, Montana Supreme Court (Ret.) (Helena, MN)
Zachary Nelson — Attorney at Law (Atlanta, GA)
Timothy Nelson — Administrative Law Judge (Ret.) National Labor Relations Board (Piedmont, GA)
Sharon Louise Nelson — Former Chair of the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (Seattle, WA)
david nelson — Superior Court Judge, Ret. (ukiah, CA)
Jonathan Robert Nelson — Attorney at Law (New York, NY)
Madhuri Nemali — Immigration Attorney (San Jose, CA)
Mary Nerino — Esquire (Washington, DC)
James Nesci — Retired Attorney (Tucson, DC)
Richard Nethercut — Attorney, retired (Harmony, MN)
Paul Neugebauer — Attorney (Orangeburg, MN)
Phillip Neuman — Attorney (Farmington Hills, MI)
Peter Chase Neumann — Peter Chase Neumann, Lawyer (Reno, NV)
David Neumeyer — (Lynchburg, NV)
David Nevin — (Boise, VA)
Barrie Newberger King — Attorney (Durango, ID)
Laura Newberry — Attorney (St. Louis, MO)
Claiborne Newlin — Attorney (Philadelphia, MO)
Leslie Newman — Professor of Law Cardozo School of Law (New York, PA)
Steve Newman — Owner solo practice law firm (New York, IN)
Carrie Newton — (Chicago, NC)
Lehoa Nguyen — (San Francisco, CA)
Quang Nguyen — Attorney (Costa Mesa, CA)
Alexandra Nica — (Seattle, WA)
Jacqueline Nichol — Attorney at Law (Alexandria, VA)
Alexander Nicholas — Former Legal Adviser for UN Peacekeeping (Charlotte, VA)
Molly Nichols — (Cary, NC)
Diane Nichols — (Yarmouth, NC)
James Nichols — Retired attorney (Carlisle, PA)
Carol Nickle — Attorney in private practice (Knoxville, PA)
Cheryl Nielson — Former Assistant State Attorney General (retired) (Port Angeles, WA)
Mary Margaret Niezgoda — Attorney (Tallahassee, FL)
Kenneth Nigon — Emeritus Attorney (Wayne, PA)
Kenneth Nigon — Emeritus Attorney (Wayne, MA)
Alexia Niketas — Attorney (Smyrna, PA)
Eva Nilsen — Assoc. Clinical Prof. (Cambridge, GA)
Cheryl Niro — Past President, Illinois State Bar Association. Former Partner, Quinlan & Carroll, Ltd., Chicago, IL (, MA)
William Niro — Current (Chicago, IL)
Miriam Nisbet — Director, Office of Government Information Services, National Archives & Records Admin (former) (Washington, DC, IL)
William A. Nitze — Chairman, Oceana Energy Company; former Assistant Administrator for International Activities, U.S. EPA (Washington, D.C., DC)
Richard Nix — Attorney (Evergreen, NE)
Judith Nixon — Attorney (Cary, DC)
Donna Nixon — Clinical Professor of Law (Durham, NC)
Andrew Nordahl — Partner, Freeborn & Peters LLP (Aurora, NC)
Laura Norman — Former Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig (New York, IL)
Matt Norris — Norris Law Firm, PLLC (Wake Forest, NC)
Eric Norris — Attorney (Santa Clara, NM)
Walter North — Amb. (ret.) (Orleans, NC)
Karis North — (Hull, MA)
Stephen Northup — Partner (Richmond, MA)
Isaac Northup — Partner (Asheville, VA)
Ann Norton — Norton Law Firm (Golden, NC)
Robert Noun — Adjunct Professor of Law University of Denver (Boulder, CO)
John Nyhan — (Indian Wells, CA)
Philip O’Brien — Attorney/Shareholder (Milwaukee, WI)
Rosalie O’Brien — Senior Associate General Counsel, U of Minnesota (2004 – 2019, retired 2019); former partner, Gallop, Johnson & Neuman, St. Louis, MO (1992-1999) and Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, St. Louis, MO (1999 – 2003) (St. Paul, WI)
Eileen O’Connor — Former career law clerk to a federal judge (Bradenton, MN)
Michael O’Connor — Attorney at Law / Law Professor (Tempe, AZ)
Alexander O’Connor — Lawyer (Chicago, IL)
Alexander O’Connor — Attorney (Chicago, IN)
Sharon O’Day — Attorny (Sarasota, IL)
Christopher O’Dell — President, Golden Legal Advice, Inc. (Golden, CO)
Patrick O’Donnell — Atorney (Berkeley, CA)
Steve O’Donnell — Attorney (Lancaster, PA)
Kathleen O’Donnell — Past President Massachusetts Bar Association and Massachusets Academy of Trial Attorneys (Lowell, PA)
Michael O’Rourke — Attorney at law (Toronto, VA)
Christopher O’Shea — Attorney (Chicago, MA)
Scott O’Brien — Retired Attorney (Sebastopol, IL)
James O’Brien — O’Brien Law LLC (Alexandria, MD)
Ann O’Connell — Attorney (Louisville, MO)
Michael O’Donnell — Law Officer of Michael K. O’Donnell (Greenwich, CT)
Meg H. O’Donnell — Retired attorney (Shelburne, VT)
Margaret O’Neill — Attorney at Law (Clearwater, FL)
Shannon O’Shea — Litigation Attorney (Frankfort, IL)
Teresa O’Toole — Attorney (Duluth, IL)
Karl Oakes — (ORLEANS, MN)
Gregory Oakley — (Nashville, MA)
Oluwasegun Obebe — DC Government (Potomac, MD)
Steven Obus — Partner (New York, MD)
Raymond L. Ocampo Jr. — (Ret.) Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary, Oracle Corporation (San Mateo, CA)
Matthew OConnell — Operating Partner, DCVC (Huntington, NY)
Barbara OConnor — Partner, O’Connor & Kirby, Former First Assistant Federal Public Defender (Venice, CA)
Elizabeth Odell — Attorney (St. Louis, MO)
Joshua Odintz — Baker McKenzie/Partner (Washington, DC)
Thomas Ogas — Attorney (San Leandro, CA)
Katharine Ogg — (Brooklyn, MA)
Anna Oh — Attorney, solo practice (Carmichael, DC)
Pamela A Okano — Of counsel (Seattle, VA)
Michael Olah — Attorney at Law (Seven Hills, OH)
Eric Olick — Former Senior Civil Rights Attorney, Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, and former Administrative Judge for The E.E.O.C. (Cambridge, OH)
Anna Oliva — Lawyer (Tempe, AZ)
Vincent Oliver — (Las Vegas, MA)
Shana Oliver — Review Judge (OLYMPIA, NV)
Aaron Olsen — Partner (San Diego, TX)
Christopher Olson — Former State Prosecutor (Mt. Pleasant, SC)
Gordon Olswing — Attorney (Memphis, TN)
Paul Onderick — Partner/Intellectual Property Attorney, Patterson Thuente IP (Minneapolis, MN)
Richard Oparil — Partner (Washington, MN)
Vivian Opelt — (Granville, PA)
David Oppenheimer — Clinical Professor of Law (Berkeley, DC)
Edward Opton — Former University Counsel, University of California (Berkeley, CA)
Edward Opton — University Counsel, University of California (berkeley, CA)
Rebecca Orf — (Ashland, OR)
Harvey Oringher — Former US Department of Justice Federal Prosecutor In LA (Los Angeles, CA)
Christopher Orr — Attorney (Newark, MA)
Eric Orts — The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania / Professor (Philadelphia, PA)
Rebecca Orttel — Senior Legal Director (Minneapolis, PA)
Eugene Orza — (New York, MN)
Marla Osborn — Attorney (Dublin, CA)
Gladys Nathalia Osorio — (New York, NY)
Carolyn M Osteen — Retired Partner, Ropes & Gray LLP (Boston, MA)
William Osterhoudt — Lawyer (San Francisco, MA)
Dolores Osterhoudt — Attorney (Folsom, WA)
Crystal Ostrum — Attorney (Washington, DC)
John Otoshi — (Berkeley, DC)
Colleen Ottoson — (Seattle, WA)
Michelle Ouellette — Partner (Riverside, CA)
Carol Overland — Legalectric (Red Wing, Minnesota)
Allyson Owens — Former County Government Attorney (Ellicott City, MD)
Thomas Owens Jr. — Attorney/Psychologist (Anchorage, MD)
Peter Oxman — Partner (HOUSTON, TX)
Glen Oxton — Partner (Mamaroneck, TX)
Glen Oxton — Solo (Mamaroneck, NY)
Mary Padfield — (Charlotte, NC)
Nelson Page — Past President, Alaska Bar Association (Sea Girt, NC)
Suzianne Painter-Thorne — Professor of Law (Lizella, GA)
Suzianne Painter-Thorne — Professor of Law, Mercer University School of Law (Macon, GA)
Donna Palermino — Former Assistant Attorney General, MA AGO (Cambridge, GA)
Claire Palmer — Sole Practitioner (Irving, WI)
Donald Palmer Jr — Attorney-Sole Practitioner (Walnut Creek, DC)
Terrence Pancoast — Retired Partner, Stoel Rives LLP (Lake Oswego, MA)
Sunanda Pandey — Principal Attorney-Law Office of Sunanda Pandey (Fullerton, TX)
Mara Pandolfo — Current Licensed Attorney (Brookyn, NY)
Atul Pandya — (Wellesley, MA)
Peter Pantaleo — Retired Partner Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP (New York, MA)
Ryan Papir — (Scarsdale, NY)
Richard Papper — Attorney (New York, MA)
Kenneth Paquette — Attorney (Longwood, FL)
Daniel Paradis — Lecturer on Law: New England Law Boston (Cambridge, MA)
Anton Pardini — Retired; former General Counsel, The Schnitzer Group of Companies (Portland, MA)
Lisa Pardini — Attorney (Vancouver, WA)
David Pardue — (Atlanta, GA)
Reena Parikh — Assistant Clinical Professor, Boston College Law School (Boston, GA)
Richard Parish — Retired attorney (Helena, MA)
Andrew Park — Founder and Sr. Attorney at Law Offices of Park & Park (New York City, NY)
Beth Parker — Parker Law & Mediation (San Francisco, CA)
Robert Parker — Former lawyer (Tallahassee, FL)
James Parker — Managing Partner, Hugo Parker, LLP (San Francisco, CA)
Yvonne Parker — Attorney, Private Practice (Lafayette, CA)
Alison Parker — (Woodland Hills, CA)
Jonathan Parker — Kentucky Colonel/Doctorate of Humane Letters/Lord of Olgrinmore Wood, Scotland (Chattanooga, TN)
Crysta Parkin — (Byron, MN)
Linda Parrish — Retired Attorney (Bellevue, MN)
Jennifer Parrott — Attorney (Atlanta, GA)
David Parsons — Retired (Six Mile, GA)
Corrine Parver — Retired Law Firm Partner and retired law professor (Potomac, MD)
Scott Paseltiner — (Bethesda, MD)
Stephen Paskey — (Buffalo, MD)
Anne Marie Pasquale — Current (Wakefield, MA)
Anthony Pasquini — (Carol stream, MA)
Scott Pasternack — Solicitor, Legal Services Division (Toronto, IL)
Marilyn Hall Patel — US District Court Judge (Ret.) (Oakland, CA)
Marilyn Hall Patel — US District Court Judge (Ret.) (Oaklanf, CA)
Sanjiv Patel — Patent Attorney (Largo, DC)
Eva Paterson — President, Equal Justice Society (Oakland, CA)
Michael Patrick — Partner (Retired), Fragomen Worldwide (New York, NY)
Diane Patrick — Senior Counsel, Ropes & Gray; former co-managing partner of Ropes & Gray’s Boston office; former First Lady of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Boston, MA)
Bradford Patrick — Attorney (Riverview, MA)
Alexander Patterson — Retired partner (Athens, GA)
Patrick Patterson — (Fox Point, GA)
Barbara Patterson — VP Human Resources (Milwaukee, WI)
Marie Patterson — Law Office of Marie A Patterson (Paoli, MA)
Catherine Pattinson — Los Angeles County Deputy Public Defender (Los Angeles, NC)
William Patton — Professor (Los angeles, WI)
Saswati Paul — (San Mateo, CA)
Saswati Paul — Attorney (San Mateo, CA, CA)
Douglas Paul — (Tinley Park, IL)
Larissa Paule-Carres / Sneathern — (CHARLOTTESVLE, VA)
Patrick Paulich — (Seattle, VA)
Kevin Paulich — Attorney (Bellevue, WA)
Sean Paulich — Attorney (Seattle, WA)
Ranjita Pawar — (Cupertino, CA)
Brittany Pax — Partner, Ruane Attorneys At Law (Orange, CT)
Bernice Payne — (Gilbert, AZ)
Warrenson Payne, Jr. — Managing Memeber of VP Legal, PLLC (Houston, TX)
David Peabody — Attorney (Ann Arbor, TX)
Amber Pearce — Appellate attorney (Seattle, WA)
Pamela Pearl — Attorney (Glenview, IL)
Arn Pearson — Executive Director, Center for Media and Democracy (Brunswick, IL)
Peter Pease — Attorney (Oak Bluffs, MA)
Jonathan Peck — Supervisory Trial Attorney, EEOC. Retired (Mill Valley, MA)
Tracy Peel — (New York, NY)
Thomas Peisch — Retired Founding Partner; former Vice-Chair Board of Bar Overseers (Boston, MA)
Bill Pemerton — (Harrison, MA)
Reita Pendry — Retired attorney (Charlotte, NC)
Chris Pendry — Former General Counsel and SVP, The Atlantic Philanthropies (New York, SD)
Lori Peniche — Corporate Counsel (Dallas, NC)
Brian Penny — Partner at Goldman Scarlato & Penny, P.C. (Conshohocken, TX)
Craig Penrod — (Tempe, PA)
Kathryn Penrose Loan — Attorney/Law Office of Kathryn Penrose Loan (Chicago, IL)
Patricia Peoples — former Asst. General Counsel, University of Miami, Retired (Ormond Beach, IL)
Erica Peresman — Voter Protection Director, Michigan Democratic Party (Birmingham, MI)
Gunilla Perez-Faringer — Attorney in private practice (solo practitioner). (White Plains, NY)
Eric Perkins — Founding Owner of Perkins Law, PLLC (Glen Allen, VA)
Stephen Perlman — Partner (retired), Ropes & Gray (San Francisco, VA)
Susan Perlman — Retired JD (Riegelsville, PA)
Steven Perlmutter — Robinson & Cole – Retired Partner (Boston, PA)
Richard Perloff — (Los Angeles, MA)
Laura Perme — (Cleveland, OH)
Susan Perone — Retired attorney (Asheville, FL)
Rudy Perrino — Partner, Kutak Rock LLP (Thousand Oaks, PA)
Mark Perry — Retired (Mill Valley, OH)
Stephanie Perry — Former Attorney (Cary, NC)
Edward Perry — Former Town Moderator of Concord, MA, former atty in Office of Solicitor, USDOL, and former civil rights atty in private practice (Concord, NC)
Randolph Perry — Attorney, retired (Vienna, MA)
Christopher Peters — (Santa Ana, VA)
Nicolis Peters — Attorney (Walnut Creek, CA)
Patricia Petersen — Attorney at Law (Seattle, WA)
Mark Peterson — Self (Minneapolis, MN)
Eric Peterson — General Counsel (Billings, MN)
Dorry Peterson — Prosecuting Attorney (Federal way, MI)
Joan Peterson (nee Rohlf) — Former shareholder Guess&Rudd P.C. (La Farge, WI)
Paul Petit — Attorney (Missoula, MT)
William Petricone — (Philadelphia, CO)
Sean Petrie — Professor, University of Texas Law School (AUSTIN, TX)
Melissa Petrofsky — Principal/The Petrofsky Law Firm (Newport Beach, CA)
Jeffrey Petrucelly — Pr Bono Retired Attorney (Boston, TX)
R. Matthew Pettigrew, Jr. — Attorney (Philadelphia, MA)
Janet Pew — Principal, solo practice (Montclair, OK)
Sheryl Pewitt — Attorney (Seattle, PA)
Louis Pfeffer — Attorney (Jupiter, FL)
Michael Phan — Ph.D. (Jacksonville, FL)
TUE PHANQUANG — Immigration Judge (Ret.) (Danville, CA)
Katie Phelps — Retired attorney (Atlanta, GA)
Sasha Philip — Dispute Resolution Professional (Kenmore, GA)
Steven Phillips — (West Palm Beach, FL)
Mary Ann Phillips — Former Attorney (Libertyville, IL)
Benjamin Phillips — (Bend, IL)
Joseph Phillips — Attorney (Irving, TX)
Robert Pickering — Attorney (Fort Collins, TX)
Philip Pickus — Philip Pickus (Baldwin, NY)
Tamara Piety — Professor of Law University of Tulsa College of Law (Tulsa, OK)
Denise Pilie — Attorney-at-Law (New Orleans, OK)
Ira Piltz — Attorney at Law (Chicago, IL)
Scott Pilutik — Law Office of Scott Pilutik (New York, MI)
Chris Pimentel — The Boston Legal Group (Sharon, IL)
Andrea Pincus — Senior Counsel (New York, MA)
Iris Pincus — Attorney (Ventnor, NJ)
Stuart Pink — Former Attorney (Bellingham, MA)
Dolores Pino — Attorney at Law (Chicago, MA)
william pinson — retired (savannah, IL)
Peter Pitegoff — Professor, Univ of Maine School of Law (Portland, GA)
Angela Pitha — (Denver, CO)
Stephen Piucci — (Portland, OR)
Jamie Pizzi — Attorney (Philadelphia, PA)
Zygmunt Plater — Professor of Law, Boston College (Newton Highlands, PA)
Gerard Plourde — Attorney (Philadelphia, MA)
John Podesta — (San Francisco, PA)
Ronnie Podolefsky — Podolefsky Law Office, sole proprietor (Lyons, CO)
Douglas Poland — Partner, Stafford Rosenbaum LLP/LItigation Director, Law Forward, Inc. (Madison, WI)
Jennifer Polera — Attorney, Microsoft Corporation (Paradise Valley, WI)
Alison Polley Chiu — Office of the Los Angeles County District Attorney (Venice, CA)
Dino Pollock — (Santa Cruz, CA)
Terri Pollock — Former Public Defender (now retired) (Seattle, WA)
Bern Pollock — Retired (SOUTH PASADENA, FL)
Randy Sue Pollock — Attorney (Oakland, CA)
John Pollreisz — Trial Attorney (San Antonio, TX)
Scott Pomfret — Founder, Regulatory Counsel LLC (Boston, TX)
Rebecca G. Pontikes — (Boston, MA)
Emily Poor — (Baltimore, MA)
William Poorten, III — retired effective 10/1/20 (Tucson, MD)
Rick Pope — Retired; former Inn of Court chapter president (Portland, OR)
Beth Popik — Solo Practitioner/Consultant (Atlantic Beach, MA)
Judith Popper — Professor at UMKC Law School (Kansas City, MO)
Karen Pordum — (Marina del Rey, MO)
Margaret Porter — Office of the General Counsel, DDH (Boulder, CO)
A. Steven Porter — Attorney at Law (Madison, WI)
Michael Porter — (Oak Park, WI)
Jeffrey Portnoy — Partner Cades schutte (Honolulu, HI)
Louis Posner — Founder of (New York, NY)
Dianne Post — (phoenix, AZ)
Anne Post — Lawyer (Kansas City, MO)
Lizbeth Potts — (Tampa, MO)
Jennifer Powell — Assistant General Counsel (Houston, TX)
Eileen Powers — Partner:current (Annapolis, TX)
Robert Poyer — Counsel (Syracuse, MO)
Gary Prado — Associate, Ropes & Gray LLP (Boston, MD)
Adrienne Prager — (San Diego, MA)
Zulfiqar Prasla — Principal at Prasla Law Firm PLLC (Sugar Land, TX)
Linda Pratt — Former judge (Ft. Lauderdale, TX)
Harris Prescott — Attorney (Tulsa, OK)
Holly Preslar — (Grants Pass, OK)
Jonathan Price — (New York, NY)
Jeffrey Price — Managing Member, NPWC, PA (Gainesville, FL)
Melanie Price — Associate General Counsel (Indianapolis, MA)
Griffith B. Price, Jr. — Finnegan LLP (Partner and Senior Counsel, Retired) (Bethesda, MD)
Gregory Prickett — Malonis & Prickett Law (Fort Worth, MD)
Alan Priest — Retired Partner, Ropes & Gray LLP (Fairfax, TX)
Michael Prigoff — Former Governor, American Bar Association and former President, New Jersey State Bar Foundation (Englewood Cliffs, VA)
Olga Prince — (New York, NY)
Lynn Pringle — Attorney – Pringle & Pringle (OKLAHOMA CITY, PA)
Laura Pringle — Partner (Oklahoma City, ID)
Adam Prizio — Staff Attorney (Hartford, CT)
Kristen Proschold — Attorney (San Francisco, CA)
Melissa Protzek — Executive Director (Pittsburgh, PA)
Mark Provenza — Mark Provenza, Esq. (Lorain, PA)
Sandra Pryor — (Rialto, OH)
Ruth Przybeck — Chief Counsel, National Tort Center, United States Postal Service (Longmont, CO)
Ruth Przybeck — Chief Counsel, National Tort Center, USPS (Retired) (Longmont, CO)
Christine Puffer — US Department of Justice (Arlington, DC)
Jeffrey Purcell — Senior attorney, Greater Bostob Legal Services (cambidge, MA)
David Purks — Founder and Managing Partner Sage Patent Group (Cary, MA)
Linda Putman — (Greenwich, NC)
Kelly Putney — Private practice (Minneapolis, MN)
Rusti Quarles — (Arvada, MN)
Win Quayle — Retired Partner and General Counsel, Ropes & Gray LLP; Senior Fellow, Conservation Law Foundation (Cambridge, MA)
Thomas Quigley — General Counsel Metropolitan Transportation Authority (New York, MA)
Mary Quigley — (Portland, OR)
Robert Quinn — Quinn & Quinn (Irvine, CA)
Anthony Quinn — Attorney/Paralegal Instructor (East Dubuque, IL)
Carlos M. Quinones — Attorney at Law (Santa Fe, IL)
Sheri Lynn Rabiner-Gordon — Retired (Westport, NM)
David Rabinowe — (New York, NY)
Robyn Rabinowes — Attorney and Teacher (Briarcliff Manor, NY)
Steven Rabinowitz — Partner – Pryor Cashman LLP (New York, NY)
Alan E. Rabunski — (Great Neck, NV)
Harley Racer — Attorney (Boston, MA)
Joel Rachmiel — (Springfield, MA)
Edward Radlo — Partner, Radlo & Su (Los Altos Hills, CA)
Charles Raeburn — Assistant General Counsel and Assistant Secretary, Pfizer Inc. (Cold Spring, NY)
Jill Raffee — Attorney (San Diego, CA)
Richard Ragsdale — Attorney at Law (Riviera Beach, FL)
Alice Rahoi — Attorney (Anchorage, AK)
Leslie Rakijas — Attorney/Law Professor (Yorba Linda, CA)
Wendy Ramallo — (Los Angeles, CA)
Sharan Ramchandani — Associate Attorney (Los Angeles, CA)
Drucilla Ramey — Dean Emerita (San Francisco, CA)
Linda Ramirez — (Saranac Lake, NY)
Maria C Ramirez — Attorney at Law (Oxnard, CA)
Wilbert Ramos — Attorney (Warwick, NY)
Ann Ramsey — Partner (Baltimore, MD)
Ronald Ramsey — City Attorney, Professor, Judge (COTTONWOOD, MD)
James Ramsey — District Attorney General 7th JD, Municipal Judge, Anderson County Attorney (Clinton, TN)
Kelly Ranasinghe — Certified Child Welfare Law Specialist (El Centro, CA)
Vernellia Randall — Professor Emerita of Law (Orlando, FL)
Thomas Rankin — President Emeritus, California Labor Federation (Berkeley, CA)
Richard Ransom — Retired Attorney (Newton, Massachusetts)
Radhika Rao — Professor of Law, UC Hastings College of Law (Berkeley, CA)
Jonathan Rapport — Attorney (New York, NY)
Nancy Rasch — Lawyer (Burlingame, CA)
Dana Rasmussen — (Portland, OR)
Tina Rasnow — Attorney Emerita (Newbury Park, CA)
Boyd Ratchye — Bassford Remele Law Firm (Minneapolis, MN)
James Rathz — (PHILADELPHIA, MN)
Joanne Ratinoff — California State Bar; Beverly Hills Bar Assn.; Los Angeles County Bar Assn. (Los Angeles, CA)
Gershon M. (Gary) Ratner — Co-founder, LDAD; Founder & Executive Director, Citizens for Effective Schools; former Associate General Counsel for Litigation, U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development; former Associate Director for Litigation, Greater Boston Legal Services (, PA)
Ron Rauchberg — Retired litigator (New York, NY)
Anazette Ray — Associate (Freehold, NJ)
Peter Ray — Attorney (West Palm Beach, FL)
Mary Ray — Deputy Public Defender (LOS ANGELES, MD)
Candice Raymond — Attorney (Mount Pleasant, PA)
Anne Read-Andersen — Retired attorney (Issaquah, NC)
colbey reagan — Partner (Nashville, PA)
Shawna Reagin — Lawyer; Former district court judge (HOUSTON, TX)
Robert Reardon — Partner (retired) Morris, Manning & Martin LLP (Marietta, TX)
Kathryn Reback — Retired (Potomac, VA)
John Rebel — Attorney with McKinney & Namei (Cincinnati, GA)
N. Clark Rechtin — Attorney-at-law, former Vice President & General Counsel of Fortune 500 Company and partner in major KY law firm, and former Counsel to Education and Labor Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives (Pleasureville, MA)
Kenya Reddy — Attorney and former federal law clerk (Tampa, OH)
Shelby Reed — (Round Rock, TX)
Michael Reed — Trial Attorney (Douglasville, TX)
James Reed — Environmental Law; former teacher (Carson City, GA)
Mary Regan — Sole Practitioner (Woburn, NV)
Leo Reid — Owner, Cannon River Law Office, PLLC (Randolph, MA)
Charles Reilly — Trial Attorney, United States Dept. of Justice, Antirust Div. (Ridgewood, MN)
Jeffrey Reina — Attorney (North Tonawanda, NY)
MaryBeth Reinecker — Attorney (Philadelphia, PA)
Barbara Reinhold — Attorney (Pewaukee, PA)
Richard Reinis — Partner (Los Angeles, WI)
Patrick Reis — (Toulouse, France)
Kenneth Reisenfeld — Partner, BakerHostetler (Washington, VA)
Catherine Reisman — Attorney (Cherry Hill, NJ)
Marlene Reiss — (Miami, FL)
Lewis Remele — BassfordRemele shareholder (Minneapolis, MN)
James Renken — Attorney (Victoria, MN)
Cynthia Replogle — General Counsel (San Luis Obispo, CA, CA)
Joyce Resnick — (Eatonton, GA)
Mark Resnick — Attorney (Tucson, NV)
Eli Reusch — Assistant Attorney General (Dedham, MA)
Wendy Revel Matheson — (Potomac, MA)
Brian Revercomb — (Arlington, MD)
Marion Reyes — (Kailua, VA)
Claude Reynaud — Lewis Brisbois (New Orleans, LA)
Kathryn Reynolds — (Aurora, CO)
Gordon Rhea — Former AUSA and private practitioner (Mount Pleasant, SC)
Adam Rhea — Attorney, former Virginia State Bar Councilman (Charlottesville, MA)
Susan Rhiel — Of Counsel, The Law Office of Beth M. Miller, LLC (Columbus, OH)
Jamese Rhoades — (Salem, OH)
Roger Rice — Attorney (Medford, MA)
Robert Rice — Attorney and Colonel, US Army (retired) (Liberty Hill, MA)
Joseph Rich — Former Department of Justice Section Chief, Civil rights Division (Washington, MA)
Jef Richards — (East Lansing, DC)
Daniel Richards — Partner (AUSTIN, TX)
Erin Richards-Wilhelm — Managing Attorney (Glenwood Springs, TX)
Mark Richardson — Attorney (Wilmington, DE)
Earl Richardson — Former (Lawrence, KS)
Nancy H. Richardson — Retired (Egremont, MA)
Matthew Richardson — Attorney (duluth, MA)
Steve Richie — (Santa Cruz, GA)
Jeffrey I. Richman — Staff Attorney, Criminal Appeals Bureau, The Legal Aid Society, retired (Huntington, NY)
David Richman — Partner (North Woodmere, NY)
Sarah Ricks — Distinguished Clinical Professor of Law (Philadephia, PA)
Lenore Riegel — Attorney (New York, PA)
F Benjamin Riek III — Law Offices of F. Benjamin Riek III (Akron, OH)
David Riemenschneider — Retired Superior Court Judge (California) (Ukiah, OH)
Lisa Rigoli — Attorney (Andover, MA)
Lauren Rikleen — President, Rikleen Institute for Strategic Leadership (, MA)
Sander Rikleen — Sherin and Lodgen LLP (Boston, MA)
Patrick Riley — Attorney (Chicago, MA)
William Ring — Coconino County Attorney (Flagstaff, IL)
Caroline Rion — Attorney (Charleston, SC)
Mary Riordan — Attorney (Chicago, IL)
Craig Ritchey — Attorney (Palo Alto, IL)
David Ritchie — Mercer University School of Law (Macon, GA)
Katalin Rith — Professor (Bethesda, GA)
Francine Ritter — Attorney – Admitted NYS Bar (Wayne, MD)
severina rivera — Legal Director, Philippine Commission for Good Government (Washington, MI)
severina rivera — Fmr Legal Director, Presidential Commission for Good Government, Wash DC (Washington, IL)
Carmen Rivera — Attorney (Chicago, IL)
Javier Rivera-Carbone — Attorney at Law (Irvine, CA)
Elisa Rives — Attorney Elisa S. Rives LLC (Scottsboro, AL)
Robert Rivkin — (San Francisco, CA)
Thomas Robb — Advanced Markets Director – Farmers Insurance (Bellevue, WA)
Gregory Robbins — (Chicago, IL)
Elaine Robbins nee Lubin — Senior Attorney, HHS OGC (Marshall, IL)
Clara Roberts — Attorney (Poway, NC)
Antonia Robertson — Retired from Sony Pictures (Santa Barbara, CA)
Donald B. Robertson — Attorney Former Majority Leader Maryland House of Delegates. (Chevy Chase, MD)
Stanford Robins — Retired Attorney (Mendota Heights, MD)
Eric Robinson — Current (Colorado Springs, MN)
Margaret Robinson — (Cortland, NY)
Edward Robinson — Criminal Defense Attorney; Former prosecutor (Torrance, CA)
Paul Robinson — Attorney (Raleigh, NC)
James Robison — Public Defender (Las Vegas, MO)
Daniel Roble — Ropes & Gray (Medfield, NC)
Marisela Rocha — Attorney (San Jose, MA)
Emily Rochon — (Boston, MA)
marilyn rock — Administrative Law Judge (Retired), City of New York Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (brooklyn, OK)
Mary Rodeberg — Retired Attorney Private Practice (Rancho Mirage, MA)
Scott Roderick — Lt. Colonel (Retired), US Army JAG Corps (Springfield, OH)
MK Rodgers — (Seattle, OH)
Allan Rodgers — Retired Executive Director, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute (Winchester, MA)
Richard Rodriguez — Attorney (Current) (Ridgefield, MA)
Carrie Rodzwicz — University of Pittsburgh, current (Pittsburgh, PA)
Edward Rogan — Equity Partner (Austin, PA)
Thomas Roger — Former (Hilton Head, TX)
Estelle Rogers — Former Trial Attorney, United States Department of Justice (Forestville, CA)
Phillip Rogers — Attorney at Law (Grand Rapids, MI)
Danielle Rogers — Attorney III (Gold River, CA)
Boyd Rogers — Managing Counsel/former judicial law clerk, US District Court, Eastern District of New York (Charlotte, NC)
Edward Rogin — Current (San Francisco, NC)
Joseph Rogowski — (Oakland Township, MI)
Naomi Roht-Arriaza — Distinguished Professor of Law, University of California, Hastings Law (San Francisco, CA)
Mario Roitman — Corporate counsel (Miami, FL)
Gabby Rojchin — SUMO (Bethesda, MD)
Alan Jay Rom — Rom Law, P.C. (Chelmsford, MD)
Melissa Romita — Attorney (Harrison, NY)
Phillip Ronan — (Lowell, MA)
Mavis Ronayne — Attorney (Pearl River, MA)
Barry Roseman — Attorney (Denver, CO)
Robert Rosen — (Los Angeles, CA)
Richard Rosen — Emeritus Professor of Law (Chapel Hill, NC)
Steve Rosen — Associate Vice President for Legal Affairs, University of Texas at Austin (for biographical purposes only) (Austin, NC)
Norman Rosen — Attorney at Law (Ukiah, TX)
William W. Rosen — JD; retired (Franklin, NE)
Martin Rosenbaum — (Minneapolis, MA)
Morris Rosenberg — Attorney in private practice (seattle, WA)
Joyce Rosenberg — Clinical Professor of Law (Shawnee, KS)
Martin Rosenbluth — Associate Attorney, Polanco Law PC (Lumpkin, GA)
Laura Rosenbluth — (Delray Beach, GA)
Lawrence Rosencrantz — Former Attorney (Portland, OR)
Stephen Rosenfeld — Retired partner, Rosenfeld & Rafik, P.C. (Jamaica Plain, MA)
Judith Rosenstein — Ms (Los Lunas, MA)
H. David Roseth — Attorney (Chicago, NM)
Daniel Roshco — Attorney at Law. (New York, IL)
Jeremiah Ross — Assistant Attorney General (Bristow, OK)
Elizabeth Ross — Attorney (Charleston, OK)
Susan Ross — NYC Department of Investigation ( ret.) (Bradenton, FL)
Heather Joy Ross — Founding partner, The Ross Firm Professional Corporation (Goderich, ON)
Catherine Ross — Fred C. Stevenson Research Professor of Law George Washington University (Larchmont, NY)
Brian Ross — Attorney (New York, NY)
Sara Ross — Attorney (Fairfax, OK)
David Rossman — Professor of Law, Boston University Law School (Newton Hlds, MA)
Bradshaw Rost — Managing Partner (Chevy Chase, MA)
Michael Roter — Regional SIU Attorney (Livingston, MD)
Alan Roth — Former Staff Director and Chief Counsel, House Energy and Commerce Committee (Washington, DC)
Jerome Roth — Immediate Past President, Union Internationale des Avocats (International Lawyers Association) (San Francisco, DC)
Peter Roth — (Concord, NH)
William Rothbard — Law Offices of William I. Rothbard (Los Angeles, CA)
Frank Rothermel — Current and in good standing (Philadlephia, PA)
Andrew Rothstein — Retired attorney (Cocoa Beach, PA)
Larry Rothstein — Lawyer (Westlake Village, CA)
Morry Rothstein — (St. Paul, MN)
Michael Rothstein — Attorney, Former President of Federal Bar Association Chicago and Illinois Appellate Lawyers Association (Chicago, MN)
Andrew Rotstein — Counsel, Scarola Zubatov Schaffzin PLLC (New York, IL)
Emanuel Rouvelas — (Arlington, VA)
Jack Rovner — Attorney (Chicago, VA)
James Rowan — Professor of Law (Newton, IL)
Alexis Rowe — (Ames, MA)
Debran Rowland — (Chicago, NC)
Anne Rowley Roskom — Immigration Attorney (Melrose, MA)
Denise Roy — Professor of Law (Minneapolis, MA)
Jeffrey Roy — State Representative and Attorney (Franklin, DC)
Daniel Rozansky — Managing Director and Principal (San Francisco, MN)
Bruce Rubin — Chief Operating Officer, Westchester Capital (Harrison, NY)
Daniel Rubin — Attorney and Counselor at Law (Venice, FL)
Jeffrey Rubin — Friedman | Rubin, PLLP (Seattle, WA)
Adam Rubinson — Member of the Board, DC Chamber of Commerce (Washington, DC)
Samuel Rudolph — Attorney at Law (Hayward, CA)
Sarah Ruef-Lindquist — (Camden, ME)
James Ruggles — (Sacramento, CA)
Celia Rumann — Attorney (Tempe, AZ)
Michael Rumbaugh — Assistant Attorney General (retired) (Lincoln, MN)
Amy Wheat Rumberger — Attorney (Alameda, CA)
Timothy Rumberger — Attorney (Alameda, CA)
Jen Runne — Current member of the Bar (Astoria, NY)
Samantha Ruscavage-Barz — Legal Director – WildEarth Guardians (Santa Fe, NM)
Wayne Rusch — Of Counsel, Berliner, Corcoran & Rowe, LLP (Washington, DC)
Robert Rush — former trial attorney Civil Rights Division (Cedar Rapids, DC)
Brian Russ — Attorney (Sacramento, CA)
John Russell — Attorney (Charlottesville, VA)
Diane Russell — Attorney (Silverdale, VA)
Paris S. Russell IV — Sole Practitioner (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL)
Becky Russo — Associate General Counsel and Vice President (Catlett, VA)
Richard Ruswick — Attorney in Private Practice (Ithaca, VA)
Fredric Rutberg — District Court Judge (retired) (Stockbridge, MA)
Barbara Ruth — (Philadelphia, TN)
Annette Rutkowski — Law Office of Annette Rutkowski LLC (CARMEL, MA)
Laura Ryan — Attorney (Marion, IN)
David Ryan — Attorney (Missoula, MA)
Edward Ryan Jr. — Past President of the Massachusetts Bar Association (Leominster, MA)
Vanessa Saavedra — Attorney III (Sacramento, NM)
Aisha Sabadia — Attorney (Los Angeles, CA)
Ann Sablosky — (Bethesda, MD)
Mary Ellen Sach — Attorney (Staten Island, MD)
Benjamin Sachs — Attorney (Denver, CO)
David Sacks — Retired judge (Holyoke, MA)
Robert Sacks — Attorney (Portland, MA)
Julie Sacks — Attorney (Providence, RI)
John Sadler — Attorney (Chicago, IL)
Jonah Safer — (Larchmont, IL)
Robert Safron — of counsel (New York, NY)
Murray Sagsveen — Sagsveen Law Firm (Bismarck, ND)
Stephen Saia — (Pembroke, MA)
Jennifer Saint-Preux — Court Attorney (Jamaica, MA)
Laura Sakas — Attorney (Western Springs, IL)
Jacqueline Sale — Attorney (Daytona Beach, IL)
Samuel Saltman — (Belleville, NJ)
Samuel Saltman — (Belleville, DC)
Sandra Saltrese Miller — Managing Attorney Saltrese Law Firm (Boulder, CO)
Stephen Saltzburg — Deputy Assistant Attorney General (Washington, DC)
Jill Saluck — partner (Westport, DC)
Mia Samartinean — Attorney (Peoria, VA)
Sasha Sampaio — Attorney (West Palm Beach, FL)
Grey Sample — Former Public Defender (Skandia, MI)
Gary Sampliner — Former Senior Counsel, US Treasury Dept (Rockville, MD)
Dorothy Samuels — Former member New York Times editorial board (New York, MD)
Carlos Sanchez — Attorney (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Olga Sanchez-Ochoa — (Davis, WI)
Christopher Sandberg — Former parter (retired) in private law firm (Rio Rancho, NM)
Adel Sander — Assistant General Counsel at Ascend Performance Materials (Houston, NM)
Laquesha Sanders — (Fort Lauderdale, TX)
Dylan Sanders — Partner, Sugarman, Rogers, Barshak & Cohen, P.C. (Boston, IL)
Dylan Sanders — Partner, Sugarman, Rogers, Barshak & Cohen (Boston, VA)
Adwoa Sanderson — Cornerstone / COO & EVP (Morristown, NC)
Deborah Sandler — Attorney (Walnut Creek, CA)
Debbie Sandler — (Philadelphia, PA)
Byron Sanford — Partner: Briskin, Cross & Sanford, LLC (Alpharetta, PA)
Patrick Sanjenis — Attorney at Law (Spring Branch, GA)
Amy Sansbury — (Cincinnati, IL)
Michael Santa Barbara — (Martinsburg, VA)
Diana Santiago — (Braintree, TX)
Alan Santucci — (Austin, MA)
Carrie Santulli Schudda — Attorney (Oregon, TX)
Chris Sapstead — Attorney (Austin, WI)
Amy Sargent — Managing Director (University Park, TX)
Joshua Sarnoff — Professor, DePaul University College of Law (Washington, MD)
Jim Sassano — Partner (Fairview Park, DC)
M. Elizabeth Sassano — In House Counsel (Indio, OH)
Mac Sasser — Trial attorney, The Sasser Law Firm, P.A. (Charlotte, NC)
Robert Saudek — Managing Partner, Morris, Manning and Martin (Atlanta, NC)
James Saul — Clinical Professor of Law, Lewis & Clark Law School (Portland, MA)
Bryan Savage — Attorney at Law (Champaign, GA)
Jean Savage — Arbitrator (Vancouver, IL)
Michael Sawicki — Of Counsel, Zdarsky, Sawicki & Agostinelli LLP (Buffalo, NY)
Paul Sax — Former Chair, ABA Section of Taxation (Lafayettte, CA)
Jonathan Saxton — (Wayland, MA)
Ross Scarberry — Attorney (Tucson, MA)
Paula Schaap — Finance journalist, former commercial litigator (Bronx, NY)
Mark Schaefer — Current (Bethesda, MD)
Philip Schaeffer — White & Case LLP (New York, MD)
Richard Schafer — Attorney (Natick, MA)
Jeffery Schaffart — (Omaha, MA)
Mark Schaffner — Law Offices of Mark Schaffner, P.C. (Chicago, IL)
John Schaffranek — (Pittsburgh, NE)
Randall Schai — Jones Day / Of Counsel (San Francisco, PA)
Ryan Schaller — Attorney (Oklahoma City, OK)
Philip Schatz — Law Firm Partner (New York, OK)
Gerald Schatz — Retired faculty in law and ethics (Northport, NE)
Eric Scheffler — General Counsel – Real Estate Fund (Scarsdale, NY)
Michael Scher — Attorney 42 Years (New Rochelle, NY)
Stephanie Scher — City Attorney (retired) of Baldwin Park, Bellflower, and Palos Verdes Estates CA (Los Angeles, CA)
John Scherbarth — Retired Assistant Attorney General of Michogan (SOMERVILLE, MN)
Laura Scheuer — Former: lawyer, CBS; Associate, Webster & Sheffield (New York, NY)
Michael Scheurich — Former Attorney (Denver, CO)
peter schey — (Oak View, CA)
James Schiavenza — Dean, Lincoln Law School of Sacramento/Senior Assistant Attorney General (Retired) (Sacramento, CA)
Elizabeth Schiff — (Cincinnati, OH)
Joe Schilder — Retired country lawyer (Sunbury, OH)
Marc Schindler — Executive Director, Justice Policy Institute, former general counsel, DC Government (Washington, OH)
John Schiro — Attorney (milwaukee, DC)
Kimber Schladweiler — Attorney – Former (Philadelphia, WI)
Kira Schlesinger — Schlesinger Conrad, pllc (Phoenix, PA)
Deborah Schlosberg — Director of Pro Bono Program, UC Berkeley, School of Law (Oakland, CA)
Essie Schloss — Retired (Gaithersburg, MD)
David Schmid — Actively Licensed Atty. (Anchorage, MD)
Angela Schmidt — Assistant U.S. Attorney, District of Columbia (retired) (Washington, DC, DC)
William Schmidt — Retired ALJ, NLRB & CALRB (San Francisco, DC)
Brian Schmidt — Attorney (Pawling, NY)
Randall Schmidt — Clinical Professor of Law, University of Chicago Law School (Park Ridge, IL)
Ross Schmierer — Attorney (Mt. Laurel, IL)
Steven Schneebaum — School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University (Washington, DC)
Sara Schneeberg Robinson — US Environmental Protection Agency, retired (Bethesda, DC)
Spencer Schneider — Private Practice (East Hampton, MD)
Nels Schnobrich — Attorney-at-Law (Sharon, MI)
Katherine Schock — Attorney (Austin, TX)
William Schoen — Attorney (Mill Valley, TX)
Rodney Schofield — Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for the City of Stow (FAIRLAWN, OH)
Raoul Schonemann — Clinical Professor, University of Texas School of Law (Austin, TX)
William Schooley — Schooley Law PLLC Attorney (Brighton, OH)
Paul Schreiber — Attorney at Law (New York, NY)
Jennifer Schreiber — Attorney (Bainbridge Island, IN)
John Schrier — New York/Attorney at Law (New York, NY)
Eleanore Schroeder — (Detroit, MI)
Ann Schultz — Owner, Schultz Legal Services, PLLC, & Former Intern, Michigan Court of Appeals, Research Division (Fort Gratiot, MI)
Laura Schultz — CFO (Westlake, FL)
John Schupper — (West Orange, NJ)
Andrew Schwartz — Shute Mihaly & Weinberger LLP (Mill Valley, CA)
Elizabeth Schwartz — Attorney (Lake Oswego, OR)
Steven Schwartz — Shatz, Schwartz and Fentin, PC (Chevy Chase, MD)
Martin Schwartz — Former DOJ Special Counsel (FBI); Former Assistant District Attorney, Bronx County, City of New York; Former Special Agent, Internal Security and Affairs, US Department of the Treasury, Customs Service (NY, MD)
David Schwartz — (Vallejo, CA)
Jennifer Schwartz — Chief Counsel (Sacramento, CA)
Steven Schwartz — Professor Emeritus (Lathrup Village, MI)
Teresa Schwartz — Professor Emeritus, George Washington University Law School (Washington, DC)
Robert Schwartz — Attorney-at-Law (New York, DC)
James Schwartzman — Stevens and Lee; Judge-Court of Judicial Discipline; Former Chair-Pa. Lawyer Disciplinary Board (Philadelphia, PA)
Jacqueline Schweichler — Staff Attorney (Edinboro, PA)
Henry Schweiter — (Bethesda, PA)
Alethia Scipione — Attorney (Gilbert, MD)
Jonathan Scoll — Retired Attorney (Edina, MN)
Sara Scott — Retired Attorney with the California Supreme Court (Mill Valley, MN)
Roger Scott — Attorney (Winter Park, FL)
Michael Scott — Sole Practitioner (Santa Rosa, CA)
Mike Scott — Attorney (San Francisco, CA)
Damien G. Scott — In-house counsel (Brooklyn, NY)
Stephen Scott — Staff attorney, the Legal Aid Society (Staten Island, NY)
William M. Scott IV — Retired Attorney (La Canada, CA)
Allen Seaman — Retired Attorney (Pinehurst, NC)
Ross Seavey — (Chilmark, NC)
Dveera Segal — Professor of Law Emeritus (Philadelphia, MA)
Earl Nicholas Selby — (Burlingame, PA)
Bertrand Sellier — Rottenberg Lipman Rich P.C. (Mamaroneck, NY)
Lee Seltman — Attorney (Arlington, VA)
Thomas Semple — Attorney at Law (Akron, OH)
David Sena — Staff Attorney (Los Angeles, OH)
Linda Senat — Director of International Relations, AJC (NY, NY)
Thomas Serowik — A Former Asst. Corporation Counsel Detroit (Royal Oak, MI)
Gary Sesser — Partner / Attorney (New York, PA)
Rita Sethi — (Sands Point, NY)
Rowena Seto — Founding Attorney, Medina Seto Law Group (San Francisco, CA)
Marcia Settel — Former Administrative Law Judge, State of California (PACIFICA, CA)
Eric Sexton — (Lee’s Summit, MA)
Jessica Seyer — (Merrick, NY)
Andrew Shafer — Attorney at Law (Seattle, WA)
Graham Shaffer — (New Haven, DC)
Annuja Shah — Attorney (Poughkeepsie, NY)
Neha Shah — (Long Beach, NM)
Sujata Shah — Former Deputy County Counsel (Vista, PA)
Hooman Shahlavi — Chief Legal Officer (San Jose, CA)
Mitra Shahri — Managing partner of Mitra Law Group (Portland, OR)
Barry Shainman — Esquire (West Palm Beach, FL)
Ann Shalleck — Professor of Law and Carrington Shields Scholar, American University, Washington College of Law (Takoma Park, MD)
Steven Shane — Attorney at Law (Newport, MD)
Philip Shapiro — (St. Petersburg, KY)
Jonathan Shapiro — Partner, Shapiro & Teitelbaum LLP (West Newton, MA)
eileen shapiro — Attorney (Brooklyn, MA)
Jennifer Shapiro — Assistant General Counsel, Financial Services (Oak Park, IL)
Jonathan Shapiro — Professor of Practice, Washington and Lee University Law School (Lexington, IL)
Meghan Shapiro — Deputy Capital Defender, Northern Virginia Capital Defender Office (ALEXANDRIA, IL)
Lance Sharp — Austin Bar Association/Past President, Past Member of the State Bar Board of Directors (Austin, VA)
Michael Sharp — Partner, Sharp & Cobos, LLP (Austin, TX)
Laura Bellegie Sharp — (Austin, TX)
Stephen Shatz — (Stockbridge, TX)
Karen Shatzkin — (New York, AL)
Marilyn Tebor Shaw — (Ithaca, MA)
David Shaw — Attorney (Tuscaloosa, AL)
Andrew Shear — Supervising deputy state public defender (Oakland, CA)
Thomas Sheehan — Attorney (Amarillo, TX)
Patrick Sheeran — Judge (Retired), Franklin County Court of Common Pleas (Gen. Div.) (Columbus, TX)
James Sheils — (Dennis, OH)
Elizabeth Sheldon — Tax Attorney (Los Angeles, MA)
Erin Shelly — In-house counsel (Wayne, PA)
Rachel Shelton — Attorney (Lexington, KY)
Chris Shen — Managing Counsel, Intel Corporation (Santa Clara, PA)
Jenny Shen — Counsel (Englewood, NJ)
Rylan Shepard — Attorney (Blandford, IL)
Spencer Shepherd — Counsel (Calgary, Alberta)
Christen Shepherd — Attorney (Kansas City, IL)
James Robert Sheppard, III — Attorney (Houston, IL)
Jeff Sherbakoff — (Santa Barbara, CA)
R. Kelly Sheridan — Of Counsel, Roberts, Carroll, Feldstein & Peirce (Providence, RI)
David Sherman — Retired (Denver, CO)
Bruce Sherman — Partner (Oakland, OR)
Shelley Sherman — Deputy Counsel OMPC (Great Neck, NY)
Mary Ann Shetzer — Attorney At Law (Houston, TX)
Steven Shevick — CFO, Brewed Foods, Inc. (Palo Alto, TX)
William Shheppard — Partner, Sheppard, White, Kachergus, DeMaggio & Wilkison (Jacksonville, FL)
William Shibley — Attorney at Law (Long Beach, CA)
Ilene Shifrin — Attorney (New York, TX)
Irene Shin — UCSF/Assistant Director, ICD (San Francisco, MD)
Barry Shinehouse — Attorney-CPA (Las Vegas, NV)
Keith Shiner — (Ellicott City, NV)
Justin Shiroff — Attorney (Las Vegas, MD)
Robert Shlachter — shareholder in law firm (Portland, NV)
Franklin Shoichet — Attorney at Law (Seattle, WA)
Neil Sholander — Lawyer, union representative (Long Beach, CA)
Leonard Shrier — Attorney (New York, NY)
Vijay Shroff — Attorney (St. Louis, MO)
David Shsin — Of Counsel (Ventura, MO)
Margaret Shukur — Former General Counsel (Lexington, MO)
Mark Shulman — Law Professor (New York, NY)
Betsy Shuman-Moore — (Chicago, VA)
Ron Sickmen — Attorney (Centereach, NY)
Anjum Siddiqui — Attorney (Chicago, IL)
Barbara Siegel — Retired Attorney (Los Angeles, IL)
Dan Siegel — Partner, Siegel, Yee, Brunner & Mehta; Former General Counsel, Oakland Unified School District; Former Chief Assistant, San Francisco City Attorney (Oakland, CA)
Joel Siegel — Attorney (New York, NY)
Martin Siegel — Barley Snyder/Of Counsel (Baltimore, MD)
lincoln sieler — (seattle, MD)
John Siena — (London, GA)
Suzanne Sierra — (Ladera Ranch, CA)
Elaine Sierra — Office of District Counsel, IRS (Grass Valley, CA)
Mark Sievers — Retired Attorney (Rehoboth Beach, DE)
Scott Sievers — (Springfield, PA)
Jonathan Sigel — Attorney (Westborough, OR)
M Christopher Sigler — (Centreville, VA)
Richard Signorelli — Attorney; former AUSA, SDNY (New York, VA)
Norman Silber — Prof. of Law, Maurice A. Deane School of Law, Hofstra U.; Senior Research Scholar, Yale Law School (Port Washington, NY)
Arthur Silbergeld — Thomoson Coburn (Santa Monica, CA)
Wayne Silver — Attorney (Redwood City, CA)
Jane Silver — General Practice (Scarborough, ME)
vickie silver — Retired partner (Manchester Center, VT)
Peter Silver — Corporate attorney (Thousand Oaks, DC)
Kevin Silverang — Silverang, Rosenzweig & Haltzman, LLC (Malvern, PA)
Barbara Silverstone — (Nanuet, NY)
Gregory Silvey — Assistant Attorney General (Olympia, WA)
Robert T. Simmelkjaer II — CEO, Persona Media, Inc. (Westport, CT)
Marjorie Simmons — Attorney (Burlington, WA)
Christina Simmons — Fomer Gen Counsel Fund Administration Citibank (New York, NY)
Gerald Simmons — Attorney (Columbus, OH)
Sandrs Simms — Former ABA. (Mililani, OH)
Jo Anne Simon — Attorney and state legislator (Brooklyn, NY)
Jennifer Simon — General Counsel (Swampscott, MA)
Roger Simon — (Washington, MA)
Steven Simons — Retired Partner, Ropes & Gray, LLP (Wellesley, DC)
Kenneth Simons — Professor of Law, UC, Irvine School of Law (Irvine, MA)
William Simpson — (Chapel Hill, MN)
Steven Simrin — Law Office of Steven M. Simrin (Berkeley, CA)
Andy Simrin — Attorney (Portland, OR)
Robert Sims — Former Assistant US Attorney (San Francisco, CA)
Michael Sims, Esq. — (Louisville, KY)
Gary Simson — Macon Chair in Law and Former Dean, Mercer University; Professor Emeritus of Law, Cornell University (Macon, KY)
David Singer — cleary gottlieb (New York, GA)
Sandra Singer — Attorney (BOULDER, CO)
David Singer — Vice Chair of NSU Law Board of Governors (Hollywood, FL)
Sherry Singer — Attorney (New York, NY)
Simran Singh — Attorney (Los Angeles, CA)
Joce!yn Singletary — Singletary Law FirmPLLC, Mem/Mgr (Charlotte, OH)
Severlin Singleton — Judge (retired) (Leominster, MA)
Anita Sinha — Associate Professor of Law, American University Washington College of Law (Washington, MA)
Leslie Sinnott — Attorney- Etgics and Compliance Officer (Noblesville, DC)
Mary Lloyd Sinnott — Retired Attorney (Richmond, TX)
Ketaki Sircar — (Munster, IN)
Brian L. Sirota — Attorney (Costa Mesa, IN)
Jean Siska — (Dallas, TX)
Anthony Sistilli — Attorney (Pittsburgh, TX)
Patrick Skilliter — (Worthington, PA)
Alexandria Skinner — Attorney (Columbia, NC)
Peter Skolnik — Former chair, New Jersey Media Lawyers Association, Former President New Jersey Volunteer Lawyers For the Arts (Plainfield, OH)
Steven Skulnik — Former Partner, Pavia & Harcourt LLP (New York, NY)
Nonna Skumanich — Attorney and Mediator (Durham, NC)
Donald Slavik — Current attorney (Steamboat Springs, NC)
Daniel Sleasman — Private Practice Attorney (Albany, NY)
Heidi Sleper — (Wheaton, TX)
Robin Slick — Retired Attorney (Nantucket, MA)
Jennifer Slifka — (Needham, MA)
Anne Slifkin — Self employed. Primarily retired (Durham, MA)
Diana Slivinska — (Pittsburgh, NC)
Rhonda Smiley — (Livingston, PA)
Morgan Smith — CEO Cogent Legal (Telluride, TX)
Peter Smith — Law Office of Peter H. Smith (El Cerrito, CA)
Abbe Smith — Professor of Law, Georgetown University (Washington, DC)
Don Smith — Professor (Denver, DC)
Melvin Smith — Attorney (Houston, TX)
Rex Smith — SELF EMPLOYED ATTORNEY (Sacremento, TX)
Greg Smith — (Philadelphia, PA)
Alan Smith — Partner, Fenwick & West LLP (Seattle, PA)
J. Leon Smith — (Braintree, MA)
Emily Smith — (Center Moriches, MA)
Patti Smith — Of Counsel at George D. Pappas, Esq. P.C. (Burnsville, NC)
Lisa Smith — Collaborative Divorce Lawyer and Mediator (Natick, NC)
Brad Smith — Attorney (Dayton, MA)
David Smith — Former HHS attorney (Rockville, OH)
Timothy Smith — Attorney (Vienna, MD)
Patricia Smith — Partner Smith LLP – Former Intern U. S. Attorney’s Office SDNY (Oakland, VA)
James H. Smith — Attorney (Silver Spring, MD)
Jennifer Smith — Attorney (York, MD)
Alex Smith — Staff Attorney (Brooklyn, PA)
Lawrence Smith — Member U.S. Congress (ret.) Attorney Lawrence J. Smith P.A. (Fort lauderdale, FL)
Bryan Smith — Attorney at Law, Tamaki Law (Yakima, WA)
Elizabeth Smith — (Thousand Oaks, CA)
Steven Smith — (Swarthmore, PA)
Charles Smith — (Georgetown, PA)
Michael Smith — Contract attorney associated with Rimon P.C. (San Diego, CA)
Chihang Smith — Contract attorney associated with Rimon P.C. (San Diego, IL)
Robert Smith — (Oakland, FL)
Jennifer Smock — Attorney (Frankfort, KY)
Bradley Smolkin — Partner, Morrison Mahoney LLP; Counsel, Professional Liability Section, FDIC Legal Division (Windsor, KY)
Victoria Smolyar — Founding Attorney, Smolyar Law (New York, PA)
stephanie smythe — Oregon Department of Justice (Salem, OR)
Karen Snell — Attorney (San Francisco, CA)
Roary Snider — (Fayetteville, MD)
Allen R. Snyder — Former Chair, D.C. Court of Appeals Board on Professional Responsibility; Former Chair, U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit Committee on Admissions and Grievances (Washington, DC)
Edward Snyder — Principal, Castillo Snyder PC (San Antonio, DC)
Sylvan Sobel — Retired, Federal Judicial Center (North Potomac, TX)
Avi Soifer — Professor, William S. Richardson School of Law (Honolulu, MD)
susan soklin — Attorney and Former law clerk U.S District Court 10th Circuit. (Boulder, CO)
Daniel Sokol — Attorney (St. Louis, MO)
Beth Solan — Attorney (Gig Harbor, MO)
Mark Soler — Executive Director, Center for Children’s Law and Policy (Washington, DC)
Nickolas Solish — Attorney (Burbank, DC)
Robert Solomon — UC Irvine school of Law (irvine, CA)
Janine Solomon — Managing Attorney (Boston, MA)
Derek Soltis — Partner (Jersey City, MA)
Amanda Somma — (Buffalo, MO)
Robert Sonenthal — Sonenthal & Overall P.C. (Washington, DC)
Neal Sonnett — Former Federal Prosecutor; Past President, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers; Florida Bar Foundation; American Judicature Society. Past Chair, ABA Criminal Justice Section. (Miami, DC)
Karen Sorensen — Attorney (Kentfield, CA)
Neil Sorensen — Attorney (San Rafael, CA)
Michelle Sortor — (Hurst, MD)
Nancy Sotomayor — (Los Angeles, CA)
Jeff Sovern — Professor of Law, St. John’s University School of Law (Queens, NY)
Michael Spalding — partner (San Rafael, CA)
Robert Sparks — Solo Attorney (Fairbanks, AK)
Michael Spear — (Philadelphia, PA)
Riva Spear Adriance — Senior Special Counsel (Falls Church, PA)
Daniel Speir — Attorney (Kansas City, MO)
LaTi Spence — Counsel (Philadelphia, VA)
Deborah Sperlak — (Denver, PA)
Raymond Speroff — Sr. Counsel, Fortune 500 Corporation (Euclid, CO)
Roxanne Spiegel — Deputy General Counsel (Seattle, WA)
Mark Spiegel — Professor of Law, Boston College Law School (Boston, MA)
Thomas Spinrad — Attorney (Albany, MA)
Bradley Spitz — (San Diego, CA)
Adelbert Spitzer — Counsel, Office of General Counsel, MIT (Boston, MA)
Hugh Spitzer — Professor of Law, University of Washington (Seattle, MA)
David Sprafkin — Attorney in Private Practice (New York, NY)
Beth Sprecher Brooks — General Counsel, Inland Real Estate Corporation (retired) (Pasadena, CA)
Colby B. Springer — Partner (San Francisco, CA)
Brad Springer — Attorney (Grand Haven, MI)
Joseph Springsteen — (San Jose, MA)
Charles Spurlock — Judge (ret.) (Cambridge, MA)
James Staal — (Bronx, MA)
douglas stacey — Attorney at Law (Desert Hot Springs, CA)
Laura Stafford — (Boston, MA)
Michele Stafford — Shareholder/ Attorney (Alameda, MA)
Eric Stafford — Senior Litigation Attorney (Malden, MA)
Rebecca Stamey-White — Partner (San Francisco, CA)
Shadrach Stanleigh — Attorney (current) (Brooklyn, MA)
Paige Stanley — Attorney (Atlanta, GA)
Morgan Stanley — Associate Attorney (White Plains, GA)
Christopher Stansell — Deputy Public Defender (Davis, CA)
Thomas Stanton — (Kensington, MD)
Stacy Starcher — Owner (Malvern, MD)
Louise Stark — Former Maricopa County Public Defender (Phoenix, OH)
Susan Starker — retired attorney (Brooklyn, NY)
Gary Starr — Retired partner, Shipman & Goodwin LLP (Bloomfield, CT)
Michael Starr — Former General Counsel (Hilton Head, SC)
Gina Stassi — Associate Attorney (Emeryville, CA)
Teresa Statler — Attorney (Portland, OR)
Katherine Staton — AUSA SDNY (New York, NY)
Brett Stecker — Attorney (Bryn Mawr, PA)
Reilly Steel — (New York, PA)
Kathy Steel — Retired (Oakland, CA)
Bruce Steele — Retired Attorney (Torrance, CA)
David Steelman — Former Vice President, Natl. Ctr. for State Courts (Manchester, NH)
Jon Steffensen — Counsel–McLane Middleton, PA (Waban, MA)
Jordan Steiker — University of Texas School of Law/Professor of Law (Austin, TX)
Marshall Stein — Former A.U.S.A, MA; former Chief Staff Attorney, U.S. Ct of Appeals, 1st Cir ey U.S. Ct. of Appeals, 1st Cir.ney (Newton, MA)
Joshua Stein — Attorney (New York, MA)
Mitchell Stein — Senior Counsel (Los Angeles, CA)
Adam Stein — of counsel TinFulton (Chapel Hill, NC)
Paul Stein — Former Associate Counsel NYS Dept. of Health (Brooklyn, PA)
Mark Stein — Partner, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP (Boston, VA)
Jason Steinberg — Senior Attorney II – Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers (Montebello, NC)
Stephen Steinberg — Attorney (Bridgehampton, NY)
Ethan Steinberg — (Los Angeles, CA)
Erica H. Steinberger — Retired Partner, Latham & Watkins, LLP (New York, NY)
Daniel Steinbock — Dean and Professor Emeritus University of Toledo College of Law (Guilford, CT)
Barbara Steinhardt-Carter — Retired California Administrative Law Judge (Sacremento, CA)
Larry Stempler — Attorney sole member Stemplerlaw. LLC (Livingston, NJ)
Mike Stephens — Attorney at Law (no longer practicing) (Pacifica, CA)
Roger Stephens — Attorney (San Antonio, TX)
Judith Stephenson — Former Assistant District Attorney (Orleans, TX)
Tenley Stephenson — Former Assistant District Attorney, Middlesex County, MA (Menlo Park, MA)
Gerald Sterling — Attorney (Waxhaw, NC)
Michael Stern — Emeritus partner, Cooley LLP (Palo Alto, NC)
Rachel Sternlieb — Commercial litigation associate attorney (Denver, CO)
Alan Sternstein — (North Bethesda, MD)
Christopher Stetson — Attorney (Somerville, MD)
David W Steuber — Jones Day retired partner (Laguna Beach, MA)
Janice Stevens — attorney (Fort Myers, FL)
Scott Stevens — Attorney (Bloomington, MN)
Chris Stevens — Attorney (Fort Collins, TX)
Adlai Stevenson III — Former U.S. Senator (Chicago, MN)
David O. Stewart — Former Partner, Ropes & Gray (Potomac, IL)
Kyeko Stewart — Attorney (New York, MD)
David Stewart — Former partner, Ropes & Gray (Potomac, MD)
Marc Stickgold — Professor of Constitutional Law (Berkeley, MD)
Jeffrey Stickle — Attorney (Gaithersburg, MD)
Beth Stickney — Maine Business Immigration Coalition (Portland, MD)
Charles Still — Partner, Bracewell LLP (Houston, TX)
R. Michael Stillwagon — Attorney (Ann Arbor, TX)
John Stinchfield — Attorney (Washington, DC)
Stacy Stitham — Attorney (Brunswick, DC)
James Stocks — Attorney (Hendersonville, TN)
Jennifer Stockwell — (Minneapolis, MN)
N.Robert Stoll — Founder, StollBerne, LLC (Portland, MN)
Richard G. Stoll — (Milwaukee, WI)
Jake Stoller — Attorney (Chicago, WI)
Robert Stolzberg — Law Office of Robert Stolzberg (Brookline, IL)
Miriam Stombler — Retired Assistant County Counsel, County of Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz, MA)
Thomas Stone — Laurel Law Group, Partner (Seattle, WA)
Karen E. Stoorman — Attorney and former founding partner at Advantage Legal Services PC (Huntington Woods, MI)
Steven Storch — Magistrate Judge (ret) (Bahama, NC)
Kenneth Storer — TV writer (West Hollywood, NC)
Edgar Storm — JD, Esq. Retired (Gresham, MA)
Anna Stotis — Attorney (Glencoe, IL)
Bill George Stotis — Retired Partner at Stotis & Baird Chartered (Glencoe, IL)
David Stout — University of New Mexico School of Law (Albuquerque, IL)
Donald Straith — Attorney (Detroit, MI)
Ellen Strauss, Esq. (Ret.) — Ellen L.F. Strauss, Esq. (Ret.) (Weston, NM)
Michael Streit — Former Iowa Supreme Court Justice (West Des Moines,, NE)
Joseph Strella — Partner (San Bruno, CA)
Linda Striefsky — Retired Attorney (Cleveland, OH)
Morgan Stringer — Associate, The Law Offices of P. Andrew Torrez (Charlotte, NC)
James Strnal — Law Office of James A. Strnal (Chicago, NC)
Robyn Strobo — (Louisville, IL)
Robert Strom — (Chicago, IL)
Janice Strong — Managing Attorney (Roswell, PA)
Timothy Stubbs — Partner (Moscow, IL)
Timothy Stubbs — Partner (Moscow, MI)
Stephen Stublarec — Partner (retired) Latham & Watkins LLP (San Francisco, CA)
Maurice Stucke — Douglas A. Blaze Distinguished Professor of Law (Knoxville, TN)
Lindsay Stueve — (Cincinnati, OH)
Peter Sturges — Common Cause Massachusetts, Vice chairman (Cambridge, OH)
Neil Subramanya — (PHILADELPHIA, MA)
James Sudler — James Sudler, Attorney (Denver, PA)
Jonathan Sue — Attorney (Los Angeles, CA)
David Sugerman — Senior Counsel (New York, NY)
Daniek Sullivan — partner. Goulston & Storrs (Woodstock, VT)
David Sullivan — Former General Counsel, MA State Ethics Commission (Cambridge, MA)
Sean Sullivan — (Chicago, MA)
Patrick Sullivan — Attorney at Law (Belleville, IL)
Sean Sullivan — Healthcare Attorney (Atlanta, IL)
Christopher Sullivan — Former President, Massachusetts Bar Association (2017-2018) (Boston, GA)
Brian Sullivan — Partner, MSK Attorneys (South Burlington, MA)
Stephen Sulmeyer — (Fairfax, CA)
Mark Summers — Partner Casper & Casper (Middletown, OH)
Jennifer Summers — (Mesa, OH)
Jianlong Sun — Attorney (MOUNTAINSIDE, NJ)
Ellen Surloff — (PITTSBURGH, PA)
Maxine Sushelsky — Solo Practitioner (retired) (Medford, PA)
Pamela Sutherland — Attorney (retired) (Washington, WA)
Seth Sutton — Attorney (Waco, MA)
Martha Svoboda — (Wake Forest, MA)
Bradley Swanson — Sole practitioner. (Pine River, NC)
James Swartz — (Boston, MN)
Elly Swartz — (Brookline, MA)
Lois Swartzell — Attorney (Ann Arbor, MA)
Keith Sweeney — Professor of Law / Lawyer (Rindge, NH)
William Sweeney — (West Hartford, CT)
Victoria Sweet — Program Director and Attorney (Stone Ridge, NY)
Clifford Sweet, III — Pearlman, Brown & Wax, LLP/ Of Counsel (San Diego, CA)
Anne Swerlick — Attorney (Tallahassee, FL)
Jeremy Swick — Corporate Counsel (Ortonville, MI)
Robert Swider — Swider Haver (Portland, OR)
Jill Switzer — Attorney Mediator (Pasadena, CA)
John Swomley — Partner (Boston, MA)
Robin Swope — Colonel (Ret), US Army JAGC (Fairfax Station, MA)
Carl Szamosvari — Solicitor (Toronto, VA)
Barbara Szombatfalvy — Partner (Durham, OH)
Melanie Szuba Appleby — Rothstein Mandell Strohm Halm and Cipriani; (Lavallette, NJ)
HARRIS TABACK — Attorney (San Francisco, CA)
Amy Tabor — Attorney (Retired) (Attleboro, MA)
Ray Tahnk-Johnson — Attorney (Minnetonka, MA)
Thomas Talbot — Talbot & Ducker Partner (Kettering, PA)
Jan Matthew Tamanini — JMT Law, LLC (Harrisburg, MN)
Karl Tameler — Attorney at Law (Pueblo, MA)
Pei Pei Tan — Inactive member of the California Bar (Oakland, PA)
Kirsten Taniguchi — Attorney (Woodinville, WA)
Andrew Taniguchi — (Seattle, WA)
Tammy Tanner — (Decatur, GA)
MD Taracido — Retired (Carolina, GA)
Leslie Tarantola — General Counsel (Rockville, MD)
Oren Tasini — (North Palm Beach, MD)
Dawnee Tate — private practice (Falls Church, VA)
Alisa Tate — Attorney (Jackson, TX)
Ichiro Tatsumi — Retired attorney (Long Beach, VA)
Stephanie Tavares-Buhler — (Petaluma, CA)
david taxin — Attorney (White Plains, NY)
Daniel Taylor — Former Partner DLAPiper (Boston, MA)
Mark Taylor — Solo Patent & Trademark Attorney (Beaufort, MA)
Jeremy Taylor — Senior Attorney (Waynesboro, NC)
Shawn Taylor — Lawyer (Charlston, VA)
Susan Taylor — Attorney (Houston, TX)
Victoria Taylor — Owner, Victoria Taylor Consulting Services Group (Troutman, NC)
James Taylor — James D. Taylor, P.C., Attorneys & Counselors at Law (Mitchell, NC)
Mary P Taylor — (Evanston, IL)
Stacy Taylor — General Counsel (Bainbridge Island, IL)
Thomas M Taylor — Retired (Seattle, PA)
T. A. Taylor-Hunt — Law Office of T. A. Taylor-Hunt, LLC (Aurora, CO)
Jodi Teitelman — (Villanova, PA)
Stuart Teller — Attorney (Davie, PA)
John Tener — Former Partner, Robinson & Cole (Newton, MA)
Talin Tenley — Senior attorney (Studio city, MA)
stephen tennis — (mill valley, MA)
Peter Tepley — (Birmingham, AL)
Scott J. Tepper — (Los Angeles, CA)
David Terner — Esq. (just lawyer) (Aurora, NV)
Thomas Terrando — Former Attorney/Current HS Journalism Teacher (Sugar Land, TX)
Andrew Terrell — Partner/Attorney (Alexandria, MA)
Thomas Terrizzi — Law Office of Thomas Terrizzi (Wilmington, TX)
Marc Terry — Partner (Westborough, MA)
Dara Tesoroni — Tesoroni & leroy (New York, NY)
Troy Tessier — Attorney (Greenville, SC)
Jane E. Tewksbury — Former Assistant District Attorney and Assistant Assistant Attorney General (Massachusetts) (Arlington, MA)
Terence Thatcher — (Portland, MA)
Robynne Thaxton — Partner (Mercer Island, WA)
Jeremy Theoret — Attorney (Albuquerque, NM)
John Thiel — Attorney (Boise, NM)
Tartt Thomas — Attorney/Partner/Former Asst District Atty (Wilson, ID)
Chad Thomas — Attorney (Eagan, NC)
Polly Thomas — Administrative Law Judge, Retired (Monrovia, NC)
Carla Thomas — Attorney (Easton, MN)
Peter Thompson — Adjunct Professor Mitchell Hamline School of Law (Minneapolis, MN)
Mitchell Thompson — Former Chair, Guam Bar Ethics Committee (Hagatna, MN)
James Thompson — Attorney (Wichita, KS)
Kirstin Humann Thompson — (Seattle, GA)
Kelly Thompson — Law Clerk (Waynesboro, MO)
Lucy L Thomson — Livingston PLLC, former Senior Attorney, U.S. Dept. of Justice (Washington, DC)
Dan Thornhill — Attorney (York, DC)
Julie Thorpe-Lopez — Partner (San Diego, CA)
Mark Thorsrud — None (Retired) (Edmonds, WA)
Keith Throckmorton — Clerk of Court – United States District Court TNMD(retired) (Murfreesboro, TN)
Sara Throne — Of Counsel, Sonnenschein, Sherman & Deutsch LLP (sag harbor, NY)
Bruce Throne — Attorney (Santa Fe, NM)
Lisa Thurau — Executive Director (Cambridge, NM)
Victor Thuronyi — Member of the Maryland bar (Takoma Park, MA)
Beatrice Tice — Professor of the Practice of Law, UC Irvine School of Law (Irvine, MD)
Joan Tierney — Administrative Law Judge (retired) (Seattle, WA)
Miriam Timmer-Hackert — Attorney (Coralville, IA)
Daniel Timmons — Attorney (Santa Fe, FL)
Noell Tin — Managing partner. Tin Fulton Walker & Owen, PLLC (Charlotte, NC)
Coleen Tippman — Attorney (Bay city, NC)
Lisa Tittemore — (Arlington, MA)
Jeff Todd — (Chicago, OR)
Christopher Toews — Attorney – Toews Law Group, Inc. (San Luis Obispo, CA)
Howard Tolkan — Retired Attorney (Milwaukee, WI)
Thomas Tomasello — Attorney (TALLAHASSEE, WI)
Shirley Tomasello — Attorney (Bay Village, OH)
John Tomaszewski — (Houston, TX)
Heather Tomes — Attorney (Delevan, TX)
Alexia Tomlinson — (Conshohocken, TX)
Lisa Toner — Former Vice President of Legal Affairs, Delhaize America, Inc. (Portland, PA)
Suzanne Tong — Attorney (San Francisco, WA)
Deborah Toon — Attorney (San diego, CA)
Robert Torch — Partner (Portland, OR)
Charles Tornow — Attorney (Waterford, PA)
Gerald Torres — Professor of Environmental Justice (Fairfield, CT)
Francisco Torres — Attorney (New York, NY)
Pedro Torres-Diaz — Attorney (Miami, FL)
Sina Toussi — President Two Seas Capital (Rye, NY)
Katelyn Towe — Associate Attorney (Phoenix, VA)
Adam Trachtenberg — Attorney in private practice (inactive) (Miami, FL)
Vi Tran — (San Jose, CA)
Thuan Tran — Attorney-at-Law (Cedar Hills, UT)
Jennifer Travieso — Attorney (Sunrise, FL)
Matias Travieso-Diaz — Law Firm Partner (Alexandria, VA)
Susan Travis — Attorney (Slatington, VA)
Kyle Treadway — Treadway Law Firm (Houston, PA)
Mark Treitel — Attorney (Los Angeles, TX)
Emily Tremmel — Associate General Counsel, Advocate Aurora Health (Lisle, MA)
Mary Pat Treuthart — Professor of Law, Gonzaga University School of Law (Spokane, WA)
Laurence Tribe — Carl M. Loeb University Professor Emeritus, Harvard University (Cambridge, MA)
Robert Trigg — Attorney (Denver, MA)
Kenneth Trombly — Partner, Trombly & Singer, PLLC (Washington, DC)
Lee Troutman Cory — (Louisville, DC)
Leah Trowbridge — Solo Practitioner and Former Republican Elected Official (Charlotte, NC)
Dean Troyer — Attorney (Milwaukee, KY)
John True — Retired Judge (Alameda County Superior Court) (Berkeley, WI)
Richard Trutanic — Attorney (Los angeles, CA)
Albert Tsoi — Attorney (Boston, MA)
Diane Tsoulas — Retired, former Associate Dean, Northeastern University School of Law, former Assistant Attorney General, Massachusetts (Hatfield, MA)
Robert Tuchmann — Retired partner WilmerHale LLP (West Newton, MA)
Kathryn Tucker — Special Counsel (Bend, MA)
Marna Tucker — Former President, District of Columbia Bar (Washington, DC, DC)
Andrew Tulloch — General Counsel, US Senate, Joint Economic Committee (New York, DC)
Daniel Turbow — NYS Family Court Judge (Ret.); Solo Practitioner (Brooklyn, NY)
William Turner — University of California, Berkeley (former) (Berkeley, CA)
Anne Turner — Anne Turner, PC/Shareholder (Madison, MS)
James E. Turner — (Washington, DC)
Richard Tuschman — Attorney (Davie, FL)
Therese Tuttle — Managing Partner, Tuttle Law Group (San Francisco, CA)
Matthew Tyack — Attorney at Law (Johnstown, OH)
Kimberly Tynan — (Philadelphia, MO)
William Uhr — Attorney (Arlington, OH)
John Ulin — TrouGould P.C. (Los Angeles, VA)
David Ulwick — Attorney (Topsfield, MA)
Kimberly Unger — CEO (New York, MA)
Edward Ungvarsky — Attorney (Alexandria, VA)
Nicholas Unkovic — Retired Partner, Squire Patton Boggs (San Francisco, CA)
Lynne Urman — Former Staff Counsel – CA Administrative Office of the Courts (Ret.) (Sacramento, CA)
Andrew Urueta — Attorney Advisor (Washington, PA)
Frederic Ury — Managing Partner Ury & Moskow, LLC (Fairfield, CT)
Steven Uslaner — Partner, Littman Krooks LLP (Oceanside, NY)
Emi Uyehara — Attorney (San Francisco, CA)
Matthew Vaccarelli — Attorney (Waterbury, CT)
John Vacek — Former District Attorney, Nome, Alaska (Plumas Lake, CA)
Stephanie Valentine — Attorney (Tampa, FL)
Jacqueline Valenzuela — Retired; formerly associate general counsel Siemens Mobile, counsel to Nokia, Sendo and partner in law firms Arter and Haden, Lewis, D’Amato and Musik, Peeler & Garret (San diego, CA)
Christine Valkenburgh — Attorney (Bath, TX)
Sarah van Leer — Former Attorney at Law (Guilderland, NY)
Eric E Van Loon — Attorney (Boston, MA)
Richard Van Nostrand — Former President, Massachusetts Bar Association (Worcester, MA)
Michele Van Quathem — Member (PHOENIX, MA)
Ian van Schilfgaarde — (Flagstaff, PA)
Blake Van Zile — Associate (Portland, OR)
Thomas Vanaskie — Retired Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (Dunmore, PA)
Diana Vance-Bryan — Attorney (Hudson, PA)
Matthew Vandall — Senior Counsel (Oakland, TX)
Kevin VandenBroeke — Attorney (Chino, CA)
Jennifer VanDeveer — Attorney (Memphis, TN)
Wayne VanDeveer — Retired Attorney (Memphis, MA)
David VanSpeybroeck — Retired. Partner and shareholder at Sussman Shank and Bullivant House (Lake Oswego, MA)
Joseph Velasquez — Former Texas Assistant Attorney General (La Jolla, WI)
Debra Venhaus — Attorney at Law (Mill Creek, PA)
Donald Venne — District Judge (Retired) (Minneapolis, MN)
John Vernon — Managing Member, The Vernon Law Group, PLLC (Dallas, MN)
Thomas Viall — Assistant Attorney General, Vermont (Ret.) (Lynchburg, VA)
Luis Vidal — Managing Partner (Wellesley Hills, TX)
David VIDAL-CORDERO — Attorney at law (Washington, MA)
Federico Vielledent — Attorney (El Paso, IL)
Donna Villanova — Lawyer (Huntington, DC)
Donna Villanova — Attorney, Retired, New York and Florida (Huntington, NY)
Miguel Villarreal — Current-Inactive (Alexandria, VA)
Alma Z. Villarreal — Attorney (Edinburg, VA)
Joan Vogel — Professor of Law, Vermont Law School (White River Junction, TX)
Stephen Vogel — Compliance attorney; former Assistant Attorney General – MA Office of the Attorney General (Brooklyn, MA)
Vicki Volper — (Westport, MA)
Mary Von Dorster — CT Legal Services, Inc. (Noank, CT)
Elizabeth Vonne — (Denver, CO)
George Vosburgh — (Pittsburgh, PA)
Sebastian Vossen — CEO (Stockton, PA)
Patricia Vroom — Retired Chief Counsel, Arizona, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Phoenix, AZ)
Elaine Vukadinovich — Law Firm Partner (Los Angeles, MO)
Felice Wagner — Attorney (Pompano Beach, FL)
Donald Wagner — (Denver, ME)
David Wagoner — Attorney (Keswick, MA)
Amanda Waibel — Senior Associate Attorney (Citrus Heights, CA)
Frederick Waite — Counsel (Washington, DC)
michael wald — Professor Emeritus (San Francisco, OH)
Johanna H. Wald — (San Francisco, IL)
Marsha Waldau — Attorney (Santa Clarita, DC)
Ira Waldman — Partner, Cox, Castle & Nicholson LLP (Playa Del Rey, CA)
Barry Waldman — Lawyer (Huntington woods, TX)
John Waldo — Private practice focused on disability rights (Houston, TX)
ALEC WALEN — Profesor (Monmouth Jct., OH)
Walter Walkenhorst — (Lakeside, TX)
Catherine Gail Walker — Trial Attorney, US Department of Justice (Washington, OH)
Chie Walker — (Folsom, KY)
Ray Wall — Former Okla. District Judge (Alamosa, DC)
Jeffrey Wall — Attorney (Fresno, CA)
Sondra Stigen Wallace — Associate General Counsel, US Department of Health and Human Services (retired) (South Thomaston, ME)
Susan Wallace — U.S. Army Judge Advocate General Corps (Ret) (Brooklyn, NY)
john wallace — CEO (westlake village, CA)
Rangeley Wallace — Practitioner in Residence, Washington College of Law (Washington, DC)
Jack Wallace — Retired, Assistant Attorney State of Alabama (MONTGOMERY, DC)
John Wallach — Attorney (St Louis, MO)
Joan Wallis — Attorney (Pompano Beach, MO)
james walrath — (milwaukee, WI)
Joni Walser — Adjunct Professor of Law and former law firm partner, in-house attorney, and US Treasury tax policy employee (Chapel Hill, WI)
Carolyn Walsh — Fmr. Assistant Attorney General (Winchester, NC)
Marion Walsh — PARTNER Littma Krooks LLP (White Plains, MA)
John Walsh — (Maple Valley, WA)
Stephen Walsh — Assistant City Attorney, Kansas City, Missouri (retired) (Saint Louis, MO)
Keith Walsh — Assistant General Council (New York, MO)
Peter Walsh — Trial Lawyer (Hollywood, CA)
Fran Walterhouse — Retired US Army Attorney (Stafford, VA)
Randall Walters — Former Partner, Jones Day (Columbus, VA)
Benjamin Walters — (Portland, OH)
Lori Walth — (Palm Desert, CA)
Skip Walther — Past President, The Missouri Bar (Columbia, MO)
Herbert Wamsley — Retired Association Executive Director (Arlington, MO)
Dennis Wanebo — Former Trial Attorney / Former Chief Deputy District Attorney (Boulder, VA)
Times Wang — Founder, North River Law PLLC (Norfolk, VA)
Stephen Ward — Former Public Advocate, State of Maine (Newcastle, VA)
Emily Ward — (Chicago, IL)
Melissa Ward — Attorney (Walnut Creek, IL)
James Ward — Trial attorney (Tallahassee, OK)
Anne Warde — (Sea Girt, NJ)
Dr. Janet Smith Warfield — Juris Doctor, cum laude. Practicing lawyer in Atlantic City, New Jersey (Sarasota, FL)
Natalie Wargo — Retired, VP Tax (Richmond, VA)
David Warren — Barrister & Solicitor, Attorney at Law, Notary Public for Ontario. (Barrie, VA)
Elizabeth Warren — Attorney (Rootstown, OH)
Allen Warren — (Fairfax, VA)
Randi Warren — Former attorney, retired. Currently teaching. (Bristow, MA)
John Warshawsky — Solo Practitioner (Baltimore, OH)
Rob Washburn — Cloppert, Latanick, Sauter and Washburn- Partner (Columbus, MD)
Wilbert Washington — Principal (Fairfax, VA)
Daniel Waszak — Criminal defense attorney (Warren, OH)
Kerrianne Waters — Attorney (Peoria, IL)
Donna Sessions Waters — General Counsel, retired (Pensacola, IL)
Leslie Watkins — (Dallas, IL)
Lori Watkins Owens — Former Senior Litigation Attorney for Northeast IL Regional Commuter Railroad Corp; former founder and managing partner Owens & Assoc. of IL, P.C.; former partner Carney & Brothers; former General Attorney and Admin. Law Judge for U.S. Railroad Retirement Board (Chicago, TX)
Yvonne Watson — Former Assistant Prosecutor (Pataskala, IL)
James Watson — Partner, Wheeler & Watson, PC (Roswell, OH)
Sam Watson — Staff Attorney, SJLS (Philadelphia, GA)
Robert Watt — Attorney (Prov idence, PA)
Joshua Wattles — (Los Angles, CA)
Candace Wayne — Partner Wayne and Jemilo (Chicago, IL)
Phil Waystack — Trial Lawyer, FACTL (Whitefield, IL)
Stephen Webber — California Licensed Attorney at Law (Glendale, MA)
Rose Weber — civil rights attorney (Brooklyn, NY)
Mary Weber — Retired Partner, Ropes & Gray LLP (Wilson, WY)
Hop Wechsler — Attorney (Mt. Laurel, NJ)
Lisa Weeks — Attorney (Ripon, WI)
D. K. Rudy Wehner — Montgomery County Ohio Public Defender(retired) (Rocky River, WI)
Yvonne Weight — Former Attorney (Alexandria, OH)
Robert Weiler — Attorney (Thousand Oaks, VA)
Doron Weinberg — Attorney (San Francisco, CA)
Robin Weinberg — Attorney (Westport, CT)
Frances Weiner — Attorney at Bradley Moore Primason Cuffe and Weber, LLP (Swampscott, MA)
Stuart Weiner — Retired (South Brunswick, MA)
Kelly Weiner — Attorney (New York, FL)
Gary Weingarden — Attorney (Detroit, MI)
Elan E. Weinreb — Managing Member, Arbitrator, and Mediator, The Weinreb Law Firm, PLLC – Co-Chair, New County Lawyers Association ADR Committee (Garden City, NY)
Paul Weinstein — Attorney (Asbury Park, NJ)
Michael Weinstein — (Geneva, IL)
Naomi Weinstein — (Rohnert Park, NV)
Howard Weintraub — Managing Partner Law Offices of WEINTRAUB & ALPER , P.C. (Atlanta, OK)
Richard Weisberg — Asst. US Attorney and EPA Attorney (Norwalk, IL)
Seth Weisburst — Partner, Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani LLP (San Francisco, VA)
Deborah Jackson Weiss — Ropes & Gray (Retired Partner) (Newton, MA)
Jonathan Weiss — Director, Judicial Ethics Research and Development (New York, MA)
Jill Weiss — Past President.Palm Beach County Bar Association (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
Marta Weiss — Attorney (San Diego, CA)
Brett Weiss — (Greenbelt, MD)
irwin weiss — Sole practitioner, Fellow of American College of Trial Lawyers (Towson, GA)
Jessica Weiss — (Sharon, WI)
Joseph Weiss Jr — (Miami, MD)
Lisa Weissler — Assistant Attorney General, State of Alaska, Retired (Juneau, AK)
Howard Weissman — Attorney at Law (Potomac, MD)
Dana Welch — Arbitrator (Berkeley, MD)
Philip Welch — Partner – current (San Francisco, CA)
Steve Welch — Retired attorney (Austin, TX)
Greg Wellons — (Sparks, TX)
Philip Weltner — Senior Attorney, Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education (Atlanta, NV)
Rachel Welty — Attorney at Law (Nashville, DC)
Qian Wen — Attorney (Irvine, GA)
Thomas Wendt — Attorney, Professor of Legal Studies (Marathon, NM)
Alan Wenokur — attorney (Seattle, VA)
Tracy Westen — Former Professor UCLA Law School & USC Annenberg School for Communications; CEO, Center for Governmental Studies (Dallas, TX)
Cassandra Westgate — Former partner (Wausau, WI)
Lindsay Weston — (Davis, WI)
James Wexler — Justice of the Massachusetts District Court (retired) (Boston, MA)
Randall Wheeler — Public Defender (Versailles, MA)
Carolyn Wheeler — Katz, Marshall & Banks (Washington, KY)
Kenneth Wheelock — Proprietor: Law Office of Kenneth S. Wheelock, Ph.D. Ph.D. (Pittsfield, DC)
John Whitaker — General Counsel (Birmingham, MA)
Shelley White — Attorney (Dallas, TX)
Sandra White — Attorney (Austin, TX)
Barry B. White — Former Managing Partner of Foley Hoag LLP and former U.S. Ambassador to Norway (, TX)
William White — Partner, Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger LLP (San Francisco, CA)
Elizabeth White — Partner, Sheppard, White, Kachergus, DeMaggio and Wilkison (Jacksonville, FL)
Matthew White — Former President, Marin County Bar Association (San Rafael, CA)
Lucinda White — (Freeport, ME)
Michael White — Lawyer, Retired Judge (Seattle, WA)
Lisa White — (Pompano Beach, FL)
David White — Former President, Massachusetts Bar Association (Westwood, MA)
Susan White — (Boston, MA)
Marie White — Attorney at Law (Burien, MI)
Wayne White — Senior Attorney (Denver, Colorado)
Walter H. White, Jr. — Past Chair ABA Center for Human Rights (London, MA)
Rebecca Whitehill — Attorney (Marblehead, MA)
Nathan Whitehouse — Drifter Spirits, CEO & Co-Founder (Fort Worth, IL)
Daniel Whitehurst — Attorney (St. Helena, MA)
Daniel Whitehurst — (St. Helena, CA)
Beverly Whitman — Retired (Augusta, DC)
Judith Whitmore — Retired Attorney (Georgetown, TX)
Dakota Whitney — Estate Planning Attorney, Former Litigation Associate at Bingham McCutchen (Inverness, TX)
Jeffrey Widdison — Immigration Attorney (Wilmington, NC)
Lisa Widup — Senior Counsel (Redwood City, IA)
Karen Wiedemann — Attorney (Washington, NC)
Joseph Wiedman — (Cloverdale, VA)
Jennifer Wiegley — Owner of solo law practice (San Jose, DC)
Ellen Wiesner — Attorney (Waukesha, WI)
Jeffrey Wiesner — Wiesner McKinnon LLP (Boston, WI)
Michael Wigutow — Supervising Attorney (Huntington, MA)
James Wilcox — Attorney (Westlake Village, CA)
Thomas Wilczak — Troutman Pepper (Detroit, MI)
Bruce Wilder — (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Geoffry Wildridge — Former Assistant Public Defender, Former Assistant Attorney General. Attorney in Private Practice, Former President Alaska Bar Association (now retired), (Fairbanks, AK)
Saxby Wiles — (Chicago, IL)
Rachel Wilgoren — Attorney (Scottsdale, IL)
Brian Wilhelmi — (Phoenix, AZ)
Dotty Wilinski — (Lansing, MI)
Mary Allen Wilkes — Former Assistant District Attorney, Middlesex County, Massachusetts (Cambridge, MA)
Stephanie Willbanks — Professor of Law (South Royalton, MA)
Thomas Willcox — Principal (Washington, DC)
Sabin Willett — Private practice (Boston, DC)
Brady Williams — Attorney (Washington, MA)
Savannah Williams — Former Attorney (Chicago, DC)
Jaegan Williams — Attorney (Silver Spring, IL)
Erik Williams — Partner (Philadelphia, MD)
David Williams — Retired Attorney (Chevy Chase, PA)
Joseph A. Williams — Former State District Court Judge (Greensboro, MD)
Kari Williams — Attorney (Frankfort, NC)
Gregory Williams — (Phoenix, KY)
Patricia Williams — (Cherry Hill, NJ)
Nick Sondhi Williams — Of Counsel (New York, NY)
David Williams — Jarvis, McArthur & Williams (Montpelier, VT)
Richard Williams — (Wilmington, DE)
Anthony Williams — Assistant Director, Compliance (Collinsville, CT)
Clinton Williams — Attorney (Coos Bay, DC)
Timothy Williamson — (Jamaica Plain, MA)
Wayne Willins — Esquire (New York, MA)
Alan Willoughby — Attorney (Kapaa, HI)
Allyson Willoughby — General Counsel (San Francisco, CA)
Richard Willstatter — Attorney (White Plains, MA)
Thomas Wilmoth — Attorney (Lincoln, NE)
Tom Wilmoth — Attorney (Lincoln, NE)
Brian Wilson — Lawyer (Fort Mill, NE)
Kathryn Wilson — Current – General Counsel (Houston, TX)
Stephen Wilson — Attorney (Dallas, TX)
Leroy Wilson JR. — President, Wilson Jacobson PC (Eastchester, TX)
Lauren Wilton — Attorney (Milford, NE)
Joseph Wiltse — Attorney (Sioux Falls, NE)
Andrea Wimmer — (Phoenix, AZ)
Jennifer Wims Hashway — Professor of Legal Practice, RWU School of Law (Little Compton, RI)
Jay Winckler — Partner at Winckler and Harvey, LLP (AUSTIN, TX)
Jeanne Winer — Attorney at Law (Boulder, Colorado)
Paul Wingenfeld — Chief Counsel- PNC Equipment Finance (Former) (Ormond Beach, TX)
Stanley Winikoff — Retired Attorney (Pittsburgh, PA)
Richard Winkler — Judge of the Superior Court in Arizona (Rodeo, PA)
Karl Winkler — Of Counsel (Rockford, NM)
Chester Winkowski — Chester Winkowski — Former Assistant District Counsel, US Department of Justice, Immigration & Naturalization Service, New York, NY; Private Practice (Haverhill, Massachusetts) (Haverhill, IL)
Warren Winslow — Partner (, MA)
Rachel Winston — Partner (Santa Fe, NM)
Mark Wintering — Attorney (Bay Village, NM)
Vernon Winters — Attorney (Piedmont, OH)
John Wirzbicki — Attorney (Noank, CT)
Timothy Wise — Assistant Attorney General (Walnut Creek, CA)
Dee Wisor — Partner, Butler Snow LLP (Denver, CO)
Kimberly Witherspoon — Arkansas bar (Little Rock, AR)
Ronald Witmer — Witmer, Karp, Warner & Ryan LLP (Newton, MA)
Eric Wittenberg — Partner (Columbus, MA)
Stephen Wizner — Yale Law School (retired) (New Haven, OH)
Scott Woehr — Partner, private practice (Arlington, VA)
Tamsin Wolf — Legal and Business Solutions / Founder (New York, VA)
Tina Wolfson — Vice President (Los Angeles, CA)
Craig Wolfson — (Oakland, CA)
Dale Wolfson — (Chicago, IL)
Fritz Wollett — Former Attorney (Seattle, IL)
Carolyn Wolski — (St. Paul, GA)
Laura WONG-Pan — Attorney (Poughkeepsie, NY)
Wendy Wonnell — Former Attorney Family Violence Law Center (Lafayette, CA)
Bruce Wood — Current (Skaneateles, NY)
Michelle Wood — (TEMPE, AZ)
Kathy Wood — (Brooklyn Park, MN)
Amelia Woodward — (Oberlin, MN)
Theresa Wortham — (Alpharetta, OH)
Dan Worthington — Manager (Mission, GA)
Eliot Wrenn — (Minneapolis, TX)
Susan Wright — Shareholder, Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote, ret. (Bridgeville, MN)
Lauryne Wright — Attorney (North Las Vegas, PA)
Donna Wright — Attorney (Petal, NV)
Warren Wright — Attorney (Hyde Park, OK)
David Wright — (Hyde Park, MA)
Warren Wright — Attorney (Oklahoma City, IL)
James Wright — James B. Wright & Associates, P.C. (Anchorage, Alaska)
Lucien Wulsin — Founder and retired Executive Director, Insure the Uninsured Project (, OK)
Hannah Wurgaft — Associate Attorney (Portland, ME)
Norah Wylie — Dean for Students BC Law (retired) (West Newton, MA)
Joshua Wyner — Vice President, The Aspen Institute (Washington, MA)
John Yacoub — Manager & Vice President (Chixago, DC)
Catherine Yao — Attorney (Eugene, IL)
Craig Yaris — Attorney (Wellington, FL)
Ellen Yaroshefsky — Professor of Law (New York, NY)
Ryan Yates — Attorney (Sacramento, CA)
S. Stephen Yau — Attorney (Potomac, IL)
Jeffrey Yazinski — Partner, WPM&H (Macon, GA)
Robert Yingst — Yingst Law Office (Washington, GA)
Arthur York — Trial Lawyer (Atlanta, DC)
Gregory Young — Attorney (Morrow, GA)
Eric G Young — Attorney (Santa Rosa, OH)
Jesse Young — Attorney at Law (Brooklyn, NY)
Lucinda Young — Attorney (Albany, CA)
Diane Young-Spitzer — Attorney (Boston, MA)
William Yue — Former Senior Counsel, U.S. Department of Commerce (Arlington, MA)
Mari Alice Zacharyasz — Attorney-at-Law (Broadview Heights, OH)
David Zack — (Detroit, VA)
Juliette Zaengle — (Lancaster, PA)
Patrick Zaepfel — Solo Practitioner (Lancaster, PA)
Bruce Zagaris — Berliner Corcoran & Rowe LLP (Washington, PA)
Mark Zaid — Managing Partner, Mark S. Zaid, PC; Executive Director, James Madison Project (Washington, DC)
Helen Zajic — Sole Proprietor (Santa Barbara, DC)
Margaret Zaleski — Retired Associate Judge, TrialCourt, Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Newton, MA)
Marvin Zalman — Professor, Criminal Justice, Wayne State University (Huntington Woods, MA)
Benjamin Zalman — Partner Zalman And Schnurman (, NY)
Len Zandrow — Co-Founder, Brister & Zandrow, LLP (Boston, MA)
Robert Zara — Attorney (NEW YORK, MA)
Miles Zaremski — Zaremski Law Group (Highland Park, MA)
Bruce Zavon — Attorney (Seattle, WA)
Brett Zekowski — Partner of Parker Waichman LLP (Port Washington, NY)
Benjamin Zelermyer — (White Plains, NY)
Maanit Zemel — Partner, Zemel van Kampen LLP (Toronto, ON)
Tao Zhang — Attorney (Chicago, IL)
Dehai Zhang — Law Office of Dehai Zhang (Flushing, VA)
Andrew Ziaja — Of Counsel, Leonard Carder LLP (Washington, IL)
David Zicherman — Attorney (Newtown, DC)
Robert Zielinski — (Chicago, PA)
Ana Zigel — Current Attorney at Jaskot Law (Baltimore, IL)
Toby Zimbalist — Lawyer, sole practitioner (Phoenix, MD)
Robert Zimet — Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom (retired partner) (New York, NY)
Scott Zimmer — Attorney at Law (San Diego, CO)
Luke Zimmerman — Esquire LL.M. (San Francisco, CA)
Kerry Zimmerman — (Santa Cruz, CA)
David Zinder — Law Offices of David M. Zinder (Northbrook, IL)
Susan Zinder — Law Office of Susan F. Zinder, PLLC (New York, IL)
Benjamin Zipursky — Professor of Law (New York, NY)
Lejla Zivkovic — (New York, NY)
David Zolensky — Attorney (Nashville, TN)
Veronica Zolina — Attorney (Waltham, MA)
Henry Zomerfeld — Attorney (Buffalo, MA)
Melissa Zubi — Attorney (Porter Ranch, MA)
Antonio Zuniga — Lawyer (Tempe, AZ)
David Zwerner — Esquire (Dallas, TX)
Marc Zwillinger — Managing Member, ZwillGen PLLC (Washington, TX)