Open Letter, Statement

Open Letter Seeking Accountability for False Claims Of Fraudulent Election

We, the undersigned, are attorneys from all regions of America, representing a myriad of political and ideological backgrounds. We join in this letter to demand that public office holders and lawyers uphold their oath to defend the Constitution. To do that, they must cease making false or unfounded claims and implementing actions – including those actions taken by Attorney General William Barr on November 9 – that undermine our presidential election process.

The right to a fair and free election is sacred in this country. As the Supreme Court has written: “The right to vote freely for the candidate of one’s choice is of the essence of a democratic society, and any restriction on that right strikes at the heart of democratic government . . . [A]ny alleged infringement of the right of citizens to vote must be carefully and meticulously scrutinized.”  Reynolds v. Sims, 377 U.S. 533, 555 (1964).

Every candidate has a right to ensure that an election is conducted lawfully. However, court challenges, if any, must be based on facts, on evidence. These principles are fundamental to securing every citizen’s right to vote and to our democracy.

The President of the United States has directed the filing of court cases seeking to stop ballots from being counted on the ground that there has been widespread ballot fraud. His sons have sharply criticized Republicans who are not backing their father’s claims. Following these comments, Senators Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham, both attorneys, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy participated in interviews where they echoed the President’s allegations of fraud.

But these claims of widespread fraud are without evidence and false. As preeminent Republican election lawyer Benjamin Ginsberg recently wrote, though Republicans have spent more than thirty years searching for evidence, “Proof of systematic fraud . . . doesn’t exist.” 

Stopping the counting of eligible ballots would effectively nullify those citizens’ fundamental right to vote. Since there is no factual basis – no evidence – to support President Trump’s claim of widespread fraud, his actions grossly interfere with the right to vote and cannot withstand any scrutiny, let alone the “careful[] and meticulous scrutin[y]” demanded by the Supreme Court. 

In effect, the President seeks an unconstitutional “restriction on the right to vote” under Reynolds v. Sims. He is violating his duty to defend the Constitution.

The United States Constitution requires the President to take an oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution”, Art. II, Sect. 1, Cl. 8.  Federal law requires all other federal office holders to take an oath to “support and defend the Constitution”.  5 U.S.C. 3331. Lawyers take a similar oath

Lawyers who represent the President, or his campaign, in challenges to this election – like all lawyers who appear in court – have an ethical obligation of candor to the court.  As embodied in the American Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct 3.3, “the lawyer must not allow the tribunal to be misled by false statements of … fact or evidence that the lawyer knows to be false.”

This duty applies fully to Justice Department employees who respond with legal action to Attorney General Barr’s November 9 precedent-breaking memo authorizing investigations of election fraud during the immediate, post-election period. This latest action only adds to the Attorney General’s shameful legacy.

A lawyer’s oath is a sacred vow. Americans have a right to expect, and courts must require, that those who undermine the Constitution by perpetuating false allegations to prevent citizens from having their vote counted – effectively denying them the right to vote – be held to account.

This unprecedented moment transcends partisanship. The country and the world are watching to see how America responds to the President’s shameful attack on the legitimacy of America’s voting process.

There has never been a more important time for America’s lawyers to acknowledge the importance of these solemn commitments, and to demand accountability for those lawyers and federal officials who do not live up to their oaths and ethical obligations.

1,600 Signers of the Open Letter

Mark Aaronson — Professor of Law Emeritus, Univ. of Calif. Hastings College of the Law (Oakland, CA)
Susan Aaronson — Retired lawyer (Laguna Niguel, California)
Camille Abate — attorney at law (Ewing, NJ)
Melanie Abea — Attorney (Manteca, CA)
Richard Abel — Connell Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus and Distinguished Research Professor, UCLA (Santa Monica, Ca)
Nikolas Abel — (Boston, MA)
Nancy Abramowitz — Professor of Practice, American University Washington College of Law (Washington, DC)
William Abrashkin — Judge, Massachusetts Trial Court (ret.) (Northampton, MA)
John Achatz — Access to Justice Fellow (Boston, Massachusetts)
John Adams — (Vienna, VA)
Richard Adamson — Attorney, Emeritus, Pro Bono (Lacey, Washington)
Jeffrey Adelman — Current (Coral Springs, Fl)
Jan Adler — Former United States Magistrate Judge for the Southern District of California (San Diego, California)
Dennis Aftergut — Of Counsel at Renne Public Law Group; former federal prosecutor and San Francisco Chief Assistant City Attorney
Joanne Agruso — Attorney At Law (Hauppauge, New York)
Jerome P Akman — Retired (Washington, District Of Columbia)
Lila Akrad — Corporate Attorney & IP Counsel (Des Moines, IA)
Susan Akram — Clinical Professor and Director, International Human Rights Clinic, Boston University Law School (Boston, Massachusetts)
Julie Alarcon — Lawyer (Morristown, New Jersey)
Miriam Albert — Professor (Hempstead, New York)
Ralph Albrecht — Partner (Washington, DC)
David Albright — Past President, Maryland Association For Justice (Perry Hall, MD)
Lisa Alcantar — Attorney (San Antonio, Texas)
Hannah Alexander — N/A (Austin, Texas)
James Alfini — Dean and Professor Emeritus (Houston, TX)
Marilee Allan — Attorney (Berkeley , California )
Birgit Almgren — Senior attorney (Anchorage , Ak)
Michael Altman — Former Law Professor, Former equity partner 2 Boston Law Firms (Cambridge, MA)
Cory Amron — Retired partner, national law firm (Arlington, VA)
Elliott Andalman — attorney at law (Takoma Park, MD)
Patricia Anders — (Albuquerque , New Mexico )
Peter Anderson — Retired Judge, Massachusetts Trial Court (Portland, Oregon)
Steven R. Andrews — Special Assistant to the Director of the FBI (Scottsdale, AZ)
Anthony Andricks — Attorney (Lakewood , Ohio)
Fran Ansley — Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus, University of Tennessee College of Law (Knoxville, TN)
Leslie Archambeault — (Washington , DC)
Janeth Arias — Partner (Torrance , California )
Steven Aroesty — Senior Counsel: SWMW Law (St Louis, Missouri)
Victor Aronow — A concerned American who is also a lawyer (Tempe, AZ)
Jonathan Ash — Criminal defense Attorney -48 yrs. Rey. (Bend, Oregon)
Ruthe Ashley — (Vallejo, CA)
Paula Atkinson — N/A (Denver, Colorado)
Michelle Avery Weston — Former Program Manager, Office for Justice Programs, US department of Justice (Milton, Georgia)
Alexander Avis — (SAN DIEGO, CA)
Natasha Axelrod — Attorney (Irvine, California)
CARL AXELROD — Brown Rudnick Retired Partner (somerville, MA)
Sheryl Axelrod — President & CEO, The Axelrod Firm, PC, a certified woman owned law firm and NAMWOLF member firm (Moorestown, NJ)
Donald Babbitt — Partner (River Edge, NJ)
Hope Babcok — Georgetown University Law Center, Professor (Washington, District of Columbia)
Robert Bacon — Attorney; former Assistant Attorney General of Alaska (Oakland, California)
David Bain — N/A (Lawrence, Massachuseetts )
Debbie London Baker — Esq. Current Practitioner (Tampa, FL)
Jayne Baldwin — (Falls Church, VA)
Sunita Bali — Partner (Oakland, California )
Stanley Balis — (Potomac, Maryland)
Erica Flores Baltodano — Faculty, San Luis Obispo College of Law and President, The Baltodano Firm (San Luis Obispo , CA)
Joseph Bancsi — Practicing attorney (BAY VILLAGE, OH)
ROBERT BARANOWSKI — Attorney (marlton, NJ)
CHRISTOPHER BARCLAY — Attorney (Saint Louis, MO)
Shaun Barnes — N/A (Boston, MA)
Jonathan Barnes — Attorney (Reading, Massachusetts)
Michael Barnes — Former US Congressman & Partner at Hogan Lovells (Naples , Florida )
Alan Baron — Asst. U.S. Attorney (Md.). (Washington , District of Columbia )
Sarah Barr — Student Legal Services, Kansas State University (Wamego, Kansas )
Tiffany Bartz — Attorney (Cambridge, Massachusetts )
John Barylick — Visiting Prof. of Law, Roger Williams University School of Law (Little Compton, Rhode Island)
Claire Battle — Current Assistant General Counsel (Oak Park, IL)
Katherine L. Becker — Retired Attorney, U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services (Gaithersburg , MD)
Jennifer Becker — Attorney (Portland, OR)
Daniel Bednarski — (La Crescenta, CA)
Dave Bell — Sole practitioner (Cleveland Hts., Ohio)
Laurel Bellows — Principal Bellows Law Group PC; former Presuden if The Chicago Bar Association; Former President , American Bar Assocation (Chicago, IL)
Helen Bender — Associate Professor of Law (Fordham Law School) (New York, NY)
Richard Benes — Attorney at Law (San Diego, CA)
Nancy Bennett — (Marblehead, MA)
James Bergenn — Partner, Shipman & Goodwin LLP; UConn Adjunct Prof. Trial Advocacy (Hartford, Ct)
Martha Bergmark — Attorney (Retired) (Takoma Park, MD)
Paul Berman — Retired Partner (Silver Spring, Maryland)
Pamela Berman — President, Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus (Boston, MA)
Peggy Bernardy — (Woodland , Calif )
Marilyn Bernhardt — General Attorney, Amedrar Hess Corp. (Sedona, AZ)
Peter Bernhardt — Assistant U.S. Attorney (Sedona, AZ)
H. Bruce Bernstein — Sidley Austin LLP (retired partner) (Deerfield, Illinois)
Michael Bien — Partner, Rosen Bien Galvan & Grunfeld LLP (San Francisco, CA)
Russell Bikoff — former Dpty Dir, Ofc of Int’l Affairs, CrimDiv, USDOJ (Washington, DC)
Debra Billard — Assistant Public Defender (Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida)
Dawn Blagrove — Executive Director of Emancipate NC (Durham, NC)
Sandra Blair — (San Francisco, California )
Laura Blank — N/A (New York, NY)
Walakewon Blegay — General Counsel (Washington , DC)
Jessica Block — Partner (Boston, MA)
Amy Blumenberg — Founder, onsiteGC LLC (Portland , Oregon)
eric blumenson — Research Professor, Suffolk Univ Law School (cambridge , ma)
Karen Boardman — Current (Charlotte , NC)
Marie Bockwinkel — former administrative law judge, State of California (Davis, California )
Kristi Bodin — Attorney, former Assistant Attorney General for Massachusetts (Greenfield, MASSACHUSETTS (MA))
Laurence Bodine — Retired (Tucson, AZ)
Carolyn Bogar formerly Rader — Attorney (Indianapolis , Indiana )
Joshua Bogin — Adjunct Professor of Constitutional Law, Springfield College; former trial attorney, Civil Rights Division, US Department of Justice (Springfield, MA)
Bill Boies — Attorney (Chicago, Illinois)
Tom Bolt — Managing Attorney, BoltNagi PC (St. Thomas, VI)
Jason Bond — Patent Lawyer (Middleton, WI)
Kristen Boney — Attorney at Law (Berkeley, CA)
Vicki Bonnington — Litigation Senior Counsel, Litigation Partner, Federal Law Clerk (West Stockbridge , MA)
David Bookbinder — Chief Counsel, Niskanen Center (Washington, DC)
Bruce Bookman — Partner Bookman & Helm LLP (Anchorage , Alaska)
Mark Borreliz — Senior Counsel, Verrill Dana LLP (Boston , Massachusetts )
Amelia Boss — Kline School of Law, Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA)
Richard A. Boswell — Professor of Law, Univ. of Calif. Hastings (Berkeley, CA)
Virginia Boswell Fischer — Retired (Ellettsville, Indiana)
Bruce Botelho — Former Attorney General of Alaska (Douglas, AK)
Angela Botelho — Retired Deputy Attorney General, California Department of Justicd (Berkeley, CA)
Charles Both — Principal- law Offices of Charles R. Both (Washington, DC)
Melissa Botting — (Houston, Tx)
Paul Bovarnick — (Portland, OR)
Katherine Bowden — Attorney (Providence , RI)
John Bowen — Attorney (Boston, MA)
Judith Bowman — Attorney at Law (Cambridge, MA)
John Bowman — Attorney (ret.) (Brookline, Massachusetts)
Zainab Boxwala — Managing Partner (Cypress, Texas)
Richard Boyce — Administrative Law Judge, NLRB (1973-93) (San Francisco, California)
Stephan Bradley — Attorney (Current) (New York, New York)
Susan Bradley Krant — Current Law Firm Partner (Talent, Oregon)
Jeremy Bramson — (Springfield , Massachusetts)
Ben Bratman — Professor, University of Pittsburgh School of Law (Pittsburgh, PA)
Jessica Braun — (Brunswick, Maine)
Vianei Braun — Shareholder, Decker Jones, P.C. (Benbrook, TX)
Judi Brawer — Attorney (Boise, Idaho)
Kyle Bredell — Current (Ypsilanti, MI)
Jim Brenner — Partner, Perkins Coie (Pali Alto, CA)
Rosemary Brewer — Attorney (Portland, OR)
Benn Brewington III — (Raleigh, North Carolina)
Ann Brick — Retired staff attorney, ACLU of Northern California (Berkeley , California )
N. Kay Bridger-Riley — Bridger-Riley & Associates, Civil Rights litigation firm in Tulsa, OK, former Chair of Oklahoma Bar Assn Young Lawyers Section, General Practice Section and Litigation Sections. (Norman, Oklahoma)
Andrew Briggs — Current Law Firm Partner (Madison, Wisconsin)
Israela Brill-Cass — Ombuds Wesleyan University and Clark University (Mansfield , MA)
Israela Brill-Cass — Ombudsperson, Wesleyan and Clark Universities (Mansfield , MA)
Claudia Brisson — Civil Litigation Attorney (SAN RAFAEL, California)
Diane Bristow — Partner, NQGRG (Baltimore, MD)
John C. Brittain — Olie W. Rauh Professor, Univ. of District of Columbia Law School (Washington, DC)
MARK BRODIN — Professor, Boston College Law School (Newton, MA)
Richard Brody — Of Counsel (Walnut Creek, CA)
Nancy Broff — N/A (Arlington, Virginia )
Fiona Brophy — Partner, Perkins Coie (San Francisco, CA)
Gunda Brost — Owner, Brost Immigration Law (Cedar Falls , Iowa )
Gary Brown — Managing Partner–Brown Weimer (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Lindsay Brown — Attorney (Lafayette, CA)
Thomas Brown — Current (Portland , OR)
Harold Brown — Former Attorney General for the State of Alaska and Superior Court Judge (Warrenton , Oregon)
Daniel Putnam Brown, Jr. — retired attorney, Probate Judge and Probate Magistrate (West Granby, CT)
Joshua Brysk — Managing Attorney at Cirrus Law PC (Pleasanton, CA)
Joshua Brysk — Current (Pleasanton, California)
Taylor Bui — (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
Malissa Burnette — Burnette, Shutt & McDaniel – Partner (Columbia , South Carolina)
Michael Burns — Attorney (retired) (Scottsdale, Arizona)
Daphne Burns — Attorney (Edmond , Oklahoma )
Barbara Burr — Attorney (Washington, DC)
James Butler — Retired attorney (Raleigh, NC)
David Byers — Attorney (Encino, CA – California)
Michael Byowitz — Of Counsel at my firm and former partner; previously Sr. Trial Attorney, Antitrust Division, US Dept of Justice (New York, NY)
Bill Byrne — Byrne, Hedges & Lyons, partner; ALJ Board of Review (Hilton Head Island , SC)
Andrea Cabral — Fmr. Sec’y of Public Safety, Suffolk County Sheriff, Asst. Attorney General, Asst. District Attorney, (Boston, MA)
Virginia Cale — (Sacramento, CA)
Virginia Calvert — Attorney (Syracuse, New York)
Alejandro Camacho — UC Irvine School of Law (Laguna Beach, California)
Melissa Cameron — Current (Berthoud , Colorado)
Margaret Cammer — Retired NYS Acting Supreme Court Justice (Brooklyn, NY)
David Cannon — Attorney (Detroit, MI)
Julie Cantor — Attorney; Founder + CEO, Harlen (Santa Monica , CA)
Patricia Cantor — Attorney (ret.) (Cambridge, MA)
Lazaro Cardenas — Partner (Freehold, NJ)
Mary Carkhuff — (Annapolis, Md)
Susan Carle — American University Washington College of Law (Bethesda, MD)
Andrea Carlise — Executive Director, International Action Network for Gender Equity & Law (Alameda, California)
Jay Carlson — Retired law partner (Madison , Wisconsin )
Kent Carnell — Partner (Madison, Wisconsin )
James Carr — Former Colorado Senior Assistant Attorney General (Estes Park, CO)
Gilbert Carrasco — Professor of Law, Willamette University (Portland, OR)
William Carroll — Former Department of Defense Attorney, Member of the Senior Executive Service (Washington, DC)
Megan Carroll — Attorney (St Petersburg, FL)
Jenny Carter — Assistant Professor, Vermont Law School (Randolph Center , VT)
Margret Caruso — Partner, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP (Redwood CIty, CA)
Wynne Carvill — Judge, Alameda Superior Court (Ret.) (Belmont, California )
Kevin Casey, J.D. — Casey Conflict Management Consultants (Austin, Texas)
Henry Cavallera — attorney (Reno, NV)
Julie Celum — Managing Attorney (Dallas, TX)
Julie Celum Garrigue — Celum Law, P.C. Managing Partner (Dallas, TX)
Lisa Cervantes, Esq, LLM — Attorney at IP Legal Studio LLC (Oceanside , California )
Lawrence Cetrulo — Partner (Boston, Massachusetts )
Sarah Chadha — (Houston, TX)
Paulette Chapman — Partner (Falls Church, VA)
Perry Chappano — Managing Partner, Chappano Wood PLL (Columbus, Ohio)
Yair Chaver — (Santa Cruz, CA)
Christina Checel — Former Deputy City Attorney (Los Angeles, CA)
Michael Cherry — Circuit Judge (Retired), Michigan’s 15th Judicial Circuit (Coldwater, MI)
Dorothy Cherry — Attorney, Retired Michigan ALJ (Coldwater, MI)
Donna Chesteen — Technology Attorney (Orlando, Florida)
Mark Choate — Trial Lawyer (Juneau, AK)
Carol Chodroff — Former Staff Counsel, House Judiciary Committee (Cardiff by the Sea, CA)
Carol Chomsky — Professor, University of Minnesota Law School (Minneapolis, MN)
Jack Chorowsky — (New York, New York)
Christine H. Chung — Former partner, Selendy & Gay PLLC and Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP; Former Senior Trial Lawyer, International Criminal Court
Richard Chused — Professor of Law, New York Law School (New York, NY)
Nanci Clarence — Past President, Bar Association of San Francisco (San Francisco, California)
Carolyn Clark — Retired Partner, Milbank, Tweed Hadley & McCloyloy (New York City, New York)
James Clark — Sidley Austin LLP, Retired Partner (Chicago, Illinois)
David Clark — Retired Partner (Jackson, MS)
Stephanie Clark — Vermont Law School (South Royalton, Vermont)
Kathleen Clark — Attorney & Law Professor (Washington, DC)
David Clarke — Partner, DLA Piper LLP (US) (Retired) (Ellicott City, Maryland)
Clayton Clement — Clement, Fitzpatrick & Kenworthy (Santa Rosa, California)
Kimberly Clement — former Assistant US Attorney. ND calif (Santa Rosa, CA)
Ben Clements — Former Assistant US Attorney; Former Chief Legal Counsel to Massachusetts Governor (Boston, MA)
Brian Clemow — Of Counsel, Shipman & Goodwin LLP (Hartford, CT)
Kevin Clune — Legal Aid at Work (San Francisco, CA)
Mary Ann Coffey — Lawyer, retired (Charlottesville , VA)
Adrienne Coffin — N/A (West Palm Beach, Florida)
Cynthia J. Cohen — Former Justice of the Massachusetts Appeals Court (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
Marsha Cohen — Professor of Law, UC Hastings Law (San Francisco, CA)
Rachel Beth Cohen — (Boston, Massachusetts )
Jack Cohoon — Special Counsel— Burnette Shutt & McDaniel, P.A. (Columbia, SC)
Alexandra Colacito — Attorney (North Attleboro, MA)
Michael Colantuono — Forner President, California State Bar (Grass Valley, CA)
Edward Colbert III — Assistant Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Susan Cole — Director, Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative (cambridge, Massachusetts)
Richard Cole — Attorney; Former Assistant Attorney General and Chief, Civil Rights Division, Massachusetts Office of Attorney General Chief of the Civil Rights Division, Massachusetts Office of Attorney General (Bostonl Chief (Boston, Massachusetts)
Robin Morris Collin — Professor of Law (Salem, Oregon)
Craig Collins — Attorney (Boston, Massachusetts)
Susan. H. Colussy — Retired C.L.I.N.I.C attorney (Atlanta, Georgia)
Kathleen Conkey — Law Offices of Kathleen Conkey (New Kingston, New York)
John Connell — Attorney (Wyckoff, NJ)
Kathy Jo Cook — Managing Member, KJC Law Firm, LLC (Boston, MA)
Nancy Cooper — Current (Lake Oswego, OR)
Jeffrey Cooper — Associate Dean and Professor of Law (North Haven, CT)
Erin Copeland — Attorney (Houston, Texas)
Pamela Coravos — Retired Lawyer (Newton, MA)
Robert Cordy — Retired Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (North Reading, Massachusetts )
Marlén Cortez Morris — Attorney (Chicago, Illinois )
Bryan Coryell — Attorney (Santa Rosa, CA)
Andrea Costa — Estate Planning Attorney (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Christopher Costin — Beyers Costin Simon (Corte Madera, CA)
Jim Cotter — Attorney (Quincy, Massachusetts)
Mary F. Courtney — (Pittsfield , MA )
Stacy Cowan — Attorney and CEO (Boston, MA)
Kris Cox — N/A (San Francisco, California)
Iris Cox — Current (Portland, Oregon )
Sharon Cozort — Former managing legal editor, O’Connor’s/Thomson Reuters (Houston, TX)
Kim Cozzetto Maynard — Former Washington State Assistant Attorney General (Seattle, Washington)
Greg Cragg — Staff attorney (Long Beach, California)
Lorelei Craig — Associate Director for Career Planning and Professional Development, University of Oregon School of Law (Eugene, OR)
Laura Craig — L/O of Laura A. Craig (Berkeley , CA)
A. Courtenay Craig — Criminal Defense (Huntington , WV )
Glenn Cravez — N/A (Anchorage , Alaska )
William Cremins — William C. Cremins, P.C. (Knoxville, Tennessee)
Nancy Crisman — retired attorney (Chevy Chase, MD)
Peter Crosby — Former (Anchorage, Alaska)
Amber Crosby — Attorney (Houston, Texas)
Karen Halverson Cross — Professor (Evanston, Illinois)
Mary Crossley — Professor of Law, University of Pittsburgh School of Law (Pittsburgh, PA)
Aaron Crowell — Partner, Clarick Gueron Reisbaum LLP (New York, NY)
Anne Crowley — Retired Prosecutor (Tacoma, WA)
James Crowley — Former Illinois Assistant Attorney General (Los Angeles, CA)
Charles Crumpton — Mediator/Arbitrator (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Charles Crumpton — Mediator (Honolulu , Hawai’i )
Richard Cummins — Owner Cummins & Krulewitch (Aspen , Colorado )
Maurice Cunningham — Professor of political science; former assistant attorney general, Massachusetts (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
Nicholas Curabba — N/A (New York, New York)
Kevin Curtin — Assistant District Attorney, Middlesex (Wellesley, Massachusetts )
Dawn Cutaia — Attorney (York, PA)
Stanley Cygelman — Casner & Edwards, LLP (Boston, MA)
Rachel Da Silva — Attorney (Olympia, Washington)
Alexis Dahlhauser — (West Des Moiness, IA )
Brett Dakin — Attorney (New York, NY)
Elene Daley — Self-employed (Porterville , California)
John Daly — Now Retired, Former Deputy General Counsel, Federal Trade Commission (Washington, Washington D.C)
Claudia Damon — Retired (Concord, NH)
Jonathan Dana — N/A (Washington, DC , District of Columbia )
Benjamin Davis — Professor (Toledo, Ohio)
Angela Davis — Distinguished Professor of Law, American University (Silver Springs, MD)
Matthew Davis — Partner: Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger (San Francisco, CA)
Douglas Davis — Lawyer (Anchorage , AK)
Ouisa Davis — Attorney at Law (El Paso , Texas)
Morris Davis — Former Chief Prosecutor for the military commissions at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. (Asheville , North Carolina )
Amanda Davy — Current (Sarasota, FL)
Richard Daynard — University Distinguished Professor of Law, Northeastern University (Boston, MA)
Helen de Haven — Retired Professor of Law, Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School (Knoxville, TN)
Kristie De Pena — Attorney (Washington , DC)
Matthew De Preter — (Chicago, Illinois)
Anna Dean Kamins — Attorney (Houston, Texas )
Sarah Deer — Professor (Lawrence, KS)
Gill Deford — Retired public interest lawyer (Cambridge , Massachusetts )
Samuel DeLorenzo — Attorney (Retired) (Mill Valley, California)
Mary DeNevi — N/A (Missoula, MT)
Jacqueline Denning — Retired Partner Arnold & Porter (Washington, DC)
Ralph DeRosa — General Counsel (Oakdale, New York)
Denise DeRose — JD (Sebastopol, CA)
Suzan deSeguin-Hons — N/A (Lakewood, Colorado)
Rebecca DeWitt — Attorney (Phoenix, AZ)
Steven DiCairano — Adjunct Professor (Hingham, Massachusetts)
James Dickmeyer — Attorney (Kirkland, WA)
J. Christine Dietrick — City Attorney, City of San Luis Obispo, California (Los Osos, California )
Joseph DiMento — Distinguished Professor of Law, UCI (Irvine, CA)
Joel Diringer — Former CRLA attorney (San Luis Obipso, CA)
Jennifer Dixon — Attorney at Law (Eureka, California)
Mara Dolan — Attorney (Concord, MA)
Gary Doner — Tax Director (Perrysburg, Ohio)
Anthony Doniger — partner, Sugarman Rogers Barshak and Cohen (Boston, Massachusetts)
Richard J. Donovan — R.J. Donovan Co., LPA (Worthington, Ohio)
David Donovan — Former partner Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale amd Dorr LLP (retired) (McLean, VA)
Patricia Freeman Dorson — SVP, Dorson Strategic Consulting, LLC (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Raymond Dougan — First Justice, Boston Municipal Court, Central Division (Ret.) (Lexington, MA)
Kristin Downes — Attorney, State Bar of Oregon & Texas (Bend, OR)
Daniel Preston Dozier — Of Counsel (Bethesda, Maryland)
Terry Drake — Attorney (Bradenton, Fl)
Raya Dreben — Mass (Dedham, Massachusetts)
Robert Dresser — Retired attorney (Folsom, California )
Jessica Drew — Staff Attorney (Cambridge , Massachusetts)
Melanie Drew — Prosecutor (Los Angeles , CA)
Cathy Dreyfuss — Attorney, Immigrant Defenders Law Center (Los Angeles, California)
David Driesen — University Professor, Syracuse University College of Law (Fayetteville, New York)
Robert Drinan — Executive Agency Counsel (Brooklyn , New York)
Darya Druch — (Oakland, California)
Deborah Dubroff — Attorney (Oakland, California)
Fernande (Nan) R.V. Duffly– Former Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court
Drew Duffy — Attorney (Ret.) (Columbus, OH)
Lynn Dukette — Legal Counsel (Hoboken, NJ)
Irina Dularidze — Attorney (New York, New York)
William Dunlap — Professor of Law, Quinnipiac University (Wallingford , CT)
Katy Dunn — Attorney (Denver , Colorado)
Lynn Duryee — Judge (Ret.) (San Francisco, CA)
Taylor Duty — Current Attorney (Portland, Oregon)
K.K. DuVivier — University of Denver Sturm College of Law (Denver, Colorado)
Stephen Dycus — Professor Emeritus, Vermont Law School (Strafford, VT)
Linda Eads — Professor (Seattle, Washington)
Alexandra Easley — Attorney (Oakland, CA)
Maja Eaton — Current – Sidley Austin LLP (River Forest, Illinois)
Daniel Edelman — (Washington, D.C.)
Kenneth Edwards — (Chicago , Illinois )
Bruce Einhorn — Retired Federal Judge; Professor of Law (Nipomo, CA)
David Eiseman — Partner, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP (San Francisco, California)
Judith El Masri — Attorney (Houston , Texas)
John Eldridge — Eldridge & Blakney (Knoxville , TN)
Michael Elefante — Retired partner Hemenway and Barnes (Boston, Massachusetts)
Mark Ellenberg — Retired Partner, Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft (Potomac, MD)
David Ellenhorn — Attorney and Adjunct Professor of Ethics at Fordham Law School (New York, New York)
Elizabeth Elliott — Attorney (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Amber Elliott — (Redford, Michigan)
Heather Elliott — Alumni, Class of ’36 Professor of Law (Tuscaloosa, AL)
Ryan Ellis — Attorney (Minneapolis, MN)
Susan Ellis — Retired (Wichita, Kansas)
Jane Ellis — Retired Professor of Law (Berkeley, California)
Ira Ellman — Charles J. Merriam Distinguished Professor of Law, Emeritus, Arizona State University (Berkeley, California)
Scott Emblidge — Partner, Moscone Emblidge & Rubens LLP (Mill Valley, California)
Deborah England — (san francisco, california)
Jonathan Englander — International Business Consultant (Bangkok, Thailand)
Patrick English — Principal, Dines and English LLC (Clifton, New Jersey)
Bennett Epstein — Partner, Epstein Sacks PLLC (New York, NY)
Aurelia Erickson — Attorney (Portland, OR)
susan ervin — Former Partner, Davis Polk & Wardwell (Washington, DC)
Jennifer Escalante — Attorney (Winter Garden, FL)
Joseph Evall — Attorney (New York, NY)
Charles Ewing — SUNY Distinguished Service Professor & Professor of Law Emeritus (Buffalo, NY)
Hillary Exter — Public interest lawyer and law school administrator (New York, Nee York)
Aaron Ezekiel — Ezekiel Law Office (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
Ciara Faber — Public Interest Attorney (Denver, Colorado)
Michael Faden — Senior Legislative Attorney (ret.), Montgomery County (MD) County Council (Bethesda , MD)
Marc Fairman — Law Offices of MARC P. Fairman (Auburn, CA)
Evan Falchuk — Former independent gubernatorial candidate for Massachusetts and founder of the United Independent Party
Jerry Fancher — Attorney (Austin, TX)
Lynn Faris — Former partner (Alameda, California )
Kathie Farnell — Solo practitioner (Foley, ALABAMA)
Jean Farrell — (South Orange, New Jersey)
Ellice Fatoullah — Attorney (New York,, NY)
E. Peyton Faulk — (Montgomery , Alabama )
Randall Fearnow — Attorney (Chicago, Illinois)
Francis Fecteau — Former Associate Justice of the Nass. Appeals Court (Dennis, Massachusetts)
Susan Feder — Mediator (San Franciso, CA)
Brenda Feigen — Feigen Law Group (Los Angeles,, CA)
Jim Feldman — Attorney (Ardmore, PA)
Bob Feldman — Former Federal Prosecutor (Redwood Shores , CA – California)
Nicholas Fels — Retired partner, Covington & Burling LLP
Lewis Ferguson — Retired Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP (Bethesda, Maryland)
Sara Ferrara — Attorney (Washington, DC)
Garry Ferraris — Attorney (Knoxville, TN)
Andrea Ferster — Former D.C. Bar President (2013-2014) (Washington, District of Columbia)
Robert Feyer — Senior Counsel, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP (San Francisco, CA)
Eugene R. Fidell– Senior Research Scholar, Yale Law School, and counsel, Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP
Michael Fieldman — Current Attorney (Los Angeles, California)
Robert Fine — Curent (Providence, RI)
Stephanie Finelli — Attorney (Sacramento, CA)
Daniel Finn — Massachuserrs (Jamaica Plain, MA)
John E. Finn — Professor of Government Emeritus, Wesleyan University (Corea, Maine)
Leo Finucane — Trial Lawyer (Pittsford, New York)
Melissa Fiore — Senior staff attorney to Judge Sam Welch, Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals (Auburn, CA)
Michael Fischer — Senior Attrorney (retired) Administrative Office of the Caifornia Courts (El Cerrito, California)
Ann Fisher — 35 year lawyer (Portland, OR)
Barbara Hayden Fitts — Counsellor at Law (Brookline, Massachusetts)
JEAN FITZSIMON — US Bankruptcy Judge (Ret.) (Philadelphia, PA)
Stephan Fjelstad — (seattle, WA)
Marc Fleischaker — Chair Emeritus (Washington, D.C.)
Theodore Griswold Fletcher — Attorney at Law (Southwest Harbor, Maine)
Brian Flick — Partner, DannLaw (Cincinnati, OH)
J. Lindsay Flint — Attorney (Saint Paul, Minnesota)
Heather Florence — Retired, previously Weil, Gotshal & Manges (Providence, RI)
Connie Flores — (El Paso, Texas)
Alyson Flournoy — Emeritus Professor of Law (Gainesville, Florida)
Paul Fogel — Appellate Attorney (Berkeley, CA)
Robert M. Fowler — Assistant Atty Ohio Gen-Envir Enforcement, Adjunct Prof Employee Relations Law, Deputy Pub Defen Sacramento Ca. (Akron, Ohio)
Robert M. Fowler — Former Ohio Asst Atty Gen’l Environmental Enfrcmnt; Frmr Assistant Pub Def Sacramento Caa (Akron, Ohio)
MICHAEL FOX — Judge, King County Superior Court, retired; Judge, Tulalip Tribal Court, retired. (Seattle, WA)
bruce fox — Partner (Pittsburgh, pittsburgh)
Anne Fragasso — Attorney (Current) (Encinitas, California)
Julia Fraser — Attorney at Law (Portland, Oregon)
Ralph Frasier — Partner in Frasier & Griffin PLLC (Durham, NC)
Eric M. Freedman — Professor of Constitutional Law, Hofstra Law School (Hempstead, New York)
Billy Freeland — (New York, NY)
Clifford Freeman — Attorney (Needham, MA)
Pamela Freeman — Partner (Brookline, Massachusetts)
Gregory French — Past President of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Nancy Friedman — Retired Attorney (Evergreen, CO)
Mark Friedman — Retired from the practice of law (Westport, CT)
Terry Friedman — Judge, Los Angeles Superior Court (Retired) (Santa Monica, CA)
Ruth Friedman — Current (Orange, CT)
Michael Frisch — Ethics Counsel and Adjunct Professor of Law Georgetown University Law Center (Washington, D.C.)
Anne Fristoe — Attorney (Atlanta , GA)
Carol Frohlinger — President, Negotiating Women, Inc. (Athens, Georgia)
Akiyo Fujii — Attorney (Waban, MA)
Christopher Gagin — Former Magistrate (St. Clairsville, OH)
Daniel H. Galindo — Attorney (San Francisco, California)
Patrick Gallagher — Of Counsel (New York, New York)
Thomas Gallitano — Managing Partner (Boston, Massachusetts )
Paula Galowitz — New York University School of Law (New York, New York)
Margaret Gander-Vo — Associate Attorney (Salem, OR)
Maria Cristina Gapasin — N/A (Chicago, Illinois)
Rufina Garay — Attorney (Sequim, WA)
Jeremy Garber — Retired Special Attorney to the Attorney Grievance Committee, New York, N Y (South Orange, NJ)
Barbara Gardner — Owner/Attorney, Gardner Employment Law (Houston, TX)
Paul Garfinkel — Retired Judge, Family Court of South Carolina (Charleston, South Carolina)
Lenore Garon — Attorney at Law (Falls Church, VA)
Joseph Garrison — Attorney (New Haven, CT)
Barbara Gately — Current Of Counsel (Ross, California)
Michelle Gearhart — Litigation Partner (San Luis Obispo, CA)
Edward Geffner — Retired CEO, Project Renewal, (New York, New Yotk)
Marjorie Gelb — City of Berkeley (OAKLAND, CA)
Allan Gelbard — First Amendment and Intellectual Property lawyer, Vice President, First Amendment Lawyers Association (Encino, CA)
Lawrence R. Gelber — Sole Practitioner (Brooklyn, New York)
Marty Gelfand — Gelfand Law, LLC; Former Councilman, City of South Euclid, Ohio (Cleveland Heights, Ohio)
THOMAS GELLER — Supervising Administrative Law Judge (Retired) – NYS EXECUTIVE DEPT (NEW YORK, NY)
Andrea Geraghty — Partner, Meyer Unkovic Scott LLP (Pittsburgh, PA)
Wynn Gerhard — N/A (Plymouth , MA)
Zachariah Germaniuk — Adjunct Professor of Law, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law (Cleveland, Ohio)
Bennett Gershman — Professor of Law (White Plains, New York)
Nancy Gertner — United States District Court Judge, D. Mass. (Retired) (BROOKLINE, Massachusetts)
Wendie Gerus — Former Assistant State Public Defender, now retired (Worthington, Ohio)
Mia Getlin — Partner, Gleam Law (West Linn, Oregon)
Megan Gibson — Senior Staff Attorney – Niskanen Center (Washington, DC)
Zachary Gidding — Current (Los Angeles, California)
Martha Gifford — Former Trial Attorney, Antitrust Division, U.S. Department of Justice (Brooklyn, NY)
Thea Gilbert — Managing Partner, Gilbert Law Firm (Tucson, Arizona)
Peter Gilchrist — Former District Attorney 26 Prosecutorial District (Huntersville, NC)
Cyd Gilman — Current Attorney (Wichita, KAnsas)
Dirk Giseburt — Davis Wright Tremaine LLP (Mercer Island, WA)
Wilbur Glahn — Partner, McLane Middleton, Professional Association, for Assistant Attorney General New Hampshire (Manchester, New Hampshire)
Leonard Glantz — Professor Emeritus Boston University (Brookline, MA)
Richard Glickstein — Former Special Advisor NYC Human Resources Administration (OSSINING, NY)
Stuart Glovin — Attorney (Los Angeles, CA)
Dudley Goar — Current (Concord, MA)
Sharon Goddard White — White White & Van Etten PC (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
Ricardo Godinez — Current (McAllen, Texas)
Cynthia Godsoe — Professor of Law, Brooklyn Law School (Brooklyn, New York)
Mark Goidell — Sole proprietor (Garden City, New York)
Doretta Goldberg — Attorney (retired) (Port Washington, NY)
Eliza Goldberg — Attorney (New York, NY)
E. Alexandra Golden — Attorney (Needham, Massachusetts)
michael goldenkranz — Retired (Seattle, WA)
PHYLLIS GOLDFARB — Jacob Burns Foundation Professor Emerita of Clinical Law, George Washington Univ. Law School (TAKOMA PARK, MD)
Ralph Goldsen — Current (Lancaster , CA)
Donna Goldsmith — Former Special Assistant Attorney General (Anchorage, AK)
Lauren Goldsmith — (Brooklyn, New York)
Daniel Goldstein — Retired Attorney (Spofford, NH)
David Goldstein — Managing Partner (New York , New York )
James Goldston — Attorney (BROOKLYN, NY)
Toby Golick — Clinical Professor of Law Emerita, Cardozo Law School (New York, New York)
Edward Gonzales — Current (Omaha, Nebraska)
Verónica Gonzales-Zamora — Assistant Professor of Law (Albuquerque, NM)
Cher Gonzalez — Partner (Sacramento, CA)
Karen Goodman — Past President California Women Lawyers (Sacramento, California)
Jamie Goodwin — Attorney (Sturbridge, MA)
Keith Gordon — Retired former Assistant New York State Attorney General (Ossining, NY)
Paul Gordon — (Denver, CO)
Geoffrey Gordon-Creed — Partner, Gordon-Creed, Kelley, Holl & Sugerman (San Francisco, CA)
Lucy Goss — Attorney (Boston, Massachusetts )
Patricia Gotschalk — (WAILUKU, HI)
Barry Gottfried — Counsel (Chevy Chase, Maryland)
William B. GouldIV — Charles A. Beardsley Professor of Law, Emeritus , Stanford Law School;Former Chairman ,NLRB (1994-‘98) (Stanford , California )
David Grace — Retired Attorney (Santa Barbara, CA)
Valerie Grace — Retired Attorney (Santa Barbara, California)
Joan Graff — Legal Aid at Work (San Francisco, California a)
Andrew Grainger — Associate Justice Massachusetts Appeals Court (ret.) (Boston, MA)
Cynthia Granata — (Brookline, MA)
Evin Grant — Lawyer (Raleigh, NC)
Robert Grauman — N/A (New York, NY)
Lisa Graves — Executive Director (Madison, WI)
Gary Gray — US Department of Justice and Internal Revenue Service (ArlIngton , VA)
Tania Gray — (Boston, MA)
Michael S. Greco — Former President, American Bar Association and Massachusetts Bar Association (Wellesley , Massachusetts )
Daniel Greenberg — Former President and Attorney-in-Chief, The Legal Aid Society (New York, NY)
Susan Greenwald — Retired Partner (New York City) (Denver, Colorado)
Robert Greenwood — (Kingston, NY)
Richard Lee Griffin — Attorney & Counselor at Law (Fort Worth, Texas)
Benjamin Griffith — Griffith Law Firm (Oxford, Mississippi)
Joanna Grigoriev — (Las Vegas , NV)
Laura Grisolano — President – Bridge Mediation & Leadership Solutions (Phoenix, AZ)
Joseph Grodin — Distinguished emeritus professor Cal Hastings College of the Law; former Justice california supreme (Berkeley , California)
Dick Grosboll — Neyhart Anderson Flynn & Grosboll (San Francisco, CA)
Ellen J. Grossman — (Newburyport, Massachusetts)
Jerome Grossman — Senior Counsel (Lemon Grove, California)
John Grothaus — (Chicago, Illinois)
Kathleen Grover — Retired litigation attorney. (South Hill, WA)
Frank Gruber — Current (Santa Monica, California)
Fredric Gruder — Current (Huntington, NY)
Gay Grunfeld — Managing Partner, Rosen Bien Galvan & Grunfeld (San Francisco, CA)
NICOLE GUERON — Partner, Clarick Gueron Reisbaum LLP (Brooklyn, NY)
Hemanth Gundavaram — Law Professor (Boston, Massachusetts)
Helen Gunnarsson — Lawyer (Chicago, IL)
Immo Gunzerodt — (Stinson Beach, California)
Adam Gutbezahl — Current (Wayland, Massachusetts)
Ernest Haddad — General Counsel Emeritus, Mass General Brigham; Associate Dean-Retired, Boston University School of Law (Boston, MA)
Tamarah Haet — Mediator and Research Attorney, Continuing Education of the Bar (Oakland, CA)
Erica Hahn — retired administrative law judge (Monrovia, California, california)
Bruce Hale — Attorney (Newton, MA)
Maureen Haley — Attorney (Belmont, MA)
Jill Hall — von Briesen & Roper, s.c. Shareholder (Madison, Wisconsin)
Steven Hall — Shareholder in lawfirm (Atlanta, Georgia)
Kathryn Hall — Current (Glenview, IL)
Paul Hamby — Retired Attorney (Laguna Niguel, California)
Thomas Hamel — Attorney (PIttsfield , Massachusetts )
David Hamid — (New York, New York)
David A. Hamid — Attorney (New York , New York )
Lauren Hamilton — Staff Attorney -The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland (Cleveland , OH)
Lloyd Handler — Current (Los Angeles, Can’t )
Stephen Hanlon — LAWYER HANLON (St. Louis, MO)
Russell Hanlon — Appellate attorney (San Jose, CA)
Dennis Hanna — (San Francisco, CA)
James Hanrahan — Partner, Bowditch & Dewey LLP (Framingham, MA)
Sue Hansen — Former Supervising Attorney, Administrative Ofice of the Courts (El Cerrito, CA)
Marilyn Harbur — Senior Assistant Attorney General Oregon Department of Justice (Salem, Oregon )
Ruth Hargrove — Professor Emerita, California Western School of Law (San Diego, CA)
James Harrigan — previously Legal Counsel to The Sheriff of San Francisco, now Arbitrator (Sausalito, California)
Jennifer Harrington — Partner of Buchanan, Bibler, Gabor & Meis (ALGONA, IA)
Janine Harris — Attorney (Alexandria, VA, VA)
Michael Harris — Bazelon Less & Feldman, P.C. (Philadelphia, PA)
Barbara Harris Chiang — Partner (San Francisco , CA)
Katharine Harrison — (Detroit, MI)
Mark Harrison — Member, Osborn Maledon, P.A.; past President, State Bar of Arizona; former Chair, ABA Commission to Revise the Model Code of Judicial Conductj (Phoey, Arizona )
Scott Harshbarger — Former National President of Common Cause and two-term Attorney General of Massachusetts
Arthur Hartinger — Partner, Renne Public Law Group (San Francisco, California)
Lance Hartwich — Law Office of Lance R. Hartwich, PLLC (Albany, New York)
James Harvey — Associate Judge, 4th Circuit, Illinois, (retired) (Effingham, Illinois)
Patrick Harvill — Retired Deputy District Attorney (Riverside, California)
Mary Haskell — retired attorney (Lexington, MA)
Mark D Hassakis — Past Illinois State Bar Association president; president, Hassakis & Hassakis, PC Attys. (Mt Vernon , Illinois. )
M. Raymond Hatcher — Partner – Sloan Hatcher Perry Runge Robertson Smith & Jones (Longview, Texas)
Robert Haurin — Curreny (Ivyland , Pennsylvania )
Jared Hautamaki — Reserve Appellate Judge, Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians (Former), Attorney Advisor (Washington, DC)
Kathleen Havener — Attorney (Washington, DC)
Rebecca Hawkins — Attorney (retired) (Boston, MA)
Brandon Hawkins — Attorney (Cross River, NY)
Henry Hecht — UC Berkeley, School of Law (Berkeley, California)
Thelton Henderson — Federal District Court Judge (ret.) (Berkeley, CA)
Wayne Henderson — Attorney in private practice (Sudbury, Massachusetts)
Dennis Hendrickson — Retired (Des Moines, Iowa)
DANFERD HENKE — Henke Bartram PLLC, Member (SEATTLE, WA)
Ian Henry — Attorney (Los Angeles, CA)
Laurie Hepler — (Foster City, CA)
Gerald Heppler — Attorney (Seattle , WA)
Robert Herbst — Herbst Law PLLC; Formerly Deputy Chief, Special Prosecutions Division, US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania (New York, NY)
Mark Herbst — member (Annapolis, Maryland)
Thomas Herman — Partner, Smith Duggan Buell & Rufo LLP (Boston, Massachusetts)
Karin Hern — Corporate Counsel (San Rafael, CA)
Carlos Hernandez — Esq. (McAllen, Texas)
Evelyn Herrera — Current (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
Richard Herzog — Senior Counsel, Harkins Cunningham LLP; former Deputy Administrator for Policy, Economic Regulatory Administration, Department of Energy; former Assistant Director for National Advertising, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission (Washington, DC)
Theodore Hess-Mahan — Attorney at Law (Newton, MA)
Henry Hewitt — Attorney (San Francisco , California )
Emelia Hickok — Attorney (Tacoma, Washington)
Davey hicks — Superior Court Judge, pro tem (dunsmuir, ca)
robert hilliard — Attorney (corpus christi, texas)
Geraldine Hines — Associate Justice (Ret.) Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (Boston, MA)
Gregory Hing — Current Attorney (Scottsdale, AZ)
Ramsey Hinkle — Partner – Clayman & Rosenberg LLP (New York, NY)
Steven Hirsch — Of Counsel, Keker, Van Nest & Peters LLC; Adjunct Lecturer, Stanford Law School; Consultant, Protect Democracy (San Francisco, CA)
Liza Hirsch — Senior Attorney (Boston, MA)
Eric Hirschhorn — Former Under Secretary, US Department of Commerce (Washington, DC)
Nancy Hirschmann — Former attorney for 35 years (New york, NY)
Robert Hirshon — Former President of Maine Bar And American Bar (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Sheldon Hirshon — Retired Partner, Proskauer Rose LLP (Los Angeles, CA)
Juliet Hiznay — Principle, JD Hiznay, PLLC (Arlington, Va)
Daniel Hochheiser — Attorney At Law (Scarsdale, NY)
Kay H. Hodge — Partner (Boston, Massachusetts)
Richard Hodson — District Magistrate Judge (Lakin, Kansas)
Lauren Hoeflich — Current (Los Angeles , CA)
WILLIAM HOERGER — Retired [former Director of Litigation, Advocacy & Training, California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc. (for identification only) (Oakland, CA)
Edward Hoffman — Attorney, Law Offices of Edward A. Hoffman (Los Angeles, California)
Toby Hollander — Guardian ad Litem (Portland, ME)
Linda Hollinger — Assistant Public Defender (York, PA)
Mark Holtan — Retired Attorney (Naples, Florida)
Meredith Holtz-Weingarden — (Farmington Hills, MI)
Paul Holtzman — (Boston, MA)
Anthony Hom — Law Office Of Anthony J. Hom PC (New York, New York )
Christine Hopkins — Of Counsel at Tremain Artaza, PLLC (Dallas, Texas)
Kathleen Hopkins — Partner, Real Property Law Group, PLLC (Woodinville, WA)
Edward Hopkins — Partner (Garden City, NEW YORK (NY))
Ann Hopkins — Attorney at law (Oakland, CA)
James Hopkins — U.S. Magistrate Judge SDFL (retired) (Jupiter , Florida )
Bernard Horn — Attorney (Washington, DC)
Ira Horowitz — Formerly In Federal Legal Services Program (Miami, Fl)
Sandy Hovey — N/A (Quincy, MA)
Susanne C. Howard — Esq. (Boston, MA)
Richard F. Howard — Attorney, retired , formerly Kotin Crabtree and Strong (Ipswich, MA)
Richard Howard — (Ipswich, MA)
Martha Howard — attorney (Inverness, CA)
Larry Hoyt — Former Boulder County Attorney (Westminster, CO)
William Humenuk — Retired Sr. Vice President & General Counsel, Buzzi Unicem USA, Inc.; former Partner, Dechert LLP (NAPLES, Florida)
John Hummel — Deschutes County District Attorney (Bend, Oregon)
Martin Hunt — Current (San Antonio, Texas)
David Hunter — Professor of Law, American University (Takoma Park, MD)
Robert Hunter — (Eagle Point, Oregon)
Anne Hunter — (Bradenton, FL)
Patricia Hurley — (Belmont, MA)
Noelia Hurtado — Attorney Advisor at the Social Security Administration (New York , NY)
Norma Hutcheson — Retired (Washington, DC)
Barbara I Anthony — Senior Fellow in Healthcare Policy (Cambridge, MA)
Joseph Iacopino — Current (Santa Monica, California)
Chris Indelicato — Attorney (Lafayette hill, Pa)
Trina Ingelfinger — Former Chief Attorney, Region I, U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (Durham, NH)
Jessica Iovenko — Attorney (Los Angeles , California )
Philip Israels — Partner Cron Israels and Stark. (Los Angeles, California)
David Itkin — (Falls Church, VA)
Dan Jackson — Keker, Van Nest & Peters LLP (San Francisco, CA)
Mark Jacoby — Retired Partner, National Law Firm (Palm Beach, Florida)
JEROME JAFFE — Founder / President (Reston , VA)
Judith A. Jarashow — Principal (Wellesley, MA)
Amy Jensen — (Pasadena, CA)
Jeffrey Jinkens — Of Counsel (Columbus, OH)
Ashley Johndro — (Encinitas , CA)
Belinda Johns — Retired Senior Assistant Attorney General, California AGO (San Francisco , California )
Anita Johnson — Assistant U.S. Attorney, retired (Brookline, Massachusetts)
Zachary Johnson — Attorney (Chicago, Illinois)
Carole Johnston — Law Office of Carole Johnston (retired) (Blaine, WA)
Leah Jones — Attorney (Reno, NV Nevada)
Duncan Jones — Retired County Administrator (Reno, Nevada)
Pamela Jordan — Artorney (Kissimmee, FL)
Scott A Joseph — Of Counsel (Wellesley, MA)
Judith Joshel — Law and Mediation Office of Judith L. Joshel (Richmond, CA)
William Just — Attorney (New Orleans, LA)
Carolyn Kaas — Assoc Dean, Quinnipiac School of Law (Hamden, Connecticut )
Kathleen Kalahar — Attorney (Detroit, Michigan )
Geoffrey Kalender — Lowly Associate (Kansas City, Missouri)
Edward Kallgren — Former Calif. State Bar Board of Governors (San Mateo, CA)
Janice Kamenir-Reznik — Previously: Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell (ENcino, CA.)
Karen Kammer — Attorney (Miami , Florida )
Ian Kanig — Associate; Keker, Van Nest & Peters (Berkeley, California)
Ricki Kanter — Retired (Washington, DC)
Arnold Kanter — (Chicago,, IL)
Kathryn Karcher — Partner, Karcher Harmes PS (Bainbridge Island, Washington)
Scott Kareff — Attorney (Great Neck, New York)
Michael Karlson — Retired: Regional Attorney NLRB (Scottsdale, Arizona)
Sanjay Karnik — Senior Counsel at Amin Talati Wasserman LLP; Former AUSA (Chicago, Illinois )
Jonathan Karon — Past President Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys (Brookline, MA)
Andrew Karron — Partner, Reisman Karron Greene LLP, Washington, D.C. (Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA)
Leena Karttunen Contarino — Partner, patent attorney (Muttenz , Switzerland )
Allyson Kasetta — Attorney (Hackensack, New Jersey)
Phillip Kassel — Executive Director Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee (Milton, MA)
Gil Katen — Retired Work. Comp. Admin. Law Judge (Culver City, California)
Debra Katz — Katz, Marshall & Banks, LLP (Washington, District of Columbia)
Peter Katz — Managing Partner (Princeton, NJ)
Barbara Katz — Retired Attorney (Brookline , MA)
Philip Katz — Attorney (New York, NEW YORK)
Jamie Katz — General counsel, Beth Israel Lahey Health, Inc. (Lexington, MA)
Marion Katzive — N/A (Irvington, NY)
Richard Katzive — N/A (Irvington, NY)
Beth Kavitz — law firm owner (Charleston, WV)
Joel Kaye — Principal, Law Office of Joel M Kaye (Greenwich, CT)
Jamie Keairns — Public defender (Alamosa , Colorado)
Christopher Kearney — Partner Keker, Van Nest & Peters LLP (Mill Valley, CA)
Nicholas Kelley — Retired partner, Kotin, Crabtree & Strong, LLP (Brookline, MA)
Barbara Kellman — Partner, Sneider Kellman PC (Brookline, MA)
Marvin Kelly — Current Attorney (Peekskill , New York )
James M. Kennedy — Aministrative Law Judge (ret.), National Labor Relations Board (Walnut Creek, California)
Dianne Kennedy — (Pensacola, Florida )
Erin Kenney — Attorney (Ann Arbor, MI)
Alison Kent-Friedman — attorney (Port Washington, New York)
Kenneth Kenworthy — Attorney, private practice (Santa Rosa, California)
Mindy Kerker Tindel — (New york, New York)
Kathleen Kettles — Wingate Russotti Shapiro & Halperin, LLP (Hastings on Hudson, New York )
Kavon Khani — Associate Attorney at Milbank LLP (Washington DC, District of Columbia)
Sean Killam — Managing Partner Killam & Killam, LLC (Centerville, Massachusetts)
Ann Killilea — Retired Counsel to premier law firm (Boston-Privacy Practice); former inhouse counsel to multiple technology companies (Concord, MA)
John O’Hyun Kim — current attorney and former professor of philosophy (Stratford, Connecticut)
Ben King — Labor Lawyer (Royal Oak , Michigan )
Carol Kingsley — Attorney Mediator (san francisco, ca)
Walter Kirimitsu — State Appellate Court Judge (retired) (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Paul Kirk, Jr. — Former United States Senator (Marstons Mills, Massachusetts)
Isabelle Kirshner — Criminal Defense (New York, New York)
Thomas Kite — Solo Practitioner (Denver, CO)
Tal Kitron — Attorney (Louisville, Colorado)
Jacqueline O. Kittrell — (Knoxville, TN)
Christine Klein — Professor of Law, University of Florida Levin College of Law (Gainesville, FL)
Liz Kleinberg — Of Counsel (Shelburne , Vermont)
Howard Kleinman — N/A (Pikesville, ND)
Stephen Klionsky — (Belmont , Massachusetts )
Steve Klitzmanq — N/A (Chevy Chase, MD)
John Koeppel — Attorney (San Francisco, California)
Elizabeth Kohler Maya — Lawyer (Vienna, VA)
Jonathan Kooker — Principal – Pico & Kooker (Christiana, PA)
Jonathan Kooker — Principal – Pico &Kooker (Christiana, PA)
Henry Korman — Attorney (Boston, Massachusetts)
Leonard Kornberg — Attorney (Charlotte, NC)
Karen Koskoff — Lawyer (Mars, Pennsylvania )
David Kotwicki — Employee Rights Attorney, Private Practice (Troy, MI)
Paul Kozikowski — Retired Clerk Magistrate (Chicopee, Massachusetts)
Michael Kraemer — Retired Partner, White and Williams LLP (Providence, Rhode Island)
Teresa Kraemer — Retired Attorney (LAKE OSWEGO, OR)
Rachel Krajewski — Current Attorney (Chicago, Illinois)
Marvin Krakow — Of Counsel Alexander Morrison + Fehr, LLP (Los Angeles, California)
Wayne Kramer — Of Counsel (Knoxville, TN)
Kathryn Krejci — Attorney (PHOENIX, Arizona)
Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum — Managing Partner, Brown Goldstein & Levy (Baltimore, MD)
Miriam Krinsky — Executive Director, Fair and Just Prosecution; Former Assistant US Attorney, Central District of California (Los Angeles, CA)
Joan M Kripke — Retired Staff Attorney, State’s Attorneys Appellate Prosecutor (Chicago, IL)
Tama Kudman — (West Palm Beach, Florida)
Bruce Kuhlik — Chief Legal Officer (Washington, DC)
Harold Kwalwasser — Former Deputy General Counsel/Legal Counsel, U.S. Dept. of Defense (Forestville, CA)
Kenneth Labdon — Former self employed Attorney-At_Law, including several years as a Practiced in Arizona; including several years as the Public Defend in the Scottsdale, AZ City Court (Midvale, Utah)
Vicki Laden — Attorney (Berkeley, CA)
Ariel Lager — General Counsel (Philadelphia, PA)
Ellen Lake — N/A (Oakland, CA)
Siu Tip Lam — Associate Professor, Vermont Law School (Montpelier, VT)
Jennifer Lamanna — Attorney (Boston, MA)
Sandra Lambert — Attorney at law, retired (San Rafael, CA)
Ann Lambert — N/A (Cambridge, MA)
Julia K Landau — Attorney, Massachusetts Advocates for Children (newton, Massachusetts)
Jane Lang — Founder and former partner, Sprenger & Lang and former General Counsel, HUD (Washington , DC)
TC Langford — Former County Chair (BRYAN, TX)
Ericka Langone — (Portland, OR)
Michael Lannon — Attorney (Louisville, KY)
Katherine Larkin-Wong — Attorney (Oakland, CA)
Susan Lauer — (Arcadia, CA)
Carol Lavine — Lawyer (Milwaukie, OR)
Lisa Lawlor — Chief Assistant Public Defender Broward County (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
H. Van Z. Lawrence — Alaska Public Offices Commissioner (Fairbanks, Alaska)
Carolyn Lazaris — (Somerset, MA)
simon lazarus — Retired, former member of D.C. private and public interest law firms (Bethesda, MD)
Gary Lazarus — Senior Partner of Lazarus and Lazarus, PA (Weston, Florida)
Adriana Leal — Attorney (El Paso, Texas)
Cynthia Lebow — Continuing Lecturer/Attorney (Los Angeles, CA)
John Lefcourte — Deputy Public Defender (Reno, NV)
Grant LeFever — Attorney, Burnette Shutt & McDaniel, PA (Columbia, SC)
Amanda Legal — Director, Legal (Northville, Michigan)
Bruce Leicher — Retired General Counsel, Adj. Professor and Strategic Legal Advisor (Harvard, MA)
Sally Leisure — Attorney at Law (Portland, Oregon)
Howard Lenow — Partner, Lenow & McCarthy (Current) (Sudbury, MA)
Jack Lerner — Clinical Professor of Law, UC Irvine (Irvine, CA)
Michael LEVENTHAL — Current (Los Angeles, CA)
Nancy Levin — Shareholder, Evans, Latham & Campisi (Berkeley , California )
BARBARA LEVINE — Currently retired from the practice of law (Philadelphia, PA)
Mark L. Levine — Editor, Trial of the Chicago 7: The Official Transcript (Yorktown Heights, NY)
Steven Levine — Senior Partner Brown Rudnick, LLP (Boston, Ma)
Alyssa Levine — Attorney: Current (Charlotte, NC)
Philip Levoff — Law Offices of Philip S. Levoff (Newton, MA)
Ralph Levy — Retired Partner, King & Spalding LLP (Atlanta, Georgia)
robert levy — N/A (new york, new york)
Arden Levy — Partner (Alexandria, VA)
andrew levy — (new york, New York)
Eleanor Roberts Lewis — Chief Counsel for International Commerce (retired), U.S. Department of Commerce (Washington, D.C.)
Niamh Lewis — Principal (Lake Oswego, OR)
Kim Lewis — Attorney at Law (Los Angeles, CA)
Roberta Lewis — (Cypress , TX)
Shari Lewus — Partner, Private Practice (New York , NY)
Justyn Lezin — Attorney (Oakland, California)
Kris Librera — (Fall River, Massachusetts )
Joanne Lichtman — Former Trial Attorney (Los Angeles , CA)
Joseph Lieber — Practicing Attorney (Boston, MA)
Theo Liebmann — Clinical Professor of Law (Hempstead, New York)
David Liebow — Attorney (Rochester, Minnesota)
Stephen Limon — Judge, Massachusetts Trial Court Retired (Essex County) (Marblehead, MA)
Malinda Lindgren — Current (Huntington Beach , CA)
Seth Lipner — Prof of Law, Baruch College, CUNY (NYC, NY)
Belinda Lison — (Pittsburgh , PA)
Serena Liss — Attorney (Portland, Oregon)
William Litchfield — Attorney (North Chatham, MA)
Alice Litter — Senior Attorney US Ofiice for Civil Rights, Us Dept of Education,regional office in Boston (Harvarx, MA)
Zoe Littlepage — Founding partner, Littlepage Booth Leckman (Houston, Texas)
Renée Lloyd — Senior Counsel, GE Digital (Concord , Massachusetts )
James Lobb — attorney at Lobb & Hurst, PLLC (Louisville, KY)
Julie Locascio — Attorney at Law (Washington, DC)
Keliman Locker — Professor (Brookfield, Vermont)
Robert Lockhart — Attorney at Law (Bellingham, WA)
Peter Lohnes — Retired general counsel (Seattle, WA)
Noah Lombardo — Attorney (Dallas, TX)
Robert Long — Retired Partner, Latham & Watkins, LLP (Pasadena, CA)
Michal Longfelder — Principal (Nyack, NY)
Carolyn Longstreth — Senior Assistant State’s Attorney, Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice (retired) (Inverness, CA)
Ann Lousin — Professor of Law, UIC John Marshall (Chicago, IL)
May Low — (Portland, OR)
Fred M. Lowenfels– General Counsel Emeritus at Trammo, Inc.
jeff lowenfels — ESQ (Anchorage, Alaska)
Catalina Lozano — Attorney at Law (San Rafael, CA)
Kathryn Lu — EVP and CCO of Mutual of America (New York, New York)
Ellen Lubell — Partner, Kerstein, Coren & Lichtenstein (Wellesley, MA)
Daniel W. Luckett — (Stratford, CT)
Deborah Ludewig — CEO, DJL Corporate Law, PC (Monte Sereno, CA)
Sue Lunbeck — U.C. Hastings College of Law (ret’d) (Orinda, California)
Tanya EJ Lundberg — Attorney (Detroit, MI)
Marc Luxemburg — current Lawyer ( New York, New York)
Kathleen Lynaugh — Attorney (Mill Valley, Ca)
Nicole Lynch — Attorney (Juneau, Alaska)
Janet Lyness — Johnson County Attorney (Iowa City, Iowa)
Mariah Lynge — Attorney at Law (Renton , WA )
Cynthia Lynn — (Los Angeles, CA)
Edmund Lyons — N/A (Naples, Florida)
John Robertson (Rob) MacIver — Former Senior Counsel and Director (Voorhees, New Jersey)
Carol Mack — Lecturer (Ventura, CA)
Paula Mackin — N/A (Newton, MA)
John Macleod — Crowell & Moring – former chairman (retired) (Washington, DC)
Victoria Macpherson — Retired (Albany, Oregon)
Peter Macy — Esq. (Andover, MA)
Tara Maczuzak — N/A (Washington, Pennsylvania)
Rhonda Magee — University of San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)
Erica Maharg — N/A (Phoenix, Arizona)
Ralph Maimon — Sole Practitioner (Seattle, WA)
Mario Mainero — Professor of Law (Newport Beach, CA)
Robert Major — Partner (Houston, Texas)
Danielle Malaty — Partner/ Shareholder – Kopka Pinkus Dolin PC (Chicago, IL)
Melissa Malmgren — Attorney (New York, New York)
Ciara Malone — Litigation Fellow – Niskanen Center (Arlington, Virginia)
Alan Malott — District Court Judge ( Ret. ) (Albuquerque, New Mexico )
Myrna Mandlawitz — President, MRM Associates, LLC (Washington, DC)
Liliana Mangiafico — Attorney (Boston , Massachusetts)
Denise L Manley — Attorney (Houston , Texas )
Gail Mann — Retired General Counsel (Belmont, MA)
Naomi Mann — Clinical Associate Professor of Law, Boston University (Boston , MA)
Rick Mann — Attorney (Needham, MA)
Erin Manning — Attorney (New York, NY)
Lisa Manolius — Former Deputy City Attorney, City and County of San Francisco (San Francisco , California )
Roger Manus — law school clinic director, Raleigh, NC (Raleigh, NC)
Randall Manus — Attorney current (Freeport , Illinois )
Kathleen Marcus — N/A (Laguna Beach, CA)
Susan Marcus — Esq. (Golden, Colorado)
Stanley J. Marcuss — Former Counsel to the U.S. Senate’s International Finance Subcommittee; former Senior Deputy Assistant Secretary in the U.S. Commerce Department; former partner, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy; former Senior Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School; retired partner, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner
Donald Margolis — University of California (Oakland, CA)
Wendy Mariner — Edward R. Utley Professor of Health Law, Boston Univ. School of Public Health, Professor of Law, Boston Univ. School of Law (Boston, Massachusetts)
Richard Mark — Former Assistant United States Attorney and Chief, Civil Division,, SDNY (New York, NY)
Regina Markey — Current partner (Washington , DC)
Jonathan Marks — Former Assistant United States Attorney for District of Columbia (Bethesda , Maryland)
William Markstein — Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President, Trammo, Inc. (New York, NY)
Gaetano Marretta — Of counsel (Morris twp, NJ)
Jonathan Marshall — Former Chief ethics officer at Ohio Supreme Court’s Professional Conduct Board (Columbus, OH)
Ashlyn Martin — N/A (Atlanta, Georgia)
Esteban Martinez — Lawyer (Mead, Colorado)
Jenny Anne Martz — (Philadelphia, PA)
Christine Marx — Attorney (Retired) (Irvine, California)
Jan Marx — SLO College of Law Campus Dean, City Council Member (San Luis Obispo, California)
Joseph Mascovich — Of Counsel (San Francisco, California)
Mark Masica — Attorney at Law (Minneapolis, MN)
Aruna Masih — Partner, Bennett Hartman LLP (Portland, OR)
Lisa Maslow — Law Offices of Lisa Spann Maslow, PC (Mill Valley, CA)
Lorelie Masters — former president of Women’s Bar Association of DC (Washington, DC)
Joseph Odysseus Mastro — Human & @BehemothDog’s Social Media Manager (Oakland, CA)
David Matz — UMass/Boston (Boston, MA)
Howard Matz — U.S. District Judge (Ret.) and practicing lawyer (Los Angeles, California)
Mark Mausert — Solo Practitioner (Reno, Nevada)
Victoria May — Retired Criminal Division Attorney for Southern District of Mississippi (Nashville, Tennessee)
Barbara Mayden — Young Mayden LLC (Nashville, TN)
Nancy Mayer — Attorney (Durham, NC)
Steve Mayer — (Berkeley , CA)
Wendy Mayer — (Livonia, Michigan)
Kent Maynard — Kent Maynard & Associates LLC (Chicago, IL)
Jack J. Mazzara — Attorney; Adjunct Professor, Wayne State University Law School (Grosse Pointe, Michigan)
James McCambridge — Assistant Attorney General Wis. Dept. of Justice (Ipswich , MA)
Ben McClinton — Senior Attorney, Administrative Office of the Courts, State of California (Kensington, CA)
Richard McCoy — (Wexford, PA)
L Stephen McCready — Founder, Puritan Faust, P.C. (Clinton, MA)
Robert McDaniel — Former AUSA Washington, DC, now private practice (Meredith , New Hampshire)
James McDaniel — Partner (MIRAMAR BEACH, FL)
Kathleen M. McDaniel — Partner (Columbia, SC)
Scott McDermott — Center for Business Excellence LLC (Medfield, MA)
Matthew McDowell — (Cranbury, NJ)
Robert McGarrah — Pro Bono Attorney, Maryland Legal Aid (Bethesda, MD)
Kelly McGee — In-House Counsel, Health Care (Pawtucket, RI)
Virginia T McGee — Andrews & Kurth (Washington, DC)
Ryan McGinley-Stempel — Renne Public Law Group (San Francisco, California)
Jeanne McGinnis — Attorney (Portland, OR)
Joseph McGrath — Attorney at Law (Richmond, Virginia)
James F. McHugh — Former Associate Justice, Massachusetts Appeals Court
Colin McHugh — Attorney (Vancouver , WA)
Diane McHugh Martinez — Attorney Law Office of McHugh Martinez (Washington , DC)
Michael McIntyre — Former first assistant district attorney. Lehigh County, Pennsylvania (Allentown, Pennsylvania)
Michael McIntyre — First assistant district attorney, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania (Allentown, Pennsylvania)
Paige McKee — Current (Erlanger, Ky)
Kevin E. McKenney — Judge, Santa Clara County Superior Court, retired (San José, CA)
Jeanne McKnight — Retired from K-PLaw, Boston, MA concentrating on municipal law; elected member of Needham Planning Board (Needham, MA)
Robin McMahon — Retired (Manchester, NJ)
Jay McManus — (Lynn, MA 01901, MA)
Sarah McOsker — Former (Cincinnati , OH)
Christopher Mead — Partner, Cooper, White & Cooper LLP (San Francisco, CA)
Maria Isabel Medina — Ferris Family Distinguished Professor of Law (Glendale, California)
Daniel Medwed — University Distinguished Professor, Northeastern University (Boston, Massachusetts )
Suzanne Meehle — Shareholder, Meehle & Jay P.A. (Orlando, Florida )
Thomas Mela — Retired Managing Attorney of the Massachusetts Advocates for Children
Michael Meltsner — Professor of Law, Northeasten University School of Lawe (Cambridge, MA)
Joanna Mendoza — California State Bar Board of Trustees, Former Trustee (2013-2019) (Rocklin, CA)
Deirdre Menoyo — (Cambridge, MA)
Diana Mercer — Loyola University (New Orleans , Louisiana)
Dwight Merriam — Attorney at Law (Simsbury, CT)
Justin Merritt — (MORRISVILLE, NC)
Justin Merritt — Attorney at Law (MORRISVILLE, NC)
Rosemary Metrailer — Retired (Nevada City , California )
Neil Meyer — Meyer Njus Tanick (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Paul Meyer — Partner, Latham & Watkins LLP (retired) (San Diego, CA)
Linda Meyer — Professor of Law (North Haven, CT)
Sara Meyers — In-House Litigation Counsel (Belmont, MA)
Merle Meyers — President, Meyers Law Group, P.C. (San Francisco, CA)
Steven Meyers — Civil trial lawyer at Meyers and Stanley (Orlando , Florida)
Shannon Michael — Attorney (Waverly, IA)
Lisa Michel — Partner, Bacharach and Michel (PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA)
Randy Michelson — Owner (SAN FRANCISCO, CA)
Kathy Michon — Partner (Stow, Ma)
Leslie Miessner — Senior Counsel, Metropolitan Transportation Commission (San Francisco, CA)
Marc Mihaly — Former President and Dean, Vermont Law School (East Calais, VT)
Joel Miller — DIrector Goulston & Storrs (New York, NY)
Kathleen Miller — Current (Tampa, FL)
Owens O. Miller — Attorney (Huntington Beach, CA)
Katharine Miller — KP Law, P.C. (Cambridge , Massachusetts)
Sylvia A Miller — Sylvia A Miller Attorney at Law PLLC (Vashon , WA)
David Mills — Associate Justice, Massachusetts Appeals Court (ret.) (Danvers, Massachusetts )
Elliott Milstein — Emeritus Professor of Law (Chevy Chase, MD)
Ned Miltenberg — Managing Partner, National Legal Scholars Law Firm, PC (Bethesda, MD)
Markeisha Miner — (Ithaca, NY)
Kathleen Minniti — Counsel, King & Spalding (New York, New York)
Martha Minow — Professor , Harvard Law School (Cambridge , MA)
Mary Minow — (Chicago, IL)
Joel Mintz — Professor of Law Emeritus and C. William Trout Senior Fellow, Nova Southeastern University College of Law (Miami, Florida)
Susan Mitchell — Attorney (Brooklyn , New York )
Janet Mitchell — Mediator, ABA member (Leo, indiana)
Megan Mockeridge — (Detroit, Michigan )
Megan Mockeridge — N/A (Detroit, Michigan )
Jeff Modisett — Former Asst. US Attorney (C.D. CA) (Los Angeles, CA)
Bruce Mohl — Associate Justice, New Hampshire Superior Court, Retired (Meredith , NH)
Julie Monaghan — N/A (Mableton , GA)
John T. Montgomery – Ropes & Gray, former managing partner (retired)
Sarah Montgomery Lewis — Assistant District Attorney (Boston, MA)
Laura Montgomery Malone — Assistant District Attorney (Boston, MA)
Sandra Moody — Former (Boston, MA)
Charles Moore — Senior Officer (Arlington, Virginia)
John Moore — Attorney (Evanston, Illinois)
Karen Moore — Attorney (Milwaukee , Wisconsin )
Jane Mopper — Attorney at Law (former) (Portland, OR)
Alexandra Mora — former board member Association for Women Attorneys; principal Law office of Alexandra Mora; (New Orleans, LA)
Shayda Moradzadeh — Attorney (Los angeles, CA)
Kara Morgenstern — (Ann Arbor, MI)
Debora Morrison — Attorney, CA public agency (El Cerrito, CA)
avraham moskowitz — Moskowitz & Book, LLP; former AUSA-SDNY (West Hempstead, NY)
Kimberly Mossel — Attorney (Livonia, MI)
Susan Motschiedler — Attorney: Current (Salt Lake City 84103, Utah)
Nichole Mounsey — Attorney (Riverside, CA)
Ping C. Moy — Former AUSA, SDNY; Former General Counsel, NYC Health and Hospitals Corp. (Brooklyn , NY)
Leslie Moyer — Senior Attorney (Troy, New York )
Bradley Mueller — Illinois (Oak Park, Illinois)
David Mullen — Associate Attorney (Cleveland, Ohio)
Suzanne Muller — Managing Partner (Newark, Ohio)
Sandra Mullings — Assoc. Professor Emerita (New York, New York)
Pauline Mullings — Formerly with the Legal Aid Society-Criminal Division (West Palm Beach, FL)
Amber Munck — (Denver, Colorado)
Steven Munoz — (Albany, NY)
Evelyn Muñoz Compton — Senior Staff Attorney – Mobilization for Justice (New York , New York )
Jean Munroe — (Knoxville , TN)
John Murdock — N/A (Santa Monica, CA)
Arthur Murphy – Murphy Hesse Toomey & Lehane LLP
James Murphy — Professor, Vermont Law School (Montpelier, Vermont)
Florence Murray — Partner: Current (Sandusky, OH)
Kathleen Murray — Retired employee benefits attorney (San Francisco, California)
Rebecca Murray — Associate General Counsel (Fort Mill, South Carolina)
Lisa Murray — Chase, Berenstein and Murray, Counselors at Law (Burlingame , CA)
Karen Musalo — Professor (Berkeley, California)
Andrea Myers — (Los Angeles, CA)
David Myre — Attorney (New York , New York )
Catherine Myre — attorney (Mercer Island, Washington)
David Myre — Attorney Washington State (Seattle, Washington)
Farzad Naeim — Attorney (Irvine, CA)
Laura Naide — Esq. (Alexandria, Virginia)
Karen Nally — Attorney (Phoenix , Arizona)
Roger Napoleon — Attorney (ret) (Ridge, NY)
Karen Nardi — Retired/Former (Mill Valley, CA)
Gail Natale — National Lawyers Guild, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (Phoenix, Arizona)
Scott Nathan — Partner, FisherBroyles LP (Boston, MA)
Andrew Nathanson — Attorney (Newton, Massachusetts )
Timothy Nelson — Administrative Law Judge (Ret.), National Labor Relations Board (Piedmont, CA)
Nancy Lee Nelson — Health Law ATTORNEY (Minneapolis, MN)
James Nelson — Montana Supreme Court Justice (Ret.) (Helena, Montana)
Marti Nerenstone — Attorney at Law; US Army Veteran (Council Bluffs, Iowa)
KC Netzke — Attorney (Denver , CO)
Andrew Nevas — N/A (Westport , CT)
Fredric Newman — Partner, prominent litigation boutique (New York, New York)
Leslie Newman — Professor of Law Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law (New York, NY)
ShaQuana Newsom — Former (Dallas, TX)
My Nguyen — Attorney (SAN JOSE, CA)
John Nho Trong Nguyen — Judge of the Superior Court, Orange County, California (Ret.); Former Deputy Attorney General of California; former Adjunct Professor of Law, Whittier College of Law and Western State U. College of Law; former Congressman and former Associate Justice of the Special Supreme Court of the Republic of Viet Nam. (Tustin, California)
Jacqueline Nichol — attorney at law (Alexandria, Virginia)
Alexander Nicholas — Current (Charlotte, NC)
Michael Nicholson — Attorney (Forth Worth, TX)
Carol Nickle — Knoxville Bar Association (Knoxville, Tennessee)
Alexia Niketas — Attorney (Smyrna , Georgia )
Eva Nilsen — Boson university school of law (ret) (Cambridge , MA)
Kenneth Niman — Attorney (Towson, Maryland)
Cheryl Niro — Past President, Illinois State Bar Association. Former Partner, Quinlan & Carroll, Ltd., Chicago, IL
WILLIAM NIRO — Attorney and Counselor at Law (Chicago, IL)
Miriam Nisbet — retired; formerly Director, Office of Government Services, National Archives & Records Administration (Washington, DC)
William A. Nitze — Chairman, Oceana Energy Company, Former Assistant Administrator for International Activities, U.S. EPA (Washington, D.C., District of Columbia)
Leonor Noguez — Retired San Francisco Deputy City Attorney (Tiburon, CA)
Marian Norris — Current (Manchester, Tennessee)
walter north — Amb. (ret.) (Orleans, MA)
Karis North — Attorney (Quincy, MA)
Rachel Nosowsky — University of California (Piedmont, CA)
Robert Noun — Adjunct Professor of Law, Univ. of Denver (Boulder , Colorado)
Nicole Nowlin — Partner (Portland, OR)
Jody Nunez — Retired Senior Assistant Public Defender (Oakland, California)
Kate Nyce — (San Diego, CA)
Scott O’Brien — Attorney (Inactive) (Sebastopol, CA)
Patrick O’Donnell — (Berkeley, CA)
Kathleen O’Connor — (Hudson, Ohio)
Mary K O’Melveny — Former General Counsel, Communications Workers of America (Washington, DC)
Genevieve O’Toole — Assistant Public Defender (Chicago , IL)
Oluwasegun Obebe — DC Government (Potomac, Maryland)
Jonathan Oberman — Clinical Professor of Law, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Kaw (New York City, NY)
Grace Oboma-Layat — Attorney (New York, NY)
Raymond L. Ocampo Jr. — (Ret.) Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary, Oracle Corporation (San Mateo, California)
Eric Olick — Former Senior Civil Rights Attorney, U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights and Former Federal Administrative Judge, (Cambridge , Massachusetts )
Joseph Olivenbaum — Quinnipiac University School of Law (Stamford, Connecticut)
Monique Olivier — Partner, Olivier Schreiber & Chao LLP (San Francisco , CA)
Margaret Olnek — Assistant Professor of Law (Sharon, VT)
David Oppenheimer — Clinical Professor of Law, UC Berkeley (Berkeley, California)
Edward Opton — University Counsel, University of California (Berkeley, California)
Diane Oraif — Attorney at Law (Fosters, Alabama)
Aliza Organick — Professor of Law University of New Mexico School of Law (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
Adriana Ortega — Attorney (Beaverton, OR)
Melissa Osborne — Associate Attorney (Philadelphia , PA)
Edith Osman — Attorney (Miami, Florida)
Maryann OSullivan — Attorney (Berkeley , CA)
Peter Ottmer — Major, JAGC, US Army (Osprey, Florida)
CV Pagano — (Kensington, MD)
Kara Paglairulo — Attorney (Raleigh, NC)
Richard Painter — Former Chief White House Ethics Lawyer for President George W. Bush (Mendota Heights, Minnesota)
Anaiah Palmer — Attorney (Portland, Oregon)
Mara Pandolfo — Attorney (Brookyn, NY)
Angelo Paparelli — Partner (Los Angeles, CA)
Ryan Papir — Associate General Counsel, Trammo, Inc. (Scarsdale, NY)
Patrick Parenteau — vermont law school (South Royalton, Vermont)
Douglas Parker — Deputy General Counsel of HUD (Nixon and Ford administrations) (OJAI, CA)
Beth Parker — Former Chief Legal Counsel, Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California (san francisco, California)
Cindy Parker — Administrative Law Judge (ret.) CUIAB (Sacramento, CA) (ROUGH AND READY, CA)
Crysta Parkin — Attorney (Byron, MN)
Linda Parks — Managing Partner, Hite, Fanning & Honeyman, LLP (Wichita, KS)
Wendy Parmet — Prof. of Law, Northeastern University (Newton Highlands, MA)
Helen Parsonage — Partner (Winston Salem , North Carolina )
Corrine Parver — VP, Women Lawyers On Guard Action Network (Potomac , Maryland)
Marilyn Hall Patel — US District Court (Ret.) (Oakland, CA)
Jasmin Patel Levander — N/A (Los Angeles, CA)
Jeremy Paul — Professor of Law and Former Dean, Northeastern University (Boston, Massachusetts)
Pamela Pearl — (Glenview, IL)
Lise Pearlman — First Presiding Judge of the Cal. State Bar Court (Oakland, CA)
Arn Pearson — Executive Director, Center for Media and Democracy (Brunswick, Maine)
Ashley Peck — Partner (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Thomas Peisch — Of Counsel (Retired Partner) (Boston , Massachusetts )
Bridget Penick — Shareholder /attorney (Des Moines, IA)
Kathryn Penrose Loan — Attorney (Chicago, Illinois)
Andrea Perez — Senior Associate (Dallas, Texas)
Vivian Perla — (Centennial , Colorado )
Rudy Perrino — Attorney (Thousand Oaks, California)
Samantha Peters — Attorney (Washington , DC)
Kristan Peters-Hamlin — Owner, PETERS HAMLIN LAW, LLC (WESTPORT, CT)
Jef Petrucelly — Pro Bono Retired Attorney (Cambridge , MA)
Tracy Petruso — Judicial Law Clerk (Chicago, Illinois)
Louis Pfeffer — Current Manager (Jupiter, Florida)
Thomas Pfister — Retired partner, Latham & Watkins LLC (Los Angeles, CA)
Michael Phan — Ph.D. (Jacksonville, FL)
John Phebus — Managing Attorney, The Law Offices of John Phebus (Glendale, AZ)
Sean Phelan — Current (Seattle, WA)
Richard Phelps — Attorney/Mediator/Arbitrator (Oakland, California)
Sasha S. Philip — Mediator & Arbitrator, Philip Mediation (Kenmore, WA)
Jesse Philippe-Auguste — Current (Miami, Florida )
Neil Phillips — Democrat (Westport, CT)
Suzette Pierson — Attorney (Chicago, IL)
Charles Pillsbury — Law Professor (New Haven, CT)
The Hon Lois G Pines — Former Regional Director of the FTC Boston and Former MA State Senator (Belmontt, MA)
Stan Platke — N/A (Saint Louis, MO)
Ina Plotsky — Attorney (New York) (Great Neck, New York)
Rebecca Pontikes — Owner, Pontikes Law LLC (Boston, MA)
Jeffrey Portnoy — partner Cades Schutte (Honolulu, HI)
Steven Posner — Ret. (Evergreen, Colorado)
Louis Posner — Former Lawyer, Founder (New York, NY)
Dianne Post — Attorney (phoenix, az)
Jean Powers — Retired attorney (Williamsville , New York)
Adrienne Prager — Current (SAN DIEGO, CA)
Adriane Price — Attorney (Carlstadt, NJ)
Martin Price — Retired Professor of Law (Detroit, Michigan)
Jack Purser — US Dept of Agriculture (Foley, Alabama)
Sheri Rabiner-Gordon — Current (Westport, CT)
Joan Rachlin — Executive Director Emerita, Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research (Brookline, MA)
Steven Ragland — Partner of Keker, Van Nest & Peters, LLP (San Francisco, CA)
Andrew Rainer — Brody Hardoon Perkins & Kesten (Bostob, MA)
Samantha Rajaram — Professor (Redwood City, CA)
Drucilla Ramey — DeanEmerita, Golden Gate University School of Law (San Francisco, CA)
Drucilla Ramey — Dean Emerita, Golden Gate University School of Law (San Francisco, CA)
Nancy Ramseyer — (Burbank , CA)
David Randall — Former (Waban, MA)
Radhika Rao — Professor of Law and Harry & Lillian Hastings Research Chair (San Francisco, CA)
Jay Rapaport — Keker, Van Nest & Peters LLP (San Francisco, California)
Gershon M. (Gary) Ratner — Co-founder, LDAD; Founder & Executive Director, Citizens for Effective Schools; former Associate General Counsel for Litigation, U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development; former Associate Director for Litigation, Greater Boston Legal Services
Jan Raymond — Former GC, Fritz Companies (FRTZ) and CAO UPS Supply Chain Solutions (Nyack, NY)
Kathryn Reback — Attorney (Retired) (Potomac, Maryland)
Jaya Reddy — Attorney (San Jose, CA)
Judith Redford-Hall — Attorney (Olympia, WA)
Rosemary Redmond Kerrebrock — Redmond and Redmond (Lincoln, MA)
Mary Regan — Attorney at Law (Woburn, MA)
Michelle Reichler — Attorney (Parkland , Fl)
Charles Reiĺly — Former Trial Attorney, US Dept. Of Justice, Antitrust Division (Ridgewood, NJ)
Barbara Reinhold — (Pewaukee, WI)
Alexandra Rengel — Managing Partner (Brookline , Massachusetts )
Barbara Res — solo practicioner (Tenafly, New Jersey)
Roger Rice — N/A (Medford, MA)
Joseph Rich — Former Department of Justice attorney, 1968-2005 (Washington , DC)
Leah Song Richardson — N/A (irvine, ca)
Max Richburg — Retired (Alexandria , Virginia )
Jeffrey I. Richman — Staff attorney, Criminal Appeals Bureau, The Legal Aid Society, New Yor City, retired (Huntington, New York)
Troy Riddle — Concerned Citizen and Lawyer (Philadelphia, PA)
Michelle Rider — Corporate Attorney (Newburgh, New York)
Amy Righter — Retired defense attorney (Oakland, CA)
Sander Rikleen — Partner, Sherin and Lodgen LLP (Wayland, MA)
Lauren Stiller Rikleen — President, Rikleen Institute for Strategic Leadership; Former President of the Boston Barr
Brian Ripleu — Attorney (Oakland , CA )
Pablo Rivera — Partner at VLRH (San Antonio , Texas)
Roberto Rivera — Esq. (Charlotte, NC)
Diana Rivero — Attorney (Los Angeles, California)
Robert Rivkin — N/A (San Francisco , California )
Cliff Robbins — Partner (Mountain View, California)
Mary Maloney Roberts — Former General Counsel, Judicial Council of California, Administrative Office of the Courts (retired) (Oakland, California)
Keith Roberts — Attorney (New York, NY)
Michelle Roberts — Counsel (Washington , DC)
Clara Roberts — Attorney (Poway, California )
Donald B. Robertson — Attorney; former Majority Leader, Maryland House of Delegates (Bethesda, Maryland)
Priscila Rocha — Attorney at Law (current) (Cleveland , Ohio )
Allan Rodgers — Retired Executive Director, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute (Winchester, MA)
MK Rodgers — (Seattle, WA)
Elizabeth Rodgers — Gordon Law Group LLP, (Boston, MA)
Kathryn Roe — Attorney (Chicago, Illinois)
Jan (January) Roeschlaub — Attorney at Law (Scotts Mills, OR)
Barbara Rogachefsky — Attorney (Akron, OH)
Estelle Rogers — Former Staff Attorney, United States Department of Justice (Forestville, CA)
Charles Rogers — Former National Labor Relations Board Attorney (NEW ORLEANS, LA)
Naomi Roht-Arriaza — Distinguished Professor of Law, University of California, Hastings (San Francisco, California)
Thomas Ronzetti — N/A (Miami, Florida)
Rebecca Rook — Immigration Attorney (New York, New York)
Gretchen Roos — Corporate Counsel (Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania )
Dora Rose — Deputy Director, League of Women Voters of California (San Francisco, CA)
Norman Rosenberg — Former law professor and public interest lawyer (Washington, DC)
Seth Rosenberg — Partner – Clayman & Rosenberg LLP and former State and Federal Prosecutor (New York, New York)
Nick Rosenberg — Attorney (Boston, MA)
Morris Rosenberg — Attorney (Seattle, WA)
Rachel Rosenbloom — Professor of Law, Northeastern University School of Law (Boston, Massachusetts)
Lilah Rosenblum — Partner, Lichtman & Rosenblum, PLLC (Washington , DC)
Stephen Rosenfeld — Retired partner, Rosenfeld & Rafik, P.C. (Boston, Massachusetts)
Jeremiah Ross — Assistant AG (Bristow , Oklahoma )
Leonard Ross — Partner, Ross & Matza Attorneys at Law (Rockville Centre, New York)
Brian Ross — Partner, Graubard Miller (New York, NY)
David Rossman — Professor of Law, Boston University Law School (Newton Hlds, MA)
Stuart Rossman — Attorney (Needham , Massachusetts )
William Rothbard — Law Offices of William I. Rothbard (Los Angeles, CA)
Thomas Rotko — Partner, Clayman & Rosenberg LLP; former Ass’t District Attorney, NY County District Attorney’s Office (New York, NY)
Kimberly Roura — (Monterey Park, CA)
Jack Rovner — Attorney (Chicago, Illinois)
James Rowan — Professor of Law, Northeastern University (Newton Highlands, MA)
Jeffrey Roy — Lawyer and State Representative (Franklin, MA)
Ellen Rubin — Senior Counsel (Boston, MA)
Bruce Rubin — Chief Operating Officer (Harrison , New York)
Elaine Rubinson — Attorney (Stamford, CT)
Raminta Rudys — Attorney (Beaverton, Oregon)
Sarah Ruef-Lindquist — Attorney (CAMDEN, ME)
Kenneth Rumelt — Professor of Law – Vermont Law School (South Royalton, VT)
John Rushford — Attorney (Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania )
Jennifer Rushlow — Associate Professor of Law, Vermont Law School (Norwich, Vermont)
Charles Russell — Director, Catholic Charities Immigrant and Refugee Services, NY // St. John’s Law School (Montclair , NJ)
Fredric Rutberg — Massachusetts District Court Judge, retired (Stockbridge, Massachusetts)
Sarah Ryan — Professor of Practice, Wesleyan University (Middletown , CT)
William Ryder — Retired Attorney (New York, New York)
David Sacks — Retired Mass. Probate & Family Court Judge (Holyoke , Massachusetts )
Sherry Saffer — Attorney (Los Angeles , CA)
Katina Saint Marie — Attorney at Law (Eugene, OREGON)
Stephen Saltzburg — Deputy Assistant Attorney General (Washington, DC)
Joshua Saltzman — Attorney (Hastings-on-Hudson, New York)
Jill Saluck — Attorney/Partner (Westport, CT)
randy saluck — N/A (Westport, Ct)
Leslie Salzman — Clinical Professor of Law, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law (New York, NY) — Attorney (Rockville Centre, New York)
Grey Sample — N/A (Skandia, Michigan)
Gary Sampliner — Former Senior Counsel, US Treasury Department (Rockville, MD)
Andrew Sampson — N/A (Santa Rosa, California)
Robert Sand — High Bailiff-Elect Windsor County, VT (Woodstock, VT)
Lisa Sanders — Partner (Miami , Florida)
Debbie Sandler — N/A (Philadelphia , PA)
Deborah Jo Sandler — Attorney and Mediator (Walnut Creek, CA)
Michael Sands — Attorney (Longwood, Fkorida)
Diana I. Santiago — Senior Attorney (Boston, MA)
Carrie Santulli Schudda — Attorney (Oregon, WI)
Diane Saunders — Current (Pembroke, Massachusetts)
Jonathan Saxton — Retired (Wayland, MA)
Karen Scarr — (San Francisco, CA)
Daniel Schaeffer — N/A (Northbrook, IL)
Jamie Schafer — Partner (Washington , DC)
Edith Scheib — Private citizen (Tallahassee, Florida)
Kaylie Scheinman — Attorney (New York, NY)
James Schiavenza — Former Senior Assistant Attorney General/Current Dean of Lincoln Law School of Sacramento (Sacramento, CA)
Lois Schiffer — Assistant Attorney General, Environment and Natural Resources Division, US Department of Justice (former) (Washington, DC)
Lawrence Schiffman — Attorney – Current (Morganville, NJ)
William Schmidt — Administrative Law Judge, US NLRB & CA ALRB (San Francisco, CA)
Randall Schmidt — Clinical Professor of Law, University of Chicago Law School (Chicago, Illinois)
Sara Schneeberg — Former Assistant General Counsel, US Environmental Protection Agency (Bethesda, MD)
Jordan Schoonover — Attorney (Portland, Oregon)
Don Schott — (Madison, WI)
Jack Schulz — Partner Schulz Law PLC (Detroit, Michigan)
Andrew Schwartz — Partner, Shute Mihaly & Weinberger LLP (San Francisco, California)
Elizabeth Schwartz — Attorney (LAKE OSWEGO, OR)
Alexis Scott — Criminal Defense & Family Law (San Diego , California )
Doug Seaver — Chair of Litigation Dept. for several large law firms (Ft Myers, Florida)
Charles K. Seavey — Attorney (San Francisco, California)
Stephen Seckler — Seckler Legal Recruiting and Coaching (Newton, Massachusetts)
Dveera Segal — Professor of Law Emeritus, Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law (Philadelphia, PA)
Leah Segal — Attorney (Boston, MA)
Bernard Alan Seidler — Attorney (New York, NY)
Bertrand Sellier — Rottenberg Lipman Rich P.C. (New York, New York)
Caren Sempel — (Burke, VA)
Daniel Serlin — Attorney (Farmington Hills, MI)
Margaret Serrano — Retired, Former In-House Counsel for Anheuser-Busch and SC Johnson (St. Francis, WI)
Eric Sexton — (Lee’s Summit, MO)
Allen Shabino — Attorney (Seattle, WA)
Rachel Shack — Attorney (Boston, MA)
Gregory Shaffer — Professor (Laguna Beach, California)
Annuja Shah — Attorney (Poughkeepsie, New york)
Ann Shalleck — Professor of Law and Carrington Shields Scholar, American University, Washington College of Law (Takoma Park, MD)
James M. Shannon — Former Massachusetts Attorney General and Former Member of Congress (North Reading, Massachusetts)
Jonathan Shapiro — Shapiro & Teitelbaum LLP (West Newton, Massachusetts )
Paula Shapiro — N/A (Washington, District of Columbia)
Steven Shatz — Professor of Law Emeritus, University of San Francisco (Berkeley , CA)
Marilyn Tebor Shaw — Associate Counsel National Gallery ofArt, Washington, D.C.(retired); Associate Judical Administrator, Office of the Judicial Administrator, Office of the President, Cornell University (retired) (Ithaca, NY)
Barton Sheela — Deputy alternate public defender (Sa Diego, CA)
Kristina Shenefelt — Attorney (Seattle, Washington )
Jeri Shepherd — Attorney at Law; current member of the Democratic National Committee (Greeley, CO)
Jeff Sherbakoff — N/A (Santa Barbara , Ca)
R. Kelly Sheridan — Of Counsel Robert’s, Carroll, Feldstein & Peirce (Providience , RI)
John Sherman — Former senior legal advisor to the UN Special Representative on Business and Human Rights; Senior Program Fellow, Center for Business and Govt, Harvard Kennedy School; former Deputy General Counsel, National Grid (Boston, Massachuetts)
Jeramiah Sherman — N/A (Little Rock , AR)
Bruce Sherman — Attorney (Oakland , Oregon )
Timothy Shields — Lawyer (Edina, Minnesota)
Errol Shifman — (Fountain Hills, AZ)
Nancy Shilepsky — Partner (Boston, Massachusetts )
Tiffany Shindo — (Seattle, Washington)
Ronald Shingler — Founder – SHINGLER LAW (Walnut Creek, CA)
Beth Shoesmith — (Menlo Park, California)
Franklin Shoichet — Attorney (Seattle, WA)
Michelle Shortsleeve — Current (Arlington, MA)
Elizabeth Shriver — Former General Counsel, Public Broadcasting Service (Washington, DC)
Margaret Shukur — Attorney (Boston, MA)
Mark Shulman — Law Professor (New York, NY)
Janet Shur — Retired (Cambridge, MA)
Clement Shute — Partner, retired (tubac, Arizona)
Sharon Shutler — Department of Justice, Retired (Arlington, VA)
Nekki Shutt — Burnette Shutt & McDaniel, P.A. (Columbia, South Carolina)
Jennifer Shy — Of Counsel (San Francisco, CA)
Ron Sickmen — N/A (Centereach, New York)
Ron Sickmen — Attorney (Centereach, New York)
Laura Siegal — Trademark Attorney (Manhasset , New York)
Dan Siegel — Partner; Siegel, Yee, Brunner & Mehta; Former General Counsel, Oakland Unified School District; Former Chief Assistant City Attorney, San Francisco (Oakland, California)
Barbara Siegel — (Los Angeles, California )
Jonathan Sigel — Partner (Westborough, MA)
Kerri Sigler — Trial & Appellate Attorney (Winston Salem, North Carolina )
Richard Signorelli — Attorney; former AUSA, SDNY (New York, NY)
Kathleen Sikora — CA (former) Administrative Office of the Courts/Education (Berkeley, California)
Norman Silber — Professor of Law (PORT WASHINGTON, New York)
Ronald Silberstein — Retired General Counsel The Sheraton Corp,Ma (Boston, Ma)
David Silbert — Keker, Van Nest & Peters LLP (San Francisco, CA)
James R. Silkenat — Former President, American Bar Association (New York, NY)
Wayne Silver — Attorney (REDWOOD CITY, CA – California)
Marc Silverman — (Redmond, WA)
Gail Silverstein — Clinical Professor of Law, UC Hastings College of the Law (San Francisco, CA)
Robert Simmelkjaer — Current (Westport, CT)
Beth Simon — Law Office of Beth E. Simon, PC (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
Kenneth Simons — Professor of Law, UC Irvine School of Law (Irvine, CA)
Ginny Sinkel Kremer — MA Assistant Attorney General, Government Bureau (Acton, MA)
Larry Sipes — President Emeritus – National Center for State Courts (San Rafael, California)
Ketaki Sircar — Former (Munster, IN)
Alexandria Skinner — Private Practice, formerly Assistant Attorney General for State of SC, Associate General Counsel S.C Budget and Control Board, Staff Attorney S.C. Court of Appeals, Clerk to the Hon. Randall T. Bell (Columbia, SC)
Daniel Sleasman — Private Practice of Law (Loudonville, New York)
Robin Slick — Senior Attorney, National Obscenity Law Center (Nantucket , MA)
Donna Smalley — Attorney at Law (Mobile, Alabama)
Miguel Smith — N/A (San Diego, CA)
Don Smith — Associate Professor University of Denver Sturm College of Law (Denver, Colorado)
J. Leon Smith — Executive Director, Citizens for Juvenile Justice (Braintree, MA)
Peter Smith — Law Office of Peter H. Smith (El Cerrito, CA)
Fern M. Smith — Judge, US District Court, Northern District of California (ret.) (San Francisco, CA)
Abbe Smith — Professor of Law, Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.)
Miguel Smith — Law Partner – Solomon Minton Cardinal Doyle & Smith (San Diego, CA)
Johanna Smith — Retired attorney (Belmont, MA)
Amanda Smith — (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Bradley Smolkin — Partner, Morrison Mahoney LLP (Windsor, Connecticut)
Betty -Ann Soiefer Izenman — Retired attorney (Wynnewood, PA)
Avi Soifer — Professor, William S. Richardson School of Law (Honolulu, HI)
Karen Sokol — Professor of Law (New Orleans, LA)
Deb Sokol — In-house counsel (Wilmette, IL)
Janine Solomon — Massachusetts Advocates for Children (Boston , Massachusetts )
Robert Solomon — Clinical Professor of Law, UC Irvine School of Law (irvine, California)
Jennifer Solomon — (Portland , OR)
Richard C Solomon — (Santa Barbara , CA)
Robert Sonenthal — Sonenthal & Overall P.C. (Washington, District of Columbia)
Neal Sonnett — Former AUSA and Chief,Criminal Division, SD FL (Miami , FL)
Robert Sparks — attorney (Fairbanks, Alaska)
Zena Spektor — Attorney (New York, New York)
Mai Linh Spencer — Associate Clinical Professor, UC Hastings College of the Law (Berkeley, CA – California)
Nancy Spero — State of California, Judicial Council of California (San Francisco, CA)
Emily Spieler — Northeastern University (Brookline, MA)
Nathaniel Spiller — U.S. Department of Labor (former -retired) (Chevy Chase, MD)
Robert Spohrer — Current (Jacksonville, Florida)
David Sprafkin — Attorney in private practice (New York, New York)
Peter Sprung — attorney (Washington, DC)
Francyne Stacey — attorney (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Ying Stafford — Attorney At Law (New York, New York)
Michele Stafford — Attorney at Law (Foster City, California )
Kimberly Stahl — Attorney (Chapel Hill, NC)
Svott Stains — Retired (Dallas, Texas)
Louise Stark — Former Maricopa county Public Defender (Phoenix, AZ)
Sonja Staron — Emeritus Attorney (Dallas, Texas)
Gary Starr — Former partner (Bloomfield , Connecticut )
Donna Hill Staton — Former Maryland Deputy Attorney General; Private Practice (Clarksville, MD)
Bruce J Steele — Attorney (retired) (Torrance, CA)
David Steelman — Former regional Vice President, NCSC (Manchester , NH)
Jon Steffensen — Of Counsel–McLane Middleton, PA (Waban, MA)
Jessie Steigerwald — Attorney, Advocate, Artist (Lexington , Massachusetts)
Marshall Stein — Former Assistant U.S. Attorney, MA; Former Chief Staff Attorney, U.S. Court of Appeals, First Circuit (Newton, Greater Boston)
Robert E. Stein — N/A (Washington , DC)
Robyn Stein — Attorney (Portland, Oregon)
Richard Steinberg — Jonathan D. Varat Endowed Professor of Law, UCLA (Los Altos Hills, CA)
Carol Steinberg — Civil Litigator and adjunct professor of law, Northeastern School of Law (Boston, MA)
DANIEL STEINBOCK — Dean and Professor Emeritus, University of Toledo College of Law (Guilford, CT)
Jonathan Steinder — Former Executive Director, California Appellate, Los Angeles; current, Loyola Law School, Clinician in Residence/Adjunct Professor (Los Angeles, California)
Maria Steiner-Smith — OAG DC (Bethesda , MD)
Barbara Steinhardt — ALJ, retired (SACRAMENTO, CA)
Jeffrey Steinhardt — (Orcas, Washington)
Marvin Stender — Attorney at law (San Francisco, CA)
Amy Stengel — Attorney (Boulder, CO)
Tenley Stephenson — N/A (Menlo Park, CA)
Judith STEPHENSON — Former assistant district attorney (Orleans, MA)
Arlen Stepner — Arlene J. Stepner, Attorney at Law (Quincy, Massachusetts)
Claude Stern — Partner, Co_Chair of Intellectual Property Practice, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP (Palo Alto, CA)
Michael Stern — Emeritus partner, Cooley (Palo Alto, California )
David W. Steuber — Jones Day retired partner (Laguna Beach , California )
Karen Stevenson — Former Chief Legal Officer, Knight Ridder (Berkeley, CA)
Adlai Stevenson III — Former US Senator (Chicago, IL)
Marc Stickgold — Professor of Law Emeritus (Berkeley, CA)
James Stocks — Attorney (Hendersonville , Tennessee)
Kate Stoker — Professor of the Practice (Denver, Colorado)
Robert Stolzberg — Law Office of Robert Stolzberg (Brookline, MA)
Jennifer Story — (Durham, NC)
Jasmine Story — Lawyer (Eatontown, NJ)
Kathleen Strasbaugh — part time solo practitioner (Juneau, AK)
James Strnal — Law Office of James A. Strnal (Chicago, Illinois)
Jay Strongwater — (Atlanta, Georgia)
Peter Sturges — Common Cause Massachusetts (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
James Sudler — Attorney (Denver, Colorado)
Marjorie Suisman — Retired Attorney (Brookline, MA)
Tanisha M. Sullivan — (Boston, MA)
Adam Summerfield — Attorney (Los Angeles, California)
Maxine Sushelsky — Lawyer (retired) (Medford, MA)
Robin Swope — N/A (Fairfax Station, Virginia)
Barbara Szombatfalvy — Partner-Woodmansee & Szombatfalvy, PLLC (Durham , North Carolina )
Stephen Tabatowski — Attorney (Columbus, OH)
Amy Tabor — Ass’t Prof., Employment Law (ret.), Univ. of RI (S. Attleboro, Massachusetts)
Shauhin Talesh — Professor of Law, UC Irvine School of Law (Irvine, California)
Portia Talley — Founder, Portia Talley Law PLLC (Killeen , Texas)
Aalia Taufiq — Associate (San Francisco, CA)
James Taylor — James D. Taylor, P.C., Principal Attorney & Sole Shareholder (Mitchell, South Dakota)
Daniel Taylor — Former Partner DLAPiper (Boston, Massachusetts)
Steven Taylor — Current Law Firm Managing Partner (Larkspur, CA)
Marcia Taylor — N/A (San Rafael, CA)
Emily Taylor Poppe — Acting Professor of Law, University of California, Irvine School of Law (Irvine, CA)
Joseph Teig — Current Senior Associate, Reed Smith LLP (New York, New York)
Thomas Terrizzi — Law Office of Thomas Terrizzi (Wilmington, NY)
Joshua Thayer — Attorney at Law (Piedmont, California)
Mary Theisen — Former Assistant Corporation Counsel (Tucson, AZ)
Juan R. Thomas — Past President, National Bar Association & Of Counsel, Quintairos, Preito, Wood & Boyer (Chicago, Illinois )
Joyce Thomas — Current Law Partner (Seattle, WA)
Polly L. Thomas — Retired Administrative Law Judge (Monrovia, CA)
Peter Thompson — Adjunct Professor Mitchell Hamline School of Law (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Lucy L Thomson — Former U.S. Department of Justice, Criminal Division, Senior Trial Attorney (Alexandria, Virginia)
Mary Thuell — Attorney (Washington, DC)
Beatrice Tice — UC Irvine School of Law (Corona del Mar, California)
Jennifer Tice — Associate General Counsel (Corona del Mar, CALIFORNIA)
Abbe Tiger — Attorney at law (New York, NY)
Lee Tilson — Attorney (Detrit, Michigan)
Joanne Tinsley — Attorney (Kissimmee, FL)
Gregory Todd — Law Office of Gregory F.W. Todd (New York, NY)
Joseph Tomain — Dean Emeritus University of Cincinnati College of Law (Cincinnati , Ohio)
Lisa Toner — Former Vice President of Legal Affairs, Delhaize America (Portland, Maine)
Grace Tonner — Professor of Lawyering Skills (Irvine, CA)
Brian Toohey — Retired Partner, Jones Day (Cleveland , Ohio)
STEVEN TOOLE — Former president of Washington State Bar Association (Bellevue, WA)
Frederic Torphy — Attorney (Little Compton, RI)
Todd Torr — Attorney (Xenia, Ohio)
Gregory Torre — Tower LLC (Verona, NJ)
Annette Torres — (Coral Gables, Florida)
Ginky-Lee Torres — Current (Mooresville , North Carolina)
Mary Torres — Attorney in private practice (Albuquerque , New Mexico )
Gerald Torres — Professor (Fairfield, CT)
Yolanda Torrez — Attorney (Waukegan, Illinois)
Jaime Touchstone — Attorney (San Francisco, CA)
Sherrie Travis — Sherrie Travis & Associates LLC (Chicago, Illinois)
Susan Travis — (Slatington , PA)
Amanda Trefethen — Legal Advisor – The Salvation Army (Redondo Beach, CA)
Kati Trese — Current (St. Petersburg , FL)
Mary Pat Treuthart — Professor of Law Gonzaga University School of Law (Spokane , WA )
Laurence H. Tribe – Carl M. Loeb University Professor and Professor of Constitutional Law Emeritus at Harvard Law School
Kristine Trocki — President Trocki Law (Jamestown, RI)
Sara Tropea — (Santa Monica , CA)
John True — Retired Judge (Berkeley, CA)
Albert Tsoi — (Boston , MA)
Robert Tuchmann — Self-employed (West Newton, Massachusetts)
Jillian Tuck — Harvard Law School (Boston, MA)
Marna Tucker — Past President District of Columbia Bar (Washington, District of Columbia)
Vicki Tucker — N/A (Richmond, Virginia)
Kathryn Tucker — Special Counsel , EMERGE LAW GROUP (Lopez, WA)
James Tucker Bradley — Attorney at Law (Boston, MA)
Andrew Tulloch — Counsel, Joint Economic Committee of Congress (Former) (Florham Park, New Jersey)
Marilyn Turboff — Retired Attorney at Law (Houston, TX.)
Merle Joy Turchik — Former President Arizona Women Lawyers Association (Tucson, AZ)
Therese Tuttle — Managing Partner (San Francisco, California )
Grace Twesigye — (Brooklyn, NY)
Ralph Tyler — The Casper Firm LLC; former Deputy Attorney General of Maryland; former Baltimore City Solicitor (Baltimore, Maryland)
Ralph Tyler — The Casper Firm LLC; former Deputy Attorney General of Maryland; former City Solicitor, Baltimore (Baltimore, Maryland)
Jayne Tyrrell — N/A (Lincoln , MA)
Richard Ugelow — Professor (Washington, DC)
Laura Unflat — (Newton, Massachusetts)
Monica Uribe — (Dallas, TX)
Lynne Urman — Former Staff Counsel for Administrative Office of the Courts (Ret.) (SACRAMENTO, CA)
Steven Uslaner — Partner (New York, New York)
Emi Uyehara — Attorney (San Francisco, California)
Josefina Valdez — Attorney (San Bernardino , Ca)
Raquel Vallejo — Trial Lawyer (Los Angeles , CA)
Miriam Van Heukelem — Attorney (Des Moines, IA)
Robert Van Nest — Partner, Keker, Van Nest & Peters (San Francisco, CA)
Aleeta Van Runkle — (San Francisco , California )
Blake Van Zile — Attorney (Portland, OR)
Thomas I. Vanaskie — Retired Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (Dunmore, PA)
Diana Vance-Bryan — (Hudson, WI)
Danielle Vanderzanden — Shareholder (Exeter , NH)
Dallis Vargas — Lawyer (New York, NY)
Joseph Velasquez — Former Texas Assistant Attorney General (La Jolla, California )
Pamela Vesilind — Law Professor (South Royalton, Vermont)
Federico Vielledent — Lawyer (El Paso , Texas)
Angelo Villarreal — Attorney (Fresno, CA)
Joan Vogel — Professor of Law, Vermont Law School (White River Junction, VT)
Heike Vogel — Attorney (New York , New York )
Vicki Volper — N/A (Westport, CT)
Donald Vowell — Current (Knoxville, TN)
Patricia Vroom — Chief Counsel, Arizona, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Phoenix, AZ)
John Wait — (Clemmons, NC)
Ira Waldman — Partner, Cox, Castle & Nicholson LLP (Los Angeles, CA)
Edward Waldman — Attorney, U.S. Dept. of Labor (Rockville, MD)
Cynthia Waldman — Current (Los Angeles, CA)
John Waldo — Disability rights attorney (Houston, TX)
Sondra Stigen Wallace — Associate General Counsel, US Dept of Health and Human Services (retired) (South Thomaston, Maine)
Les Wallerstein — Counselor at Law (Lexington, Massachusetts)
Joni Walser — Adjunct Prof of Law, former US Treasury tax counsel, law firm partner, and in-house counsel (retired) (Chapel Hill, NC)
Mary Walsh — Attorney (Urbandale, IA)
Lori Walth — Senior Counsel (San Clemente, California)
Nancy Wanderer — Legal Writing Professor Emerita, University of Maine School of Law (Falmouth, Maine)
Times Wang — North River Law PLLC (Norfolk, Virginia )
John Ward — Attorney (Roslindale, MA)
Ronald Wargo — Partner (Santa Rosa, CA)
Lori Watkins Owens — Former Senior Litigation Attorney for Northeast t IL Regional Commuter Railroad Company; Former Managing Partner of Owens & Associates of IL, P.C., former Partner of Carney & Brothers, former ALJ and General Attorney for U.S. Railroad Retirement Board (Chicago, IL)
Valerie Watnick — Professor (new york, New York)
Lindsey Watson — Attorney (Denver , CO)
Phil Waystack — FACTL (Whitefield, NH)
Sabrina Wear — (Alexandria, VA)
Michaela Weaver — Attorney (Boston, MA)
Heidi-Rachel Webb — Attorney (Lincoln, MASSACHUSETTS)
Rebecca Webb — Former Assistant Attorney General (Belmont, Massachusetts)
Julia Weber — Former Supervising Attorney Judicial Council of California (San Francisco, CA)
Rose Weber — civil rights attorney (Brooklyn, NY)
Thomas Weil — Former Partner at Skadden Arps (Woodbridge, CT)
Robin Weinberg — N/A (westport, ct)
Doron Weinberg — (San Francisco, CA)
Frances Weiner — Attorney (Swampscott, MA)
Henry Weinstein — Professor, University of California, Irvine, School of Law (Irvine, California)
Tina Weinstein — Vice President and Counsel (New York, New York)
Deborah Jackson Weiss — Ropes & Gray, Retired Partner (Newton, Massachusetts )
Jonathan Weiss — (New York, NY)
Jill Weiss — Attorney (Leesburg, VA)
David Weiss — Current (Chicago, Il)
Joel Weiss — Katsky Korins LLP (New York, NY)
Lisa Weissler — Assistant Attorney General, State of Alaska, Retired (Juneau, Alaska)
Dana Welch — Arbitrator (BERKELEY, CA)
H Thomas Wells, Jr — Former President, American Bar Association (Birmingham , Alabama)
Rachel Wertheimer — Attorney at Parr Brown Gee & Loveless (Salt Lake City, UT)
Mike Whalen — Lawyer (Knoxville , Tennessee )
Whitney Whisenhunt — (Hong Kong, NA)
Melvin White — N/A (Washington, District of Columbia)
Barry White — AMBASSADOR, former US Ambassador to Norway (Newton Centre, MA)
Curtis White — Attorney (Washington, DC)
Daniel Whitney — Attorney (New York, New York)
Dakota Whitney — Attorney (San Francisco, CA)
David Wieder — Attorney at Law, David S. Wieder, P.A. (Miami Beach, FL)
Jeffrey Wiesner — Wiesner McKinnon LLP (Boston, Massachusetts )
David Wiggins — Lawyer (Redondo Beach, CA)
Thomas Wilczak — Partner (Detroit, MI)
Mary Allen Wilkes — Former Assistant District Attorney, Middlesex County, MA (Cambridge, MA)
Sherwood Willard — (Bloomfield , CT)
Stephanie Willbanks — Professor of Law (South Royalton, Vermont)
Thomas Willcox — Principal, Thomas C. Willcox, Attorney at law (Washington, DC)
Lucy Williams — Professor of Law, Northeastern University School of Law (Boston, MA)
Allen Williams — Retired Partner, Foley & Lardner (River Hills, WISCONSIN)
Teresa Williams — Attorney at Law (Pacific Palisades, CA)
Geoffrey Williams — Attorney (New York, New York)
Deborah Williams — Lecturer, University of California Santa Barbara (Goleta, CA)
Brady Williams — Current Attorney (Washington, D.C.)
Kate willkinson — Senior Director (portland, Oregon)
Richard Willstatter — Attorney (White Plains, NY)
Timothy Wilton — Professor of Law, Suffolk University Law School; Consulting Counsel, KJC Law Firm LLC (Natick, ma)
Lauren Wilton — Attorney (Milford , Massachusetts )
Jenna Wims Hashway — Professor of Legal Practice, Roger Williams University School of Law (Little Compton, RI)
Don Wineberg — Chace Ruttenberg & Freedman, LLP, Partner (Providence, Rhode Island)
Amy Ariel Winger — Attorney at Law (Berkeley, CA)
Chester Winkowski — Former Assistant District Counsel, US Department of Justice, Immigration & Naturalization Service, New York, NY; Private Practice – Haverhill, Massachusetts (Haverhill, Massachusetts)
Kimberly Winter — Partner- McLaughlin, Richards, Biller, Schindel & Winter, LLP (South Natick , MA)
S. Christopher Winter — (Los Angeles , CA)
Timothy Wise — Asst attorney general (Walnut Creek, California)
Ann Wise — (San Jose, CA)
timothy wise — assistant attorney general (Walnut Creek, California)
Ronald Witmer — Attorney (Newton, Massachusetts)
Stephen Wizner — Yale Law School (new haven, CT)
Bruce Wolff — Retired Partner, Manatt Phelps & Phillips (Washington, DC) (Washington , DC)
John Wolfsie — Solo Practitioner (Denver, Colorado)
Larry Wolinsky — Of Counsel (Kingston , New York)
Karin Wolman — Law Office of Karin Wolman, PLLC (New York , New York )
Alex Wong — Attorney (Culver City, CA)
Margaret Woo — Professor (Jamaica Plain, MA)
Beth Woodland-Hargrove — N/A (Baltimore, MD)
Rose Woodrick — Counsel (Bohemia , New York )
Grant Woods — Former Arizona Attorney General (, )
William Woodward — Professor of Law, Emeritus (Oakland, CA)
Amanda Wright — Associate Attorney (Charlotte, North Carolina)
S. Wright-Avery — Attorney-at-Law (McKinney, TX)
L. Kinvin Wroth — Professor of Law Emeritus and former Dean and President, Vermont Law School (South Royalton, Vermont)
Lucien Wulsin – Founder and retired Executive Director, Insure the Uninsured Project
Nancy Wurzman — Attorney (Aurora, CO)
George Wyeth — N/A (Chevy Chase, Maryland)
Norah Wylie — Dean fir Students Boston College Law School (retired) (West Newton, MA )
Catherine Yao — Attorney (Eugene, OR)
Ellen Yaroshefsky — Professor of Law (Hempstead, New York)
Mark Yates — Associate Dean / Professor of Law (Santa Rosa, CA)
Robin Yeamans — (Lis Gatos, California)
Alan Yockelson — Attorney (San Diego, California )
Kristin Yoder — Concerned citizen and lawyer (Atlanta , Georgia )
Charles York — Associate, Cooley LLP (New York , New York )
Raymond Young — Former President. Boston Bar Association (Lexington, Massachusetts)
Rowena Young — (Houston , Texas)
Steven Young — Big Fancy Partner and Big Fancy Firm (Cambridge, MA)
Heather Yountz — Attorney (Cambridge, MA)
Len Zandrow — Founding partner, Brister & Zandrow, LLP (Sharon, Massachusetts)
Len Zandrow — Co-founder & partner, Brister & Zandrow LLP (Sharon, MA)
Miles Zaremski — Zaremski Law Group (Highland Park, Illinois)
Debra Zarne — Attorney (New York, New York)
Isaac Zaur — Partner at Clarick Gueron Reisbaum LLP (New York, NEW YORK)
Andrew Ziaja — Of Counsel, Leonard Carder LLP (Washington, DC)
Ana Zigel — Immigration Lawyer with Jaskot Law (Baltimore, Maryland)
Toby Zimbalist — Appellate Attorney (Phoenix, AZ)
Benjamin Zipursky — James H. Quinn ’49 Chair in Legal Ethics and Professor of Law, Fordham Law School (New York, New York)
Veronica Zolina — Attorney (Maynard, MA)
Antonio Zuniga — Attorney (Tempe, Arizona)
Patricia Zweibel — N/A (Washington, DC)