Prominent Attorneys, both Democrat and Republican, Rebuke the President’s Assaults on Democracy

September 26, 2019
Contact: Emily Demikat
Ph: 857-300-0018

BOSTON — The nonpartisan organization of attorneys, Lawyers Defending American Democracy (LDAD), today released a statement on behalf of its 800+ supporters, both Democrat and Republican, expressing alarm about the continuing attacks by President Donald Trump on democratic principles and the rule of law.

“The institutions and norms of behavior that are essential to our way of life are in the process of being destroyed”, the statement says.  “Our alarm is based not on differences about policy. It is based on fundamental changes in the way our governing institutions are working. On the current path, our country will soon be unrecognizable.” 

Prominent lawyers sharing LDAD’s concerns include Laurence Tribe, a Professor at Harvard Law School, Charles Fried, the former United States Solicitor General in the Reagan Administration, and former U.S. Senator Adlai Stevenson III

The statement continues to urge members of the legal profession to fulfill their obligation to protect and defend the Constitution and speak out when democracy and the rule of law is under attack. 

Lawyers Defending American Democracy first raised the alarm when it was founded in February of this year. Its Open Letter to the President has since garnered over 800+ signatures, including those of active and retired heads of law firms, law school deans and professors,  and numerous State Assistant Attorneys General, as well as former judges, State Attorneys General and senior government executives and officials.