Open Letter to the United States Senate

Delivered January 7, 2020 | Click here to be directed to our press release

Dear Members of the United States Senate:

We are lawyers deeply committed to the Constitution, the rule of law and preserving the priceless American democratic form of government.

Since the House has impeached President Donald Trump, the critical questions now are whether the Senate will provide an impartial trial process and whether senators will vote impartially or serve their own partisan self-interests.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has dramatically framed the issue.  He recently said: “This [impeachment] is a political process. There is not anything judicial about it.” (See: Mitch McConnell: ‘I’m not an impartial juror’ ahead of Senate impeachment trial, CNN). “I’m not impartial about this [process] at all….I’m not an impartial juror [.]” (See: Trump Diatribe Belittles Impeachment as ‘Attempted Coup’ on Eve of Votes, The New York Times).

Leader McConnell’s assertions cannot withstand scrutiny.

Just because the Constitution commits the impeachment process to a “political” branch of government and senators may legitimately promote their partisan self-interest as part of the legislative process, does not mean they are permitted to do so when serving as judges and jurors in an impeachment trial. To the contrary, as the adjudicators of impeachment, they have a duty to serve in a quasi-judicial capacity.

The Constitution mandates that: “When sitting for that purpose [trying impeachments] they [the Senate] shall be on oath or affirmation.” (See: Const., Art. I, Sect. 3, Clause 6) The oath that the Senate requires every senator to take before being allowed to participate in an impeachment trial demands that they “solemnly swear or affirm…  in all things appertaining to the trial (to) do impartial justice according to the Constitution and law.” (Emphasis added) (See: Procedure and Guidelines for Impeachment Trials in the United States Senate, pp. 25-26 & p. 61)

Serving one’s own partisan and political self-interest in determining: the process for an impeachment trial, the legal standards for impeachable offenses, the facts – based on the evidence – and whether the facts violate the standards, would be an egregious form of being “partial.”  It would be the exact opposite of being “impartial.” 

Rather than a Senate impeachment trial being a “political” / partisan process that permits senators to make decisions based on their political party’s self-interest, senators are obligated by the Constitution and Senate rules to “do impartial justice” in all matters relating to the trial.

Similarly, Leader McConnell’s assertion that “[t]here is not anything judicial about [the impeachment process]” is directly refuted by the Constitution.  The Judiciary article itself, Article III, expressly manifests that impeachment trials are a category of federal criminal trials: “The trial of all crimes, except in cases of impeachment, shall be by jury [.]” (See: Const., Art. III, Sect. 2, Clause 3). Thus, impeachment trials, being criminal trials, are inherently “judicial.”

The judicial nature of impeachment trials is further borne out by other constitutional provisions. By giving “[t]he Senate… the sole power to try all impeachments [,]” (See: Const., Art. I, Sect. 3, Clause 6) the Constitution uses the same word “try” to describe the Senate’s responsibility as our legal system has routinely used to describe the function of courts adjudicating court cases. 

When the President is impeached, the Constitution does not permit a senator to preside over the trial; it must be our nation’s highest judicial officer, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Id. The initial sanction required to be imposed on an official found guilty of an impeachable offense is “conviction,” (See: Const., Art. I, Sect. 3, Clause 6 and Const., Art. II, Sect. 4) which is the same initial sanction which courts impose on any guilty criminal defendant. Finally, the Constitution prescribes that when the Senate completes an impeachment trial, it needs to enter “judgment.” (See: Const., Art. I, Sect. 3, Clause 7). This is the same word our legal system uses to describe all courts’ determinations after completing trials in court cases.

Thus, the Constitution itself recognizes that a Senate impeachment trial must have multiple elements of a court trial. The significantly judicial character of the impeachment trial process mandated by the Constitution is further elaborated by the Senate’s own extensive rules for conducting impeachment trials, many of which parallel judicial proceedings. (See: Procedure and Guidelines for Impeachment Trials in the United States Senate)

In short, Leader McConnell’s notion that the impeachment process does not have judicial character and implicitly gives him and other senators free rein to conduct the trial as biased political partisans is indefensible.


Richard Abel – Connell Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus and Distinguished Research Professor
John Achatz – Access to Justice Fellow
David Addlestone – Co–founder National Veteans Legal Services Program
Sunil Aggarwal – CJI
Susan Akram – Clinical Professor
Steve Alexander – Former law clerk and acting District Court judge, Third Judicial District, Alaska.
Mary Allen Wilkes – Former Assistant District Attorney
Stephen Alloy – Attorney at Law
Birgit Almgren – Senior Associate
Lori Alper – Founder
Albert Alschuler – Julius Kreeger Professor Emeritus
Dan Alterman – Partner in civil rights firm
Michael Altman – Attorney
Carrie Amezcua – Attorney
R. Peter Anderson – Former Judge of Massachusetts Trial Court
Steven Andrews – Retired
Don Anton – Professor of International Law | Director
Gina Armbruster – Vice President in the Insurance Industry
Paula Atkinson – Attorney
Natasha Axelrod – Former Civil Litigation Attorney Representing Consumers
Harold Balcom – Attorney
Dennis Baldwin – Past President
Erica Baltodano – Attorney
Shaun Barnes – Choate
Jim Barnett – Alaska Attorney and Historian
Alan Baron – Former Assistant United States Attorney
Charles Baron – Emeritus Professor Boston College Law School
Dianne Baron – Attorney
Stuart Baron – Active practitioner
Jerome Barron – Harold H. Greene Professor of Law Emeritus George Washington University Law School
Elizabeth Barry – Former Chief Assistant Attorney General
Peter Barta – Criminal Defense Attorney
Jeffrey Bartell – Quarles & Brady Law Firm
Elizabeth Bartholet – Professor of Law
Denise Barton – Deputy General Counsel
Mark Baseman – Partner
Lynn Bechtol – Attorney
Marcia Bell – Director
Barbara Berenson – Attorney
James Bergenn – UConn School of Law
Paul Berman – Retired Partner
Lucian Bernard – Partner
Marilyn Bernhardt – Esq.
Peter Bernhardt – Former Assistant United States Attorney
Jules Bernstein – ABA
Michael Bertoncini – Principal in private law firm
Jessica Beverly – Attorney Advisor
Kristina Bielenberg – Attorney
Rebecca Birmingham – President Elect of the Long Beach Bar Association
Kathryn Black – Of Counsel
Laura Blank – Attorney
Jeff Blattner – Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General
Richard Bluestein – Krokidas and bluestein
Linda Bochert – Assistant Attorney General
Kristi Bodin – Former Assistant Attorney General
Kristen Bomengen – Former Assistant Attorney General
Kelly Bonnevie – Attorney
Bruce Bookman – Bookman & Helm LLC Ret.
Bruce Botelho – Former Attorney General of Alaska
Kathleen Boundy – Co–director Center for Law and Education
James Brennan – Brennan & Heideman
Israela Brill–Cass – Ombud
Shelley Broderick – Dean Emerita and Joseph L. Rauh Chair of Social Justice at University of the District of Columbia Law
Mark Brodin – Professor
Fiona Brophy – Partner
Ellen Brown – Former Counsel at a quasi–public organization
Melinda Brown – Former Vice President and General Counsel
Daniel Bruce – Attorney
Alan Butchman – Garvey
Andrea Cabral – Former Assistant District Attorney
Morgan Callahan – Attorney
Alejandro Camacho – Professor of Law
Margaret Cammer – Former Acting Supreme Court Justice
Roy Campbell – Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP
Paul Campsen – Kaufman & Canoles
Julie Cantor – Lecturer in Law
Patricia Cantor – Attorney
Cathey Caraway–Howard – Law Offices of Cathe L. Caraway–Howard
Jay Carlson – Attorney
Walter Carpeneti – Former Chief Justice
Charley Carpenter – Attorney
Harold Carroll – Attorney at Law
William Carroll – Former General Counsel Ballistic Missile Defense Organization
Cathleen Cavell – Attorney
Kathy Cerminara – Former associate at Reed Smith Shaw & McClay
Michael Chanin – Retired Member of the Bar
Nancy Chasen – Public Interest Advocate
Mark Choate – Trial Lawyer
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Elizabeth Crimmins – Senior Attorney
Eric Croft – Former Alaska State Legislator
Peter Crosby – Formerly Peter J. Crosby
Mary Crossley – Professor of Law and former Dean
Michael Crutcher – Former partner
Stanley Cygelman – Partner
Hon.John D’Amico – Judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey
Brendan Daly – Attorney
Josiah Daniel – Attorney
Richard Dasilva – Frontier Adjusters of Bozeman
D.Scott Dattan – CJA Panel Representative for Alaska
Robin Davidson – Attorney
Douglas Davis – Of Counsel
Ann DeArmond – Attorney
Gill Deford – Retired Attorney
Robert Dell – Retired Attorney
Ruth Dell – Former Attorney
Mary DeNevi – Attorney
Ventura Dennis – Staff Attorney
Brad DeNoble – Attorney at Law
Michael Devereaux – Attorney
Steven DeVries – Former Chief Assistant Attorney General and Civil Division Director
Steven DiCairano – Associate
Gerald Dickinson – Law Professor
Joel Diringer – Public health consultant
Colin Diver – Adjunct Professor
Steven Dodge – Deputy Public Advocate
Mara Dolan – Attorney
Michael Dolinger – Former United States Magistrate Judge
Raymond Dougan – Retired First Justice Boston Municipal Court, Central Division; Adjunct Clinical Professor, Boston University School of Law
Jessica Drew – Attorney
Robert Drey – Legal Counsel
James Dreyfus – Retired Partner
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Terry Friedman – Former Los Angeles Superior Court Judge
Christopher Gagin – Former Magistrate
Emily Galvin – Public Defender
Patty Garin – Partner at Shapiro Weissberg & Garin; Adjunct Professor of Law at Northeastern University School of Law
Gayle Garrigues – Former prosecutor
Joseph Garrison – Garrison
E. Susan Garsh – Former Associate Justice of the Superior Court
Barbara Gately – Litigator
Thomas Gausden – Self–employed labor & employment arbitrator & mediator
Nancy Gertner – Retired Judge
Martha Gifford – Law Office of Martha E. Gifford
Oscar Gilbert – Attorney
Elizabeth Gilson – Guantanamo lawyer
Wilbur Glahn – Partner
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Richard Glovsky – Former Assiatnt United States Attorney and Chief of the Civil Division of the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts
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Nicole Godfrey – University of Denver Sturm College of Law
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Phyllis Goldfarb – Jacob Burns Foundation Professor Emerita of Clinical Law and Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
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Seth Goldschlager – President
Donna Goldsmith – Retired; Anchorage, Alaska
Billie Goldstein – Former Assistant Public Defender
Allene Golub – Law offices of Richard and Allene Golub
Jasmine GonzalesRose – Associate Professor of Law
Joan Graff – President
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Paul Grant – National and State Affiliate Boards of Directors
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Deborah Greenberg – Assistant District Attorney, Alaska/Assistant Attorney General, Alaska
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James Griffith – Former judge
Randall Grometstein – Professor
Richard Gross – Former Executive Director
Joanna Grossman – Ellen K. Solender Endowed Chair in Women and Law
John Grossman – Former Undersecretary of Public Safety
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Patrick Gudridge – Professor
Robert Gunther – Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale & Dorr
Deepak Gupta – Founding Principal
Jeffrey Gutman – Professor of Clinical Law
Ernest Haddad – General Counsel Emeritus
Eric Hall – Attorney
Philip Hamilton – Professor of Law Emeritus
David Hanson – Deputy Attorney General (former) Wisconsin
Bonnie Harris – Former Senior Assistant Attorney General
Scott Harshbarger – Senior Counsel; Former MA Attorney–General
Kirk Hartley – Law firm partner
David Haselkorn – David L Haselkorn PC
Leone Hatch – Attorney
Rodney Hatley – Lieutenant Commander
Barbara Hayden Fitts – Counsellor at Law
Laura Haynes – Attorney
David Hemond – Former attorney for Connecticut Law Revision Commission
Richard Herzog – Attorney
Ingrid Hillinger – Professor of Law
Geraldine Hines – Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (Ret.)
Bill Hing – Professor of Law
Eric Hirschhorn – Retired Partner
John Hitt – Former Assistant Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
David Hoffman – Lecturer on Law
Nancy Hoffman – CDR
Deborah Holbrook – Owner of Deborah A. Holbrook
Paul Holtzman – Attorney
Christine Hopkins – Of Counsel
Susan Horn – Retired Attorney
Joseph Hornack – Adjunct Professor of Law, University of Pittsburgh School of Law
Ira Horowitz – Retired Attorney
Kay Howard – Retired Administrative Law Judge
Kerry Hultquist – Attorney
William Humenuk – Attorney
Douglas Hyde – Former President
Cathy Iles – Private Practitioner
Trina Ingelfinger – Former Chief Attorney
Elaine Ingulli – Former Legal Services Attorney, and Professor of Business Law
Deborah Jackson Weiss – Retired Partner
Melissa Jacoby – Attorney
Jerome Jaffe – Attorney
Matthew Jamin – Attorney
George Jepsen – Attorney
Scott Joseph – Joseph Law Office
Lisa Kabnick – Senior Advisor
David Kader – Emeritus Professor of Law
Gerald Kahn – Private practice
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Ira Karasick – Township Attorney
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Frederic Kellogg – Former U.S. Attorney
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Adrienne Lalak Deckman – Former Ohio Assistant Attorney General Chief Counsel Staff
Tera Lally – private investment funds attorney
Stephan Landsman – Professor of Tort Law and Social Policy
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