Open Letter To The President And Congress

We live at a time when America’s fundamental values are under attack. As American lawyers, we’re deeply concerned about protecting the democratic institutions and principles that have enabled America to be the world’s preeminent beacon of freedom and opportunity.

As lawyers, we have the responsibility to defend the underlying constitutional values and norms of political behavior on which our democracy depends. These core values and principles include: the rule of law; institutional checks and balances; separation of powers; press freedom; truthfulness to the public; and the integrity of our system of justice.

Accordingly, we, as lawyers, cannot ignore or remain silent about President Donald Trump’s disregard of these core values and principles. We must speak out.

Yet, we recognize that elections have consequences. This effort to energize and mobilize our legal profession is emphatically NOT about disagreements over Republican or Democratic policies, liberal or conservative ideology, or political party advantage. The values and principles threatened here go much deeper, and are much more important than politics, policy differences and any politician’s self-interest. They’re the bedrock of our American, constitutional, democratic form of government.

Specifically, we call on the President to respect and honor the following fundamental principles and norms of American democracy:

Independence, integrity and the critical role of mainstream media
An independent and watchful mainstream media is, and always has been, an essential component of American democracy.

Independence, integrity, competence and nonpartisanship of the judiciary
The independence, integrity, competence and nonpartisanship of our judiciary is, and from the founding of our Nation has been, a central pillar of our democratic system.

Truthfulness of public officials
Our democracy is built on trust and telling the people the truth about public matters; the maintenance of that trust and Americans’ ability to make informed and rational public decisions require our leaders to provide honest, factual information to us all.

Independence, integrity, competence and nonpartisanship of federal criminal justice and intelligence agencies, including Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI
Nonpartisan independence, integrity and competence are critical to the fairness of our federal criminal justice system and intelligence agencies.

Civil discourse and fair treatment, including the respect for rights and the dignity of all individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, disability or sexual orientation.
Civil discourse and fair treatment, including respect for the rights and dignity of all individuals, is an essential ingredient of American democracy.

The President’s attacks on these core American democratic principles undermine the foundations of our Constitution and threaten the rule of law. Unless challenged and checked, this pattern of disregard weakens the norms that underpin American self-government and invites unfettered Executive power – transforming the United States from a democracy to an autocracy. As members of the legal profession, pledged to support the rule of law and the constitutional separation of powers, we must not allow this to happen.

Fortunately, a group of prominent conservative lawyers has recently spoken out on many of these same issues through a new organization, “Checks and Balances.” Now, other members of the bar must no
longer remain silent.

We call on the leaders of America’s bar associations, law schools, law firms and fellow lawyers nationwide to speak out, on a nonpartisan basis, against these attacks on the core of our democratic constitutional form of government. As lawyers, we have a responsibility to uphold “the rule of law” and prevent “the law of rulers.” Wherever you live and work – in cities, towns, rural areas, suburbs – American democracy needs to hear your voice.


Richard Abel – Connell Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus and Distinguished Research Professor, UCLA; Santa Monica, CA
John Achatz – Access to Justice Fellow, De Novo; Boston, MA
David Addlestone – Co-founder National Veterans Legal Services Program, Washington, DC
Eileen Ahern – WWL&D, Partner; Culver City, CA
Alexander Aikman – Management Consultant to State Courts and former Court Administrator in three states; Redding CA
Susan Akram – Clinical Professor, Boston University School of Law; Boston, MA
Marcia Alessi – attorney; Los Angeles, CA
Peter Allen – Administrative Law Judge, California Public Utilities Commission; San Francisco, CA
Richard Allen – Former Chief and Assistant Attorney General and partner at Casner & Edwards. Newton, MA
Rosemary Allen – Former partner at Mintz. Newton, MA
Stephen Alloy – Attorney at Law; Omaha, Nebraska
Michael Altman – Cambridge, MA
Alfred Aman J.D. – Indiana University Maurer School of Law, Professor of Law. Bloomington, IN
Sonal Ambegaokar – Former legal aid attorney; Oakland, CA
R.Peter Anderson – Former Judge of Massachusetts Trial Court; Portland, OR
Steven R. Andrews – Retired, General Counsel, Insight Enterprises, Inc.; Scottsdale, AZ
Don Anton – Mermaid Beach; Queensland, Australia
Misty Shannon Antoon – The Law Offices of Misty Shannon Antoon; Alexandria, Louisiana
Dana Apple – Adjunct Professor, U.M.K.C. School of Law; Of Counsel, BKTP Law; Founding Chair, Mo. Bar Ass’n Animal Law Committee; Kansas City, Missouri
Gina Armbruster – Vice President in the Insurance Industry; New Orleans, Louisiana
Roy Armstrong – None; TAOS, New Mexico
Buddy Arnheim – Perkins Coie LLP, Partner; San Francisco Bay Area, California
Ara Asadourian – Former District Attorney of Clinton County, New York; Plattsburgh, New York
Thomas Ascher – Former Assistant Director Minnesota Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility; St. Paul, Minnesota
Paula Atkinson – Attorney; Bethesda, MD
Carl Axelrod – Partner, Brown Rudnick; Boston, MA
Natasha Axelrod – Former Civil Litigation Attorney Representing Consumers; Orange County, California
Anthony Guadalupe Baerga – Principal, GBLO; New York, NY
Robert S. Baker – Former Executive Director, Appalachian Research and Defense Fund, Inc.; Beckley, West Virginia
Harold Balcom – Assistant Public Defender, Ninth Judicial District, TN; former Harriman, TN City Attorney; former President and Vice-President Roane County, TN Bar Association and current Secretary; current TACDL Capital Defense Committee; former board member Legal Aid ; Kingston, Tennessee
Dennis Baldwin – Past President, Onondaga County Bar Association; Syracuse, New York
Christopher Barclay – Solo Practitioner; St. Louis, Missouri
Shaun Barnes – Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP; Boston, MA
Jim Barnett – Alaska Attorney and Historian; Anchorage, Alaska
Charles Baron – Emeritus Professor Boston College Law School; Westport Point, MA
John Barrett – Professor of Law, St. John’s University. New York, NY
Peter Barta – Criminal Defense Attorney; New York, New York
Angela Bartell – Former Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge. Madison, WI
Jeffrey Bartell – Quarles & Brady Law Firm. Madison, WI
Denise Barton – Deputy General Counsel, University of Massachusetts; Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
John Barylick – Roger Williams University School of Law. Little Compton, RI
Moses Bates – McLaughlin Ganim, Ltd.; Paoli, Pennsylvania
J. Kyle Beale – Bailey Cowan Heckaman, PLLC; Houston, Texas
Marylin Beck – Former President Massachusetts Bar Association; Westport, MA
JohnS. Beckerman – Retired Visiting Professor and Associate Dean, Rutgers Law School; Moorestown, New Jersey
L.Graeme Bell – Retired partner at Crowell & Morning. Little Compton, Rhode Island
Marcia Bell – Director, San Francisco Law Library; San Francisco, CA
Ward Benshoof – Retired Partner, Alston & Bird, LLC. Los Angeles, CA
James Bergenn – University of Connecticut School of Law, Trial Advocacy Adjunct Professor. Hartford, CT
Paul Berman – Retired Partner, Covington & Burling. Silver Spring, Maryland
Lucian Bernard – Partner, Pearson & Bernard PSC; edgewood, KY
H. Bruce Bernstein – Retired Partner Sidley Austin LLP. Chicago, Illinois
Jules Bernstein – ABA; Washington, D.C.
Mary Berthelot – University of Connecticut, Assistant Professor In-Residence; Storrs, Connecticut
Michael Bertoncini – Principal in private law firm; Boston, Massachusetts
Constance Bessada – Attorney at Law; Van Nuys, CA
Will Bettmann – Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Jessica Beverly – Attorney Advisor, Social Security Administration; Skokie, Illinois
Gregory Bialecki – Boston, MA
David Birenbaum – Fried Frank Of Counsel; Washington, DC
Rebecca Birmingham – President Elect of the Long Beach Bar Association; Long Beach, California
Jonathan Blake – Washington, D.C.
Laura Blank – New York, NY
Samuel Bleicher – Adjunct Professor, Georgetown Law School; Winchester, Virginia
Robert Bloom – Professor Boston College Law School; Newton, MA
Richard Bluestein – Krokidas and Bluestein; Brookline, Ma
Eric Blumenson – Research Professor of Law, Suffolk Univ. Law School. Cambridge, MA
Linda Bochert – Middleton, WI
Marie Bockwinkel – Administrative Law Judge, State of California; Davis, California
Kristi Bodin – Legal Solutions in Plain English, PC, Founder, and Attorney; Amherst, MA
Kristen Bomengen – Former Assistant Attorney General, State of Alaska; Juneau, Alaska
John Bonifaz – Co-Founder and President, Free Speech For People; Amherst, Massachusetts
Gordon Bonnyman – Attorney; Nashville, Tennessee
Brooksley Born – Former Chair, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission; Washington, DC
Ronald Borod – Founder, Ram Island Strategies LLC; Boston, MA
Bruce Botelho – Former Attorney General of Alaska; Douglas, AK
Margot Botsford – Associate Justice, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (retired). Boston, Massachusetts
Jon Bouker – Washington, D.C.
Kathleen Boundy – Co-director Center for Law and Education; Boston, MA
John Bowen – Member in Good Standing of the Massachusetts Bar; Boston, MA
JudithFarris Bowman – Partner, Bowman, Moos & Elder LLC (retired); Cambridge, MA
Kinley Bray – Assistant County Attorney, Anne Arundel County, Maryland; Annapolis, Maryland
Maggie Brennan – Covington & Burling LLP, Associate; Washington, D.C.
Israela Brill-Cass – Ombud, Wesleyan University; Boston, MA
Shelley Broderick – Dean Emerita and Joseph L. Rauh Chair of Social Justice at University of the District of Columbia Law. Washington, D.C.
Sally Garr Brodhead – Alexandria, VA
Mark Brodin – Professor, Boston College Law School; Newton, MA
Fiona Brophy – Partner, AMLaw 100 law firm; Oakland, CA
Hank Brothers – Law Office of Hank Brothers; “Big Law” partner through 2016. Washington, DC
Catherine Brown – Law Office of Catherine Brown LLC; Lafayette, CO
Ellen Brown – Former counsel quasi-public organization; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Daniel Putnam Brown, Jr. – Probate Judge; West Granby, CT
William Brownsberger – State Senator, Massachusetts. Belmont, MA
Alice Bullard, Esq. – Former professor; Current principal at Bullard Esq. Law; Washington DC, DC
Stephen Bundy – Professor of Law, Emeritus, University of California at Berkeley; Berkeley, California
Daniel Burgoyne – Shareholder, Roberts, Carroll, Feldstein & Peirce, Inc.; Providence, RI
Marlin W. Burke – Colorado and American Bar Associations and AILA; San Diego/Denver, CA/CO
Kay Burningham – Civil Trial Attorney; Salt Lake City, UT
Walter Bussart – Former Court of Appeals Judge; Lewisburg, TN
Alan Butchman – Seattle, Washington
Andrea Cabral – Former Assistant District Attorney, Former Assistant Attorney General; Boston, Massachusetts
Kurt Calia – Law firm partner; San Francisco, CA
Morgan Callahan – Nossaman LLP, Attorney at Law. San Francisco, CA
Thomas Calvanico – Former Chief Of Staff to Hudson County Executive; Rumson, NJ
Alejandro Camacho – Irvine; California
Charles Campbell – Attorney at Law; Norristown, PA
Nancy Duff Campbell – Co-President Emerita, National Women’s Law Center; Washington, DC
Roy Campbell – Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP, partner; Jackson, MS
Paul Campsen – Kaufman & Canoles; Norfolk, Virginia
Julie Cantor – Lecturer in Law, UCLA School of Law; Los Angeles, California
Cathe Caraway-Howard – Law Offices of Cathe L. Caraway-Howard; Playa Del Rey, CA
Jay Carlson – Madison, Wisconsin
Kent Carnell – Shareholder, Lawton & Cates, SC. Madison, Wisconsin
Walter Carpeneti – Former Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Alaska; Juneau, Alaska
William Carroll – Former General Counsel, Strategic Defense Initiative Organization; Washington, DC
Steven Cash – Former Chief Counsel,US Senate committee on the judiciary, subcommittee on terrorism technology and homeland security; former Assistant general counsel, central intelligence agency; former assistant district attorney New York County District Attorney’s ; Washington, D.C.
Rafael Castellanos – Commissioner, Port of San Diego; San Diego, California
Elizabeth Cazden – Cazden Law Office, Manchester, NH (solo practitioner), 1982-2004; Providence, RI
Michael Chanin – Retired Member of the Bar. Bethesda, MD
David Chapin – Boston, Massachusetts
Nancy Chasen – Public Interest Advocate; Washington, DC
Christina Checel – City of Los Ángeles; Los Angeles, CA
Erwin Chemerinsky – Dean and Professor, University of California, Berkeley School of Law; Berkeley, California
Judith C. Chirlin – Former Judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court. Los Angeles, California
Mark Choate – Trial Lawyer; Juneau, Alaska
Manbir Chowdhary – Principal, Chowdhary Law APC; California Employment Lawyers Association; Newport Beach, CA
James Christie
Michael Chun – Attorney; Irvine, California
Carolyn Clark – Retired; New YorkCity, New York
David Clark – Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP, Retired Partner; Jackson, MS
James Clark – Sidley Austin LLP, retired partner. Chicago, Illinois
Belinda Clary – Retired from private practice; Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Ben Clements – Partner, Clements & Pineault; former Assistant U.S. Attorney; former Chief Legal Counsel to Governor of Massachusetts; Boston, MA
Brian Clemow – Former Adjunct Professor, University of Connecticut Law School. Hartford, CT
John F. Clough – Past President of Juneau Bar Association; Juneau, Alaska
Joan Clover – Law Offices & Mediation Services Of Joan M Clover; Anchorage, Alaska
Kevin Clune – Legal Aid at Work; San Francisco, California
Charles Willaim Cohen – Bliss Riordan, Partner; Juneau, Alaska
Hilary Huebsch Cohen – Cohen Hilary Huebsch Law Offices of; Redondo Beach, CA
Steven Cohen – President, The Negotiation Skills Company; Pride’s Crossing, MA
Kipp Cohn
Jack Comart – Maine Equal Justice- Litigation Director (2005-2019); Readfield, Maine
Bradford Conover – Conover Law Offices; New York City, New York
Duane Cooper – Partner, Wood, Cooper & Peterson, llc.; Neosho, Missouri
Wendy Cooper – Philadelphia, PA
Craig Corbett – Retired; Orlando Area, Florida (FL)
Michael Cordone – Former partner Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Robert Cordy – Retired Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Court. Boston, Massachusetts
Daniel Cotter – Latimer LeVay Fyock LLC, Partner; Chicago, Illinois
James Cotter, III – Attorney in private practice.; Quincy, Massachusetts
Glenn Cravez – Law Office of Glenn E. Cravez, Inc.; Anchorage, Alaska
Ted Crews – Attorney at Law; Phoenix, AZ
Matt Cron – Partner, Rathod Mohamedbhai; Denver, Colorado
Stephen Crosby – Former Chair, Mass Gaming Commission; Boston, Mass
Michael Crutcher – Former partner, Preston, Thorgrimson, Ellis & Holman, former Vice Chairman, General Counsel & Secretary, Brown-Forman Corporation. Seattle, WA
Thomas Cushing – Senior Adjunct Professor, Golden Gate University; Alamo, CA
Stanley Cygelman – Partner, Casner & Edwards, LLP; Boston, Massachusetts
Hon. John D’Amico – Judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey; Oceanport, NJ
Gene Dahmen – Former President, Boston Bar Association; Boston, MA
Robin Davidson – Attorney; Dix Hills, NY
Martha Davis – Northeastern University School of Law, professor; Boston, Massachusetts
T.J. Davis – Law Offices of Thomas J. Davis; Gilbert, Arizona
Remko de Jong – Partner at Ahn Law Group LLC; New York, New York
Lisa DeCora – Former Attorney with the US Department of the Interior; Anchorage, Alaska
Gill Deford – Retired. Cambridge, MA
Robert Dell – Retired Attorney. Tiburon, CA
Ruth Dell – Tiburon; California
ConnerL Dennison – State Bar of Arizona, member; Phoenix, Arizona
Suzan deSeguin des Hons – Deseguin Immigration Law, llc; attorney; Lakewood, Colorado
Michael J. Devereaux – Private Practice; New York, New York
Sarah Devine – Partner, Law Firm; Arlington, Virginia
Vikas Dhar – Managing Partner; Boston, MA
Andrew Dhuey – Sole practitioner; Berkeley, California
Ruth Diaz – Former Clinical Instructor Harvard Law School; Wellesley, Massachusetts
Steven DiCairano – Associate; Boston, MA
Tal Dickstein – Partner, Loeb & Loeb LLP; New York, New York
Joel Diringer – Public health consultant, former California Rural Legal Assistance; San Luis Obispo, CA
Gregory Diskant – Of Counsel, Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler, LLP; New York, New York
Colin Diver – Former Dean, University of Pennsylvania Law School, and former President, Reed College
Steven Dodge – Deputy Public Advocate; Brighton, Michigan
Michael Dolinger – Former United States Magistrate Judge, United States District Court, S.D.N.Y.; New York, New York
Gary Doner – Libbey, Inc. Tax Director; Toledo, Ohio
Janet Donovan – Access to Justice Fellow; Lexington, MA
Lisa Dorfman – Law360; Brooklyn, NY
Daniel Dozier – Former General Counsel, Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service; Bethesda, Maryland
James Dreyfus – Retired Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP; New York, New York
David Driesen – University Professor, Syracuse University College of Law; Syracuse, NY
Robert Drinan – Executive Agency Counsel at a public authority; Brooklyn, NY
Wayne Drinkwater – Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP; Jackson, Mississippi
Lynn Du Bey – Seattle, WA
Richard Du Bey – Attorney, Ogden Murphy Wallace PLLC. Seattle, WA
Fernande (Nan) R.V. Duffly – Former Justice MA Supreme Judicial Court. Cambridge, MA
K.K. DuVivier – Denver; CO
Stephen Dycus – Professor, Vermont Law School; Strafford, Vermont
Kellie Early – National Conference of Bar Examiners, Chief Strategy Officer; Madison, Wisconsin
Robert Echols – Retired; Boston, Massachusetts
Michael Ecker – Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC; Philadelphia, PA
Julie Edmond – Partner, Covington & Burling LLP; Washington, District of Columbia
Jean Eggen – Distinguished Emerita Professor of Law, Delaware Law School-Widener University; Wilmington, Delaware
Thomas Ehrlich – Former dean, Stanford Law School; Palo Alto, CA
Eddie Eitches – President AFGE Council 222 (HUD); Mc Lean, VA
Jinanne (Nan) Elder – Former partner, Bowman, Moos & Elder; Melrose, MA
Michael Elefante – Partner Hemenway & Barnes. Boston, MA
Ryan Ellis – Center for Energy and Environment; Minneapolis, Minnesota
Patrick English – Principal, Dines and English L.L.C.; Clifton,, New Jersey
Louis Epstein – Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Trammo, Inc. New York, NY
Sharon M. Erwin – Principal, Law Office of Sharon M. Erwin, LLC; Philadelphia, PA
Jennifer Escalante – Attorney; Orlando, Florida
Ivan Espinoza-Madrigal – Executive Director, Lawyers for Civil Rights. Boston, MA
Gordon Evans – Former President, Juneau Bar Association; Juneau, Alaska
John G. Fabiano – Newton, MA
Evan Falchuk – Boston, MA
Dean Falvy – Lecturer, University of Washington School of Law; Seattle, Washington
Nita Fandray – Attorney; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Ellice Fatoullah – Fatoullah Associates; New Canaan, CT
Deborah Fawcett – Law Office of Deborah P. Fawcett; Cambridge, MA
Gina Fazio – Attorney; Fresno, California
Randall Fearnow – Former Indiana Senate Majority Attorney; Chicago, Illinois
Francis Fecteau – Associate Justice of Massachusetts Appeals Court (retired); Dennis, Massachusetts
IanF. Feldman – Urban Justice Center; New York City, New York
Jefrey Feldman – Professor, University of Washington School of Law; Seattle, WA
Scott Feldman – Retired partner, Winston & Strawn LLP; Glencoe, Illinois
Cary Feldman – Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP; Rockville, MD
Sarah Felix – Former Assistant Attorney General, State of Alaska, Department of Law (retired); Portland, Oregon
Aaron Fellmeth – Phoenix; Arizona
Nicholas Fels – Former partner, retired, Covington & Burling LLP; Washington, DC
Michael Felsen – Retired U.S. government attorney; Jamaica Plain, MA
Carter Ferguson – Shareholder, Brackett & Ellis, PC; Fort Worth, Texas
Dennis R Ferguson – Ferguson Law Office, LLC; West Hartford, Connecticut
Lewis H. Ferguson, III – Former Board Member, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. Bethesda, Maryland
Eugene Fidell – Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP, Of Counsel and Florence Rogatz Visiting Lecturer, Yale Law School. New Haven, CT.
Jay Fidell – U.S. Coast Guard, LCDR (Hon. Ret.); Bendet, Fidell & Sugimura, Principal; ThinkTech Hawaii, Inc., CEO. Honolulu, Hawaii
James Finberg – 2005 President of Bar Association of San Francisco; San Francisco, CA
Jeffry Finer – Private counsel; Spokane, Washington
Scott Fink – Retired Former Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP; Orinda, California
RuthEllen Fitch – Boston, MA
Barbara Hayden Fitts – Counsellor at Law; Boston, MA
Brian P. Flanagan – MA
Ben Flowe – Washington, D.C.
Brian Ford – Special Education Due Process Hearing Officer; Allentown, Pennsylvania
Jenifer Foster – Supervising Attorney and Director of Social Work at DC Law Students in Court; Washington, DC
Bruce Fox – Partner; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Herb Fox – Law Office of Herb Fox; Santa Barbara, CA
Lawrence Fox – Crawford Lecturer, Yale Law School; New Haven, CT
Michael Fox – Judge, Superior Court of Washington State; Judge, Tulalip Tribal Court.; Seattle, WA
Harrison “Buzz” Frahn – Partner, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP; Board Chair, Legal Aid At Work; Palo Alto, CA
Carmen Francella, III – Boston, MA
Richard Freedland – State Bar of Michigan; Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Eric M. Freedman – New York
Susan C. Freedman – Partner, Shipman & Goodwin, LLP; Hartford, Connecticut
Gregory French – National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Past President; Cincinnati, Ohio
Charles Fried – Former United States Solicitor General in the Reagan Administration, 1985-89
Arnold Friede – Numerous Organizations over Many Years; Boca Raton, FL
Terry Friedman – Former Los Angeles Superior Court Judge; Los Angeles, CA
Christopher Gagin – Former Magistrate, Belmont County, Ohio; St. Clairsville, Ohio
Tavia Galonski – Current member if the Ohio General Assembly, Representative of House District 35; Akron, Ohio
Gayle Garrigues – Former prosecutor; Fairbanks, Alaska
E. Susan Garsh – Former Associate Justice of the Superior Court, Massachusetts. Arlington, MA
Jack Garvey – University of San Francisco School of Law. San Francisco, California
Barbara Gately – Litigator; San Francisco, CA
Thomas Gausden – Self-employed labor & employment arbitrator & mediator; Scottsdale, AZ
Whitney Gerard – Of Counsel at Norton Rose Fulbright LLP. New York, NY
Eunice Gibson – City Attorney, Madison, Wisconsin; Madison, WI
Martha E. Gifford – Law Office of Martha E. Gifford; Brooklyn, New York
Sheila Giglio – Partner-Conn Kavanaugh Rosenthal Peisch & Ford; Boston, MA
Kathleen Gilbert-Macmillan – Member, U. S. Supreme Court; Member, American Immigration Lawyers Association; Denver, CO
Peter Gilchrist, III – Former District Attorney 26 Judicial District; Huntersville, North Carolina
Marcia Ginley – Senior Attorney/Advisor, U.S. EPA (retired); Boulder, CO
Wilbur Glahn – Partner, Former Assistant Attorney General, New Hampshire; Manchester, NH
David Glenn – Syndicated Radio Host, The David Glenn Show (present); Raleigh, NC
Gail Glick – Partner in Alexander Krakow & Glick LLP; Los Angeles, CA
Richard Glovsky – Former Assistant United States Attorney and Chief of the Civil Division of the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts, former Attorney/Advisor, Office of Legal Counsel, Department of Justice, former National Chair of Civil Rights; Boston, Massachusetts
Nicole Godfrey – University of Denver Sturm College of Law, Visiting Professor of Law; Denver, Colorado
Mary Gofen – Chicago Bar Association, member; Chicago, IL
Barry Gold – Boston; MA
David Goldberger – Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University College of Law; Worthington, Ohio
E. Alexandra Golden – Member, Massachusetts Bar Association and National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys; Needham, Massachusetts
Anya Goldin – Los Angeles; California
Debbi Goldman –
Dina Goldman – Court Counsel, State Bar of California; San Francisco, CA
Seth Goldschlager – President, EuroStrategy Associates, Inc.; Former International Correspondent for Newsweek Magazine; Paris, France
Donna Goldsmith – Retired; Anchorage, Alaska
Alan Goldstein
Joel Goldstein – Vincent C. Immel Professor of Law, Saint Louis University School of Law; St. Louis, Missouri
Joshua Goldstein – Immigration lawyer. Los Angeles, CA
Allene Golub – Law offices of Richard and Allene Golub; Media, PA
Mark Goodman – Arizona attorney; Phoenix, Arizona
Dean Gordon – California Employment Lawyers Assn., California Assn of Consumer Attorneys; Fresno, CA
Keith Gordon – Former Assistant New York State Attorney General; Ossining, New York
Rochelle Gordon – Illinois Education Association; Chicago, Il
Joan Graff – President-Legal Aid at Work; San Francisco, California
Andrew Grainger – Former Associate Justice, Massachusetts Appeals Court; Boston, MA
Paul Grant – Former Board member, ACLU and ACLU of Alaska; Juneau, Alaska
Robert Grauman – American Bar Association Member; New York City, NY
LeeAnne Graybeal – Graybeal Law, LLC; Kennebunk, Maine
Cathy Green – Of counsel, Shaheen & Gordon PA; Concord, New Hampshire
Marc Greenbaum – Professor of Law Emeritus, Suffolk University Law School; Auburndale, MA
Kim Greene – Retired. Former Chief Compliance Officer, Boston Medical Center; West Dennis, MA
James Griffith – Former judge; St. Louis, Missouri
Jason Grimes – Vice President, Zola Media LLC; Cleveland, Ohio
Gerald Grinstein – Seattle, WA
Laura Grisolano – President, Bridge Mediation & Leadership Solutions; Naperville, IL
Randall Grometstein – Professor, Criminal Justice, Fitchburg State University. Fitchburg, MA
Jennifer Gross – Legal director of a nonprofit; former partner, Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein; Bethesda, Maryland
Richard Gross – Former Executive Director, US Consumer Product Safety Commission; Philadelphia, PA
Joanna Grossman – Ellen K. Solender Endowed Chair in Women and Law, SMU Dedman School of Law; Dallas, TX
Frank Gruber – Santa Monica, California
Peter Gruenstein – Partner; Anchorage, Alaska
David I. Grunfeld – Private Practice; Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania
Kenneth Guernsey – Partner of Cooley LLP; San Francisco, California
Joseph Guerrieri – President Guerrieri, Bartos and Roma, PC. Washington, D.C.
Robert Gunther – Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale & Dorr, Partner; New York, New York
Jeffrey Gutman – Professor of Clinical Law, George Washington University Law School; Washington, District of Columbia
Terry Halbert – Professor, Legal Studies, Fox School of Business, Temple University; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Samantha Halem – Law Firm Partner; Wellesley, MA
Maureen Haley – Attorney; Belmont, MA
Eric Hall – Attorney; Providence Rhode Island
Gary Hall – Judge, Minnesota Workers Compensation Court of Appeals; St. Paul, Minnesota
Mark Hall – Wake Forest University, Professor; Winston Salem, North Carolina
Jeremiah Hallisey – President, Hallisey and Johnson. San Francisco, CA
John Hand – Volunteer (political asylum matters); Cambridge, Massachusetts
Hollis Handler – Civil attorney; Juneau, Alaska
Stephen F Hanlon – General Counsel, National Association for Public Defense; St. Louis, MO
Hugh Hansen – Professor of Law, Fordham Law School; New York, New York
David Hanson – Middleton, WI
Patricia Harris – Partner SCHILLER KNAPP; Buffalo, New York
Stephanie Harrod – Josephson Law Offices; Anchorage, Alaska
Scott Harshbarger – Senior Counsel; Former MA Attorney-General. Boston, MA
David Haselkorn – David L Haselkorn PC; Washington, DC
Jenna Wims Hashway – Professor of Legal Practice, RWU School of Law. Providence, Rhode Island
M. Raymond Hatcher – Sloan Hatcher Perry RungeRobertson & Smith; Longview, Texas
Rodney Hatley – Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps; former Special Assistant U.S. Attorney; Founder, Hatley Law Group, A P.C.; San Diego, California
Kevin Haughton – Deputy Public Defender; San Diego, CA
William Hebert – Former President, State Bar of California; Oakland, CA
Mark Hellenkamp – Member in national law firm; San Diego, CA
David Hemond – Former attorney for Connecticut Law Revision Commission; Suffield, Connecticut
Johm Henn – Retired partner, Foley Hoag LLP; Boston, MA
Helen Hershkoff – Professor of Law, NYU Law School (for identification purposes only); New York, New York
Richard Herzog – Washington, D.C.
Jeffrey Hill – Hill & Lamb LLP; Portland, Oregon
Bob Hilliard – Owner: Hilliard, Martinez, Gonzales; Corpus Christi, Texas
Ingrid Hillinger – Professor of Law, Boston College Law School; Boston, MA
David Hinden – Former Assistant U.S. Attorney (Newark, NJ and Los Angeles, CA). Los Angeles, CA
Geraldine Hines – Former Associate Justice, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court; Boston, MA
Bill Hing – Professor of Law, University of San Francisco. San Francisco, CA
Daniel Hirsch – Councilman, Borough of Metuchen; Metuchen, NJ
Liza Hirsch – Senior Attorney, Massachusetts Advocates for Children; Boston, MA
Eric Hirschhorn – Retired Partner, Winston & Strawn LLP; former Under Secretary, US Department of Commerce; Washington, DC
Sheldon Hirshon – Retired Partner, Proskauer Rose LLP; Los Angeles, CA
John Hitt – Former Massachusetts Assistant Attorney General, and former Chief of the Civil Rights & Civil Liberties Division. Boston, MA
Nancy Hoffman – CDR, NC, USNR, RET., past-President of The American Association of Nurse Attorneys, Assistant Prof. , Dept. Of Nursing and Health Sciences, CSU EastBay.; Brentwood, California
Richard Hoffman – Member, Florida Bar Association; Coral Gables, Florida
Jay Holland – Joseph Greenwald & Laake, PA, Shareholder and Director; Chevy Chase, MD
Paul Holtzman – Boston, MA
Susan Horn – Retired; Syracuse, New York
Ira Horowitz – Retired; Miami, Florida
Richard Howard – Former Executive Director of the Disability Law Center; Ipswich, Massachusetts
Kinnaird Howland – Partner, Howland Evangelista Kohlenberg, LLP; Dartmouth, MA
David Huard – San Francisco, CA
William Humenuk – Naples, FL
Charles Humphrey – Law Offices of Charles G. Humphrey; Buffalo, New York
Douglas Hyde – Former President, Green Mountain Energy Resources; Former President and CEO, Green Mountain Power Corporation; Grand Isle, Vermont
Cathy Iles – Private Practitioner; Long Beach, California
Trina Ingelfinger – Former Chief Attorney, Region I, U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights; Durham, New Hampshire
Elaine Ingulli – Professor of Business Law Emerita; West Deptford, New Jersey
William Jack – Former partner, Buchanan law firm; Amelia Island, FL
Penelope Jacks – Tucson; Az
Emanuel Jacobowitz – Founder, Johnston Jacobowitz & Arnold, PC; Seattle, Washington
Scott Jacobs – Former Counsel; Latham & Watkins; Rico, CO
Stephen Jacoby – Former Assistant Attorney General, New York State; Croton-on-Hudson, New York
Jerome Jaffe – Herndon, Virginia
Edgar James – James & Hoffman (former); Washington, DC
Melanie Jarboe – Partner, Kotin, Crabtree & Strong, LLP. Boston, MA
Gail Johnson – Johnson & Klein, PLLC
Charles Jonas – Philadelphia, Pa
Duncan Jones – Former Vice President BHA, Inc. (FL) and T.Y. Lin International, Inc. (CA); Reno, Nevada
Gayle Jordan – NCRC, mediator; Murfreesboro, TN
Jeff Joseph – Senior Partner, Joseph & Hall P.C.; Denver, Colorado
Scott A. Joseph – Joseph Law Office. Newton, MA
Joan Judge – Retired Estate Tax Attorney, Internal Revenue Service; Austin, TX
Gerald Kahn – Private practice; Madison, Connecticut
Sarah Kamenir – Attorney; Los Angeles, California
Janice Kamenir-Reznik – Chair, Jews United for Democracy & Justice; Los Angeles, CA
Mitchell Kamin – Private practice; Los Angeles, CA
Bernard Kamine – Los Angeles, CA
Barry Kaplan – Former Member ABA Section on Rights and Responsibilities; Chappaqua New, New York
Jane Kaplan – Edgartown, MA
Amy Kapoor – Nonhuman Rights Project; Denver, Colorado
Robert H. Kapp – Chevy Chase, Maryland
Molly Karlin – Assistant Federal Public Defender, District of Arizona; Phoenix, Arizona
Brad Karp – Chairman, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison; New York, New York
Rudolph Kass – Associate Justice, Massachusetts Appeals Court (ret.). Newton, MA
Jeffrey Katz – Partner at an international law firm. Boston, MA
Sean Kealy – Clinical Associate Professor of Law, Boston University School of Law,; Boston, Massachusetts
Michael Keating – Partner, Foley Hoag LLP; Boston, MA
Jennifer Keller – Partner, Keller/Anderle LLP. Former President, Orange County Bar Association; Irvine, California
Blaine Kelley – CAALA; Fairfield, Ca
Nicholas Kelley – Of Counsel, Kotin, Crabtree & Strong, LLP. Boston, MA
Frederick Kellogg – Former U.S. Attorney, Advisor to U.S. Attorney General Elliot Richardson. Washington, D.C.
Michael Kelly – Former Dean, University of Maryland School of Law. Baltimore, MD
Paul Kelly – Partner, Segal Roitman, LLP. Boston, MA
William Kelly – Retired partner, Latham & Watkins; Washington DC, District of Columbia
Thomas Kemper – Portland, Oregon
Michael Khalil – Member, Miller & Chevalier Chartered. Washington, D.C.
Josh King – General Counsel, RealSelf; Seattle WA
William Kirchner – Attorney; Tucson, AZ
Crawford Kirkpatrick – Registered Investment Advisor; Swansea, MA
Cortney Kitchen – Owner & Founder: Kitchen Legal, LLC; Anchorage, Alaska
Thomas Kite – Attorney-At-Law; Denver, CO
James Klimaski – Klimaski & Associates, P.C.; Silver Spring, Maryland
Stephen Klitzman – Former Attorney, Federal Communications Commission, 1980-2016; Adjunct Professor, Columbus School of law, Catholic University of America, 1985-2012; Bethesda, MD
Joseh L. Kociubes – Former President, Boston Bar Association. Cambridge, MA
Christina Koehn – Retired Assistant City Attorney for City of Phoenix; Phoenix, Arizona
Miranda Kolbe – San Rafael; CA
Kathy Kolkhorst – Partner Ruddy, Bradley & Kolkhorst 1985 to 2017; Juneau, AK
Dana Kornfeld – Private practice; San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Katherine Kosar – Retired senior attorney, Office of Chief Counsel; LEESBURG, FL
Daniel M. Kowalski – Editor-in-Chief, Bender’s Immigration Bulletin (LexisNexis); Lyons, CO
Anne Koza – Attorney at Law; Fallon, Nevada
Carol Kozun – Providence, Rhode Island
Marvin Krakow – Founding Partner, Alexander Krakow + Glick LLP. Los Angeles, California
Mitchell Kraus – Former General Counsel Transportation Communications Union. North Bethesda, MD
Moria Krueger – Dane County Circuit Court Branch 7; Madison, Wisconsin
Robert Kuenzel – Partner, Proskauer Rose (former), Principal, Kuenzel & Associates; Bellingham, WA
Edward Labaton – Labaton Sucharow LLP, Partner; New York, NY
Julia Landau-Taylor – Newton, MA
Jane Lang – Former General Counsel, U. S. Dep’t of Housing and Urban Development; Washington, D.C.
Paul Lang – Partner, Parlow & Lang; Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Calvin Lee – Law Office of Calvin Lee; Denver, CO
CarolMon Lee – ThinkTech Hawaii, EVP and COO; Honolulu, Hawaii
Paul Lee – Boston, MA
Christopher M. Leich –
Dorchen Leidholdt – Legal Director, Sanctuary for Families; New York City, New York
Arthur Leonard – Robert F. Wagner Professor of Labor & Employment Law, New York Law School; New York, NY
Thomas Lesser – Northampton, MA
Freda Levenson – Legal Director, ACLU of Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio
Judy Levenson – Brody, Hardoon, Perkins & Kesten, Partner. Brookline, MA
Abby Levine – Director of Bolder Advocacy, Alliance for Justice; Alexandria, Virginia
Mel Levine – Former U.S. Congressman; Los Angeles, California
Steven Levinson – Associate Justice (Retired), Hawaii Supreme Court; Member, Honolulu Police Commission. Honolulu, HI
Roberta Levinson – Evanston; Illinois
Andrew Levy – Senior Counsel, DLA Piper LLP. New York City, NY
Janice Levy – Former Assistant Attorney General: Present mediator and private practitioner; Juneau, Alaska
Jeff Levy – Partner, Levy & Blackman LLP; Providence, Rhode Island
Ralph Levy – Retired Partner King & Spalding LLP. Atlanta, GA
Eleanor Roberts Lewis – Former Chief Counsel for International Commerce, U.S. Department of Commerce; Washington, D.C.
Frank Lindh – Adjunct Professor, University of San Francisco School of Law; San Francisco, California
William Litchfield – Chatham, MA
Julia Livingston – Director at Goulston & Storrs PC. Boston, MA
Julie Locascio – Attorney at Law; Washington, District of Columbia
Robert Loeffler – Retired partner, Morrison & Foerster; Washington, DC
Stephen Loffredo – Professor, City University of New York School of Law; New York, NY
Peter Lohnes – Knowledge Mosaic, Inc.; Seattle, WA
Janelle London – Co-Executive Director, Coltura; Menlo Park, CA
David Long – Former Director, School Finance Reform Litigation Project, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights under Law; Mill Valley, CA
Robert Long – Latham & Watkins, LLP. Retired Partner; Pasadena, CA
Carolyn Longstreth – Former Senior Assistant State’s Attorney, Connecticut; Inverness, CA
Fred M. Lowenfels – General Counsel Emeritus, Trammo, Inc. New York, NY
Jeffrey Lowenfels – Anchorage, AK
Roger Lowenstein – Founder, Los Angeles Leadership Academy. Los Angeles, CA
Kirk Lowry – Legal Director, Connecticut Legal Rights Project; Middletown, Connecticut
John Lowry – Partner, Boehm, Kurtz and Lowry; Cincinnati, Ohio
John Lozada – Beverly, MA
Ellen Lubell – Principal, Tennant Lubell, LLC. Newton, MA
Edward Luria – Practicing Attorney; Potomac, MD
Myles V Lynk – Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law; Phoenix, AZ
Krista Maciolek – Attorney; Palmer, Alaska
Carol Mack – Grey Law of Ventura County; Newbury Park, CA
Paula Mackin – Former litigator and children’s rights attorney; Newton, MA
Trip Mackintosh – Retired Holland & Knight partner; Denver, CO
John Macleod – Former Chairman, Crowell & Moring; Maurertown, Virginia
Victoria Macpherson – Private practice; Albany, Oregon
Robert Mahler – Former Director, North Carolina Death Penalty Resource Center; Seattle, Washington
Thomas Maida – Attorney in private practice; Tallahassee, FL
Ralph Maimon – Sole practitioner, Law Office of Ralph Maimon, P.S.; Seattle, WA
Dannel Malloy – Former Governor of Connecticut and Mayor of Stamford, CT. Distinguished Visiting Professor at Boston College Law; Stamford, CT
Ronald Bradford Malt – Boston, MA
Myrna Mandlawitz – President, MRM Associates, LLC; Washington, DC
Robert Mangiaratti – Former City Solicitor of Attleboro, Past president of Massachusetts Municipal Lawyers Association; Attleboro, MA
Jedediah Mannis – Harvard, MA
Lisa Manolius – Former Deputy City Attorney; San Francisco, California
Stanley Marcuss – Former Counsel to the U.S. Senate’s International Finance Subcommittee; former Senior Deputy Assistant Secretary in the U.S. Commerce Department; former partner, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy; former Senior Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School; retired partner, Bryan Cave Leighton
Harry Margolis – Co-Managing Partner, Margolis & Bloom, LLP; Boston, MA
Ellen Marks – Partner, Latham & Watkins; candidate for the US House of Representatives in the 2nd District of Indiana; South Bend, Indiana
William Markstein – Member, New York City Bar Association; 1993 Clerk (Vice Chancellor Jack. B. Jacobs), Delaware Chancery Court. New York City, NY
Michael P. Marnik – Orleans; MA
Lisa Marroni – corporate General Counsel and Senior Vice President; New York, New York
Charlie Martel – Former U.S. Senate Investigative Counsel and Professor of Law; Annapolis, Maryland
Hon. Robert Martin – Retired federal Bankruptcy Court Judge; Madison, WI
Lorelie Masters – Washington, D.C.
Charles Mathews – Solo Practitioner; New York, NY
Ellen Mattingly – Partner, Mattingly & Devlin, LLC; Plymouth, MA
Howard Matz – Former Federal Judge. Los Angeles, CA
Gary Maveal – Professor Emeritus, University of Detroit Mercy School of Law; Detroit, Michigan
Dennis Maxwell – Assistant Public Defender; Asheville, North Carolina
Thomas Mayo – Professor, SMU/Dedman School of Law; Dallas, TX
Wayne Mazur – New York State bar association; New York City, New York
Mary Mazzio – CEO – 50 EGGS FILMS; Boston, Massachusetts
Shannon McAuliffe – Former Federal Defender San Diego Federal Defender 1986-1998; Public Defender a CPCS 2000-2012. Boston, MA
L Stephen McCready – Puritan Faust, P.C.; Boston, MA
Robert McDaniel – Former AUSA, Former Head of Legal OSCE in Kosovo, The McDaniel Law Office. Meredith, NH
Jacob McDermott – Senior Energy and Regulatory Attorney; Salt Lake City, UT
Stanley McDermott, III – New York City, NY
Susan McDonald – McDonald Law; Nashville, Tennessee
Robert McGarrah – Pro Bono Attorney, Maryland Legal Aid; formerly Counsel, AFL-CIO Office of Investment; Rockville, MD
Terence McGinty – Former Public Service Fellow
Lisa McGovern – Former Assistant District Attorney, Middlesex County, MA; Prides Crossing, Massachusetts
JamesF. McHugh – Former Associate Justice, Massachusetts Appeals Court. Charlestown, MA
Michael McIntyre – Former First AssistantDistrict Attorney, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania; Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania
Mary Alice McKeen – Former Administrative Judge, National Marine Fisheries Service; Juneau, Alaska
Jeanne McKnight – Needham, MA
R Bruce McLean – Former Chairman, Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld. Vero Beach, FL
Jay McManus – Director, Children’s Law Center of Massachusetts. Arlington, MA
Joan McPhee – New York, NY
Kimberly Baker Medina – Private practice, immigration attorney; Fort Collins, Colorado
Sanda Meeker – DeputyProsecuting Attorney, Family Support Division, Snohomish County; Edmonds, Waa
Thomas Mela – Newbury, MA
LouisJames Menendez – Retired Superior Court Judge, Junea Superior Court; Juneau, Alaska
H Stephen Merlin – Founding Partner Cohen Pollock Merlin Turner; Atlanta, GA
Dwight Merriam – Attorney at Law. Weatogue, CT
Douglas Mertz – Mertz Law Office; Juneau, Alaska
Richard Meserve – Washington, District of Columbia
William G. Meserve – Boston, Massachusetts
David Miles – Former partner, Sidley Austin; Former partner Fried Frank; Bethesda, MD
Carol Miller – Law Firm, part time associate; Larchmont, NY
John Miller – Law Office of John M. Miller, LLC; Anchorage, Alaska
Nancy Miller – Attorney, U.S. government (retired); Washington, DC
Sandra Saltrese Miller – Managing attorney Saltrese Law Firm; Boulder, Colorado
David Mills – Former Justice, Massachusetts Appeals Court; Current Commissioner, Massachusetts State Ethics Commission; Member of the International Association of Lesbian and Gay judges; Boston, MA
Brandt Milstein – Milstein Law Office; Boulder, Colorado
Joel Mintz – Miami; Florida
RobertH. Mnookin – Williston Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
Jeff Modisett – Former Asst. U.S. Attorney, Former Marion Co. (IN) Prosecutor, Former Indiana Attorney General, CEO of Nextlaw Enterprise, Inc.; Los Angeles, California
Bruce Mohl – Former Justice, New Hampshire Superior Court. Meredith, NH
James Monaghan – Solo practioner; Norristown, PA
RichardD. Monkman – Partner, Sonosky Chambers Sachse Miller & Monkman, LLP; Juneau, Alaska
John Montgomery – Ropes & Gray, former managing partner (retired). Boston, MA
Sandra Moody – Massachusetts Department of Education. Boston, MA
Alexandra Moore-Wulsin – Strata Law Group, Principal; Former Assistant Attorney General of Washington State; Seattle Community Law Center, various school boards and Collaborative Law organizations, including past President of several of these; Seattle, WA
Jim Morrone – Partner, Latham & Watkins; San Francisco, California
Kelly Muir – South Pasadena, CA
Nicole Murad – Murad & Murad, PC; Boulder, CO
John Murdock – Environmental Attorney (ret.); President, Save Our Coast/ Malibu Dolphin Watch Foundation; Santa Monica, California
Arthur Murphy – Quincy, MA
Florence Murray – Partner at Murray & Murray Co.; Sandusky, Ohio
Elizabeth Musselman – No; Taos, New Mexico
William Myhre – Partner, K&L Gates LLP; Washington District of Columbia
Richard Narva – Founder, Narva & Company, LLC. Boston, MA
Irvin Nathan – Former General Counsel, U.S. House of Representatives. Washington, DC
James C. Nelson – Justice, Montana Supreme Court (Ret.); Helena, MT
Nancy Lee Nelson – Nancy Lee Nelson, MPH, Health Law Attorney, Weber & Nelson Law Office, PLLC; Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ronald Nemirow – None; Denver, Colorado
Donna Nesselbush – Rhode Island State Senator; Providence, Rhode Island
Bettina Neuefeind – Education Law Clinic, Harvard Law School; Brookline, Massachusetts
Leslie Newman – Professor of Law Cardozo School of Law New York; New York City, NY
Monica Newton – nonw; CHIRENO, Texas
Nancy Niederman – Former legal executive, 20th Century Fox; Los Angeles, California
Cheryl Niro – Former Partner, Quinlan & Carroll; Past President, Illinois State Bar Association 1999-2000; Chicago, Illinois
William Nitze – Chairman, Oceana Energy Company; former Assistant Administrator for International Activities, US EPA; Washington, D.C.
Walter North – Ambassador (Ret.); Orleans, MA
Vern Norviel – Law Firm; San Francisco CA
Katherine Nussbaum – Attorney; Orland Park, IL
N. Nora Nye – Owner of Law Office of N Nora Nye, LLC; Denver, CO
John Nyhan – Fredericks Peebles Morgan; Indian Wells, California
Brien O’Connor – Boston, MA
Matthew O’Connor – Associate; Providence, RI
R. Daniel O’Connor – Partner. Boston, MA
Laurinda Liguori Ochoa – Deputy District Attorney; Oakland, CA
Albert Oehrle – Former prosecutor Montgomery County, PA; Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
Hon. Neil H. Offen – Former Trade Association CEO; Chevy Chase, MD
Michael A. Olivas – University of Houston Law Center, Law Professor; Houston, TX
Robert G. Oliver – Private law practice; New Haven, Connecticut
Edward Opton – University Counsel, Office of the General Counsel of the Regents of the University of California; Berkeley, CA
Barbara Oro – Professor Emerita; Boston, MA
Thomas P. Owens, Jr. – The Owens Group, LLC; Anchorage, AK
Larry Palmer – Professor of Law, Emeritus, Cornell University; Richmond, Virginia
Terrence Pancoast – Lake Oswego, OR
Linda Pannell – Former Writ Clerk WV Supreme Court; Fayetteville, West Virginia
Ryan Papir – Associate General Counsel, Trammo, Inc.. Scarsdale, NY
Pat Parenteau – South Royalton; VT
Richard Parish – Retired Attorney; Helena, Montana
Carolyn Parker – Bowen & Parker Law Firm, Retired; Bozeman, Montana
Wendy Parmet – Professor of Law, Northeastern University; Newton, MA
Michael Patronella – Attorney / Partner Lubel Voyles LLP; Houston, Texas
Jeremy Paul – Professor and Former Dean, Northeastern University School of Law; Boston, MA
Scott Pavelle – Sole Practitioner; Pittsburgh, PA
Rodger Pegues – Superior Court Judge Alaska; Juneau, Alaska
Thomas E Peisch Boston, MA
Jane Perkins – Legal Director, National Health Law Program; Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Mark Perlis – Private practice; Washington, D.C.
Victor Perri – Currently Hearing Officer, Salt Lake County; Formerly Rater, V.A.; practiced law for over 30 years in total in Utah and Nevada.; Salt Lake City, Utah
Michael Perschuk
Arthur Peterson – Uniform Law Commissioner, AK Judicial Conduct Commissioner, AK Legal Services Director, Assistant Attorney General; Juneau, AK
Natalie Petrucci – Non Profit Immigration Staff Attorney, AILA member, former Peace Corps Volunteer; Denver, Colorado
Jeffrey Petrucelly – National Lawyers Guild, MA chapter, Access to Justice Fellow; Boston, MA
Thomas Pfister – Former partner of Latham & Watkins LLP; Los Angeles, CA
Edward Pikula – Attorney at Law; Springfield, Massachusetts
Isabelle Katz Pinzler – Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General , Civil Rights Division, USDOJ, former Director, ACLU Women’s Rights Project; NEW YORK, NY
Nicholas Pittner – Of Counsel, Bricker & Eckler LLP; Columbus, Ohio
Daniel Plaine – Former Partner, Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher; Bethesda, MD
Brad Plebani – (Former) Deputy Director, Center for Medicare Advocacy, Inc.; Boston, Massachusetts
Dr Arlette Poland – College/University Professor; Palm Desert, CA
Scott Pomfret – Member, Regulatory Counsel LLC; Boston, MA
Adrienne Prager – Civil rights advocate; San Diego, CA
John Prather – Educator/Attorney; Carlsbad, CA
Griffith B. Price, Jr. – Partner and Senior Counsel (Retired), Finnegan LLP; Bethesda, Maryland
Jeffrey Prowda – In house attorney; Boston, Massachusetts
C. Delos Putz – Professor Emeritus, University of San Francisco School of Law. San Francisco, CA
Anthony Quinn – Attorney at Law; East Dubuque, IL
Drucilla Ramey – Dean Emerita, Golden Gate University School of Law. San Francisco, CA
Jason Raofield – Law Firm Partner; Washington, D.C.
Ronald Rappaport – Reynolds Rappaport Kaplan & Hackney. Managing Director. Edgartown, MA
Gershon (Gary) M. Ratner – Founder and Executive Director, Citizens for Effective Schools; former Associate General Counsel for Litigation, U.S. Dep’t of Housing & Urban Development; former Deputy Executive Secretary, U.S. Dep’t of Health, Education & Welfare; Bethesda, Maryland
Nia Raymond – Attorney; chicago, IL
Jeffrey Reina – Buffalo, New York
George Rendle – Attorney; Townsend, Massachusetts
Benjamin Reznik – Law Firm Partner; Los Angeles, CA
Carolyn Reznik – Assistant Attorney General; Los Angeles, California
Oran Reznik – Director of Mental Health; Claremont, CA
Sam Reznik – Attorney; Philadelphia, PA
Kathryn Rice – Retired; Wellston, Mi
Peter Rice – DLA Piper LLP; Boston, MA
Roger Rice – Medford, MA
Edward Richards – Professor, LSU Law School; Baton Rouge, LA
Eli Richlin – Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati; New York City, New York
Stephen Richmond – Shareholder, Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.; Boston, MA
Lauren Rikleen – Rikleen Institute for Strategic Leadership; Wayland, MA
Roland Riopelle – Sercarz & Riopelle, LLP; New York, NY
Robert Rivkin – Former ACLU staff lawyer (Lawyers Military Defense Committee); San Francisco, California
Justin Roberts – Anchorage, Alaska; Anchorage, Alaska
Keith Roberts – Manhattan, New York
Amy Robertson – Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center; Co-Executive Director; Denver, Colorado
Nicholas Robinson – White Plains; New York
John Rochefort – Retired Partner, Alston & Bird. Cambria, CA
Allan Rodgers – Retired. Winchester, MA
Scott Rodgers – Private Attorney; Kennewick, Washington
Estelle Rogers – Public interest lawyer; Forestville, CA
Jeffrey Rogers – Law Office of Jeffrey J Rogers PLC; Tucson, AZ
Walter Romanek – U.S. EPA; Washington DC
Thomas Ronzetti – Managing Member. Tucker Ronzetti P.A.; Miami, Florida
Gretchen Roos – Corporate Counsel; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Carrie Rosenbaum – Lecturer and Visiting Scholar, UC Berkeley & immigration attorney; San Francisco, California
Robert Rosenbaum – retired partner, Arnold & Porter; Washington, DC
Morris Rosenberg – Washington State Association for Justice; Seattle, Washington
Robert J Rosenberg – New York; NY
Marty Rosenbluth – Associate Attorney; Lumpkin, GA
Emery Rosenbluth Jr. – Rosenbluth Law P.A.; Lake Mary, Florida
Stephen Rosenfeld – Boston, MA
Bruce Rosenfield – Partner; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Gary Rosenthal – Suffolk County Bar Association; Suffolk County, NY
Martin Rosenthal – Brookline, MA
Mechelle Ross – Staff Attorney, House of Ruth of Maryland; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Jay Rossiter – Perkins Coie LLP, Partner; San Francisco, CA
David Rossman – Professor, Boston University Law School; Boston, MA
Stuart Rossman – Boston, MA
Joanna Roth – Mediator, Family Transition Services; Seattle, Washington
Joanna Roth – Mediator; Seattle, WA
Andrew Rotstein – Counsel, Scarola Zubatov Schaffzin PLLC; New York, NY
Emanuel Rouvelas – Washington, D.C.
Laura Rovner – University of Denver College of Law; Denver, CO
Jim Rowan – Professor of Law; Boston, Ma
Samuel Rudolph – Samuel B. Rudolph, Attorney at Law; Hayward, CA
Rachel Runnels – Attorney and Counselor at Law (retired); Hopkins, Minnesota
Wayne Rusch – Washington, D.C.
Lawrence Rutstein – Former corporate attorney. Delray Beach, FL
Robert Sacks – Portland, OR
Robert Safron – Counsel. New York, NY
Mark Saliman – Managing Member, Saliman Law LLC; Denver, CO
Samuel Saltman – Senior Litigation Attorney at Callagy Law, P.C.; Fort Lee, New Jersey
Jill Saluck – NELA; Westport, CT
Gary Sampliner – Former Senior Counsel, U.S. Department of the Treasury; Rockville, MD
Dorothy Samuels – Former member, New York Times Editorial Board; New York City, New York
Jaime Sanders – Former partner, Stoel Rives LLP; now Vicar, Christ Episcopal Church, St. Helens and Lake Oswego, Oregon
Vance Sanders – Former President of Alaska Legal Services Corp.; Juneau, Alaska
Megan Sandone – Jermain Dunnagan & Owens; Anchorage, Alaska
Diana Santiago – Massachusetts Advocates for Children; Boston, MA
Joshua Sarnoff – Washington; DC
Robert Saudek – Retired Managing Parter of Morris, Manning & Martin. Atlanta, GA
Susanna Saul – Her Justice, Managing Attorney; New York City, New York
Karen Scarr – San Francisco, California
Irene Scharf – Professor, University of Mass School of Law immigration Law Clinic; Brookline, N Dartmouth, MA
Debbie Schechter – Self employed; Washington, DC
Stuart Schechter –
Lois Schiffer – Former Assistant Attorney General, Environment and Natural Resources Division, US Department of Justice and former General Counsel, NOAA; Washington, DC
Matthew Schlesinger – Washington, DC
David Schmid – Anchorage; AK
Carol Schmid-Frazee – Senior Attorney; Rosemead, California
Robin Schneider – Formerly Senior Counsel at the US Department of Health and Human Services, currently Senior Counsel in the Health Care Group at Dentons LLC; Washington, DC
Don Schott – Partner, Quarles & Brady. Madison, WI
David Schulman – Former Supervising Attorney, Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney; Los Angeles, California
Teresa Schwartz – Professor of Law Emeritus, George Washington University; Washington, DC
Thomas Seigel – Former Chief, Organized Crime & Racketeering Section, U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York; Fairfield County, Connecticut
Philip Shailer – Former State Attorney, Florida’s 17th Judicial Circuit; former Public Defender, 17th Circuit; former City Attorney of Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Hollywood, Florida
Peter Shane – Jacob E. Davis and Jacob E. Davis II Chair in Law, Ohio State University; Columbus, Ohio
Amy Sharff – Former Assistant Attorney General (MA), Former Assistant District Attorney (Essex County, MA); Needham, Massachusetts
Steven Shatz – Emeritus Professor, University of San Francisco School of Law. San Francisco, CA
MarilynTebor Shaw – Former Associate Judicial Administrator Cornell University, Office of the President. Ithaca, NY
Jeri Shepherd – Member Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, NORML Legal Committee; Greeley, Colorado
Jane Sherburne – Principal, Sherburne PLLC; Washington, DC
Kelly Sheridan – Partner, Corr Cronin LLP; Seattle, WA
R.Kelly Sheridan – Of Counsel, Roberts, Carroll, Feldstein & Peirce. Providence, RI
John Sherman – Former Senior legal counsel to the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General on Business and Human Rights; Boston, MA
Richard Sherwin – New York law school, Wallace Stevens Professor of Law; Brooklyn, Ny
James Shifren – Former Law Clerk Hon. Judith S. Kaye Chief Judge NY Court of Appeals; Westchester, New York
Nancy Shilepsky – Partner, Sherin and Lodgen. Boston, MA
Mark Shklov – Kailua, HI
Darcy Shoop – Solo Practitioner; Rockville, Maryland
Elizabeth Shriver – Former Senior Vice President and General Counsel, PBS; Washington, DC
Jerry Shulman – SeniorCounsel, Williams &Connolly LLP; Washington, DC
Mark Shulman – Adjunct Professor, Fordham Law School; New York, NY
Martin Shulman – Kensington, MD
Carl Shuster – Connecticut Bar Association; Stockbridge, Massachusetts
Robert Siciliano – The Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States; Washington. D.C.
Barbara Siegel – Visiting Professor USC Gould School; Los Angeles, California
Jean Sifleet – Retired; Clinton, MA
Jonathan Sigel – Partner, Mirick O’Connell; Westborough, MA
NormanI. Silber – Professor of Law, Hofstra University; Senior Research Scholar, Yale Law School. New York, NY
Carole Silver – Professor of Global Law & Practice, Northwestern Prtizker School of Law; Chicago, Illinois
Michael Simmons – Partner; Jackson, Mississippi
Beth Simon – Law Offices of Beth E. Simon; Cambridge, MA
JoAnne Simon – Member of NYS Assembly; President, Jo Anne Simon, P.C.; Brooklyn, NY
Bonnie Singer – Former Deputy Director Labor Hearings & Appeals CUNY. New York, NY
Richard Siriani –
Michael Sirota – Associate General Counsel, Re:Sources USA; Evanston, Illinois
Robert Skinner – Ropes & Gray LLP, Partner. Boston, MA
Peter Skolnik – Former President, NJ Media Lawyers Association; Plainfield, New Jersey
Thomas Slagle – Assistant Attorney General of the State of Alaska; Parkdale,, Oregon
Cindy Slane – Former Assistant Clinical Professor and Director of Field Placement Programs, Quinnipiac University School of Law; Fairfield County, CT
Daniel Sleasman – Attorney, Private Practice; Albany, New York
Virginia Sloan – Founder and President Emeritus, The Constitution Project; Washington, District of Columbia
Douglas Smith – Private practice; National Lawyers Guild; Kensington, MD
Eleanor Smith – Law Firm Partner. Bethesda, Maryland
MarilynRay Smith – Former Chief Legal Counsel and Deputy Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement Division; Brookline, MA
Miguel Smith – Law Firm Partner; San Diego, CA
Morgan Smith – President/CEO of the Cogent Legal Companies; Oakland, CA
Don Smith – Denver; Colorado
Allen Snyder – Former Partner, Hogan & Hartson, Former Chair, D.C. Court of Appeals Board on Professional Responsibility; Bethesda, MD
Allen Snyder – Partner, Hogan & Hartson; Chair, D.C.Court of Appeals Board on Professional Responsibility; Bethesda, MD
Neal Sonnett – Former Assistant U.S. Attorney and Chief, Criminal Division, Southern District of Florida; Miami, Florida
Jeremy Spector – Partner of a Big Law Firm; Washington, DC
Mark Spiegel – Professor of Law Boston College Law School; Boston, MA
Emily Spieler – Northeastern University School of Law. Boston, MA
Nathaniel Spiller – Retired Federal government attorney; Chevy Chase, MD
Arthur Spitzer – Washington, DC
Alexis Squier – Strata Law Group PLLC, Member; Seattle, Washington
Marie St Fleur – Former Massachusetts Assistant Attorney General, former President Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association, former State Representative, Massachusetts; Dorchester, MA
Alisia St Florian – Boston, MA
Joseph St Louis – Past President, Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice; Regent, National College for DUI Defense; Tucson, Arizona
Nicole St. Pierre – Attorney; Malden, Massachusetts
Laura Stafford – Boston, MA
RThomas Stanton – Managing Director, The Roundtable Collaborative, LLC. Cleveland, OH
Gary Starr – Attorney; Hartford, Connecticut
Richard Steel – Former Army JAG officer and Assistant District Attorney; Philadelphia, PA
Richard Steel – Former Chair, Nationalities Service Center; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Michael Stehle – private practice; anchorage, alaska
Judith Stein – Founder, Executive Director, Center for Medicare Advocacy; Storrs, Connecticut
Marshall Stein – Former Assistant U.S. Attorney, District of MA; Former Chief Staff Attorney, U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit; Newton, MA
Philip Stein – Law firm partner; Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Richard Steinberg – Professor of Law, UCLA; Los Altos Hills, California
Tenley Stephenson – Former associate at Goodwin Procter, former Assistant District Attorney for Middlesex County, Massachusetts; Menlo Park, CA
Donald Stern – Former United States Attorney, District of Massachusetts. Boston, MA
Mark Stern – Human Rights Office City of Boston; Somerville, MA
David W. Steuber – Retired partner, Jones Day; Laguna Beach, California
Adlai Stevenson III – Former U. Senator; Chicago, Illinois
John Stinchfield – Washington, District of Columbia
N.Robert Stoll – Former Founding Partner, StollBerne Law firm. Portland, OR
Kathleen Strasbaugh – Solo Practitioner; Juneau, Alaska
Stephen Stublarec – Tiburon; CA
Laura Studen – Past president Massachusetts Association of Women Lawyers; Boston, MA
James Sturdevant – Former President, Consumer Attorneys of California. San Rafael, CA
Peter Sturges – Common Cause Massachusetts. Cambridge, MA
Saren Sudel – Former Character and Fitness Attorney, MN Board of Law Examiners; Stillwater, Minnesota
Daniel Sullivan – Partner law form; Woodstock, VT
David Sullivan – Former MA Senate Counsel; Former Ethics Commission counsel; Former Cambridge City Councillor. Cambridge, MA
Anne Sutherland – In-house corporate tax counsel; Franklin Township, New Jersey
Helen Sztarkman – Charlotte, North Carolina
Joel Tantalo – Managing Partner, Tantalo & Adler LLP; Los Angeles, California
Robert Taren – President of Board of Directors Senior Citizen’s Legal Services, Santa Cruz,Can.; Santa Cruz, California
Kurt Tauber – Prof. of Political Science, Williams College, emeritus; Williamstown, Massachusetts
Mona Tawatao – Senior Litigator, Western Center on Law & Poverty; Sacramento, CA
Daniel Taylor – Boston, MA
Joanne Telischi – Appellate Lawyer, Joanne Rose Telischi, P.A.; Miami, Florida
Paul Tendler – Law Offices of Paul Tendler; Washihgton, D.C.
Susan Tennyson – State Agency Open Government Attorney; Austin, Texas
Jane E. Tewksbury – Former Legal Counsel, Office of the Attorney General, Massachusetts. Boston, MA
Pauline Third – Retired Crown Counsel; Vancouver, BC and La Quinta, CA, California
Thomas Thompson – Former shareholder at 400+ lawyer firm and Adjunct Professor at University of Pittsburgh School of Law; Pittsburgh, PA
R. Wayne Thorpe – JAMS, Board Chair; Alston & Bird former partner; Atlanta, GA
John Titcomb – self; Sammamish, Washington
Tony Tolbert – UCLA School of Law, Director of Learning Environment & Academic Affairs; Los Angeles, CA
Frederic Torphy – Massachusetts Bar Associations; Little Compton, Rhode Island
Gerald Torres – Jane M.G. Foster Professor of Law, Cornell University. Austin, TX
Michael Traynor – Berkeley, CA
Laurence Tribe – Carl M. Loeb University Professor and Professor of Constitutional Law, Harvard Law School; Cambridge, Massachusetts
Peter Trooboff – Senior Counsel, Covington & Burling LLP, Washington, D.C.; Washington, D.C.
Mary True – Dreitler True LLCretired; Cincinnati, Ohio
Robert Tuchmann – Former partner, WilmerHale LLP; West Newton, MA
Tania Tulcin – Adjunct Lecturer, CUNY; New York, New York
Stanley A. Twardy, Jr – Partner, Day Pitney LLP
Ralph Tyler – Former Deputy Attorney General of Maryland; former Baltimore City Solicitor; former Chief Counsel U.S. Food and Drug Administration; Baltimore, MD
Susan Tyndall – Attorney; Waukesha, WI
Jayne Tyrrell – Consultant; Lincoln, Massachusetts
Richard Ugelow – Adjunct Professor, American University Law School; Washington, DC
Steven Uslaner – Partner; New York, New York
Lisa van Krieken – Partner, Folger Levin; San Francisco, California
Suzanne Vaughan – LA County Bar Association; Los Angeles, CA
Joseph Velasquez – Former Assistant Attorney General, Texas; Austin, Texas
Tim Vettel – Self-employed; Baltimore, MD
Andrew Vorzimer – Founding Partner, Vorzimer Masserman, APC; Los Angeles, CA
Tom Wagner – Lawyer; Juneau, Alaska
Ira Waldman – Cox, Castle & Nicholson LLP, Partner; Los Angeles, CA
Michael Waldren – Community Legal Aid; Long Beach, CA
Jack Walker – Former managing partner, Latham & Watkins LLP; Los Angeles, CA
Jian Wallis – Business Attorney; Pompano Beach, FL
Joan Wallis – Private Attorney; Pompano Beach, Florida
Robert Watt – None; Providence, R>I>
Henry Waxman – Former Member of Congress; Washington, District of Columbia
Dan Wayne – Member of Alaska Bar Association; Juneau, Alaska
Rebecca Webb – Former Assistant Attorney General. Boston, MA
Kathy Weinman – Former partner and current senior counsel of Hogan Lovells. Boston, MA
Spencer Weisbroth – Weisbroth Law, Attorney; San Francisco, CA
DeborahJackson Weiss – Retired Partner, Ropes & Gray; Newton, Massachusetts
Robert Weiss – Pretrial Justice Institute, The Sentencing Project; Washington, DC
Lisa Weissler – Retired Assistant Attorney General of Alaska
John West – Former Assistant United States Attorney (Ky.); partner,, Greenebaum Doll & McDonald PLLC; Georgetown, South Carolina
Sarah Wetzstein – UCLA School of Law Lecturer in Law; Los Angeles, California
David White – White White & Van Etten PC; Boston, Massachusetts
Phillip White – Veterans Benefits Advocate; Shorewood, Wisconsin
Sharon Goddard White – White White & Van Etten PC, Partner; Boston, Massachusetts
David Wieder – ACLU, AAJ, FJA,. Miami Beach, FL
Peggy Wiesenberg – Access to Justice Fellow; Boston, MA
Owen Wilcox – Vienna, VA
Beverly Lake Wilkes – Davis Polk & Wardell; Dedham, Massachusetts
Mary Allen Wilkes – Former Assistant District Attorney, Middlesex County, MA; Cambridge, Massachusetts
Sherwood Willard – Bloomfield, CT
Crystal Williams – American Immigration Lawyers Association, Executive Director (retired); Morrisville, North Carolina
Bridget Wilson – Former Partner, Wilson and Dean; San Diego, California
Chester Winkowski – Private Practice; Former Assistant District Counsel, US Department of Justice, Immigration & Naturalization Service, New York, NY; Haverhill, Massachusetts
Kent Withycombe – Washington; DC
Stephen Wizner – National Board of Trial Advocacy. New Haven, CT
Bruce Wolff – Retired. Bethesda, Maryland
Adrian Woodward – Long Beach Bar Association; Long Beach, CA
Leah Wortham – Professor of Law Emerita; Washington, DC
David Wright – Law Office of David S Wright; San Francisco, CA
Lucien Wulsin – Founder and retired Executive Director, Insure the Uninsured Project (ITUP). Los Angeles, CA
George Wyeth – Former attorney, US EPA; Somerset, Maryland
Joshua Wyner – Vice President, Aspen Institute. Washington, D.C.
Edward Yates – Former Asst. Gen’l Counsel, Council on Environmental Quality, Executive Office of the President; Larkspur, CA
Robert Yingst – Civil Rights Lawyer, Retired; Washington, D.C.
James Yoakum – Associate, Dechert, LLP; Palmyra, New Jersey
Roger Yoerges – Former partner, Steptoe & Johnson and WilmerHale; Alexandria, VA
Eric Younger – Judge of the Superior Court, Retired. Altadena, CA
Antonio Zuniga – Trial lawyer; Tempe, Arizona
Donald Zupanec – Colorado Springs; Colorado